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July 24, 2016 – GP Doug Garley – Davenport Rd circuit, 43.2 km

July 24, 2016 – GP Doug Garley – Davenport Rd circuit, 43.2 km

Where Hard Riders Dare  – 24 July 2016

GP Doug Garley

Davenport Rd circuit, 43.2 km

EVCC GP Doug Garley 2016 poster

Back to Back for Flat Top Darren

Last years run away winner, Darren Terry, repeated the dose, with almost a replica ride of power and dominance, riding clear in the finale to take a second GP Doug Garley trophy home to the pool room.
The GP Doug Garley is a special race on the Eureka calendar, held in tribute to and to remember and honour the “Hardman”.
Today’s race did his memory proud with true grit on display from the largest field of the year in less than ideal climatic conditions.
Such a race should be celebrated in song, so…
(sung to the tune“Men of Harlach” – from the movie “Zulu” and the Welsh Guard on the Rorke’s Drift barricade singing)

Eureka Riders stop your dreaming
Can’t you see their spoke points gleaming
See their warrior’s jerseys streaming
To this battle field

Eureka Riders ride ye steady
It cannot be ever said ye
For this battle were not ready
Ride and never yield

From the hills rebounding
Let this war cry sounding
Summon all at Eureka’s call
The might force surrounding

Eureka riders onto glory
This shall ever be your story
Keep these fighting words before ye
Eureka will never yield!


The story of the race is EPIC.
A war of attrition.
Every bunch splintering – falling to pieces.
Only the brave and true – pushing on.

In the final analysis, only a third of the field were still in contention into the last lap; one third had pulled out and a valiant one third fought out the race despite having no chance, just to say they had completed the race!

Despite his shoulder only being connected to his body by his jersey, and his head being held in place by his helmet, Darren showed no indication of the injuries that he is enduring.   He has destroyed many bikes (both pedal and motorised) and which have kept him from racing for most of the year.  The top half of his body might be ruined but his legs are rock solid.  He exploded out of the blocks and had the rest of the 5:30 minute bunch struggling to stay on his wheel.
Bob Muncher Morley, Michael Veal and Peter Livitsanis made it over the first hill, but Danny Fidel Whelan wasn’t up to such a savage start and was shelled.  Tough nut that Whelan fellow, his race was over in the first km, but he rode out the race and was the last rider over the line – but he did finish!

Darren wasn’t looking for any help. and the rest of his bunch weren’t that impressed by the pain he was dishing out!  Subsequently they took liberties – “sitting on” while Darren “forged on”.
First dash on the dirt and Peter Fifi Livitsanis lost contact on the downhill as the combination of speed, corrugations and a broken elbow had him reaching for the Nurofen.  He drifted back through the field and was content to finish but disappointed not to have performed better.
Michael Veal (GP Doug Garley winner in 2014) was also suffering, still feeling the exertions from the previous days CX (cyclocross) racing in the muddy back fields of Creswick.  He also lost contact and drifted back to find his own way to the finish.
Bob Muncher Morley on the other hand, is enjoying perhaps his best season with Eureka.  He was on fire and had mastered the required art of the day – hang on to the brutish Darren at all costs.
Bob’s strategy was elegant in its simplicity – hang on long enough and Darren would take him to the podium.

Meanwhile, Second Scratch were chasing hard, so hard they dropped visiting rider Grant Rogers, and bent Rick Calvert’s wheel. Andrew Sparky Rushton was also shelled.
So who exactly was doing the damage?  There couldn’t be that many left in second scratch!
True, there were only two left – another Bacchus Marsh powerhouse Grant Smokey Dawson and his trusty side kick Peter Kiel were storming towards the front of the race.
Despite only being two, their chase looked like being successful, as up ahead they were only chasing pairs anyway.  However just as Darren and Muncher appeared ahead, Kiely suffered a puncture.  This left only Smokey chasing Darren – and today that wasn’t a contest he could win!

