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September 17, 2017 – Handicap – Weatherboard, 60 km

September 17, 2017 – Handicap – Weatherboard, 60 km

Find Every Race – 17 September 2017 Handicap

Weatherboard circuit – 60 km

2017 EVCC Bicycle Calendar Hcp - poster

Sunny skies greeted riders for the Handicap race on the Weatherboard circuit.  Start at Learmonth and head out through the chicane and over the Hendersons Road hill, then FIVE more laps of Weatherboard to reach 60 kilometres.
Riders travelled from afar to contest the race – Geelong & Surf Coast members Chris Fenech and Craig Van Dort joined Northern rider Noel Said in challenging the locals, but all the glory went to a “trial” rider.

The name McLennan is synonymous with Ballarat athletics, in particular cross country running.  Phil McLennan finally made his long awaited road cycling debut and he didn’t disappoint – leading from the gun to the flag for a warmly received victory.

Eureka also hosted the creator of – Jason Williams.
Cycling, like many sports has unsung heroes and volunteers who go the extra yard week in, week out, to ensure the event goes ahead.  Jason created the website so that ALL the Victorian road, track and cyclocross events would be easily accessible to cyclists throughout Australia.
It truly is a genius idea and gift to the Victorian cycling community.  No matter whether you are a veteran cyclist or a member of a Cycling Australia club, you can easily find all the races that are being run each day.
We applaud Jason for his initiative and it is our honour to help promote this FREE to use website.

As mentioned, Phil McLennan owned the day and led from start to finish.  Setting off from Limit, his early partner in crime was Terry Collie who coached McLennan so well throughout the race that he dropped Collie with about fifteen kilometres remaining and soloed to victory.
Collie meanwhile had a few confusing moments when passed by multiple groups.  With a whopping 30 minute handicap mark, Collie and McLennan didn’t see anyone else until they exited Avenue Road the first time.
Eventually Collie and McLennan were passed by the other bunches on the road…but they were still ten kilometres ahead.
Multiple passings led to great confusion for the leading pair.  After being dropped, Collie was going to pull out of the race and it took strong convincing from the corner marshal that Collie was still actually second on the road.? Inevitably Collie was swallowed up by the field with about six kilometres remaining.
All the while McLennan was racing away to an easy victory…

James Knipe and James “Ralph Jones” Gretton were the next away in the glorious sunshine.  They rotated turns well, however with a 17 minute gap to make up on the Limit pair and only a 3 minute advantage over the next group, they were literally sitting ducks.
Eventually they were caught by the chasing group and worked as well as they could.?Today was not their day.

The 10 minute group was missing two of its regular members who had been promoted.?  This left Dan Whelan, Bob Morley, Peter Livitsanis and Noel Said (Northern) to chase down James and Ralph Jones.  They achieved this however with Livitsanis and Said just battling to stay upright in the wind they lost too much ground to stay in the hunt for overall victory.
They stayed away from the chasers until late in the Avenue on the last trip into that horrendous headwind, their chances were quickly snuffed thereafter.

Five riders set off from 3 minutes in the Second Scratch group.  Rob Phillips led the way with Rick Calvert, Mark O’Callaghan and Chris Fenech (GSCC) providing ample support.
Unfortunately today was not a good day for Jeremy “The Jet” Humber who was like a single engine F35 Joint Strike Force fighter running with one engine down.  Dropped in the first 10 kilometres, Jeremy eventually linked up with the 10 minute group and used the day as training.
The remaining four worked cohesively and stayed away from Scratch until the second last time up the Avenue.
Scratch surged as they exited the Avenue with Phillips also pushing the pace.  Calvert and O’Callaghan were dropped, however Fenech was able to hang on.  Both Phillips and Fenech worked turns with Scratch and were present at the end.

