EVCC Championships Race Day – Sunday November 15th – race preview

EVCC Championships Race Day – Sunday November 15th – race preview

Ken Heres Bobcat & Backhoe Hire proudly presents EVCC Championships Race Day this coming Sunday – 15th November.

The Championships begin at 9:30 am.  Entries will be accepted before 9:00 am at the clubrooms (Lake Learmonth foreshore).

Three races will be conducted on the Weatherboard circuit to decide the champions in the various grades.

The feature race of the day will be the Championship Race.   Over a distance of 75 km, this race will decide the Eureka Club Champion for 2015.

The supporting races include the C Grade Championship and the B Grade Championship. (to be conducted over 55 km)

The C Grade Championship will be hotly contested by a group of inform riders.
Graeme Parker and Terry Collie led from start to finish in the handicap around Mt. Misery (Sun. 8th Nov.), they will ensure a true pace is maintained to reduce the chances of someone making an early break.  Arguably the strongest riders in this bunch, no one will want to take Graeme to a sprint finish and Terry has the ability to time trial off the front with a few kilometres to go.
Greg Curnow and Robert Young are two riders to keep an eye on.  Both gents have won races in the last few weeks, they are primed to the minute for the Championship race.
Ray Hodgson may even step up to contest this event.  Ray has been at the pointy end in the last few Open races.  He is also keeping himself in top racing condition at Super Vets every week.

Our tip for the event though is Barry Robinson.  Barry has ridden well throughout the year.  He never looks like he is under pressure in a race and he knows exactly where he wants to be in the peloton.

The B Grade Championship may be a little light on numbers in 2015.  We could see someone try and ride away with the title in mid race!
John Creek leads the charge for the title.  Fresh from a short holiday, John has kept the engine ticking over nicely.  Race tactics will play a big part in where John finishes on the day.
We are hoping that both Brian and Kevin Lee can animate this race.
Brian Lee has had good form throughout the year.  He consistently finishes in the front half of the field.  Definitely one to watch!
Kevin Lee has been getting stronger each race and has the ability to ride away from this bunch in the last few kilometres.  Like everyone, Kevin will need to manage his workload throughout the race to conserve energy for a late attack.
There are a whole bunch of riders who could show up on the day and have a big say in the final outcome –
Shane Cody is a former Club Champion who has been regaining form throughout 2015 with only spasmodic racing.  The undulating course may be a deterrent for Shane, but if it comes down to a sprint finish you may as well rip up your ticket if you haven’t backed him!
Alby Govan saluted earlier in the season and could easily stick with this bunch.  The long run into the finish will suit this powerhouse who will chase down any late breakaways.
Rob Parker has been getting quite a few miles on the clock recently.  Rob will have the base miles to stick with this bunch for a long way.
Dave Peters has been keeping himself very fit over the cooler months.  A master of tactics, Dave has perfected hiding in the field and waiting for the final sprint.  Letting Dave get away with an easy sit throughout the race could be the undoing of this bunch!
Michael Veal is always race fit due to his mtb riding.  If Michael arrives on Sunday the other riders will definitely know.  He has the ability to drive a pace which just may be too fast for a lot of the riders.

Our tip for the race is Danny Whelan.  If Dan doesn’t take on the main Championship Race he definitely has the ability to win this event.
Dan will ensure the race doesn’t become a sit and sprint.  He also has the ability to chase down any attacks and then launch his own.