So Darren and Bob forged on, Darren starting to believe that history can repeat and that the plate of caramel tarts he’d brought along were going to taste all that more sweeter (if that’s possible).
The front of the race had also fallen to bits, Mal Rock and Mandy Ruddick on limit had raced well – especially Mal in his return to racing for a long time.  Both riders caught on the last lap but completing the race.
The 12 minute bunch of Roger McMillan, James Gretton, Ken Heres and Scott Denno all had the right physique for a race on rough going and all stood up to the challenge well.
Both James and Roger were dropped only when Darren sped past – James still finishing in the top 10.
Ken (inaugural winner of GP Doug Garley in 2013) elected to stop on the finish line on the bell lap to watch the finish.
Scott Denno had other thoughts.  He ploughed ahead in a race that suited such powerful riders.  He was able to stay in contention for the finish, a great effort from the not-so-big-guy who is returning to form.

So on the turn onto the dirt for the last time Scott was caught by Darren and Bob.  Darren then shoots clear and was sailing into Eureka history.  Bob was pressing for the line and fully aware of Scott on his wheel (for although he was passed he wasn’t dropped).  Scott bided his time and waited for the final dash and inevitably out-muscled Bob to grab an impressive second on the line – Bob still delighted to take third in such a prestigious race.  Less than 50 metres in arrears was Grant, storming home for fourth.

And what of Scratch?
Six in the scratch bunch became four, with Matt Ayres not up to the mark today and yet another misfortune for the seemingly cursed Dean Griffin (he can’t win a trick lately).
The remaining four, Dean Wells, Phil Cartledge, Damien Keirl and the in form Greg Ley were undaunted and were still the largest bunch on the road.  With a disciplined effort they still had a shot, especially with the field crumbling in front of them.
They started collecting shelled riders at regular intervals, which inspired them to maintain their effort, then press even harder when the time gap was called out at the bell lap.
An untimely drink break saw Phil despatched in the Avenue as the others surged.  The front of the race was tantalisingly close and gradually coming back as the remaining three worked closely in the crosswind.  Onto the dirt the last time the lead was out of reach, but they had rolled up and shelled everyone except the four placegetters.
In the sprint for fifth and fastest it was always going to be a contest between the sprinting god Damien Keirl and the guy who is best suited for this type of tough uphill grinding finish – the dominant lead out man Dean Wells.
In a spirited effort Dean went early, but Damien followed then quickly sprinted clear reigning supreme.

At the post race presentations, both Ken and Damien spoke of their great friend Doug Garley.
Amongst other cycling feats on road and track, Doug represented Australia in the 80s in a World Championship.  The jersey he wore during that time has been framed and will be hung in the club rooms.
Thank you to Ken for sharing this memorabilia with the club.

Darren is the first rider to have his name on the cobblestone trophy twice.  Even though the GP Doug Garley does not include any cobble sectors, the trophy is symbolic of Doug’s revered “hard riding” and feats whilst racing in Europe.
Thank you to Michael Veal for the donation of the perpetual Doug Garley “cobblestone” Trophy.

Race Results:
1st – Darren Terry (5 min 30 sec)
2nd – Scott Denno (12 min)
3rd – Bob Morley (5 min 30 sec)
4th – Grant Dawson (2 min 30 sec)
5th – Damien Keirl (Scratch)
Fastest Time – Damien Keirl in 1:13:50


Photo:  Darren with the perpetual Doug Garley trophy.



July 17, 2016 – Handicap – Windmill / Mt. Beckworth 54 km – EUROPA CAFE W.A.R.S. round 4

July 17, 2016 – Handicap – Windmill / Mt. Beckworth 54 km – EUROPA CAFE W.A.R.S. round 4

Europa Café

W.A.R.S. – round 4

Handicap – 17 July 2016

Windmill, 54 km

W.A.R.S. 2016 round 4

 Greg Leys it on the line

*Round 3 of the Europa Café 2016 W.A.R.S. was cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions.
With the reduction in total races for the series from 7 to 6,
the aggregate will now be decided using the best SIX race results of each rider.
In the event of a tie, placings will be determined using a count back system.

In what has become his trademark move, Greg Ley (pronounced LEE) risked it all and skipped off the front 1.5 km from home.
This time he held off a large chase group, just, to take an impressive win in round 4 of the W.A.R.S.

