October 18, 2015 – St John Ambulance Defibs Saves Lives Hcp – 52 km – Windmill circuit

October 18, 2015 – St John Ambulance Defibs Saves Lives Hcp – 52 km – Windmill circuit

St John Ambulance – Defibs Save Lives Windmill Handicap
Windmill circuit, 52km

Cackles Conquers



The cackling Greg “Cadel” Curnow was a popular winner and dedicated his first handicap win for the 2015 season to his recently departed Dad.
Greg was a solid contributor to his bunch which stayed clear for the entire journey and rode with an unusual sense of discipline, positioning himself well into a headwind sprint to come over the top of Graeme Parker.

With numbers down, what was originally slated as graded scratch races shifted gear to become a handicap.  Four riders up the front off 13 min, four riders chasing off 2 min, and a lone scratch-man chasing everyone else.

As the season goes on the front-markers are getting stronger and much harder to bring back and this was very much the case today.  Earlier in the season a similar bunch could have expected a few more minutes (and probably still got caught) but the quartet of Graeme Parker, Greg, Terry Collie and Matt Ritchie were successful with a minute to spare.
Averaging around 32km/hr their team performance was commendable, they only came into the view of the chasers from the top of the Donovan Rd rise as they were crossing the line.
As is often the case, those riders that competed in the Camperdown to Warrnambool the day before often perform well backing up on Sunday.  Both Graeme and Terry had ridden superbly on the Saturday (both beat Bob Morley in the sprint – much to Bob’s chagrin), and both seemed unaffected on the Sunday.  Matt rode well in his second race in a while and is certainly someone to watch out for if you take him to the line in a sprint, but perhaps today his legs weren’t quite ready.  Graeme was happy enough to lead out the sprint and Greg took full advantage of this and with a couple of sportsmanly racing tips from Graeme and Terry he managed to manoeuvre into a winning position and see off the rest in the sprint.

11 minutes back was another quartet of Peter Livitsanis, Brian Lee, and two of EVCC’s journeymen Shane Cody and Richard Taylor returning to the fray.  Supremely confident on the line that not only would they reel in the frontmarkers early, they would also put the lone scratchie, Phil Cartledge, to the sword on the first lap.  There was even a little trash talk on the line.
Oh but how the mighty have fallen…
They did hold Phil off for half the race and they did bring the gap to the race lead down to 5 min after a lap, but that’s where the steam came out of it all.
The tireless Phil Cartledge pulled up alongside second time down Donovan’s Rd, keen for a short spell before resuming the chase…but that gap to the front just wouldn’t budge, seemingly locked at 5 min into the last lap.
Phil demanded more of his compatriots and with a hoop and a holler he sprinted out of the first corner on the last lap.  His encouragement of the others was a little lost in translation but the tone was clear, press on!  Cracks were starting to appear with the lifted intensity, Jedi was struggling on the hills, Peter and Richard were on the limit trying to hang onto Phil’s wheel and Brian was expelled up Cricks Hill.

Despite the perseverance it came down to a sprint for 5th.  Peter was leading it out until he faked a sprint enticing the others to commit, Phil came through a long way from home on some very tired legs (he also race well at Camperdown).  With 50 metres to go – first Peter then Shane sprinted past, Shane proving once again how powerful he is in a small bunch finish.

No ride of the day today but Phil’s successful solo chase of the determined 2 min bunch was a big contender.


1st – Greg Curnow (13 min)
2nd – Graeme Parker (13 min)
3rd – Terry Collie (13 min)
4th – Matt Ritchie (13 min)
5th – Shane Cody (2 min)

Fastest Time – Phil Cartledge (Scratch) – no prize money awarded

Ride of the Day not awarded

Once again, a very big thank you to St John Ambulance Victoria for the wonderful gift to our cycling club of a defibrillator.



October 11, 2015 – MEGA MEATS Hill Top Hcp – 50 km – Mt. Misery with Harrisons Rd finish

October 11, 2015 – MEGA MEATS Hill Top Hcp – 50 km – Mt. Misery with Harrisons Rd finish

Mega Meats Handicap
Mt Misery Circuit with Hill Top (Harrisons Rd) finish, 50km

Mirabella is the MEGA MEAT Man

Tony Mirabella is this year’s lamb burger with the lot, conquering a strong field and the “Everest” of the EVCC club racing year.

