January 31, 2016 – Graded Scratch – Windmill, 53 km

January 31, 2016 – Graded Scratch – Windmill, 53 km

Season Opener – 31 Jan 2016 

Graded Scratch Races
Windmill Circuit – 53 km

The best way to end a hot dry Summer? – Start a bike race season.


On a day that would have had Noah looking for a hammer, 14 fearless road warriors celebrated the start of a new season by getting very wet, revelling in the efficiency of a solid race and a recovery ice-bath all at the same time.
We also baptised three new riders to the club, Matt Ayres, Roger McMillan and Greg Ley (it was Greg’s first actual real race).
Welcome to Eureka, and don’t worry it’s not always that wet, most of the time it’s just really cold and windy.

A Grade

The Phoenix Rises

The Handicapper noted that a disproportionate number of A Graders were absent as light rain literally put a dampener on the day’s proceedings.  Colonel Parker visited the change rooms to ask Dean Wells to step up to A Grade to help out with the “numbers”.  Naturally Phantom agreed to resume his pseudo A Grade role.  He then instantly regretted having made fun of Andrew Rushton’s comically long shorts…or were they comically short pants?  Dean also wondered if the weight of the timing chip would affect his performance on the day…before revealing a latex fetish and donning red rubber shoe covers, which strangely attracted Bob Morley’s interest…

A Grade was the last bunch to start the three lap race around the Windmill circuit.  As the rain continued to fall, Aussie Phil (Farky), Sparky Rushton and Phantom Wells eagerly awaited for the go signal.  In a silent gentleman’s agreement, the trio quickly formed up and rode at a Goldilocks pace, not too harsh, yet not too light.
The “race” would best be described as a solid hit out, each rider equally sharing the load, with turns on the front lasting between 500 and 2000 metres.  No attacks, just a simple solid training ride and getting practice for the upcoming handicaps when cohesive teamwork will be required to chase down the out markers.

So regimental was the riding, that the only excitement for the whole race was Dean putting on his now customary long lead out along Donovans Road – in an attempt to set up Phil and Andrew for a sprint finish.  The pace was raised to 55 kph (albeit with a tailwind) with Andrew in second wheel and Phil holding the prime position – sitting last.
Nearing the finish line, Phil jumped on the inside and with a few quick turns of the 53/11, opened an unassailable gap.  Andrew content to sit on Dean’s wheel and watch the Club Champion finish the race off.

All is well in the World – the reign of the new Champion has begun.

1st – Phil Cartledge
2nd – Dean Wells
3rd – Andrew Rushton

B Grade

Matt’s Maiden

B Grade assembled en masse, with a magnificent 7 surging into the tempest in a quest for early season glory.  It became evident from some early (yet modest) race sparring, that the combatants were evenly matched, no one strong enough to get away today (or mad enough to try).  A sprint finish became inevitable.

From the land that time forgot and home to other Eureka legends like Monsieur le President, Riff Raff, Robocop and Stay Away Ray, came two new racers, Matt Ayres and Greg Ley, both showing plenty.
Matt’s turn of speed and Greg’s strength and daring particularly impressive (nicknames to follow!).
All bone, sinew and gristle, Danny Whelan, without his trademark blue coat and channelling his inner Pantani, was as honest as ever, driving on the front and keeping the pace up to ensure that this wouldn’t just be a roll out to a sprint finish.
Rick “Rinso” Calvert, rode his backside off in his return race, even had foamy suds coming out of his knicks (too much OMO), always on the pace and covering moves, he even had a dig or two himself.
Who would have thought that with his advancing years Rob Phillips would learn new tricks?  Rob is in tip-top knick and seemed to roll along with the nonchalance and ease of a pro-rider, toying with the other mere mortals.  He also rode a very tactical race, only being drawn out when he had to, and sitting back to wait for others to counter moves.
Following Rob’s wheel everywhere it went, was the smartest guy in the race – Spongebob Morley isn’t stripped down to racing weight yet but he was never out of position, hardly ever on the front, and has enough power to lay down in a sprint to challenge.

