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2016 memberships

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2015, the season that was…

2015, the season that was…

After another long season we can now applaud the achievements.
The final trophy presentations were conducted after the Commodores Cup at the club rooms on the Lake Learmonth foreshore.

Big congratulations to Phil Cartledge for taking out this year’s Club Championship, Club Aggregate and A Grade Criterium Aggregate – one of his children had to stay in Learmonth so he could fit all his trophies in the car.

2015 Club Aggregate
1st – Phil Cartledge
2nd – Tony Mirabella
3rd – Graeme Parker

2015 Steelsmith Trophy – Mal Rock


Trophy race results for 2015

- for the full list of place getters please refer to the various race reports which can be found on this website.

Note: riders are from Eureka Veterans CC unless otherwise stated.

April -

Ron Rivette Memorial (presented by Shane Cook Homes)
A Grade: Stephen Lane (Northern)
B Grade: Owen Tudball
C Grade: Shane Cook
D Grade: Terry Robinson (Geelong)

Rising Sun Trophy
1st – Shane Miller (Grampians)
True Spirit Award – Matt Bowman

June -

Wayne Horne Earthmoving Hcp, combine race with Colac, Geelong and Warrnambool:
1st – Des Lane (Warrnambool)

Mirabella Trophy
1st – Andrew Rushton

July -

Charlie Braszell Handicap
1st – Tony Mirabella

GP Doug Garley
1st – Darren Terry

August -

W.A.R.S. *Winter Aggregate Race Series (presented by Europa Cafe): 
1st – John Creek

Eureka Open, VVCC Open:
1st – Jamie Robinson (Geelong)

October -

Mega Meats Hill Top Handicap
1st – Tony Mirabella

November -

Ken Heres Bobcat & Backhoe Hire Championships
Club Championship – Phil Cartledge
B Grade – Danny Whelan
C Grade – Terry Collie

Steelsmith Spring Criterium Series
A Grade – Phil Cartledge
B Grade – Dean Wells
C Grade – Terry Collie

December -

Commodores Cup
1st – John Faulkner

* W.A.R.S. included races from late May through to mid August


Photo: Phil Cartledge and his family with the spoils of a long determined season of riding.


December 6, 2015 – Commodores Cup – 35 km – Windmill circuit

December 6, 2015 – Commodores Cup – 35 km – Windmill circuit

Commodores Cup
handicap – Windmill, 35 km


John “St Nick” Faulkner climbed to the very top of the tree to take this year’s silverware home to his Christmas table and fill it with good cheer (or champagne).
An outstanding ride from the long suffering St Nick, he was ably assisted by Jude “Mrs Claus” Jonasson and James “Elf” Gretton,

A short race requires a quick start and this not-so-holy trinity were off the mark briskly –  the lure of the Christmas feast (bending the tables back in the clubrooms) incentive enough to ensure a Christmas cracker pace.

The Triple J crew (John, Jude and James) got festivities underway.  The newest elf in the bunch, James, ground out a commendable race, however into the second lap it was time to tie a bow around him and shove him under the tree – he was done, his spirited endeavours earning him Ride of the Day.
The remaining two were never headed, and never really sighted.  The final sprint happened in reverse with both riders slowing to allow the other to take the win, until Jude sat up and applied the brakes, the chivalrous John left with no choice but accept the win.

Some 9 minutes back was last year’s sleigher, the inform Terry Collie had his jingle bells on and Greg Curnow and Rob Young for company. They were wrapped up at the quarry second time around.  Terry had the legs to go with the bunch behind, but Greg and Rob were turfed out of the sleigh like unwanted socks.

The 6 minute crew was ably lead by the fuel-injected Bob “Sponge Bob” Morley.  He and Danny Whelan drove their bunch hard until first Matt Ritchie, then John Creek both melted like Frosty.  Rob Parker was also working hard to stay in touch but as the race accelerated he too fell off the pace – he was seeing stars…but they weren’t leading him anywhere good.
Bob and Danny set out to catch Terry’s bunch as they were in sight, the catch coming at the base of the quarry hill.
Bob attacked strongly to get rid of those that could not assist, Danny and Terry making the selection.  They turned and hit the head wind and worked turns with Terry catching his breath.  He then jumped in and did two big turns before being ejected out the back.
A pair of dark riders approached from behind…

The 3 minute bunch was dominated by a powerful Dean Wells and Rudolph’s big brother, Darren Terry – actually more moose than reindeer.  These two proving far too much for Peter Fifi Livitsanis whose legs were in the same shape as Tiny Tim’s, and Richard “Robocop” Taylor who also received a candy caning.
The bunch split with Dean and Darren in search of Christmas Glory and Richard and Peter hoping to hold onto the comparatively more comfortable Scratch Polar Express bunch when they came through.
Dean and Darren caught Bob’s bunch just before Coghill’s Creek corner.  All together on the run down to the Donavans Road corner, Dean asked if there was anyone ahead and Bob – who obviously had had too much egg nog – said there was.  Into Donovans and Dean immediately attacked opening a small gap before the rise.  He had a strong break and was not coming back.  Darren decided to give chase and jumped out of the seat and accelerated, Bob stuck to his wheel but Danny went out the back.
Too late to catch Dean, but Darren made big inroads to his lead.  Dean sailing away for third, Bob outsprinting Darren for fourth.

