Cycling VICTORIA – 2018 Victorian ROAD Championships, October 13 and 14

Cycling VICTORIA – 2018 Victorian ROAD Championships, October 13 and 14


Victorian Road Championships

Elite (incorporating U19)Under 23ParacyclingMasters

Cycling Victoria

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October 2018

It has been an honour co-hosting the 2018 Victorian Road Championships this past weekend.  We require many volunteers to ensure the safety of all participants and road users when delivering a programme of this magnitude.
Some of the volunteers performed duties on both days, some of them performed duties either before, or after competing in their cycling events; most are members of either EUREKA Cycling, Ballarat Sebastopol CC, or both!  Finally, some volunteers were family, friends and cycling buddies.

Ballarat Sebastopol CC have established a great relationship with the Ballarat Dragon Boat Club and quite simply, we could not have staged the Championships for Cycling Victoria without their assistance in providing the majority of corner marshals over the entire weekend.
Thank you to Dick, Norma, Faye, Jenny, Chrissy, Loris, Nola, Georgia, Luke, Charles, Gerard and Zac.

Competitors who either helped setup or performed marshal or driver duties included Tim Canny, Craig Lee, Matt Bowman, Tony Mirabella, Bob Braszell, Peter Canny, Lindsay Burgoyne, Peter Kiel and Paul Tabbitt.  Thank you for all going the extra mile!

Other non-competing cycling club members who performed on course duties included Jenni White, Scott Sullivan, Jason Birch, Jeremy Humber, Gerard White, Peter Gunston, Jarrod King, Alaya Humber and Liam White.  Your expertise was extremely valuable!

We also had some friends of the clubs kindly volunteer their time to make this all happen.  We thank Shaun Martin, Rob Ferguson, Karen Canny, Ray Isaac, Simone Wells and Beth Canny.

Mal and Lyn Rock were mainstays of the weekend – filling in many roles which we were not aware required filling.  As always, they were kind and generous with their time.  They greeted everyone and ensured that riders and officials had hassle free weekends.

Racing elsewhere on this weekend, but performing an important role nonetheless – Terry Collie ensured all the required council and police permits were applied for and received in time for the event!

Some businesses also helped deliver this event for our clubs:
The Western Hotel and Ballarat City Council were official event sponsors.
Stems Flower Market kindly donated flower bouquets to the winner of each race category over the weekend.
Oscar’s Hotel and Cafe Bar were supporters of Eureka for the event.
Sovereign Park Motor Inn donated the use of vehicles.
The all important coffee and pastry van was from Le Peche Gourmand (French Bakery – Creswick).

Hopefully we have covered every person and business who performed duties over the weekend or helped us deliver the event in some other capacity. Once again, thank you all!

– Dean Wells
EUREKA Cycling – race director


Day 1
Victorian Road Championships – TIME TRIAL


Ninety three competitors scorched around the Coghill’s Creek circuit on Saturday 13th October in the 2018 Victorian Road Championships – Individual Time Trial Over TWENTY categories were decided, including Masters, Elite, Paracycling and Under 23 Alistair Christie-Johnson proved fastest on the triangular windswept course, completing the 20ish kilometre event in a sizzling 24 minutes and 59.04 seconds, claiming the gold for the Elite Men and Under 23 Men in one fell swoop.
NINE para athletes contested the event with Justin Godfrey proving fastest and Gabriel Bouris bringing the field home.  The legend that is Anna Davis continued her story with gold in the Elite Women and the emerging talent Sarah Gigante claimed the Under 23 Women title.  Masters Men 2 saw the Ogilvie / Lane battle renewed.  James Ogilvie taking the MM2 gold in the fifth fastest time of the day and Stephen Lane taking the MM2 silver with the seventh fastest ride on the day.
Rest assured EUREKA members, we still hold many of the Strava segments on the circuit!  At least until Alistair uploads his bike computer…

20 (ish) kilometres – Local riders…
MM1 – Dayne Pearce (Ballarat) 28:23.16
MM2 – Craig Lee (Ballarat/EUREKA) 29:17.94
MM2 – Tim Canny (Ballarat/EUREKA) 29:28.96
MM4 – Matt Bowman (Ballarat/EUREKA) 29:55.7
MM4 – Jeremy Vanderklift (Ballarat/EUREKA) 30:32.93
MM5 – Paul Tabbitt (Ballarat) 33:59.11
MM6 – Gary Beazley (Hawthorn/EUREKA) 32:38.51
MM9 – Bob Braszell (Ballarat/EUREKA) 33:57.44 – silver medal

