April 3, 2016 – Handicap – Weatherboard, 60 km

The Power Of One – 3 Apr 2016 

Weatherboard Circuit – 60 km


Veni, Vidi, Vici

On a glorious sunny Autumn day, 18 riders watched Tony Mirabella ride past them and onto victory.
With the Ides of March behind him, Tony Mirabella had his lean and hungry look on today, and today he also had a plan, such men are dangerous. The stony-hearted Mirabella took full toll of an early lapse in speed in the scratch bunch, and let slip the dogs of war.  He mercilessly rode through the field only taking those that could endure pain with patience with him, until finally no one could take any more and he rode off the front alone to capture the chequered flag – first and fastest.

Tony’s pre-emptive strike early in the race took Brendan Schiemer and Matt Bowman by surprise, before they knew it Tony had bridged the 3 min to the strong second scratch bunch of Rick Calvert, Matt Ayres and Rob Phillips.  The die was caste, two chasing four was bad juju and from that point on Brendan and Matt were on a training ride.  The second scratch bunch of Rick, Rob and Matt are all in good knick and were able to work with Tony to chase down the rest of the field, Tony taking care not to shell anyone until he had ruthlessly drained everything out of them.

Up ahead the 7 minute bunch was travelling well, although they had lost Duncan “Pyscho” Bates to a puncture early, the four remaining riders were making big inroads into the front of the race.  The sinuous Danny “Fidel” Whelan was relatively well behaved and worked like a Trojan on the front, Bob “Muncher” Morley didn’t miss a beat and even had his climbing legs on.  The return of Michael “the Doctor” Veal provided extra firepower and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis joined in for comedy relief.

Three laps in and the middle markers were starting to pick off the flotsam and jetsam shelled from the front of the race, Roger McMillan had been shelled by the 12 min bunch and sat up waiting, to his credit he joined in working turns, however the Henderson Hill proved his undoing.  A lap later and Bob’s 7 min crew caught the remnants of limit, Graeme “Colonel” Parker and Rob Young had persevered deep into the race but were now cooked.

The remaining three riders of the 12 min bunch, Terry Collie and the brothers Lee (Brian and Popeye) were rollicking along.  Terry is in great knick and despite not racing for a while the Lee boys were contributing as honestly as ever.  Morley and friends caught up with them in the Avenue with two laps to go.  Fidel wound it up to attack speed and burst passed Terry’s crew determined not to take any of them with him.  Those that could jumped on his wheel, by the end of the Avenue there were no prisoners.

However into Weatherboard Road, the Emperor of Eureka, Tony, with a panting entourage of Rob, Matt and Rick in tow, cruised past.  The Doctor, Fidel, Muncher and Fifi all climbed on-board the Mirabella express. Two laps of punishment then ensued as Tony tested the rest with gradual accelerations and more violent stuff.  Rick and Matt were shelled and the remaining five gritted their teeth.  Tony eventually finished toying with his quarry and with 5 km to go he sauntered off the front, everyone else was somewhat thankful for this small mercy and contented themselves with battling it out for second.

With Tony 50 metres up the road and free to fly to victory, the remaining four left it to the last hill to sort out the minors.  Fidel lead it to the foot of the hill and Rob launched from the bottom, Fifi jumped on his wheel and they put a gap into Muncher and Fidel.  However, Rob had burnt too many matches earlier and faded towards the top, Fifi slipped away and scampered for second. Muncher had put in a good climb and had enough left to launch a sprint and put Rob in his wake for third.
Despite this final furious flurry, Tony had already crossed the finish line, no need for the whip, a hands and heels effort was all that was required of this thoroughbred.

Race Results:
1st – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)
2nd – Peter Livitsanis (7 Min)
3rd – Bob Morley (7 min)
4th – Rob Phillips (3 min)
5th – Danny Whelan (7 min)
Fastest Time – Tony Mirabella in 1 hr 36 min 36 sec

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