On a grey July morning with a descending fog, a total of 18 riders, including 5 first-year veterans arrived to do combat.  A stiff northerly blew across a circuit that is largely north/south…either as a tailwind or a headwind, it was going to be decisive.

John Faulkner was first away, this week riding solo with a 15:30 minute head start on the next bunch.  It takes a special kind of discipline and an iron will to ride solo with the whole field chasing.  John had fully committed to the race, knowing that his chances were almost zero if he got caught.  A strong ride from John, on fully inflated tyres, he only came into sight on the climb to the turnaround, by then the whole field was almost on top of him but he had acquitted himself well and should be satisfied with his race.

Off 9:30 minute a rag tag bunch of injured old stagers whose baselayers consisted of bandages, voltarin and linament were careful to keep the bunch together for as long as possible until the legs warmed up properly.
Birthday girl and this year’s Braszell winner, Jude “Xena” Jonasson continued her run of rare form with yet another head turning performance.  Not many can take a 15 minute savaging off  their mark and still be competitive!  Jude made it look easy though and when the bunch was caught (first by the 7 minute bunch then by the 4 minute bunch) she stepped it up, gritted her teeth and persevered, even working turns, much to the surprise of all.  It finally took a sustained 500 kW effort by the 4 minute boys to drop her on the run home.
Also performing well was James Gretton.  For such a large guy you hardly notice him, smooth turns, no theatrics just a honest racer, doing his bit.  The hills and the wind proving his downfall, oh and the chasing bunch smashing their way through.
Terry Collie was as frisky as the spring lambs startled in the paddock, eager to roll through and take his turn on the front and springing up the quarry hills, again it was the step up in pace that saw him come undone.
The core of this M.A.S.H unit was Scott Denno, Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis and Danny “Fidel” Whelan, tendonitis, broken bones and torn muscles, they were “visiting” the front marker bunch as they return to racing with varying levels of success.  Danny fought on bravely but was shelled on the run out to the turnaround and Scott succumbed as the bunch was caught but heroically rode out the race.

The crusading Bob “Muncher” Morley and his two acolytes James Knipe and Mark O’Callaghan, were hard at work whittling away the 2:30 minute gap to the bunch in front.  Bob was serenely dispensing racing scripture to his two Gregorian rookies, and as thanks for Bob imparting nearly all his wisdom (he’s got to keep some things up his sleeve!) James and Mark responded with a solid and almost disciplined chase.  They timed the papal blessing to the last third of Cricks Hill, a turn of holy acceleration ensured that only the strong and the righteous made it to the high alter, by Glendaruel only the meek, bowed-headed Jude and Fifi remained of the 9:30 bunch, the rest dispatched like heathen, strewn back over a kilometre.

With Jude and Fifi converted to the new doctrine, the combined five started to work turns to haul in Faulks on the devilish climb to the turnaround.  John came and went nearly as fast as the traffic cone at the turnaround.  Plummeting down the hill it became apparent that the gaps to the chasing bunches had collapsed significantly and that success was going to depend on a strong tailwind and strong legs.

Then divine intervention, the clouds parted and the glorious 4 minute bunch of Rick “Sudso” Calvert, Greg Ley and Peter Kiel descended upon the riders.  Demanding nothing less than a sprint from any wanting to stay in the cabal.  The energiser bunny Peter Kiel was fully charged today, not only had the three of them caught the front of the race by the turnaround, they had held off a chasing scratch bunch twice the size.  Now a Zen group of eight in full chant, with the breath of God solidly behind them, the race was at their mercy.

Past the wineries, down into Coghills Creek, the crusaders coursed, they were well clear rounding the right hand corner and continued their charge for glory.  Into Donovans Road and Rick, Mark and Greg all surged out of the corner to see who they could catch out.
Up the rise at full gas, Rick found that his amplifier does go up to eleven…he attacks and opens a small gap which Mark and Kiely close down.  Then the counter attack and yes, Greg had jumped off the front.
Kiely wasn’t keen to close this one down too, but nor was anyone else, the hesitation and the tailwind giving Greg the space he needed.
Over the top into the downhill race for home and Greg was starting to come back.  Then, Rick lit up the sprint (from too far out), the rest of the chasing bunch in various levels of disarray and distress looked certain to contest for the minors only.  Greg turned himself inside out to hang on by 10 metres to a fast finishing James Knipe with Fifi sneaking in to pinch third from Bob.  Mark was closed out on the inside and had to settle for fifth on the line.