Elite W / U23 – Grace Mayne (Ballarat) 35:50.42 – U23 bronze medal

Gold medal results…
Elite M – Alistair Christie-Johnson (Hawthorn) 24:59.04
MM1 – David Ross (St Kilda) 25:10.55
MM2 – James Ogilvie (Carnegie Caulfield) 25:37.34
MM3 – Darren Lever (Carnegie Caulfield) 27:10.92
MM4 – Stefan Kirsch (Carnegie Caulfield) 27:23.49
MM5 – Michael Watkins (Southern Masters) 27:12.72
MM6 – John Cain (Carnegie Caulfield) 27:55.74
MM7 – Noel Jacobs (Hawthorn) 28:54.63
MM8 – Nicholas Grainger (Carnegie Caulfield) 29:16.53
MM9 – Myles Higgins (Shepparton) 33:34.21
Para – Justin Godfrey (Albury-Wodonga Panthers) 31:02.59
U23M – Alistair Christie-Johnson (Hawthorn) 24:59.04
Elite W – Anna Davis (Coburg) 28:35.77
MW1 – Emily Wilde (Carnegie Caulfield) 33:44.75
MW2 – Sarah Fitton (Hawthorn) 31:19.64
MW3 – Nonie Carr (Hawthorn) 33:19.46
MW4 – Lisa James (St Kilda) 34:37.26
MW5 – Meredith Clark (St Kilda) 32:55.94
MW6 – Angela McCrae (Hawthorn) 34:08.56
MW7 – Margaret Noonan (Southern Masters) 34:44.52
MM9 – Elizabeth Randall (Blackburn) 36:20.91
Para – Emily Petricola (St Kilda) 32:50.49
U23W – Sarah Gigante (Brunswick) 29:44.02

Day 2
Victorian Road Championships – Road Race

web-6758  web-6825  web-6976

The forecast for blue skies and strong wind was spot on for day 2 of the 2018 Victorian Road Championships at Learmonth on Sunday 14th October.
The north easterly wind was pushing 40 Kph for much of the day with gusts in the high 50s which caused much of the attrition as the riders raced around the Weatherboard and Ercildoune circuits.  All riders made it home safely!  The long event day was staged with few incidents as riders took extra care to point out obstacles as they united to battle the wind.
There were mishaps out on course which unfortunately resulted in two riders being relegated.  We sincerely apologise to the riders involved for their day ending in such circumstances.

Ballarat riders claimed a medal of each colour with Bob Braszell winning GOLD in the Masters Men 9 category after ditching his opposition in the first 10 kilometres.  Lindsay Burgoyne won a SILVER medal after a tight two man finish in Masters Men 8.  Tim Canny won BRONZE in the Masters Men 2 category.

As mentioned, the wind made for a high attrition rate and the Elite Men saw 23 riders abandon.  Just fifteen riders completed the race which was torn apart inside the first five kilometres of the 122 Km race!
The fierce crosswind along Henderson’s road created an opportunity which TEN riders exploited.  They quickly opened a 20 second gap and worked hard to press their advantage.  Two bunches had formed behind.
A large chase group could only close the gap down to 18 seconds before the leading ten riders powered away into the headwind on Black Bottom Road.

The lead continued to grow and by Addington on the first lap the gap was over one minute.  The ten riders roared up the Edmonston Road climb, eased around the tight left turn onto Weatherboard Road, then let rip down Avenue Road – touching 75 Kph at times!
The chasing bunches continued to disintegrate in the abominable conditions and any hope of reaching the front of the race was blown away with the wind.

With the race in the bag, the leaders started looking at each other and measuring their efforts.  Late on the second lap the leaders started shadow boxing, however the final battle would be played out on the two laps of the smaller Weatherboard circuit.
The leaders were watchful as they started out on the first of two 10 Km loops.

