2020 race calendar / marshal roster

Racing at Eureka – SUSPENDED – due to COVID-19
!! effective immediately !!
18th March 2020

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Eureka Cycling 2020 calendar

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>Marshal roster is updated on a regular basis<

EUREKA Cycling Club races are generally conducted at Learmonth*
Races start at 9:30 am and entries close at 9:00 am on race day. (unless otherwise stated)

*Criterium races are conducted on the criterium circuit in Victoria Park, Ballarat

Monday Jan 27: Criteriums, Victoria Park, Ballarat
marshals: Craig Lee, Dan Whelan

Sunday Feb 2: 45 Km Handicap, Mount Misery
marshals: Roger McMillan, Mark O’Callaghan, Dean Wells

Sunday Feb 9: 51 Km Kermesse (graded points race), Burrumbeet (8 laps)
volunteers: John Faulkner, Wayne Klauss, James Knipe, Phil McLennan

Saturday Feb 15: La Course Aux Velo FemmesThe Conni Classic 2020 Women’s Race Series – race 1
volunteers: Rick Calvert, Peter Canny, John Faulkner, Greg Ley, Shaun Martin, Roger McMillan, Tony Mirabella, Graeme Parker, Robert Young, Dean Wells

Sunday Feb 16: no Eureka event
Ballarat CYCLE Classic - Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute 

Sunday Feb 23: 60 Km Handicap, Weatherboard (six laps)
marshals: Neil Braszell, Lauren Burnett, Steve Linane, Brian Ure

Saturday Feb 29: Cycling Victoria - Fred Icke (VRS event) at Kingston – feature Ballarat Sebastopol CC event

Sunday Mar 1: Criteriums, Victoria Park, Ballarat
marshals: Joanne Angus, Laura White, Dean Wells

Sunday Mar 8: no Eureka event
VCV event - Central Victorian Vets Open
entries via VCV website close on tba

Monday Mar 9: EUREKA Cycling Criterium Championships, Victoria Park, Ballarat
marshals: Darryl Brown, Rob Ellis, Stu Brien

Sunday Mar 15: 63 Km Handicap, Coghill’s Creek (3 laps)
marshals: Tim Canny, Jennifer Collier, Craig Lightfoot, Rob Parker, Jason Shipcott

Saturday Mar 21: VCV event - Eastern Cycling Open - event CANCELLED!!

Sunday Mar 22: Commodores Cup / EUREKA Cycling TT Championship - event POSTPONED (new date to be announced)
25 Km Time Trial, Waubra (short out & back)
marshals: Rick Calvert, Marika Ley, Darryn Reed, Andrew Rushton

Saturday Mar 28: VCV event - State Time Trial Championships - event POSTPONED 
Circuit: Windmill
Type: 5 year Age Divisions
Distance: 35 Km

Sunday Mar 29: VCV event - State Criterium Championships Circuit: Victoria Park, Ballarat
Type: Graded Divisions

Sunday Apr 5: 45 Km Handicap, Mount Ercildoune - event CANCELLED!!
marshals: Matt Bowman, Tim Canny, Jennifer Collier, Peter Gunston, Bob Morley

Monday Apr 13:VCV event
54 Km Windmill + Wall finish

Sunday Apr 19: 60 Km Handicap, Weatherboard (six laps) - event CANCELLED!!
marshals: Geoff Martin, Peter Livitsanis, Dave Ogilvie, Mary-Ann Seebeck

Saturday Apr 25: VCV event - Northern Cycling - “Benghazi” - event POSTPONED (new date to be announced)

Sunday Apr 26: 38 Km Kermesse (graded), Burrumbeet (6 laps) - event CANCELLED!!
marshals: Matt Angus, Mick Carter, Marika Ley

Sunday May 3: Rising Sun Trophy, 56 Km Handicap, Mt Beckworth + Wall finish - event ON HOLD
marshals: Stu Brien, Ash Burke, Jim Crumpler, Peter Farren

Saturday May 9: Buckwell – LongInterclub with Geelong at Meredith - event ON HOLD
tba Km Handicap.  10 AM start
entry information to follow
volunteers: 3 required

Sunday May 10: no Eureka event

Sunday May 17: 45 Km Graded, Mount Misery – event ON HOLD
marshals: Martin Chambers, Dan Crook, Brendan Schiemer

Sunday May 24: 54 Km Handicap, Mount Beckworth - event ON HOLD
marshals: Peter Kiel, Shane Miller, Rob Parker, Dayne Pearce

Sunday May 31: no Eureka event
VCV event - Colac Vets Open  - event ON HOLD

Sunday June 7: no Eureka event

Sunday June 14:  W.A.R.S. 1, 45 Km Graded, Mount Ercildoune
marshals: Jakkii Dawson, Jude Jonasson, Steve Kennedy

Sunday June 21:  W.A.R.S. 2, 52.5 Km Handicap, Windmill (3 laps)
marshals: Gary Beazley, Geoff Braszell, Jason Hendry, Laura White