Given the windy conditions and the talent listed on the whiteboard, scratch were firm favourites today, and they left nothing in the tank.  The first leg breaking lap saw them take a big chunk of time out of the field, however the bunch gradually started falling apart after Dean Griffin punctured less than half way into the race.  The extra efforts started to take their toll, resulting in Matt Bowman and then Dean Wells successively succumbing.  This left only only Phil Cartledge and Rob Ellis to continue the chase and/or sort out fastest time.  The odds were against them with a fair tail wind and the larger combined bunch up the road – but chase they did.  A concerted effort saw them both finish within a minute of the placegetters.
Phil has developed his sprint in the past couple of years and now trusts it enough to wait, and when the time arrived he opened it up and surged clear of Rob for fastest time.

1st – Greg Ley (4 minutes)
2nd – James Knipe (7 minutes)
3rd – Peter Livitsanis (9.5 minutes)
4th – Bob Morley (7 minutes)
5th – Mark O’Callaghan (7 minutes)
Fastest Time – Phil Cartledge (Scratch) in 1hr 29min

A happy Ley family post race.


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We thank Kathryn and Jason for their ongoing support of our club and the Winter Aggregate Race Series.

The winners of EVERY race in the 2016 W.A.R.S. receive a Europa Café voucher.

Europa Cafe logo s

July 3, 2016 – Charlie Braszell Handicap – Weatherboard, 60 km

July 3, 2016 – Charlie Braszell Handicap – Weatherboard, 60 km

Jude’s July Journey  – 3 July 2016

Charlie Braszell Handicap

Weatherboard circuit, 60 km

*race distance amended to 60 km due to reduce road traffic safety concerns

EVCC Charlie Braszell 2016

Heroine Streets The Field

In a stunning display of determined riding, Eureka’s warrior princess, Jude Jonasson lead from gun to flag to take this year’s “Charlie”, one of the clubs most coveted trophies.
On a windy day, and over a challenging parcour, the longest club race of the year is a real test of endurance.  To win this race takes a special kind of rider – on this day, Jude proved to be made of the right stuff.

Proceedings got under way with the shove off in the shade of the big tree at Learmonth.  John Faulkner and Jude leading the way with a handy 27 minute advantage.  They rode as a pair for the first lap, but it became apparent that they were in fact an odd couple and Faulks was struggling with the gruelling tempo being set by Jude…and a rear tyre that wouldn’t stay inflated.
Now at this point what do you do?  There is still over 50 kilometres to go, you’re suddenly by yourself, but you’re feeling good.
A) Sit up and wait for the bunch behind and work towards a finish
B) Strike out alone on a madman’s raid
Sometimes you just have to roll the dice.  Whether Jude made a deliberate decision or not, we’ll probably never know, but our heroine (of this story) kicked it up a gear, put her nose into the wind and nailed her colours to the mast.  Jude completed the second lap before Scratch had completed the first.  That gave her about a 10 kilometre advantage which fuelled the enthusiasm, and set her course in stone.

Chasing the warrior princess some 12.5 minutes back was the trio of Danny “Fidel” Whelan, Terry Collie and James Gretton.
Fidel is struggling to overcome injury and would normally ride further back; today he added a little fuel to the Gretton/Collie fire.  Until recently Terry would have been chasing James, however James is being “rewarded” for his improving form by being moved back towards the faster bunches.
This reminds us of a quote from dual Tour de France winner Greg LeMond, ‘It never gets easier, you just go faster’.
While the trio rode well early, they proved to be a brittle bunch.  Fidel rode away from Terry and James as they tackled the hill in Hendersons Road.  Fidel striking out on some Thommy Voeckler style TV escapade.  The remaining duo riding out all but the last lap as a training ride.