Over the Weatherboard climb and Connor Murtagh was able to get a small break.  He led the race onto Avenue Road with an 11 second advantage, then engaged the hyperdrive as the remnants of the lead bunch looked at each other to work out who would chase.
Swinging out onto the second lap and Murtagh had almost a half minute lead, such was his effort down the Avenue with the tail wind.  That lead kept opening up as he pushed over the Weatherboard climb one last time – it was almost game over for the chasers.  Just four riders were in pursuit of the lone leader who was hidden by the race vehicles in the dappled light of the Avenue of Honour.

Off the Avenue and just 5 Km remained, unfortunately that included almost two kilometres into the block head wind up the finishing straight.  Those last few thousand metres were both hard and glorious for Murtagh as he claimed the gold medal with over one minute to spare.
A four way sprint decided the lower steps of the podium.

Earlier, the Paracycling categories set off as one big team.  A variety of bike equipment was on show as the too battled the wind.

Whilst every rider who competed today was brilliant, we will pick out a few true gems…
Starting with paracyclist Gabe Bouris who on this day, competed in his longest road race ever!  The effort was mighty and Gabe certainly soaked in the occasion as he crept towards the finish line.  Unfortunately his good mate (and Race Commissaire) David Morgan spent too much time cheering Gabe on to concentrate on taking a perfect photo.  Never fear Gabe, our man on the spot – photographer James Knipe – has captured images from your race today!
A special mention to triathlete turned road racer – Robert Ellis.  Rob is a member of both the host clubs – Ballarat Sebastopol and EUREKA Cycling. Dropped early in the race, Rob admonished himself by riding the last 60 kilometres by himself.  Yes, on this day, Rob could have been at home watching the Kona Ironman… Ballarat Sebastopol CC riders

(* denotes EUREKA Cycling member also)

MM1 – Dayne Pearce dnf
MM2 – *Tim Canny BRONZE, Shannon Gration dnf
MM3 – Shane Nankervis 5th, *David Ogilvie 7th, Shane Hayes 10th
MM4 – *Robert Ellis 17th
MM5 – Paul Tabbitt dnf, David Hearn dnf
MM6 – *Tony Mirabella 6th
MM7 – *Peter Kiel 4th, *Peter Canny 5th, Steve Barrile dnf
MM8 – *Lindsay Burgoyne SILVER
MM9 – *Bob Braszell GOLD
Elite Men – Nick Locandro dnf
Elite Women – Grace Mayne dnf

Notable results:
Para, 56 Km
Justin Godfrey (Albury Wodonga Panthers) 1h 56m 07s
Paul Patterson (Castlemaine) +1m 05s
Erika Gosney (Footscray) +1m 51s
Fulton Zylstra (Northern Vets) +9m 32s
Lachlan O’Brien (Preston) +24m 14s
Gabriel Bouris (Brunswick) +56m 36s

Gold medal results:
WM1 – Belle Williams (St Kilda), 86 Km, 3h 32m 15s
WM2 – Veronica Mcich (St Kilda), 86 Km, 3h 18m 57s
WM3 – Radele Berriman (Caulfield Carnegie), 86 Km, 2h 56m 50s
WM4 – Trudy Stevenson (Echuca-Moama), 86 Km 2h 51m 04s
WM5 – Meredith Clark (St Kilda), 86 Km, 2h 58m 33s
WM6 – Angela Macrae (Hawthorn), 66 Km, 2h 28m 16s
WM7 – Margaret Noonan (Southern Masters), 66 Km, 2h 36m 34s
MM1 – Matthew Robertson (St Kilda), 102 Km, 2h 39m 16s
MM2 – Trent Stevenson (Echuca-Moama), 102 Km, 2h 41m 09s
MM3 – Darren Lever (Caulfield Carnegie), 86 Km, 2h 21m 22s
MM4 – Aaron Christiansen (Preston), 86 Km, 2h 21m 36s
MM5 – Michael Watkins (Southern Masters), 86 Km, 2h 25m 02s
MM6 – Aaron Field (Blackburn), 66 Km, 1h 49m 47s
MM7 – David Moreland (Bendigo), 66 Km, 1h 51m 02s
MM8 – Micheal Renehan (Wellington), 66 Km, 1h 57m 23s
MM9 – Robert Braszell (Ballarat-Sebastopol), 66 Km, 2h 10m 10s
MM10 – Tommy Gray (Footscray), 66 Km, 2h 18m, 51s
Elite Men – Conor Murtagh (Brunswick), 122 Km, 2h 58m 14s
Elite Women – Sarah Gigante (Brunswick), 86 Km, 2h 45m 00s

Event partner:
OSCAR’S Hotel and Cafe Bar
Located in the Ballarat CBD, OSCAR’S offer a wide range of accommodation
which includes FREE off street car parking and wi-fi for every room.
OSCAR’S is also your one stop place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

COMPETITOR OFFER: 10% off accommodation
for competitors in the 2018 Victorian Road Cycling Championships
on Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October.
That extra bit of luxury that OSCAR’S offer, could just be the difference on race day! 