Scratch welcomed back Club Champion Greg Ley in his first ride with the club in months.  Ley has been touring with the white phoenix on blue field “Champion” dossard – and who knew that riding over 300 kilometres a week (including some of the most famous mountain passes) would keep a rider fit?
Tony Mirabella was typically strong as was Brendan Schiemer.  Dean Wells was making up the numbers and the group also welcomed Craig Van Dort (GSCC) to the fold.
Unfortunately Van Dort’s day ended early with the Eureka riders a bit too keen in the first few kilometres with the tailwind.  The remaining four soon set about their schedule and lap after lap it was observed that certain riders would excel on certain sections of the circuit.
The increasing headwind in the Avenue helped the Scratch bunch reel in the other groups, however it also took its toll.
Phillips and Fenech were able to hang tight after being caught with 15 kilometres remaining.  Group Morley was the next to be caught just six kilometres from the finish.?  Collie was just ahead and he let everyone know that McLennan was up the road.?Scratch surged out of the Avenue and dropped Group Morley and Wells.
Not long after they realised they were racing for second place and Fastest Time.  Schiemer pressed the issue down towards the chicane the final time and Phillips responded.?  Regrouping with about four kilometres remaining the bunch of five would fight out the lesser placings on the final climb.
Mirabella proving far to dominant and took both 2nd and Fastest.  Phillips in third, then Ley, Schiemer and Fenech.

Once again we thank the corner marshals and officials for enduring the elements – it may have been sunny, but the cold north wind made for a less than pleasant day standing on a corner or at the finish line.

1st – Phil McLennan (30 min)
2nd – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)
3rd – Rob Phillips (3 min)
4th – Greg Ley (Scratch)
5th – Brendan Schiemer (Scratch)
Fastest Time: Tony Mirabella (Scratch) in 1h 36m 40s, 37.1 kph


Picture (L-R) – Jason Williams, creator of the website and race winner Phil McLennan.


September 10, 2017 – Coghills Creek, 63 km Graded Scratch racing

September 10, 2017 – Coghills Creek, 63 km Graded Scratch racing

Welcome to the future – 10 September 2017

Graded Scratch

Coghills Creek circuit – 63 km


The arrival of disc brakes


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
- Arthur C. Clarke

Perfect spring weather greeted the handful of riders who assembled at Learmonth for Graded Scratch racing around the Coghills Creek circuit.  The day was cool with plenty of sunshine and a light breeze which meant that times would be fast on the relatively flat circuit.

A Grade

A Grade was ridden like a team time trial.  Just four riders lined up at the start with the silent gentleman’s agreement being that the race would be solid – but not stupid.
The first lap was quick, averaging over 37 kph with each rider doing his fair share.
The second lap was quicker and still each rider – Jason Birch, Rob Phillips, Brendan Schiemer and Dean Wells worked evenly.
A noticeable drop in intensity on the final lap yet no shenanigans until late in the race when Wells tried an attack with two kilometres remaining.  It was quickly covered and the quartet rode towards the line in anticipation of a sprint finish.

Schiemer was stuck on the front and tried to slow the pace, Wells went early as usual, Phillips missed his wheel but latched onto Birch who had sprinted and finally hit he race lead and held it to the line.

1st – Jason Birch
2nd – Rob Phillips
3rd – Brendan Schiemer

B Grade

B Grade sported the largest field with seven riders – including two visitors from Northern Cycling.
Dan Whelan kept the tempo steady throughout the race making sure that it wasn’t going to be too easy on the bunch.
Jeremy Humber rode well within himself.  At sign in time there was some debate about whether or not to step “The Jet” up to A Grade.
At the end of the day the point was moot because Jeremy suffered a flat tyre and didn’t make the finish anyway.
Kevin Lee acquitted himself well in B Grade and his rapid improvement is testament to the amount of training and racing he did during winter.
Pete Livitsanis and Bob Morley rounded out the Eureka riders in the group.  Both are adept at reading the race and they were wary of the Northern visitors playing a tactical race.  Noel Said is a quasi Eureka member having raced with us multiple times over the past year.  He was joined by Michael Hartman and together they presented a threat to how a normal scratch race should unfold.

The group stayed together until Donovans Road on the last lap.  Said attacked and opened a reasonable gap on the bunch.  They chased and chased hard.  Both Morley and Livitsanis well aware that Hartman seemed to be cruising and was ready to pounce.
Hartman launched in the last few hundred metres and bridged the gap to Said with 80 metres remaining.  Livitsanis tried to counter the move, but he didn’t quite have the speed to reel Hartman in.