Sunday June 28:  Charlie Braszell, 48 Km Handicap, Mt Misery + hill top finish
marshals: Jason Birch, Lindsay Burgoyne, Brad Eppingstall, Shelley O’Brien

Sunday July 5:  W.A.R.S. 3, 37 Km Graded, Mount Beckworth short
marshals: Bob Braszell, Craig Lee, Melanie Tudball, Mal Rock

Sunday July 12:  W.A.R.S. 4, 42 Km Handicap, Waubra (out & back)

Sunday July 19:  GP Doug Garley, 43 Km Handicap, Davenport Rd
marshals: Tony Mirabella, 3 more required

Sunday July 26:  W.A.R.S. 5, 52.5 Km Graded Points, Windmill (3 laps)

Sunday Aug 2:  Rocket AscentInterclub with Geelong at Paraparap
61 Km Handicap.  10 AM start
entry information to follow

Sunday Aug 9:  W.A.R.S. 6, 45 Km Graded, Mount Misery

Sunday Aug 16:  W.A.R.S. 7, 45 Km Handicap, Learmonth to Burrumbeet

Sunday Aug 23:  W.A.R.S. 8, 54 Km Handicap, Mount Beckworth

Sunday Aug 30:  W.A.R.S. 9, 42 Km Team Time Trial, Waubra (out & back)

Sunday Sep 5:  VCV event – SUPER Sabado - 2020 Super Vets Race Series 
35 Km Super Vets Handicap @ Learmonth
Windmill (2 laps)
entries via VCV website close on tba
marshals: Dean Wells, 3 more required

Saturday Sep 13: 50 Km Handicap, Weatherboard (5 laps)

Sunday Sep 20: no Eureka event
VCV event - State Road Race Championships at Paraparap

Sunday Sep 27: Criteriums, Victoria Park, Ballarat

Sunday Oct 4:  63 Km Handicap, Coghill’s Creek (3 laps)

Sunday Oct 11:  Ron Rivette Classic (Eureka OPEN)
VCV event - 2x divisions
56 Km Ercildoune (long course)
entries via VCV website close on tba
marshals: 8 required

Sunday Oct 18:  52.5 Km Graded Points, Windmill (3 laps)

Sunday Oct 25: no Eureka event
VCV event - Geelong & Surf Coast CC Open
entries via VCV website close on tba

Sunday Nov 1:  The Livitsanis, 55 Km Handicap, Mount Ercildoune + Addington Loop

Sunday Nov 8: Interclub with Northern at Learmonth
56 Km Handicap, Weatherboard (start south of club rooms + 5 laps, finish Henderson’s Road) 10 AM start 
marshals: 4 required

Sunday Nov 15:  Ken Heres – Eureka Championships Day
Club Championship Race, 70 Km (2 laps Mount Beckworth)
Division 2 Championship, 52.5 Km (3 laps Windmill)
Division 3 Championship, 52.5 Km (3 laps Windmill)
Division 4 Championship, 52.5 Km (3 laps Windmill)
marshals: VOLUNTEERS required x6 

Sunday Nov 22:  tba Km Secret Handicap, Waubra (out & back)
Season break-up at clubrooms, including trophy presentations.
Theme: It’s summer + Hawaiian style shirts

Sunday Nov 29:  Mary Tams MemorialInterclub with Northern at East Trentham
55 Km Handicap, 10 AM start 

Marshal duties on race day at Learmonth:

  • Marshals are required to use a motor vehicle capable of carrying signs – please do NOT ride bicycles to the event
  • Marshals must present themselves at the club rooms at least 45 minutes prior to the race start
  • Marshals are required to carry a mobile phone and exchange numbers with the race day referee
  • Marshals are required to inspect the complete section of the circuit that they are responsible for and inform the race day referee of hazards

Marshal duties for criterium racing at Victoria Park:

  • Marshals are required to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to assist with corner sweeping

Marshal Policy

It is a requirement of police and council permits that event marshals must be assigned to each event conducted by the club.
The club has a duty of care to provide safe and effective control of races and the role of race marshal is an important responsibility. Based on current membership, members will be rostered to marshal THREE times during the racing year.

In order to equally spread these duties among club members and ensure fairness in the club aggregate competition the following rules shall be applied:

  • Members are expected to personally undertake their rostered duties
  • Members may arrange a date swap with another member and notify the club of such a swap
  • A member failing to meet marshalling obligations will NOT be permitted to race until they have completed their duty (at a time approved by the club)
  • Should the need arise for a member to be rostered for a FOURTH duty, then an appropriate substitute shall be allowed – the member WILL be permitted to race and accrue aggregate points
  • If practical, members will be given a limited time window to nominate their preferred marshalling dates once the race program has been listed on the club website – once this window is closed, marshals will be assigned by the club
  • The club is not in a position to organise swaps for members (club office holders simply do not have the time arrange swaps for others)

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