18 Doveton Street South, Ballarat Central
tel. 5331 1451

CV 2018 Rpad Champs - Oscar's poster

Race day registration:
Eureka Cycling clubrooms, Lake Learmonth foreshore, Learmonth
Learmonth is 20 kilometres northwest of Ballarat

Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club
Eureka Cycling

Schedule of events:

Saturday 13th – Time Trials - commencing at 9:00 AM
*time trial circuit is approximately one kilometre east of the club rooms

Categories / distances: ALL categories are competing on a 20 Km course

Cycling VICTORIA 2018 Road State Championships 20 km Time Trial

Sunday 14th – Road Races - commencing at 8:30 AM
*start/finish line is approximately one kilometre south of the club rooms

Categories / distances:

Elite Men122 Km map: CV Champs Men Elite

Men Masters 1 – 2102 Km map: CV Champs MM 1-2

Elite WomenMen Masters 3 – 5Women Masters 1 – 586 Km map: CV Champs 86 Km RR

Men Masters 6 – 10Women Masters 6 – 1066 Km map: CV Champs 66 Km RR

Paracycling, 56 Km map: CV Champs Paracycling



Dedicated male and female change rooms, including showers and toilets

Please note that a “rolling” morning/afternoon tea will be available at the club rooms on Saturday and Sunday – gold coin purchase

Soft drinks and bottled water are available for purchase

Potable tap water is available at the venue

Coffee Van:
Sunday 14th October ONLY
Hot drinks and FOOD available for purchase
Le Peche Gourmand – fine French patisserie
Coffee Shop location: 69a Albert Street, Creswick (drop in on your way home from the event…)


 Oscar's logo


CV 2018 Road Champs - Oscar's slide

Cycling Victoria

Congratulations Alaya and Shallan – Junior Female Cyclist grantees for 2018

Congratulations Alaya and Shallan – Junior Female Cyclist grantees for 2018

2018 Junior Female Cyclist Support Program



EVCC Junior Female Cyclist - slide

Sunday 16th September 2018

More than thirty guests assembled at Oscar’s Hotel for the official presentation of the 2018 Junior Female Cyclist Support Grant Program.

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the formation of the Eureka Veterans Cycling Club.  The club was formed to provide an avenue for mature riders to race competitively.
The primary roles of the club are to:
– provide a safe and engaging social environment

– present a racing product which offers a variety of challenges

– grow the club

– positively contribute to the local community

Club Vice President – Dean Wells – announced that KREHALON Australia had uniting with Eureka Cycling to increase the scope of the 2018 grant.

Earlier this year, Jonathon Delaney from KREHALON Australia, discussed the lack of sponsorship available for female cyclists with the Eureka Cycling President – John Faulkner.
Frustratingly, the lack of support is prevalent at all levels, across every cycling discipline, both domestically and internationally.  It has led to lower participation rates of females in cycling.  This is also quite obvious in the veterans cycling ranks.
From that conversation between the two Johns, the idea of the Junior Female Cyclist Support Grant Program was born.

Simply, Eureka Cycling wish to contribute, to the future development of the sport of cycling.  In particular, the club will provide monetary support to promote junior female cycling and to assist the chosen athletes to compete, develop and realise their potential.
Guest speaker – Melissa Burgoyne – spoke about her journey in sport through swimming, triathlon and now cycling.  Melissa’s words of encouragement to the girls were both inspiring and well received.

The recipients of the 2018 Junior Female Cyclist Support Grant are? Shallan Pompe and Alaya Humber.  Each of the grantees received a cheque for $500.
*Interestingly, both Shallan and Alaya followed a younger sibling into the world of cycling.