So, it all came down to the last lap.  The pace was set high by Matt and Rob up to the quarry which discouraged any attacks on the steeper pinch.  All together up the back straight and round the Coghills Ck corner.  But the mood changed with the turn into Donovans, Matt and Rob stormed out of the corner and stretched the race out, with neither of them getting clear and Rick and Bob closing them down they settled again and the rest of the field rejoined.

Perfect time for a counter attack, and it was Greg – in his first race – that launched 2 km from home, he opened up 40 metres and was holding it as the rest of the field eyed each other waiting for someone else to sacrifice their race to close him down.
Fifi loves to chase stuff, so off he went, dragging the rest along with him.  250 metres to go and they were on Greg’s back wheel when Matt opened the sprint, immediately ripping 20 metres out of everyone else.  Rob got on his wheel but didn’t have the power to go over him.  Spongebob and Rinso duked it out for third a couple of bike lengths back.

A great first-up win by Matt, who we will no doubt be seeing more from.

1st – Matt Ayres
2nd – Rob Phillips
3rd – Bob Morley

C Grade

Popeye Sails Home

C grade were given the privilege of opening the season and rolled off the line into an uncertain three laps of Windmill with some foolish souls thinking it was summer and not bringing any winter gear.  Certainly putting the can of Coke into the fridge Saturday night started to seem like a bit of overkill (particularly since Terry Collie had not even fitted a bidden cage to the bike)!

After a short pause to turn on a tail light, the group became organised and, although no contracts were signed, settled down work together.  There seemed to be an unspoken consensus that there was not much point in spreading the race over half the course and riding alone in the drizzle.  It took about half a lap before the water started to trickle down into the shoes but thankfully it was not too cold, although wipers on the glasses would have come in handy at times.

New rider Roger McMillan (another from down Bacchus Marsh) was more than holding his own and looking fluent so it was hard to gauge how he was actually feeling.
The same can be said for Popeye – Kevin Lee was not looking in any trouble.
Jude Jonasson began to feel it a bit on some of the uphill sections but could not be written off and kept rolling through after a little recovery.  Underneath that quiet exterior resides a tough and determined lady.

And so it came to pass that  groupo intacto the four turned into Donovans Road and on the run up to the crest of the hill before the run to the finish.  Kevin upped the ante with Terry briefly catching the wheel – until the rear Vittoria began to soften.
The race had split and Popeye was away and gone – working hard to avoid a sprint.  Roger recovered to pass Terry and consolidate his hold on second and Jude fought on to finish third.
The showers were hot – lovely.

1st – Kevin Lee
2nd – Roger McMillan
3rd – Jude Jonasson

Election of new committee for 2016

Election of new committee for 2016

2016 AGM

The 2016 Annual General Meeting was held after the race day presentations on Sunday 31st January.

All Committee positions were declared vacant.  The Handicapper role was also declared vacant.

Terry Collie has stepped down from the President role which he held for 3 years.
We thank Terry for going above and beyond what would normally be expected of a Club President.
Terry will continue with the “Race Permits” role.

Elaine Parker has stepped down from the Treasurer role which she held for 4 years.
Elaine has turned the Club’s finances around and achieved many goals that she set herself.  Financially we are in a very good position due to Elaine’s skill and passion.  Thank you to Elaine for your marvellous efforts!
Keep an eye out on the sidelines when racing to see Elaine cheering everyone on.

John Faulkner and John Creek have stepped down from their committee roles.
John F has taken on the role of Time Keeper with the VVCC.  John will be very busy with Mylaps throughout the year.  We hope to see him get a race or two in over the course of the year.
John C plans to go camping a lot this year.  John will help Mal Rock out with organising the marshal roster from time to time.  He hopes to race whenever he isn’t on holidays…
Thank you to both Johns, we wish you both well.

Graeme Parker has stepped down from the role of Handicapper which he has performed over the past few years.
A very big thank you to Graeme for assisting riders in returning to form by kind handicaps.  Also, for helping some riders move up the ranks by encouraging and challenging them.  Also, for doing a consistently fantastic job in levelling the playing field.  During Graeme’s tenure, many handicap races have seen the entire field cross the finish line within a 3 minute spread.
Thanks again Graeme, and we hope you get to race throughout the year.

