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December 4, 2016 – Commodores Cup – Windmill, 52.5 km Handicap

December 4, 2016 – Commodores Cup – Windmill, 52.5 km Handicap

Final Race For Season – 4 December 2016

Commodores Cup


Windmill circuit – 52.5 km


Collie Claims Commodores Cup

Summer arrived for the final race of the 2016 Eureka Season.
The time honoured Commodores Cup (52.5 km handicap) was raced on the iconic Windmill circuit,
which was bathed in brilliant sunshine and swept with a fair north wind.

Eight riders were backing up from a 130 kilometre ride from Ballarat to Lorne on the previous day – congratulations to them all for a BIG weekend of riding.  Rocky manned a corner, as did Marika and Darwin (the big cuddly labrador); Lois and Lyn manned the kitchen; Bill and Bill performed referee duties; Pete Livi was stand in handicapper and Nunny was crowd control…those Taylors are a rowdy lot!

Graeme Parker set sail as the lone limit rider.  At twenty five minutes, he was going to be out through the heads before the porters had even packed the Scratch riders luggage.  Big effort though!  The wind was strong and Graeme’s knee has been giving him hell all year, yet here he was backing up after a 130 km ride the day before.

Richard Taylor headed up the 15 minute group – savour those words, because they will NEVER be repeated!
Crook as the galley rat, Richard would lead his band of merry men…but take no part in any chase downs if someone from the group broke away!
John Creek was out for another race, as was Brian Lee, James Gretton and club stalwart – Terry Collie.

Peter Livitsanis handicapped himself off a whopping 9 minutes with Danny Whelan, Mark O’Callaghan, James Knipe, Roger McMillan and visiting rider Noel Said.
It’s always great to have visiting riders come and race with Eureka…we particularly like Noel because he doesn’t bloomin’ win every time he races with us! Noel was once again surprised by just how much water was in lake Learmonth…and the water is STILL running in…according to Rocky…
Back to Pete Livi giving himself NINE minutes!  Then again both he and Dan were also backing up from the 130 km Lorne ride.

The 4 minute group saw Matthew Ayres, Grant Dawson and Ricky Calvert heading out into the maw.
Chasing SIX…being chased by SIX.  Tough day ahead especially with Rick also backing up from the Lorne ride.

Scratch had probably the largest group they had assembled all year.
Club Champion Greg Ley was resplendent in his newly won blue and white phoenix dossard.  The other fresh legs in the group belonged to Robert Ellis.
They were joined by four riders who had given their all in the previous day’s ride to Lorne (and also the bus ride back home!) – Tony Mirabella, Andrew Rushton, Brendan Sheems and Dean Wells.

So the race panned out like this:
Battle the cross wind on the road past the quarry; heads down and butts up into the wind towards Cricks Hill; ramp up the speed down Creswick-Addington Rd; spinnakers out and let ‘er rip down Donovans Road with the tail wind.
STRAVA tells us there were Personal Records all over the place.
Scratch broke 27 minutes on the first lap; slowed down for a lazy 27:30 on the second lap; then brought it home with another sub 27 minute lap.
They lost Rushton on the second lap, but picked up Ayres, Calvert and Dawson.  Ayres soon fell off and Wells was struggling.  Early powerhouse Mirabella was also struggling, but Ley and Schiemer were able to assist Ellis as he started to take longer turns out front.

Up ahead, the 9 minute group had lost Livitsanis and O’Callaghan and hadn’t been able to reel in the leaders.  McMillan succumbed to the wind, but Knipe, Said and Whelan were left in no man’s land.

The race lead was where the action was at.  Gretton had been unhitched from the 15 minute group, leaving Taylor, Creek, Collie and Lee to chase down Parker.  Upon the catch, Parker was able to find the sweet spot and hitch a ride.
The last time up Cricks Hill saw Lee unleash a powerful effort and split the group.  Collie was able to go with him, but Creek and Parker were left in arrears. Taylor kindly explained that he wasn’t allowed to chase, so Creek and Parker swapped turns as Lee and Collie gradually stretched the lead.