The Championship Race could be missing a few of the major players this year.  That won’t make the race easier, it will just make the race even more tactical!
It looks like the 2014 Club Champion (Tony Mirabella) may not make the starting line.  Guy Falla (2nd in 2014) is also likely to miss the event.
Brendan Schiemer (3rd in 2014) is coming into tip top shape after some mid season medical issues.  The enforced break (well, reduced training kilometres…) could be exactly what is required for this race.  He showed his ability last year with a flurry of attacks and then having the ability to stick with the winning move.  Brendan has the goods to win this race.
Another rider on the return from medical issues is 2013 Club Champion Andrew Rushton.  Andrew has been doing a power of work recently to get himself ready for the Championship Race.  No one will want to take Andrew to a sprint finish.
Matt Bowman has come along in leaps and bounds in 2015.  A strong time trial list, everyone will want Matt gone before the 5 km stretch to the finish line.  Matt has the strength to ride away from this bunch in those final kilometres.
No Championship Race would be the same without Bob Morley.  Every year Bob steps up to challenge himself at the highest level.  Every year Bob acquits himself well.  He has taken on CX riding this year which has further improved his ability to hang on.
Peter Livitsanis is also stepping up to the Championship Race this year.  Pete has the ability to jump across gaps, or create them.  Expect Pete to animate the race at some stage.
Other riders who could make this an interesting race include –
Peter Kiel promoted himself up into A Grade last weekend and acquitted himself quite well.  Pete has not looked back since his hip surgery last year.  He sits a lot straighter on the bike nowadays and seems to have even more strength.  Pete will ensure a strong pace is maintained in this survival of the fittest.
Rob Phillips has been consistent with his form this season, unfortunately he hasn’t been able to consistently race.  Rob will make his presence felt in the Championship Race if he can make it to the start line.
Lindsay Burgoyne might back up from racing with sister club – Ballarat Sebastopol – on Saturday.  Lindsay could be one of the few riders who races on both days this weekend.  Lindsay is very strong and doesn’t allow races to ease off.
Grant Dawson has one tactic – go hard.  Forever an unknown quantity, Grant certainly puts the hurt on during his races.  Like Lindsay, Grant doesn’t allow the pace to slacken.
Dean Wells has missed a lot of racing this year.  He might not feature at the pointy end of the race, but if he makes it to the start line he will make his presence known early.
Owen Tudball can certainly push everyone to their limits and would be an exciting addition to the Championship Race line up.
Charlie Stebbing has been keeping himself fit.  He hasn’t race often this year, so everyone will be wary if he arrives at the start line.
Darren Terry is another Bacchus Marsh rider who is very strong.  Darren is adept at sitting back in the bunch and biding his time.  When he puts the hammer down everyone will feel it.
Shane Butler has been keeping the odometer ticking over during the past few months.  Shane could be a surprise packet in this bunch if he waits for the right moment to attack.

Our tip for the Championship Race is Phil Cartledge.
Phil has done a lot of racing this year.  He has worked long and hard at his fitness all year and improved across all road disciplines.
Unlike 2014 when he was struck down with illness for much of the year, Phil has gone from strength to strength in 2015.
Phil is fully fit and a force to be reckoned with come Sunday’s big race.

EVCC Club Championship poster 3

EVCC Club Championship poster 2

EVCC Club Championship poster 1

November 8, 2015 – Skipton Street Bakery Hcp – 46 km – Mt. Misery

November 8, 2015 – Skipton Street Bakery Hcp – 46 km – Mt. Misery

Skipton Street Bakery Handicap
Mt Misery, 46 km

Parker Rolling in the Dough


Graeme “Colonel” Parker kneaded a win and today, with a crusty smile, he proved he was a bread-winner.

Graeme’s strong ride from the front was ably assisted by Terry Collie “Flour”, just like the superheroes – Breadman and Rye-bun, this pair averaged a very respectable race speed to stay clear from gun to flag.
With the chasers still about a minute back into the last km, and the job done, “Flour” was content to see the “Colonel” kick clear for a well deserved win.

Appropriately a baker’s dozen rolled up on a bright Sunday morning to contest this week’s Skipton Street Bakery handicap, around the not so miserable Mt Misery circuit.
On the start line the “Colonel” and “Flour” looked unlikely to toast a victory with a scant 16 minute advantage on Scratch.  However, the pair of heavily seasoned veterans rose to the occasion, this loaf and death situation seeming to bring out their best, as they dusted off all-comers.

Chasing some 8 minutes back was a trio of Bob “Flash” Morley, the meandering “Long” John Creek and Kevin “Popeye” Lee.
“Flash” is in really good form at the moment however the other two are still trying to find some late season fitness.  They rode tempo up and over Mt Misery, waiting on the bunch behind rather than chasing in full fury.  Despite rolling along in third gear “Flash” ensured that the threesome stayed handy and clear until after midway, in Ercildoune Rd.

Five minutes further back, Rob Phillips and Dean Wells were hunting along keenly, and as the only two legitimate A graders in the bunch, it was the yeast they could do.  Together with Danny “Santa” Whelan and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis they worked extended track turns to keep the pace up. This strong bunch of four managed the only catch of the day and stayed clear of Scratch.
No loafing about when they caught the 8 minute bunch either, especially with “Flash” and “Popeye” prepared to roll up the sleeves.
Into Weatherboard Rd and with the front two like bakers after lunch – nowhere in sight, it became a race for third.  Dean “Phantom” Wells wound up a slow motion attack up the hill.  “Flash”, “Fifi” and Rob watched him go, all thinking that one of the others would close it down.  Dean turned around – saw he had 20 metres and no reaction from the bunch – then pressed his advantage.
By the top of the hill the chasers were getting organised but Dean had opened up enough to stay away for third.
In a final dash for the line, “Fifi” and “Flash” leapt around a spent Phillips, with “Flash” edging “Fifi” out for fourth.  Breader luck next time “Fifi”.