2016 election

Nominations for the committee positions and handicapper role were received.

A new committee has been elected for 2016, with Ken Heres as Club President.  We welcome Ken back to the President position.  Ken hopes to race a lot more this season.
Peter Livitsanis will be continuing in the Secretary role.  We certainly look forward to his race reports!
Brad Eppingstall will take on the role of Treasurer.  We welcome Brad to this position.
Bob Morley has been elected Vice President and also Handicapper.  Bob has previously held the Handicapper role at EVCC.  We welcome him back to the position.
Bill Groome has returned to the committee.  Bill will also continue help out on race days with various duties.
Mal Rock has been elected to the committee.  Mal will also organise the marshal roster throughout the season.
Dean Wells has been elected to the committee.  Dean will continue with electronic media – club website and Facebook page.

For the 2016 season, the new committee is:

Club President – Ken Heres
Vice President – Bob Morley
Secretary – Peter Livitsanis
Treasurer – Brad Eppingstall
Committee person – Bill Groome
Committee person – Mal Rock
Committee person – Dean Wells

Handicapper: Bob Morley



Ken Heres preparing for a race at Learmonth.

File photo courtesy of The Courier, April 15, 2009.


2016 memberships

2016 memberships

EVCC fake licence

To RACE with the Eureka Veterans Cycling Club you require an AVCC racing licence.

This racing licence is for insurance purposes.

Racing licences are available online via the IMG Sports Technology Group website.

Purchasing this licence includes your Eureka Veterans Cycling Club membership for the calendar year.

Click on the link below to access the IMG membership portal and join for 2016.


Go to Club online membership


SOCIAL membership is available for those people wishing to be involved with the club, but NOT race.

Please visit the club to discuss a social membership.

2015, the season that was…

2015, the season that was…

After another long season we can now applaud the achievements.
The final trophy presentations were conducted after the Commodores Cup at the club rooms on the Lake Learmonth foreshore.

Big congratulations to Phil Cartledge for taking out this year’s Club Championship, Club Aggregate and A Grade Criterium Aggregate – one of his children had to stay in Learmonth so he could fit all his trophies in the car.

2015 Club Aggregate
1st – Phil Cartledge
2nd – Tony Mirabella
3rd – Graeme Parker

2015 Steelsmith Trophy – Mal Rock


Trophy race results for 2015

- for the full list of place getters please refer to the various race reports which can be found on this website.

Note: riders are from Eureka Veterans CC unless otherwise stated.

April -

Ron Rivette Memorial (presented by Shane Cook Homes)
A Grade: Stephen Lane (Northern)
B Grade: Owen Tudball
C Grade: Shane Cook
D Grade: Terry Robinson (Geelong)

Rising Sun Trophy
1st – Shane Miller (Grampians)
True Spirit Award – Matt Bowman

June -

Wayne Horne Earthmoving Hcp, combine race with Colac, Geelong and Warrnambool:
1st – Des Lane (Warrnambool)

Mirabella Trophy
1st – Andrew Rushton

July -

Charlie Braszell Handicap
1st – Tony Mirabella

GP Doug Garley
1st – Darren Terry

August -

W.A.R.S. *Winter Aggregate Race Series (presented by Europa Cafe): 
1st – John Creek

Eureka Open, VVCC Open:
1st – Jamie Robinson (Geelong)

October -

Mega Meats Hill Top Handicap
1st – Tony Mirabella

November -

Ken Heres Bobcat & Backhoe Hire Championships
Club Championship – Phil Cartledge
B Grade – Danny Whelan
C Grade – Terry Collie

Steelsmith Spring Criterium Series
A Grade – Phil Cartledge
B Grade – Dean Wells
C Grade – Terry Collie

December -

Commodores Cup
1st – John Faulkner

* W.A.R.S. included races from late May through to mid August


Photo: Phil Cartledge and his family with the spoils of a long determined season of riding.


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