It was 9 riders at the bottom of the last hill but by the top it was just Tony and Phil Cartledge, with Tony taking home the bacon, and in so doing, steaked his claim for a club aggregate repeat.

The Mega Meats Handicap with a new hilltop finish is one of the most anticipated races of the year, and racing for such big steaks saw the return of a seasoned Scratch bunch.  Finishing on the top of the bald hills near Waubra where our sponsor, Mega Meats, sources its top quality beef and lamb, the prospect of the final climb had half the field salivating like dogs at a butchers shop window and the other half trembling like spring lambs on Australia Day.

A talented meat tray of six Scratch riders assembled and were hot favourites for the win.
Chasing a poultry 14 mins to the front of the race, they were almost assured of carving up the prize-money between them.
Lindsay Burgoyne and Peter Kiel are all sinew, bone and gristle – basically the stuff the butcher leaves on the sawdust floor.  Matt Bowman was back, beneath that mild mannered exterior beats the heart of a hot blooded bull.  Brendan Schiemer was meating out the punishment with the best of them, and Phil Cartledge is as lean as he’s ever been.

First away was the mixed grill including last week’s winner Rob Young, Graeme Parker, Greg Curnow,  and a returning Matt Richie.  The four worked well and held the chasing field until the last 3 km.  That’s when the BBQ got turned up to “charcoal”, Greg and Graeme managed to find a little extra to go hang onto Scratch, but Matt and Rob were dispatched.

Somewhere in between limit and scratch, was the foursome of Michael Veal, Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis, Bob “Muncher” Morely and Danny Whelan.  With a miserly 4 minutes cooking time advantage over the six scratch riders it was guaranteed they would get caught pretty rare.  They raced hard to try to get to the top of Mt Misery before being caught, this effort put Veal into the tenderiser and he disappeared off the back before the top, to be swept up by the ravenous howling pack behind, stripped clean and shelled.  The remaining three middle markers captured a lone Kevin “Popeye” Lee who had managed to preserve a 4 min starting advantage until Black Bottom Rd.  He got 2 minutes to catch his breath before the Scratch meat grinder arrived which resulted in riders strung out like sweaty sausages along Ercildoune Rd. Popeye popped but had put in a gutsy performance and rode out the race despite being at the rump of the field, for his valiant efforts he was awarded Ride of the Day.

Tony and Matt put in a few surges to lift the pace to “tenderise” hoping to trim the nine rider bunch down a bit, but the canny Bob, crafty Danny, and naïve Fifi just chewed on the handlebars a bit harder to stay in contact.
The chasers remained gruppo compacto up the Weatherboard Rd climb and into Edmonston Rd where they caught the limit riders.
At the Harrisons Rd corner at the bottom of the final climb, Phil took his cleaver to the rack of riders, meating out the punishment from the bottom, this audacious attack chopped up the field and spread riders all over the hill like so much pulled-pork.
Tony responded as did Brendan Schiemer with a small gap back to Lindsay and Peter Kiel.  It looked like a winning move from Phil and he certainly deserved reward for animating the race, however there was no denying Tony and he found enough to get over Phil and claim the trophy.

Danny fought on bravely going from 9th to 6th while you could stick a fork into Matt – he was done, and he slipped back a few places on the climb.  The poorly aspirated Muncher ground it out for a very commendable finish.


1st – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)
2nd – Phil Cartledge (Scratch)
3rd – Brendan Schiemer (Scratch)
4th – Lindsay Burgoyne (Scratch)
5th – Peter Kiel (Scratch)

Fastest Time – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)
Ride of the Day – Kevin Lee

Thanks to Dan Hale for the donation of the Hill Top trophies.


Very special thanks to MEGA MEATS who have been long term supporters and sponsors of Eureka Veterans Cycling Club.

MEGA MEATS is the direct to the public retail arm of local beef and lamb producers – Sinclairs.
Sinclairs breed and fatten their own cattle and sheep across three farms in western Victoria.
Other products are sourced from a network of quality producers and also from local sale yards.