The 8 minute bunch of Michael “Doc” Veal (late addition after missing the start), but fortuitously being”up the road”), Bob “Muncher” Morley and new riders Mark O’Callaghan and James Knipe, had a handy advantage over the back of the race but were going to have to work hard to catch the front.
Captain Muncher assumed a tutorial role with some quick lessons in race craft to the two new lads, track turns, rolling turns, etc., they proved smart guys and picked it up very quickly.  For the chase to be successful, discipline was essential and who better than the sado-masochistic Muncher to whip a bit of discipline into the bunch.
James was very strong and was on the front over the hill each time.  Mark had the training wheels on around the corners and struggled a little on  Hendersons hill but soldiered on.
The Doc was surprised by a 4WD in the chicane and thought an off and a losing a bit of bark was better than getting run over.  James and Mark wanted to go back and scrape him off the road, but Madam-Lash Morley was more mercenary and called them on.
They caught Terry, James and the disorderly Fidel in the avenue.

Today the chopping block was the powerful duo of Grant “Smokey” Dawson and Rob “Big Mig” Phillips.
Essentially on a suicide mission they were successful in staying clear of Scratch but burnt their matches catching the Morley bunch.  Normally the addition of these two war horses to a bunch would have ensured victory, however they ultimately paid the price of their chase.

With the race moving towards the finale, Mark O’Callaghan went off the back and rode the rest of the way in no man’s land.  The combined bunch soldiered on with Rob and Smokey looking the goods.  That is until they got up the hill for the second last time…
Smokey blew up and Rob was bobbing his head.  James and Bob hammered into the avenue and found themselves alone as Rob also blew up.
Rob and Grant only know one way, full gas until you blow!

Into the last lap this left Jude out front with a massive lead, Bob and James teaming to hold down second and third, Mark destroying himself to hold fourth and the black storm that is scratch looming on the horizon for fifth and fastest.

Scratch weren’t on the mettle today.  On paper Phil Cartledge, Damien Kierl, Rob Ellis and Dean Wells appeared a formidable force especially on a challenging course over the extended distance.  Phil was dominant and drove them hard as always.  Damien just didn’t feel it today and didn’t finish with the rest, bowing out mid race.  Dean was perhaps just off his best today after spending some time under swaying palm trees on a tropical island paradise, he literally “froze” in the cool conditions and dropped away with 5 kilometres remaining.  Rob Ellis rode well and kept tapping away in the big gear all race, he was there chasing strong at the end.
However it was Sir Farqhuar Cartledge that opened a gap through the chicane them held a small margin over Rob as they stormed into Hendersons Rd the last time.  The gap opened as he belted up the hill to take fifth and fastest.

Race Results:
1st – Jude Jonasson (27 min)
2nd – Bob Morley (8 min)
3rd – James Knipe (8 min)
4th – Mark O’Callaghan (8 min)
5th – Phil Cartledge (Scratch)

Fastest Time – Phil Cartledge
Most Aggressive / Ride of the Day – James Knipe

Special thanks to the Braszell family for sponsoring the race in honour of one of the true legends in Ballarat’s steep cycling history – Charlie Braszell.



Standing L-R: Bob Morley, Phil Cartledge, James Knipe.
Seated: Jude Jonasson and Geoff Braszell.

* Neil Braszell unfortunately could not attend because he was on holiday in sunny Queensland.


June 19, 2016 – Graded Scratch – Windmill, 53 km – EUROPA CAFE W.A.R.S. round 2

June 19, 2016 – Graded Scratch – Windmill, 53 km – EUROPA CAFE W.A.R.S. round 2

Europa Café

W.A.R.S. – round 2

Graded Scratch racing – 19 June 2016

Windmill, 53 km

W.A.R.S. 2016 round 2

Large numbers turned out for Round 2 of the W.A.R.S. a mix of new and returning riders joined the “regulars” to provide an exciting day of racing.

A Grade 

No wind and a strong even field suggested that the racing today was likely to be tight and tactical.  That is exactly how it turned out to be – with hard attacking inevitably responded to with honest chasing and solid counter attacking.

