Rising Sun Trophy – Sunday 26, April

Rising Sun Trophy – Sunday 26, April

Rising Sun trophy

2015 Ron Rivette Memorial – race results and photos

2015 Ron Rivette Memorial – race results and photos

For a full report on the action from each grade go to the Race Results section of the website.

Shane Cook Homes are a major sponsor of the Eureka Veterans CC.
We thank Shane for making this race – in honour of Ron – possible.


A Grade results:

1st – Stephen Lane (Northern Vets Cycling)
2nd – Shane Miller (Grampians Vets CC)
3rd – Tony Mirabella (Eureka Vets CC)
4th – Phil Cartledge (Eureka Vets CC)


B Grade results:

1st – Owen Tudball (Bacchus Marsh-Eureka Vets CC)
2nd – Darren Terry (Bacchus Marsh-Eureka Vets CC)
3rd – Peter Kiel (Eureka Vets CC)
4th – Dean Wells (Eureka Vets CC)


C Grade results:

1st – Shane Cook (Bacchus Marsh-Eureka Vets CC)
2nd – Louis Nuspan (Bacchus Marsh-Eureka Vets CC)
3rd – Veronica Micich (Grampians Vets CC)
4th – Terry Collie (Bacchus Marsh-Eureka Vets CC)
Ride of the Day – Tony Herbert (Eureka Vets CC)


D Grade results:

1st – Terry Robinson (Geelong & Surfcoast CC)
2nd – John Wilson (Eastern Vets CC)
3rd – Ray Hodgson (Bacchus Marsh-Eureka Vets CC)
4th – Ross West (Geelong & Surfcoast CC)

April 12, 2015 – 53 km Hcp, Mt. Misery extended – Rampaging Ronnie Reaps Rewards

April 12, 2015 – 53 km Hcp, Mt. Misery extended – Rampaging Ronnie Reaps Rewards


You don’t know what I got!

With some dark horse form and a well-timed sprint, Ron Larkin registered a solid win in good – if tiring – company.
Ronnie has been training hard over the summer months with the Saxons, but not club racing of late.  Feeling good, he took full advantage of some over-exuberant colts and tiring riders around him.
Should have paid more attention to the coat-tuggers in the betting ring pre-race?

18 riders rolled up to the start line for the Sunday 12th April handicap race around an “extended” Mt. Misery.  This race was trialling some new roads to add a bit of a twist to the traditional Mt.Misery circuit.
The “extra bit” turned riders right at Black Bottom Rd and sent them out on a loop past Langi Kal Kal before rejoining Black Bottom Rd.
To ensure road user safety, the finish line was moved 5 kms towards Weatherboard (eliminating that awful climb).
This safety consideration was designed to eliminate any interaction between race riders and road traffic exiting the north end of the Avenue (due to the grand opening of the new bridge linking the two sections of the Avenue of Honour).

Lone rider Ray Hodgson was first away at 27 minutes. Ray was faced with the arduous task of holding the wolves at bay for the full 54 kilometres. Bring it on! Using the South Easterly breeze to his advantage, Ray rode a wonderful time trial and was only caught in the final 4 kilometres.
Post race, Ray reported that his bunch worked quite well together…

Next away at 15 minutes were Greg Curnow, Tony Herbert, Graeme Parker and Robert Young. Well organised by Graeme, this bunch worked turns in the wind and formed a fine echelon as they raced past Harrisons Rd towards Addington.

The 12 minute bunch consisting of Barry Robinson, John Creek, Ron Larkin, Mal Rock and Ed Rozycki set off at a cracking pace.
The bunch welcomed Creeky who had dropped down a bunch ‘to find his legs’. They looked particularly strong on paper – but would that translate to the road?
The answer was a definitive yes. After only 10km they had Graeme’s 12 min bunch in their distant sites (but Graeme’s bunch were going OK and it took another 20km to catch them).  Strong all day, they stayed clear of the chasing bunches and rounded up all those before them before fighting out the finish.