1st – Michael Hartman (Northern Cycling)
2nd – Peter Livitsanis
3rd – Bob Morley

August 27, 2017 – EUROPA W.A.R.S. round 9 – Waubra, 45 km Team Time Trial handicap

EUROPA W.A.R.S. – 27 August 2017

Winter Aggregate Race Series
round 9

Waubra – 45 km, Team Time Trial handicap

EVCC 2017 WARS rd 9 poster

Race Of The Century


Jeremy Humber wins the EUROPA Cafe 2017 Winter Aggregate Race Series

Waubra “out and back” course lauded by lightweight riders and condemned by heavyset riders

It was billed as the “Race of the Century” and it certainly lived up to expectations as a handful of competitors tried their hand at the Team Time Trial craft.  The sun was shining and the south wind was cold and strong, all in all it was a perfect day for what could best be described as a “silent handicap”.

The format for the Team Time Trial is shrouded in mystery and only known to a chosen few…
Teams are made up of riders with similar ability and they are allocated a handicap mark.  Teams are set off at two minute intervals, however they are racing blindly because the handicap marks are only announced post race.

Jeremy Humber, Brian Ure and Dean Wells shared the lead in the Winter Aggregate Race Series going into the final round.
With the outcome still in the balance, the Handicapper for the day – Pete Livitsanis – needed to ensure that each of the challengers was in a different team and had a fair and equitable opportunity to take out the title.  Enough riders to make up three teams had arrived at the club rooms.
The winning team on the day would herald the overall winner of the EUROPA Cafe 2017 W.A.R.S.
Importantly, each rider that registered to race had been racing consistently throughout winter and was in good form.

Brian Ure and his merry band were the first team to ride off into the teeth of the wind.  Ably assisted by James Gretton, Kevin Lee and James Knipe, Ure took up the responsibility of keeping the pace high.  Knipe played the captain role and ensured none were dropped as they battled the wind out on course.
Team Ure maintained their lead on the road for two thirds of the race before being caught.  They ploughed on through the wind after being passed because in this format of racing the race isn’t over until the stopwatch says so.

Jeremy Humber was in the second batch of riders away.  Mark O’Callaghan, Peter Livitsanis and Danny Whelan made up the quartet and soon settled into good rotations.
The team which protected its riders best would do well in the windy conditions.  With such an evenly matched bunch, Humber was not required to shoulder the load.  Each man worked his turns and they steadily ticked off the metres to Ure’s team out ahead of them.
Claiming the lead on the road with a third of the race remaining they knew their best chance of winning was to stay clear of Team Wells for as long as possible.
The catch came with just five kilometres remaining.  Team Wells team raced past after cresting the last climb.  O’Callaghan was having none of that and he put the afterburners on and towed his team back past Team Wells.  That effort was short lived and the Scratch riders again powered past.
Team Humber regrouped and chased hard down the straight to limit their losses – crossing the line less than a minute after Team Wells.

The reigning TTT Champions were reunited for the 2017 edition of the race out to Black Bottom Road (and back).  Dean Wells, Rick Calvert and Tony Mirabella had stormed around the course in 2016 and they were confident of big things again, although Calvert was heard to say ‘Please be gentle’.
From the gun Wells took up the lead and quickly set about controlling the pace.  In almost a carbon copy of the previous year Wells accepted most of the workload, Mirabella rotated through to share the effort and Calvert chased wheels and hung on with grim determination whilst reigning in his overexcited partners.
Team Wells’s confidence grew when they saw the other teams not far from the turnaround point.  The long climb up Mt Misery suited them and they passed Team Ure near Waubra knowing that they still had to create a sizeable gap.
Nearing Addington and the confidence in Team Wells was starting to erode.  Team Humber were still 500 metres ahead with just 8 kilometres remaining.  Team Wells needed to make the catch and put at least one minute into them to be in with a chance of winning.

Up the Edmonston Road climb and the gap closed rapidly under the urging of Mirabella.  Over the crest and they quickly passed Team Humber with less than 6 kilometres of tarmac to decide their fate.  Then “The O’Callaghan Intervention” occurred.