Photo: Alaya and Shallan at the grantee presentation with Eureka Cycling President – John Faulkner and Vice President – Dean Wells

_MG_7959 small



Shallan races BMX and is a member of Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club.  Shallan has been riding BMX for about 7 1/2 years.
In 2017 Shallan finished high in two categories of the BMX Victorian State Series: with third place in the 14 year old girl and fourth place in the Super Class Ladies

Shallan and her brother Damon, are both members of the Twisted Concepts BMX team, which is based in the United Kingdom!
Shallan is a role model at the BMX club.  The younger kids look up to her because she spends time with them and helps them with their craft.  Also, she is a pretty mean BMX racer!

Off the BMX track, Shallan has been identified by her school as a leader.  She travelled as a school ambassador, with other students to China during the year.
Due to illness, Shallan has missed some races during 2018, however, she is aiming at the Victorian BMX – State Championships which are being staged in Warrnambool in November.


Alaya is relatively new to cycling.  She has quickly made an impact and is a member of the same clubs as her sister Iesha.  The sisters are members of Rode Rage and compete in Human Powered Vehicle events.  They are also a members of Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club and compete in track cycling and road cycling.

Both Alaya and Iesha are a members of the Sovereign Hill – Track Cycling Program.
In Alaya’s short track career – under the tutelage of coach Damien Keirl – she has already claimed a number of podium results.
Gym work accounts for 50% of a track rider’s preparation and Alaya is currently powerlifting around the National record for her division.
Coach Keirl has indicated that an attempt on the record could very well be on Alaya’s horizon.

Alaya has been identified as a leader by her school and has been performing as a Teacher’s Assistant.  She takes Year 7 students for their sports program. Alaya is currently training towards the Victorian Track Championships which are being staged in Melbourne in December.


Eureka Cycling and KREHALON Australia will be following the girl’s exploits as they continue with their cycling journey.


EVCC Junior Female Cyclist - poster

September 16, 2018 – Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe Bar spring criterium series – round 1

September 16, 2018 – Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe Bar spring criterium series – round 1

Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe Bar spring criterium series

16 September 2018


Victoria Park criterium circuit


Oscars logo 2

EVCC 2018 spring criterium series - slide

Spring Is Here

Spring is here! Why doesn’t my heart go dancing?
Spring is here! Why isn’t the waltz entrancing?
No desire, no ambition leads me
Maybe it’s because nobody needs me

- Frank Sinatra

Overnight snow did little to smother the enthusiasm of the 25 riders that assembled for round 1 of the Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe Bar – Spring Criterium Series.
Three divisions raced on the damp, yet safe Victoria Park circuit.

A small Division 3 field was immediately a three-man affair as Roger McMillan, Phil McLennan and Steve Linane rode off in search of warmth.  Trial rider Kathy Wood enjoyed a safe “first race” experience with chaperone Dean Wells at her side.
The race ahead saw Linane too classy in the sprint for the finish.

Division 2 fielded eleven riders with a mix of talents and race fitness.  Visiting Geelong & Surf Coast CC rider – Marcus Coppock – was suitably impressed with the track surface, however the “ski-field” temperature was less to his liking.  Jeremy Vanderklift was often on the front, being closely marked by the likes of Matt Ayres, Peter Gunston and Bob Morley.
Tempo laps was just what the doctor ordered for James Gretton and Mark O’Callaghan.  New rider Ben Davies was keen to flex some muscle and Gary Wheeler and Dan Whelan were also hiding in the bunch somewhere.
None of them were any match for Brian Ure who unleashed his sprint early in the straight, created the gap and comfortably held it to the line.

A classy line up in Division 1 with seven dual BSCC/Eureka licence holders lining up.
Action aplenty as well with Brett Martin, Tim Canny and Sam Smith all providing something to chase.  Rob Ellis acquitted himself well in his return to racing. Tony Mirabella and Greg Ley made sure they held good positions.  Andrew Sullivan and Craig Lee marked every attack.  Jason Hendry was once again impressive.  This raw talent is a little bit scary in how quickly he has progressed.
Smith got away with a lap and a half to go and held it all the way to the line as his adoring cheer squad screamed out “Go Daddy!”.  He won easy and the sprint for the minor placings was exciting as the field ripped apart.  Lee claimed *second just ahead of Hendry with Canny fourth.
*Jason Birch did not race 