Albie Govan rode off 7 minutes with brothers Lee – Brian and Kevin. Three riders in the wind makes it tough at the best of times, add some hills and racing gets a whole lot tougher for some.  We all know that Popeye has plenty of ability when the road tilts up, Brian…well he just doesn’t know when to stop, but unfortunately gravity and Honolulu are not the best of friends.
Still, there were plenty of smiles as the Brian led the trio through the left turn at Addington.  Must have been the beautiful autumn colours in the Addington Avenue of Honour…

Off 2 minutes, Grant Dawson, Pete Livitsanis and Rob Phillips were always going to get caught by Scratch.  The big question was how far could they stretch their minuscule advantage before trying to board the Scratch Express?
Fifi confidently led the trio through the Addington turn at speed, however his joy for climbing soon came unstuck as he dropped his chain shortly after cresting the first hill.  Smokey and The Big Easy looked around forlornly as they realised their little pocket rocket (who also revels in the wind) wasn’t rejoining them any time soon.
New plan – beat Scratch up the hills then board the Express.
Smokey did request the assistance of a passing car at one stage, but the driver laughed off the request and continued with his photographic journey.

Scratch was down on numbers – apparently a few of the boys were a bit tired and needed to rest – leaving Phil Cartledge and Brendan Schiemer to try and round up the whole field.
Working well together – despite being in a 54 km drag race for Fastest Time – Farky and Sheems set about their task with a conviction rarely seen in the Scratch ranks.
It is hard to hide when there’s only two of you!
Their first catch of the day was poor Fifi who actually had to stop and read the manual on how to get the chain back on.  He’d barely wound up again before the Scratch Express reached him.  Roaring towards the next hills Fifi boarded the Express but his ticket was invalid so he was jettisoned at the top of the rise.
Over the highest point on the circuit Farky and Sheems ramped the pace up to 69 kph as they rounded up Smokey and The Big Easy.
Spare a thought for poor Fifi who still had a 40 km time trial ahead of him…

The extra loop saw the the Scratch Express power on and on, but it was only running on three cylinders.  The Big Easy was doing it tough and hanging on with grim determination as his 2 minute cohort Smokey swapped turns with Farky and Sheems up front.

Meanwhile, just a little bit further up the road the wind had been tearing the Brothers Lee and Honolulu apart.
Up hills = bad.
Down hills = good.
Tail wind = good.
Cross wind = bad.
Head wind = bad.
Bad wins!
They were making no inroads on the bunches ahead and were quickly losing ground to the Scratch Express.  The catch happened as they all turned back onto Black Bottom Rd.  For a time our 7 minute heroes tried to hang on, but eventually they were all thrown off board for not having enough funds on their MYKI cards.

Further up the road Tony was feeling like Tom Hanks in Cast Away…there was no one in site.  Going OK and pushing the red limit can be a fine line which Tony Herbert was to discover as he was unhitched in the headwind on Black Bottom Rd.  Tony’s 12 min bunch had earlier been joined by the 15 min bunch and this large group of eight now just had to round up Ray to hit the lead.

The combined 12 and 15 minute bunches formed a strong peloton where everyone worked well together into the wind sharing the load.
Unfortunately the pace and winds on the tiny roads left no room for cover in a big group.  This made it a bit too tough for Rob Young who also lost contact. Committeemen Graeme and Creeky were doing big turns in front, ably assisted by Barry, Rocky, Ronnie, Ed and Greg.  Would they ever reach the lead though?

With the chase bunch down to seven, Ray still considered himself a better than good chance on taking the win – after all, he was the form man in the race after his 5th placing in the Cec Cripps Hcp (VVCC open race) at Maryborough on the previous Monday.

Ray wasn’t about to sit up and wait for them though.  You want it?  Come and get it!

The gap was closed in the fierce cross winds along Ercildoune Rd, but wily Ray soft pedalled after the catch to ensure he would have something special in the tank for the sprint.  With their jobs done, Graeme and Creeky sat up and eased to the back of the bunch to let the boys fight it out amongst themselves.
Getting a whiff of victory inspired Ronnie, Rocky, Ed, Greg and Barry to work even harder as they raced towards the line.  An echelon was formed and only the hard men were invited.  They knew the Scratch Express was coming, they just didn’t want to look back and see it.
And Ray?  Well he settled in for the ride home.  Job almost done, take me to the line fellas…

The Scratch Express was still making good time and was even ahead of schedule…but then it uncoupled Smokey and the dream was over.  The Express still puttered away but Farky and Sheems were only in it for Fastest Time now as The Big Easy lost contact and watched them roll away.