Two new riders fronted up for their first foray into EVCC Sunday morning shenanigans.
Rob Ellis sported an impressively manicured set of legs that looked like they had been turning more than the odd pedal in recent months.  Normally a well-oiled set of guns such as these would have been the show’s attention grabber…but unfortunately for Rob, today also saw the arrival of a genuine Ballarat cycling legend.
For many years in the late 90s early 2000s, Damien Keirl was one of the best and fastest track sprinters in Australia – equally handy at match sprints, kern racing and kilometre time trials.  At a time when it was more about who you knew and were prepared to suck up to, Damien was very unlucky not to make the Olympics.  Have a look at the team for 2000 and 2004 and look at what happened to them…

It was always going to be interesting to see how thing would play out on the day – rarely has there been a race at EVCC with more years of combined experience than this one, so impulsive stupidity was unlikely to be on the menu.
A late sprint was not going to be in the interest of Lindsay “Skun Rabbit” Burgoyne and a range of other tough, but hardly explosive peddlers.
With Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman, Phil “Farquhar” Cartledge, Dean “Pepe” Griffin and the Tony “Italian Stallion” Mirabella all in attendance, the field only really lacked Brendan “Sheems” Schiemer and the Dean “Phantom” Wells to be a club championship proxy.

The first lap was a pretty uneventful affair, but the bunch worked turns for the most part.  Griffin and Keirl made sure that anyone who thought they would just coast along at the back “getting the mail” also played their part.  That type of behaviour was not really going to be on today!
This had the combined effect of keeping the pace quite high for a scratch race as the field came through for the first lap.

The second lap was the signal for things to get interesting.  The climb up past the quarry was hit at a steady pace and the turn into Coghills Creek Road saw the first real dig with a somewhat predictable Cartledge having a crack.  Immediately the attack was met with a bunch that had its stuff together.  Phil’s catch immediately brought a series of counter attacks and chases – everyone knew exactly what the score was at this point – one more big attack may have broken the elastic for a couple but the pace slowed as the bunch turned in Donovan’s Road.
The easing saw Ellis and Burgoyne, alternate steady turns at the front, perhaps showing a little lack of experience.
In this company you are only on the front if you are doing something and the only thing that punting along at 37 kph is doing is wasting valuable energy.

Into the last lap and the enigma that is Matt Bowman was on full display.  With an aesthetic when under pressure that looks identical to a bow legged squirrel trying to make piggy with a beach ball, it is never easy to really tell how he is going.   He certainly looked like he was about to blow a ring gasket up the quarry hill where he seemed to be struggling to hold the wheels on the steepest section.   This assessment proved to be incorrect when he promptly attacked on the turn into Cogills Creek Rd.
Griffin seemed to be working on the principle that he would chase anything down in the last lap and put in a big effort to bridge across with the field in single file.  Mirabella attacked as would be expected at the junction and the next 5 kms saw Mirabella attacking, Burgoyne following and Griffin forever closing  – with Bowman having a crack whenever he had recovered a bit.

At this point it was clear that now no one was going to get away alone and that everyone was too attentive to let any of the stronger riders form a combination.  Tactics came to the fore and a a very settled ascent up the Donovan’s Road climb ensued.  Griffin knew that the attack needed to come from Bowman, Mirabella or Cartledge, so he slowed the pace behind Ellis and Burgoyne to force the others to the front.  This was partly successful as it got the Mirabella and Keirl to move up, but Bowman and Cartledge stayed resolutely at the rear until of course Bowman went.
Cartledge responded straight away and Griffin left the prime spot on Keirl’s wheel to try and latch on to what may have been the winning move. Cartledge looked like he was going to make it across to Bowman…and Griffin seemed to have Cartledge pretty well covered, but Bowman has a knack of holding a pace that is hard to make the final couple of meters up on and today was no exception.
Cartledge faltering just as Griffin was thinking he was going to get a quick recovery in.  This all corresponded to Keirl and Mirabella going and the group was strung out with 300 meters still to go.
Unfortunately for Bowman, it never really looked like he was going to hold off Keirl, but he managed to hold off everyone else.
Keirl first, Bowman second and some skinny old bald bloke who looks like he could do with a pie (Burgoyne) sneaking home for third.
Great, clean and classy racing all round.