Peter Kiel self-elected to ride off scratch rather than second scratch, knowing full well that it would be a torrid affair.  He acquitted himself well with his usual suffering best to roll home with a fit and strong scratch bunch in the process claimed Ride of the Day.
Scratch should have rolled up the Wells bunch but took the foot off the gas a bit on Ercildoune Rd to steady for a sprint for fastest.
Phil Cartledge is in rare form and drove the bunch from the front doing most of the heavy lifting.  Brendan Schiemer is also peaking at the right time of year and in the final analysis proved that he packs a sprint too, easily accounting for Phil and the current club champion, Tony Mirabella, to take Fastest Time.

Race Results:

1st – Graeme Parker (16 min)
2nd – Terry Collie (16 min)
3rd – Dean Wells (3 min)
4th – Bob Morley (8 min)
5th – Peter Livitsanis (3 min)

Fastest Time – Brendan Schiemer (Scratch – in 1:11:00, ave. 38.4 kph)

Ride of the Day – Peter Kiel (Scratch)



Graeme “Colonel” Parker


This week’s race was sponsored by our good friends and long-time supporters at Skipton St Bakery.


Award winning pie makers, the Skipton Street Bakery Cafe certainly know how to provide fresh, quality food and coffee.
The friendly staff are also more than happy to offer a sweet treat or cater for your next birthday party or function.
Be sure to drop in, as your taste buds will certainly thank you for it!

October 25, 2015 – Steelsmith Engineering Spring Criterium Series – round 1

October 25, 2015 – Steelsmith Engineering Spring Criterium Series – round 1

Steelsmith Engineering Spring Criterium Series

Round 1

Graded scratch racing

A Grade
Aussie Phil Cartledge celebrated his new nationality by riding away from his fellow countrymen and spending most of the race out on his lonesome, that’s the Aussie spirit Phil!
A dominant ride from Phil in time-trial mode ensured a fast race and a bit of sweat on the brow of the chasing three – Tony Mirabella, Matt Bowman and Brendan Schiemer.
The chase proved too much for Brendan who despite being shelled, saw out the race.  That left Matt and Tony to chase the irrepressible Phil, on numerous occasions they got close only to see Phil dart off again.  They did finally round him up with a few laps to go however Aussie Phil wasn’t done with and attacked again with two to go and was never headed, a hands and heels win from our new mate.
Matt had buried himself in the pursuit and was easy pickings for Tony to decide 2nd and 3rd.

1st – Phil Cartledge
2nd – Tony Mirabella
3rd – Matt Bowman


B Grade
Shane Jedi Cody proved yet again that he is a force to be reckoned with if you take him to the finale.  His adversaries watched helplessly as he slotted the sprint gear and jumped off the front on the last corner and romped home for more sprint glory.
Peter Livitsanis had been on the receiving end of similar treatment the week before and decided to test the legs early, he made a break 10 minutes in and stayed away for the next 20 minutes ensuring that the chasing pack stayed honest and worked hard.  Danny Whelan wasn’t just going to let him go and put everyone in the hurt locker leading the chase from the front – all that work left him vulnerable and sure enough he was shelled.  This left Bob Morley, Dean Wells and Jedi to chase, they worked their turns and had Fifi on a short leash, rounding him up with 10 minutes to go.
Two laps to go and a flurry of half hearted attacks before the final lap, when Dean and Shane attacked simultaneously into the wind and around the bottom corner, this caught Bob out and he couldn’t make the back wheel, Fifi scampered up and the three set off to contest the sprint with the inevitable conclusion.

1st – Shane Cody
2nd – Peter Livitsanis
3rd – Dean Wells


C Grade
Four set off at a casual pace at first, Greg Curnow uncharacteristically watchful, Rob Young perhaps still working out what criterium racing is and Barry Robinson, cagey as always biding his time.
The pace of the race accelerated without any significant attacks or chases as everyone gradually turned the screws to see what they had in their legs.  Last week 32 kmh won the race for this bunch of riders and today they matched that in a crit, pretty impressive honest hard riding.
The finale came down to a sprint with Barry attacking first and early which probably caught Rob and Greg out.  Barry opened up a race winning gap and sailed home clear from Greg and Rob.

1st – Barry Robinson
2nd – Greg Curnow
3rd – Rob Young


Special thanks to Steelsmith Engineering for their ongoing support of the Eureka Veterans Cycling Club.

Geelong & Surf Coast CC – open race – Sunday 1st November, 2015

Geelong & Surf Coast CC – open race – Sunday 1st November, 2015

Entries close on Tuesday 27th October at midnight.

Last open race of the season.

Geelong SCCC open 2015 poster

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