The race for victory was up the road and the final selection had been made.  The winner was coming from either the 15 minute or the 12 minute bunch.
And there it was.  Just ahead.  The chequered flags.  The end of pain.  The finish line.

And the sprint began.

With the chequered flag appearing in the distance Ron Larkin was sitting in the perfect fourth wheel position.  Some of the riders had had enough and were happy to stay up the back of the peloton.

Ed launched with 300 metres to go.  He must have thought he was going to win, however, deja vu, Ed is overrun again.
Rocky had followed Ed and Ronnie had followed Rocky.
As predicted Rocky went next – hard, fast and way to early.  This suited Ronnie perfectly as he latched onto Rocky’s wheel for a slip stream ride.
Ronnie and Rocky soon put pay to Ed, and down to the line it was a race in two.

Both men seem to prefer a sprint from the chair, but Ronnie has a got a bit more horsepower in that situation.
Ron wins with a perfectly timed sprint, crossing the line for a well received first place, Rocky second.
Ed came in third only just ahead of Ray in 4th – and the comprehensive winner of Ride of the Day.
The sprint for 5th had Greg and Barry throwing their bikes all over the road with Greg prevailing by the barest of margins.

Greg later confessed that there was some confusion over where the actual finish was…maybe the the big yellow line, blue and white Eureka tear drop banner, chequered flag being waved about and the people standing on the side of the road wasn’t a big enough clue…

The Scratch Express did eventually make it to the line.  Actually it was less than a minute late as it powered to the line in the race for Fastest Time.
Both Sheems and Farky started their sprints from 250 metres out and drag raced to the finish, with Sheems getting home by the rubber on his tyre.
Oh when will Farky ever win a sprint?
Search parties went out for the remaining riders whom all made it home safely although Fifi’s chain jumped off again (just for good measure) during the ride home.

New extension to the Mt.Misery circuit = big thumbs up!

1st Ron Larkin
2nd Mal Rock
3rd Ed Rozycki
4th Ray Hodgson
5th Greg Curnow
Fastest Brendan Schiemer
RoD Ray Hodgson

March 29, 2015 – Graded criteriums – Production Drive, Alfredton


Blue sky, light winds, a beautiful day for fast racing…
Only Brendan was complaining of the cold – no pleasing some people!

16 riders in three grades might not sound like much, but it was a day of action and drama.

A Grade
Miller Time (trial)…

Shane Miller was nearly always in command of this race, racing on the front and setting a high tempo from the get go he was keen for a testing race. A few brief flurries of activity off the front to get things going and test some legs, but the field stayed as one for the first 20 minutes.
Charlie Stebbing, nestled in mid field, looked comfortable and in good knick for next weeks championships, he clocked the 5th fastest lap of the crit course and a KOM for the back straight.
Lindsay Burgoyne was being tested at the back but soldiered on doggedly. With the race all together it was Tony Mirabella who emerged out of the bunch to take the intermediate sprint. This lifted the tempo another notch.
Brendan Schiemer’s adrenalin levels spiked and he took off, opening a gap, he persisted for a full nasty lap, the other four chased hard knowing that Brendan would just keep going if left out there. They caught him, but at a price, Shane looked deep into the eyes of his foes and saw only pain and suffering – he counter attacked and no one reacted.
With a good half hour to go Shane was in for a solo Ride of the Day Time Trial to hold off the field. A fantastic ride by Shane, setting new course records in the process.
The chase put Charlie out the back followed by Lindsay, Charlie hung up the spurs and retired, Lindsay kept going even after all hope was gone. This left just Tony and Brendan to chase Shane, they managed to stop the gap growing any larger but struggled to make any inroads into Shane’s lead. Tony Mirabella was out on the old blue bike this week, the ‘good” bike was at home all shiny and ready for next week, however the old blue bike knows its number two now and doesn’t like that, late in the race it decided to fail Tony when he needed it the most – a pedal malfunction put Tony on the sidelines, leaving Brendan, a distant second to Shane, to chase alone. Over the line it was Shane first, lots of daylight then Brendan and the ever persistent Lindsay taking third.