Team Wells drew ahead again and worked hard to the finish line trying to open the gap. Over to the judge for the final results…

Team Ure: Race Time 1:24:02, minus Handicap 9:00:00, equals 1:15:02
Team Humber: Race Time 1:19:02, minus Handicap 6:00:00, equals 1:13:02
Team Wells: Race Time 1:13:15, minus Handicap “zero”, equals 1:13:15

Team Humber win the day by a mere 13 seconds and it is fair to say that “The O’Callaghan Intervention” was the decisive play on the day.

Thank you to Kath and Jason at EUROPA Cafe for sponsoring the 2017 W.A.R.S.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone of the 47 people who were involved in the series, especially Jeremy Humber, Kevin Lee, Mark O’Callaghan and Danny Whelan who participated in EVERY round.

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EVCC 2017 W.A.R.S. end of comp

August 20, 2017 – EUROPA W.A.R.S. round 8 – Mt Misery reverse, 46 km graded scratch

EUROPA W.A.R.S. – 20 August 2017

Winter Aggregate Race Series
round 8

Mount Misery reverse – 46 km, graded scratch

EVCC 2017 WARS rd 8 poster

No change at the top

Three grades contested round 8 of the Europa Cafe W.A.R.S. on a cool sunny day.  Barely a breath of wind touched upon the circuit as the riders raced around Mt Misery in clockwise direction.

C Grade was a one act affair with Terry Collie dominating from start to finish in what amounted to a time trial.
With little assistance on offer, Collie settled into an easy rhythm and set about enjoying the sunshine.  The B Grade race caught up with Collie halfway around the circuit and try as he might he could not get clear of them.  The Referee paid close attention to this situation, however there were no protests at the end of the race and so Collie was not disqualified nor relegated to last place.
Collie coasted home for a comfortable win.

B Grade had the largest field of the day and welcomed back Duncan Bates.  Ralph Gretton and Kevin Lee both stepped up in grade, however all attention was focused on Jeremy Humber who has been in superb form all winter.
Stephen Biram was the main agitator and tried the odd break, however the group was evenly matched which made the few aggressive moves hard to stick.  With that, Biram set about whistling to upset his rivals.
Mark O’Callaghan chatted the whole way round, finding the often sedate pace easy to cope with.
Dan Whelan played his normal card out front and Pete Livitsanis bided his time waiting for the right break to follow.
Bob Morley flatted with a third of the race remaining which was greeted with sighs of relief as he was favored amongst the group to take the win.

With no one able to break clear a bunch sprint would decide the outcome.
Humber went way too early and O’Callaghan followed soon after with the game winning sprint.  Ralph Gretton came out of the pack and momentarily loomed as a threat, however O’Callaghan had created the winning space and took the victory.
Kevin Lee was impressive finding his way into third place passing many tiring riders.

A Grade fielded arguably the Eureka club’s top three sprinters in Matthew Ayres, Jason Birch and Jim Crumpler.  Against such a line up Tony Mirabella and Dean Wells would need to make the race hard and attack on the hills.
The first third of the race resembled a team time trial with each rider rotating through and the pace kept high.  Mirabella was fresh off a placing in an inter-club event the day before and didn’t have his normal attacking legs.  No such issue for Wells who attacked mid race and opened a small gap.

Mirabella ramped the pace up on the early parts of the Mt Misery climb, however he couldn’t drop the sprinters and the group reformed soon after.  Wells tried more attacks, however he was unable to sustain enough pressure to open gap.  The sprinters proved too strong to be dropped on the climbs and turning back onto the home straight a sprint finish looked to be the order of the day.

A few futile attacks by Wells in the last few kilometres were reeled back in by the sprinters before Crumpler went into the dirt and launched his sprint.  Birch and Ayres responded quickly with Mirabella out wide.
Crumpler packed too much punch in the end, claiming a narrow win from Birch.

Results -
C Grade:
1st – Terry Collie
B Grade:
1st – Mark O’Callaghan
2nd – James Gretton
3rd – Kevin Lee
A Grade:
1st – Jim Crumpler
2nd – Jason Birch
3rd – Matt Ayres

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EVCC 2017 WARS after 8 rounds

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