Into Donovans Road and the leaders were clear with Knipe, Said and Whelan still paddling in between them and the Scratch boys.
At the rear, Ellis had put the race in the gutter and blown apart the Scratch bunch.  Good and bad really.
That left just three to chase down the leaders, but at least they didn’t have to worry about any passengers beating them.  The Scratch trio caught and passed the remnants of the 9 minute group, but the leaders were a step to far.  Not so much an ocean sized gap…more a lake.

Collie and Lee settled down to fight out the sprint with Collie prevailing over a gallant Lee who had made the race.  Creek was just strong enough to take out third ahead of Parker.
The Scratch lads were right behind.  Schiemer taking the sprint for fifth place (and Fastest Time) ahead of Mirabella in a close finish.

Thank you to all involved for yet another great day of racing!

1st – Terry Collie (15 min)
2nd – Brian Lee (15 min)
3rd – John Creek (15 min)
4th – Graeme Parker (25 min)
5th – Brendan Schiemer (Scratch)
Fastest Time – Brendan Schiemer (Scratch) in 1hr 21m 15s

Picture: Terry Collie and Brendan Schiemer congratulate each other on jobs well done.


November 27, 2016 – WAYNE HORNE EARTHMOVING Spring Criterium Series, Rd 3 – Production Drive, Alfredton

November 27, 2016 – WAYNE HORNE EARTHMOVING Spring Criterium Series, Rd 3 – Production Drive, Alfredton

Wayne Horne Earthmoving

Spring Criterium Series
Round 3


Graded Scratch Races – 27 Nov 2016

Production Drive Circuit, Alfredton


The final criterium of the 2016 season was conducted on dry roads…
a perfect day for bike racing – cool, dry and cloud cover…
riders stepping up in grade to test themselves…
new riders “trying out” veterans racing…
a great day to be riding!

A Grade

(45 minutes):  BANG!  They’re racing!!
No messing about with the Scratch boys today as Dean Wells took them out at a ridiculous pace…then Brendan Schiemer rolled through and kept the momentum going…then Tony Mirabella jumped and had them all gasping as they brought him back…then Matt Bowman launched…for THREE laps.
Rob Phillips was an early casualty of the insane pace and Wells was yo-yoing before ten minutes were up.
Not much changed as surge after surge from Schiemer and Mirabella were countered by Bowman.
Wells finally off the back only to come through – when the “machines” finally eased the pace – and lead for a few laps.
Schiemer took out the mid race sprint.  A few laps later and the Bowman show had whittled the field down to three.  Still 15 minutes to go!

An easing of the pace in the last few laps saw Wells almost time trial back on by the bell lap…but the leaders ignited the afterburners with 500 metres remaining.
A messy sprint saw Schiemer ease (and stay upright!) and Bowman take the win from Mirabella.

1st – Matt Bowman
2nd – Tony Mirabella
3rd – Brendan Schiemer

B Grade

(40 minutes): James Knipe and Roger McMillan both stepped up to see if they could mix it with the “B Grade mafia”.
Messrs Livitsanis, Morley, O’Callaghan and Whelan were happy to have some new blood in the ranks…until Knipe went off the front.
O’Callaghan went off the front for a few laps as well, however for the most part the lads played nice.
Livitsanis took out the mid race sprint and he showed a touch of class in claiming the win from Knipe and an impressive McMillan.

1st – Peter Livitsanis
2nd – James Knipe
3rd – Roger McMillan

C Grade

(35 minutes):  A humble affair which saw the riders perfecting their Team Time Trial positioning more than attacking each other.
The mid race sprint was taken out by Jeremy Humber who was out having his “trial ride” with the club.
Graeme Parker was often seen marshalling the troops and making sure the pace didn’t slacken.
The bell lap saw Terry Collie increase the pace as the other riders jostled for wheels.
In the final analysis, James Gretton packed too much punch for his rivals and took the win.

1st – James Gretton
2nd – Jeremy Humber
3rd – Terry Collie



Wayne Horne Earthmoving Spring Criterium Series results (for interest sake):
12 points maximum available (3, 2, 1, for placings, plus 1 point for riding in each race)
10 pts – Tony Mirabella
8 pts – Peter Livitsanis
7 pts – Roger McMillan, Brendan Schiemer
6 pts – Terry Collie

Wayne Horne Earthmoving have been a long time supporter of our cycling club.
Located in Wendouree, Wayne and the team have all the equipment to perform all civil engineering
work from residential properties through to industrial estates.