1st Shane Miller
2nd Brendan Schiemer
3rd Lindsay Burgoyne
Int Sprint Tony Mirabella

B Grade
Blood and guts…

It might have been the scent of increased prize money, or perhaps a heightened desire to race hard, but today was one of the most fiercely contested and dramatic B Grade crits in club history.
With no quarter asked or given it was a drag ‘em out, knock ‘em down dog fight on wheels.
Things got off to a quick start with Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis leading the field around the first few laps, brisk but not insane.
The handicapper had dropped Veronica Micich into B Grade somewhat reluctantly expecting that she may struggle. He needn’t have worried, Von not only settled in well, as her confidence grew, she became one of the main animators of the race. Time and time again Von was stepping off the front and opening gaps, but respect from the other racers came in the form of Bob Morley counter attacking once she had been reeled in – chivalry is indeed dead and the blue touch paper had been lit.
Steven “Kanga” Kennedy wasn’t taking anyone’s side and put the race into the gutter and attacked off the front. Dave “Pixie” Peters is an enigma, he can explode up the road and destroy a field and then half a lap later sits up, but Dave was in good knick today and chased down and eclipsed Fifi for the intermediate sprint.
Rob Parker was watching all this happening from his comfortable armchair at the back of the race, however he found the going a bit tough late in the race when the fireworks started.
Bob was up for it today, determined to get a win on the board, he even tried leaping off the front, Fifi waited until he was well up the road then jumped across, they were clear for a lap but the determined Von brought the field back together again.
Despite the constant barrage of attacks no one could break free and it was looking like a final sprint would be inevitable. So it came to pass, 5 riders going hard for the final corner.
The bar room brawler, Morley wound it up and went into the corner like a cannonball, a very fast tight line, his bike below the 45 degree angle, such an aggressive attack into the corner would surely have won him the race – if he could hold it. Pixie had reacted and was on Bob’s back wheel when physics took over, perhaps Bob was too tight into the corner, too fast, centre of gravity too low, a little touch of the pedal on the road saw the bike side out from under him and Bob hit the deck hard.
With Bob turning himself into peanut butter on the road, red lights and alarm bells were ringing for the rest of the field, no time to pull up, evasive action was required.
Pixie, Fifi and Kanga all headed right, into the grass at 40 kmh. Fifi took the tightest line, missing Bob by centimetres, corrected first to get back on course and slip over the line for a Bradbury-esque win, albeit a hollow one.
Pixie rolled over second with Kanga third but the sprint was really to get back to Bob who had lost a lot of bark off his right leg and torn his knuckles up which later required stitches.

1st Peter Livitsanis
2nd Dave Peters
3rd Steven Kennedy
Int Sprint Dave Peters

C Grade
Mr Efficient/RockSTAR gets the job done…

Mal Rock again stamped his authority on C Grade crit racing with another superb example of sprinting when he needs to, taking both the intermediate sprint and the race win.
An evenly matched group of 5 was always going to be sorted out, not in a daring breakaway, but in a final charge for the line.
Regardless, the sagely Terry Collie, Saintly Sue Parker, General Graeme Parker and Rob Young (who will get a nickname soon enough) kept a close eye on RockSTAR and each-other, just in case someone got a rush of blood to the head or had eaten too many wheeties for breakfast.
To ensure that the level of enthusiasm for a break was kept in check the race was conducted at a fair clip.
Rob Young again impressing his fellow riders with a solid performance, a “former” limit rider he continues to make big improvements and was equal to this C grade field today, in fact featuring on the podium.
Kudos also to Sue, although lightly raced she, kept the boys honest and rode a smart race.
General Graeme got the race underway and made sure the kids were going to play nice then quietly retired to watch from the side lines.
With the usually explosive sprinter, Graeme, out of the picture, RockSTAR’s stocks soared. The only remaining question was whether the guile of Terry could outsmart RockySTAR’s sprinting prowess.
Today the answer was brawn over brains and Rocky scooted clear around the last corner and held fast finishing Terry and Rob.

1st Mal Rock
2nd Terry Collie
3rd Rob Young
Int Sprint Mal Rock

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