1st – Damien Keirl
2nd – Matt Bowman
3rd – Lindsay Burgoyne

B Grade

Seven riders fronted the starter and all looked capable of victory.  With the winner of the round 1 W.A.R.S. absent – Pete Livi – it was a wide open affair.
The talented Michael Veal was astride his resplendent retro Mercx…down levers and all.  His race didn’t go to plan but he was certainly handy during a post race medical incident when A Grade rider Matt Bowman burst some stitches in the change rooms after the race.
Andrew Rushton was on loan from A Grade and was sure to add some fire.  Grant Dawson hadn’t been seen for a while but we all know how strong he is, even if he is always found wanting in the tactical stakes.
New rider James Knipe, and a second club race for Mark O’Callaghan, both making interesting variables.  Adding the lively Ricky Calvert and the old warhorse Bob Morley made sure the anything could happen on this day.

The first lap, was the typical sight of Grant “Smokey” Dawson riding off the front and Michael Veal mathematically working out the exact distance he should be left out there.  This was all too much for Andrew “A Grade” Rushton, and he spun back up to Dawson on numerous occasions.
The pace was high and riders had to watch for gaps as it would be all over.

On the second lap, the pace over quarry hill was lifted by Calvert and Dawson and the retro Mercx with postilion was off the back.  In fact the pairing turned around went back to see how that race finished.

With more of Dawson off the front and constantly being covered by Rushton or Calvert, the pace lifted again on the same hill on the bell lap.
Knipe and O’Callaghan went off the back, and worked hard but never got back on.  Up over the hill on Donavan’s road, the pace lifted and Andrew Rushton got on the front and led the crew to the finish line.
Approaching the finish line, it was Rushton on the front with Calvert stuck to his wheel.  Third wheel was the cagey Morley and Dawson sat fourth in line.  Morley attacked first, striking out to the right pulling a gap over the two in front.  Dawson, after riding off the front for most of the race passed perpetual the bridesmaid – Morley – on the outside to take a well-earned victory.  Calvert rode well to hold onto third place.

1st – Grant Dawson
2nd – Bob Morley
3rd – Rick Calvert

C Grade 

Seven riders fronted up to the line in calm, fine conditions for Round 2 of the Europa Cafe W.A.R.S.
The two C Grade “visitors”, Danny Whelan and Ken Heres ensured that the pace would be brisk right from the start.  The bunch worked well, with all swapping turns smoothly until the turn onto Donovans Road.  The small ‘hump’ in the road and the rise into the S bends saw the bunch split, with Steve Linanne reflecting that this felt ‘much harder’ than his first race two weeks ago.  The front markers pushed to the top of the rise, and then eased up to allow the bunch to reform.

The bunch stayed together for the rest of the race, with only a couple of minor visits by various members to ‘Outthebackistan’ over some of the rises.  The bunch reforming quickly each time.
Danny Whelan did a heroic job with his painful hip, taking the brunt of the wind on Donovan’s Road each lap.  In the last lap, Mandy made a futile attempt to ride away just before the top of the last rise, but she was quickly reeled in.
Once the bunch decided to sprint, it was the end for Mandy, but it perked the interest of Steve, who had spent a good deal of the race on the back, nursing himself along.  He saw them take off, and thought to himself ‘I wonder if I can sprint?’
Apparently, the answer is in the affirmative, as he popped over the line in third place, behind James and Roger.

1st – James Gretton
2nd – Roger McMillan
3rd – Steve Linnane

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Europa Café which is located right in the centre of Ballarat at 411 Sturt Street, sponsor our Winter Aggregate Race Series.

Europa Café is a spacious, inexpensive family style café, offering a range of tasty treats, hearty meals and scrumptious snacks.

We thank Kathryn and Jason for their ongoing support of our club and we remind you that
Europa Café
is open every day from 7:00am for breakfast and lunch.

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