November 20, 2016 – Championships Day – Scratch racing on Weatherboard

November 20, 2016 – Championships Day – Scratch racing on Weatherboard

Ken Heres Bobcat & Backhoe Hire
Championships Day

20 Nov 2016



The day of reckoning…

C Grade Championship - McMillan WINS!

On a very warm day for a road race, John Faulkner, James Gretton, John Creek and Roger McMillan ensured the race was HOT by lifting the pace each lap.
The temperature seemed to keep rising as the four men matched each other until the last lap when John Faulkner lost contact.

With three remaining to fight out the placings – assuming they could keep clear of Faulkner – race tactics came to the fore.
There was a big issue though…concerning to both Gretton and McMillan was the fact that neither knew who the big bloke was that they were racing with…or his ability.  Naturally, Creek was also wondering what he was up against!

Gretton risked an attack early on the last lap, however he didn’t get the break he was hoping for so he sat up.  This would go down to the wire, the three riders headed down towards the final corner all trying to visualise how the race would play out.
Turning at the pig farm the flies and the hot head wind met the trio as they lined up for the long 2.5 kilometre ride to the finish line…which is not visible until the last few hundred metres…because of the rise… McMillan was leading the way when finally the finish line came into sight.
He opened his sprint first and opened a small gap…but Gretton was still there and gradually drew up to McMillan’s rear wheel. McMillan could see Gretton coming.
McMillan digs deep, pushes as hard as he can and holds on for the win from a gallant Gretton.

1st – Roger McMillan
2nd – James Gretton
3rd – John Creek

B Grade Championship - Knipe SUCCESS!

The race started out with Rob Parker, Danny Whelan, Terry Collie, James Knipe and Mark O’Callaghan for their championship on the Weatherboard circuit.
Not much happened on the first lap with each rider ensuring he was well warmed up for the task ahead – as well as casually checking out the opposition.  Fireworks on the second lap when Knipe put in a strong dig over the rise in Hendersons Rd.  This surge had Collie just off the back and turning himself inside out to try and rejoin.
Next to go was O’Callaghan when he unleashed the attack from hell halfway up the Avenue Rd.  Only Whelan was able to go with him as O’Callaghan put his Triathlon training to good use and just kept applying the pressure.
Parker and Knipe were left looking at each other – mainly wondering “who is that guy” – with a 50 metre gap to the duo up front.
Knipe jumped off Parker’s wheel and managed to cross the gap alone.  These three then worked turns to make sure no one could get back to them.
Parker kept up the chase and had the three leaders desperately trying to stay clear.

Across The Avenue and down Henderson Rd they kept their margin.  The long grind to the finish line had Whelan on the front (happily obliging to the task) doing all the work into the headwind.
Coming into the sprint and O’Callaghan opened up first – getting a couple of metres on Knipe who rallied, drew alongside and then crossed the line first with only a tyre width to spare.

1st – James Knipe
2nd – Mark O’Callaghan
3rd – Danny Whelan
The field in the Championship Race head north along Avenue Road
photo – Neil Braszell 

Eureka Club Championship race - Ley VICTORIOUS!

Greg Ley rode away from a large pack to claim victory in the 2016 Championship race.  Recent cold weather and strong winds were a distant memory as thirteen riders assembled for the Club Championship race in warm conditions.  Cloud cover was present for most of the race, and this helped keep the riders from baking, however many suffered cramps during the 76 kilometres.

Tony Mirabella was off the front early and everyone was happy to let him be up the road.  Andrew Rushton and Dean Wells kept a watchful eye that the gap didn’t blow out too far. They ensured the early pace would keep everyone honest.  Brendan Schiemer was itching to go and it was obvious that he was restraining himself from expending too much energy early.
Not Matt Bowman though, he launched before the group hit the Hendersons Rd rise for the first time.  He soon had riders scrambling…then braking as he suffered a flat halfway up the rise.  Schiemer was onto the grass and the pace slowed as everyone sat up to make things safe.  Luckily for Bowman he had a spare wheel in his car (which was parked at the the Avenue Rd intersection) and the group sat up and rolled to let him rejoin.