Despite a furious first lap that sent Andrew “Sparky” Rushton to the showers early, Scratch were a long way from getting up today.
Whilst the writing was on the wall into the last lap, the remaining four battled on honestly for fastest time.
Dean “Pepe” Griffin, Phil “Aussie” Cartledge, Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman and Brendan “Stavaman” Schiemer rolling turns and gathering the shelled riders up the road.  Most tried, but few succeeded in getting on board the Scratch Polar Express.
Over the rise in Donovans Rd and Matt hit the hyperdrive button, drawing out Scratch into a long line which broke in several places.  He wasn’t coming back despite Dean and Phil working turns behind him, a very impressive fastest time result for a much improved rider.

Race Results:
1st – John Faulkner (18 min)
2nd – Jude Jonasson (18 min)
3rd – Dean Wells (3 min)
4th – Bob Morley (6 min)
5th – Darren Terry (3 min)

Ride of the Day – James Gretton (18 min)

Fastest Time – Matt Bowman (Scratch), 35.1 km in 53m 10s

November 29, 2015 – Steelsmith Engineering Spring Criterium Series – round 3

November 29, 2015 – Steelsmith Engineering Spring Criterium Series – round 3

Steelsmith Engineering Criterium Summer Series

Round 3

Graded Scratch Racing

A Grade
Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman did, what only Matt Bowman can…off the back into the last lap and looking done, Matt wound it up, attacked up the back straight, hit the front and kept going.  Never headed and never really challenged, Matt scooted clear in the last 100 metres for yet another famous win – his adoring fans cheering from the sidelines.
Four starters became three after Andrew “Sparky” Rushton found himself alone off the back.  Brendan Schiemer was caught between a rock and a hard place as Matt and Phil Cartledge took it in turns to attack and counter attack.  Brendan’s only relief coming when he found himself on the front and could moderate the enthusiasm a bit.
The three were essentially inseparable and it was heading to a final sprint.
Phil took charge from the bell and accelerated into the first corner.  By the next corner Matt was back in contention and attacked hard out to take the lead into the back straight…and the rest is legend.

1st – Matt Bowman
2nd – Phil Cartledge
3rd – Brendan Schiemer


B Grade
When was the last time an EVCC crit started with 9 riders?  It was almost peak hour traffic as field coursed its way around the circuit.
With a field that big there was plenty of excitement.
Dean “The Phantom” Wells and Rob Philips attacking frequently and asking a lot of the others to close them down.
Great to see Colac riders Heather and Steve Hamling enjoying their visit.  Heather often the one to close down an attack, with Steve launching a few of his own late in the piece.
Having posted a ton the day before, Matt Ritchie obviously felt spritely enough to have a crack at a crit and while he rode conservatively he was still there at the pointy end.
The cagey Bob Morley was careful whose wheel he picked and kept himself handy, while seldom on the front.
John Creek took great pleasure in hurting himself to stay in touch and while shaken off the back a few times, found enough to claw himself back on.
Dave Peters is notorious in scratch races for always being on the right wheel and never on the front, today was no exception.
Pete “Fifi” Livitsanis rounded out the competitors, keeping a wary eye on each of the aggressors and often towing the field up to a breakaway.
Rob Phillips punctured about mid way, much to the relief of the rest of the field who were growing weary of chasing him down.  The race settled for a bit, however Mal Rock stirred things up with his heckling from the sidelines.  Dean seeming to take particular offence, took over the lead for a half dozen laps and stepped up the pace each time he passed Rocky.
Into the final few laps and Steve found himself caught on the front and everyone else biding their time.  The bell didn’t see the expected attacks from those that don’t fancy sprinting, and a final dash for the cash became inevitable.
Steve lead the field wide into the last corner, Dean and Dave saw the inside door wide open and launched immediately.  Dean lent the bike over and clipped the pedal, Dave took a moment to correct his line (having seen this sort of thing in a previous race).
Dave edged in front of Dean (Dave on the front for the first time in the race!) but Dean reposed himself, found the sprinting gears and took the lead 20 metres from home and held for the win.

1st – Dean Wells
2nd – Dave Peters
3rd – Peter Livitsanis


C Grade
Terry “El Presidente” Collie made it back to back with another emphatic crit win.  Terry’s late season form dominating throughout the race of (five) usual C grade suspects.
Rob Young was again impressive with a solid performance, out-sprinting Graeme Parker for third.
A tidy race throughout, with all riders evenly matched extravagant attacks or race tactics were not the order of the day.  This is not to say it was some walk in the park before a final furious sprint, NO, they maintained a solid pace, and taunted the B grade field by not only keeping up with them early in the race, but actually passing them at one stage.

1st – Terry Collie
2nd – Rob Young
3rd – Graeme Parker




Steelsmith Engineering Criterium Series
With race three of the series done and dusted, the aggregate points were tallied and the winners announced…

A Grade: Phil Cartledge
3 races – 1 win, 2 seconds

B Grade: Dean Wells
2 races – 1 win, 1 third
(1 race in A Grade – unplaced)

C Grade: Terry Collie
2 races – 2 wins


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