Division 3 (35 min):
1st – Steve Linane
2nd – Roger McMillan
3rd – Phil McLennan
Division 2 (40 min):
1st – Brian Ure
2nd – Matt Ayres
3rd – Ben Davies
Division1 (45 min):
1st – Sam Smith
2nd – Craig Lee
3rd – Jason Hendry

_MG_7894 copy

September 9, 2018 – Mount Beckworth – Graded 54 km, ALSO, State TT Champs

September 9, 2018 – Mount Beckworth – Graded 54 km, ALSO, State TT Champs

Reckoning on the mount – 9 September 2018

Graded Divisions

Mount Beckworth – 54 km





Cool and overcast conditions greeted riders as they arrived at Learmonth for the first challenge of the spring.  Some riders were emerging after their winter hibernation and were shocked to see just what few clothes the hard nuts who had raced during the cold months were wearing.
Eureka was short on officials today – due in part to being the pseudo host of the 2018 KREHALON Australia Time Trial Championships at Balliang – however the remaining committee persons quickly rallied and organised the day…
Roger McMillan sorted out the corner marshals and also performed marshal duty.  Dean Wells sacrificed his ride…yes, sacrificed…to perform referee duties.  It would be remiss not to mention the efforts of Handicapper – Peter Livitsanis – who directed every rider to an imagined start location some two kilometres away from where the actual start line was…
Big thanks to Grant Dawson and Steve Biram who drove up from Bacchus Marsh for corner duty, then stuck around to do the dishes and sweep the floors.

At the official and correct start line, the race referee determined that the race would be held up until:
a) The sheep were cleared off the road
b) All the riders were actually present

All jokes aside, thank you to the farmer who rode up to start line to inform us that the road was clear of livestock!

Division 3
A super small field with Phil McLennan assuming the road captain duties.  He was joined by two new riders – Bill Dwyer and Gary Wheeler.
The race referee assured Phil that there were so many marshals, he could not possibly get lost.  “Challenge accepted” replied Phil, then they were away.  Phil lead the way into the wind like an old hand.  He had the “newbies” rotating through and everything was going well until the climb up to the turnaround at Mount Beckworth.  Dwyer struggled with the head wind and the other two got their break.
With the tail wind and gravity assistance – McLennan and Wheeler opened an insurmountable gap.  McLennan was confident, however Wheeler was cunning enough to launch early for the line.  He won in a trot.
Dwyer eventually made it home and was heard to mutter…  “Come and race they said, it’ll be fun they said!”

1st – Gary Wheeler
2nd – Phil McLennan
3rd – Bill Dwyer


Division 2 - race details courtesy Bob Morley
Basically a Division 2 bunch with three Division 3 riders…but who was who?  Jeremy Humber, Ash Burke, Dan Whelan, Pete Livitsanis, Bob Morley, Craig Lightfoot and Rob Phillips rolled up to the start line.
Livitsanis took off like a rocket and gapped the bunch.  He pulled a gap of 500 metres, however wise old heads wondered at his logic and just let him go. Phillips gave it a bit of a squirt on the first hill and all were up to it.  That burst closed the gap to Fifi and he rejoined around the corner.
The Donovan’s Road stretch was difficult as Lightfoot wound it up and continued to wind it up and put the group in the gutter.  Fifi was gapped around the corner and was off the back.  Race over.  Maybe there was logic to trying to steal a break at the start after all…

Phillips wound it up again up the hill past the quarry just to make sure the handicapper did not get back on.  Through Blowhard and the head wind was a slog to the turnaround.  Whelan hit out up the rise.  This tactic normally works with the Division 3 riders, but this field didn’t even get out of the seat.
Burke led them through the turnaround, with Humber being ever watchful.  Down the hill and Whelan was doing what he does best – being on the front.  Phillips attacked a few times and did not drop anyone but certainly was softening them up for the finish.  Morley was staying in touch without ever getting on the front – too smart for that!  Lightfoot was looking light on his Lightweight 6.2 kg bike.  It was paradoxically finished off with a $7.00 Aldi tail light that wasn’t even working…

Onto Donovan’s Road and it would be a fast finish with the tail wind.  Over the rise together and everyone was watching everyone with no one willing to commit to a long range attack.  Lightfoot was on the front again as they came inside the final kilometre.  He swung to the right of the road and was being watched.  Then the torch was lit and as one the sprint was on.  “The big Mig” Phillips got out of the seat and upped the wattage.  He raced to the lead, but Humber was quickly onto it and hit the gas.  It was a match race.
Humber hard against the gutter with Phillips leading out in the middle.  Lightfoot was caught out wide and had to switch wheels to find some clean air.  Once free, he dived for Phillips wheel.  Burke was also caught up in the wash before finding some open road late.
Phillips still had 3/4 length on Humber at the line.