Attacks were few and far between in the Championship race.  Most riders carried two water bottles and it was expected to be a war of attrition.  Some riders like Rob Ellis were happy to keep the group rolling along.  Others like Rick Calvert and Rob Phillips were making sure they were always in the first half of the group.
A few riders had stepped up to ride the “big” race – Peter Livitsanis and Brett Dedman were both out to test themselves and see how long they could last.  Matt Ayres had thrown his hat into the ring – expecting to be in pain at some stage of the race.
The two smokeys were Greg Ley and Richard Taylor. Ley was in great form the previous week and a forward showing was not going to surprise anyone.  Taylor was out to have fun and make his presence felt.  It is rare for him to show up to an event and not have some sort of form.

Ok, the preamble is over…the rest of the race…

Not much really happening beyond fast down Weatherboard, surges up the Henderson Rd rise, slow and boring up The Avenue and surges back up to Weatherboard.  It pretty much played out like that on every lap!  Bowman did take off like a rocket down Weatherboard on the third time down to the chicane.  That attack had everyone scrambling again as he stretched them out.  Through the chicane and again he pushed.
These early attacks were enough to have some riders struggling and Livitsanis and Ayres would be the first to succumb…
Up the rise and a surge by Ley to join Bowman has gaps opening everywhere – in fact so significant were the gaps, that race Referee Bill Goldfinch marked SIX riders as being dropped as they turned into Avenue Rd.
Ley and Bowman sat up when they realised Rushton, Schiemer and Mirabella were all hot on their heels.  The easing of the pace allowed Wells and Calvert to rejoin.  Phillips and Dedman also made their way back over the next few kilometres.

Schiemer rolled off the front and soon had a healthy gap (note – it wasn’t even halfway through the race!).  No one behind wanted to set the pace and so Schiemer’s advantage grew out to over 100 metres.  Wells attacked out of The Avenue and stretched them out in a line.  Rushton came through, followed by Mirabella and Taylor…the chase was on and Ellis was off the back (this would be a common occurrence for Ellis who reckoned post race that he was off the back over a dozen times during the race).
Unfortunately after 15 kilometres out front, cramps set in and Schiemer was seen to be looking around.  With the increase pace the catch came very quickly and then everyone started looking around again.

Mirabella and Taylor would both do short surges off the front from time to time, however everyone seemed to be suffering at a similar rate.
Dedman was particularly impressive in clawing his way back each time he was dropped.  Rarely venturing near the front, his tactic was conserve as much energy as possible for the next surge…and the surge after that…and so on.
Rushton was nearly always in the front two or three riders.  This kept him in a prime position to shut down any attacks…or drive his own effort.
Ley and Calvert both started spending more time near the front.  Calvert often setting the pace and Ley often surging on the short rises.  In fact, Ley seemed to be getting stronger as the race wore on.
Taylor was the same (spending more time up near the lead) and you can never tell what is going on with him because he always seems to be looking around and smiling like a kid in a lolly shop!
Bowman was starting to yo-yo off the back and it wasn’t too long before he exited stage left.

Up the Hendersons Rd rise for the second last time and the bunch is pacing itself nicely as Wells and Calvert try to block the road (theory being that Mirabella, Rushton and Schiemer can’t hurt you up a hill if hey can’t get past!).  Ley finds a gap and quickly shoots through, thankfully for his rivals he sits up at the top.
Dedman has finally dropped away.  The bell sounds as they turn into Avenue Rd – 60 kilometres down.

A dawdling pace up The Avenue allowed for some banter between riders as they reflected on so many riders still being in the hunt with 15 kilometres to go.
No attacks of any note as the group race for the final time up the rise in Hendersons Rd which sees Ley on the front and leading the charge, then powering up the rise and then opening a gap.  He has Rushton and Wells scrambling to keep in touch.  The big guns in Mirabella and Schiemer are sitting just off the lead with Taylor, Calvert and Phillips all accounted for.  The elastic finally broken for Ellis (still, fair effort considering he raced the Ballarat Sebastopol CC “Misery 100″ the previous day!).
Across The Avenue and Schiemer attacks down the right.  Wells leads the chasing pack then Phillips takes over as they close the gap down.
Nearing the little rise just before the pig farm and riders are stretched across the road watching each other.  Ley is up out of the saddle and puts in a surge to quickly open a twenty metre gap.  The chase is a shambles as riders try to find a wheel to follow.  Schiemer and Rushton move clear of the pack and start to close in on Ley.