Both MEGA MEATS and Sinclairs are large western Victoria employers.  The EVCC truly appreciate the contribution that MEGA MEATS make – not only to our cycling club, but also to other sporting clubs, non-profit organisations and the community in general.


MEGA MEATS stock everything you need for a delicious meal, from quality lamb, beef, pork & poultry to general grocery items such as bread, milk and even the newspaper!

Open 7 days a week at three Ballarat locations:

  • 828 Latrobe St
  • Eastwood St Shopping Centre
  • Howitt St Shopping Centre

MEGA MEATS Hill Top Handicap – Sunday October 11th

MEGA MEATS Hill Top Handicap – Sunday October 11th

The MEGA MEATS Hill Top Handicap takes place this coming Sunday.  The new circuit has the traditional Harrisons Road climb at the end of an anti-clockwise lap of Mt. Misery.

The MEGA MEATS Hill Top Handicap has been strategically placed just one week before the Bill Long Camperdown to Warrnambool race.  This should be the ideal final hit out for all those doing the “Warrny”.

The last 15.5 kilometres of the MEGA MEATS Hill Top Handicap has actually been classified as a Category 3 climb.

Climb details -
Rating: Category 3
Start point: 33.97 km
End point: 49.5 km
Length: 15.53 km
Start elevation: 390 metres
End elevation: 578 metres
Average gradient: 1.2%
Maximum gradient: 6%


Mega Meats Hill Top Hcp poster

October 4, 2015 – Hocking Stuart Hcp – 56 km – Weatherboard

October 4, 2015 – Hocking Stuart Hcp – 56 km – Weatherboard

Hocking Stuart Handicap
Weatherboard Circuit 56 km

Veterans bicycle racing? – it’s a Young man’s sport



Rob Young has been knocking on the front door for a few weeks now.
Location, location, location…on the “Lake Straight” he just kicked it in, winning his maiden handicap with Eureka in a four up sprint.  We can expect to see more of him as he steps up his bid for the premium property podium locations.

A small but select bunch of nine riders lined up for the Hocking Stuart Handicap on a bright sunny day…well we only need three for a race, I suppose.
Raced on the Weatherboard Circuit in glorious sunshine amid flower drenched fields, the riders didn’t have time to take in their beautiful surrounds.?  Split into three groups it was two chasing three, chasing four with five minutes between each.

The “limit” bunch of Graeme Parker, Rob, Mal Rock and Greg Curnow performed very well despite some big miles and tired legs in the bunch.  They even pulled time out of the chasing bunch on the first couple of laps.

The three chasing were Brian Lee, Kevin Popeye Lee and Peter Fifi Livitsanis.  Fifi wasn’t up to it today and Kevin struggled after the second lap, but Brian was killing it, he was on song and even stuck with the scratchmen for a lap and a half – an obvious choice for ride of the day.

Scratch was a combo of Guy Falla and Brendan Scheimer, Guy was motivated and has some serious kms in his legs having competed the week before in the Masters in northern NSW.  Brendan rode well and the pair had caught the bunch in front with a lap and a half to go.  However the front of the race was a bridge too far, and despite averaging over 37 kph it ended up a sprint for fastest time, with Guy dominant.

By the fall of the hammer the Limit riders had managed to stay away and were still 1 minute 20 seconds ahead at the end.


1st – Rob Young
2nd – Greg Curnow
3rd – Mal Rock
4th – Graeme Parker
5th – Guy Falla

Fastest Time – Guy Falla (in 1:30:10, ave. 37.3 kph)

Ride of the Day – Brian Lee


Many thanks to Hocking Stuart - Ballarat for their ongoing support of the Eureka Veterans Cycling Club.


 Location, location, location…

729 Sturt Street, Ballarat

(that’s right, the part of Sturt Street where there is plenty of parking available!)

Leading the way in Victorian real estate since the mid 1980s,
the Hocking Stuart team can ably assist your every real estate need…
after all, this is the company that first introduced Sunday auctions…
simple, obvious, brilliant!

Drop in and see Tony, Tim and their Ballarat team next time you need any real estate service.


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