1st – Rob Phillips
2nd – Jeremy Humber
3rd – Craig Lightfoot

Division 1
A small yet talented field assembled for Division 1.  Brett Martin and Stuart Brien were back after short breaks during winter.  Tony Mirabella was feeling confident after a decent training block.  David Ogilvie was ready to rumble after travelling far and wide over the past few weeks to compete in CV events.  Craig Lee and Jason Birch were just happy that winter had finally broken.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report for the first lap – fast and hard like a team time trial…
Birch noticed a tyre issue going past the quarry the second time and was soon out of the race.
Into the headwind through Coghill’s Creek and the pace was fair without being overly challenging.  Five riders intact…when would the fun begin?

The Mount Beckworth climb starts from the bridge crossing in Coghill’s Creek.  The “steep” bit is a mere 4%, however with a head wind all the way, that little kick can be all the difference…and so it was.  Brien was congratulating himself on still being in the pack as they started the climb in earnest.  One hundred metres later he was off the back and gone.  Ogilvie had applied the pressure and a strong response was required.

With just four remaining in contention the mind games commenced.  Attack?  Sit?  Follow? (It’s much easier when Shark is racing. Everyone just chases…)
On this day, the attacks came in a flurry.  Mirabella hit out first after the turnaround.  The chasers reeled him in and Martin went…pushing 3000 Watts, although this number is currently being disputed.  Ogilvie was next to go.  He attacked a few times in a row with sufficient effect to dislodge Lee.
A slight lull allowed Lee to claw his way back, however Ogilvie and Martin kept up the efforts until well into the home straight.
Ogilvie finally stole a break on the field and won with hands aloft for his adoring fan club who vigorously cheered their Daddy home.

1st – David Ogilvie
2nd – Brett Martin
3rd – Tony Mirabella


KREHALON Australia
State Championship Series

Time Trial






A mixed bag for riders contesting the 2018 KREHALON Australia Time Trial Championships at Balliang.
Stephen Lane (Northern) scorched around the circuit to claim the M35-39 title as well as Fastest Time of the day.  Lane turned the tables on arch rival James Ogilvie (Eastern) who had claimed the Australian title at Maryborough during easter.  32 seconds separated the pair at the line – we’ll have fun watching this unfold over the next few years!  A great effort by Eureka’s Jason Hendry – he collected bronze in the category and also finished with the tenth fastest time on the day for the 30 Km event.
Michael Borowski won M40-44 in a canter from fellow Northern rider Luke Medhurst.  Eureka’s Mark O’Callaghan collected bronze.
Justin Hogan (Eastern) won the M45-49 category.  Eureka’s Matt Bowman was tipped as the major challenger, however he abandoned the race to assist another competitor who had crashed after the wind caught hold of his disc wheel.  James Gretton (Eureka) experienced mechanical issues throughout his ride and was unable to finish – although James reckons he was just rubbish on the day…
Eureka’s Gary Beazley claimed bronze in the M55-59 category, which was won by Colin Doherty (Eastern).  James Knipe (Eureka) did not make the start line on this day.
Brain Long (Geelong & Surf Coast) bolted in the M85 plus category.  Pretty sure that eventually the data entry people will ensure Longy’s name is spelt correctly…
Jacqui Dawson (Eureka) picked up a silver for her effort in W45-49.  No time trial specific bike for Jac!  Just a regular setup and a determined face contortion!
The hard luck story of the day goes to Terry Collie, who was rather disappointed with his mechanic for forgetting to swap his transponder from his regular race bike to his time trial setup.  Unfortunately a DNF alongside Terry’s name, instead of his time which would have netted him a medal on the day in M70-74, which Myles Higgins (Goulburn Valley) won.


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