Down to the corner and Ley has a twenty metre lead on Schiemer and Rushton as he takes the turn – but wait…a car is coming from the highway!
The chase riders sit up until they realise the car is turning and they won’t be impeded.  Ley got through before the car was close, however he is only just up the road, but the chasers have been blown apart by the semi stoppage at the corner.
Calvert and Wells scramble across to the bunch who have sat up – no one wants to take the lead and chase Ley down.

Two kilometres to race and Ley has a fifty metre gap.  Seven riders are sitting up looking at each other.
‘Blow that!’ says Wells and he moves to the front and tries to set a pace which won’t put himself in the red.
The others all take a sit… Ley is riding to wattage now.  He was on the verge of sitting up just after the turn, but seeing the others sitting up he has thrown caution to the wind and is time trialling to the line.

One kilometre to go and the finish line starts to come into view.  Ley holds his fifty metre lead.
Wells still leads the chase and everyone else is sitting and waiting to sprint for second place.
Ley pushes and pushes.  He peaks over his shoulder, he peaks under his shoulder.  Nearly, there…
The sprint is on behind him with Taylor opening up from over 300 metres out.  Legs are seizing up as everywhere as the others all jump out of their seats – except for Schiemer who has cramped so much he daren’t risk standing.
The pack bear down on Ley but they are too late and can only get within twenty five metres.

Greg Ley – YOU are the new Eureka Club Champion!

1st – Greg Ley
2nd – Tony MIrabella
3rd – Brendan Schiemer
4th – Andrew Rushton
5th – Rick Calvert
Greg Ley punches the air and becomes the 2016 Club Champion.
photo – Neil Braszell

November 13, 2016 – Ron Rivette Memorial – Handicap at Balliang, 53 km

November 13, 2016 – Ron Rivette Memorial – Handicap at Balliang, 53 km

Shane Cook Homes – 13 November 2016

Ron Rivette Memorial

Balliang Hall – Granite Road circuit – 53 km


Riding for our lost mates

November is Men’s Health Month.
On this day, members of the club ventured to Balliang (south of Bacchus Marsh) to race for a mate – Ron Rivette.
Also on this day, we remembered our mate Craig Fromhold who would have been celebrating his birthday on this day.
We didn’t know the biggest battles that our mates faced; we are poorer for losing TWO of the big characters in local cycling.
Ron and Craig loved riding.  They encouraged so many of us to race, enjoy and be better.
It is OK to ask, “Are you OK”.
We remember our mates Ron and Craig.

Many thanks to the expanded Bacchus Marsh crew for making the race day possible – Shane Cook; Terry Collie; John Faulkner; Robyn Young; Darwin…and all the two legged marshals; as well as everyone else who helped out today to ensure the event went ahead.

Riders travelled all over the state of Victoria looking for blue skies and dry roads…former pro Phil Anderson found sound wonderful cycling weather in Gippsland…Eureka Veterans Cycling Club found it at Balliang.

Sure it was windy…and sure there was a rain shower and everyone got some splash back from the wet roads at the end of the race…but a race was staged none the less.
After all the trash talk (which Craig and Ron would have approved of!) between the Ballarat based riders and the Bacchus Marsh based riders, now was time to rumble.

Robert Young, James Gretton and Roger McMillan were the first away at 23:00 minutes.
They tackled the first third of the race as one.  Together they clawed their way to the top of the Granite Road climb.  Then the fast downhill started to cause a few issues.
At the turnaround it appeared things were going to start going pear shaped.  Robert was soon off the back and together James and Roger would try to hold onto their slim advantage.
The long climb back up Granite Road saw James drop off.  Now Roger had to go.  He opened a gap and drove on, what else was there to do?

Terry Collie and James Knipe were away at 14:00 minutes.
A pair in this wind was always going to be tough.  They did the best they could, however after the turnaround things certainly imploded and they couldn’t stay together.  At least they each only had the second half of the race – including the long slog back up the eastern side of the Granite Road climb – to go…

The Three Amigos – Bob Morley, Peter Livitsanis and Mark O’Callaghan – were next away at 8:00 minutes.
These guys have raced with each other so often this year that they have synchronised their periodical drinking.
Holding a handy six minute advantage over the next group, they set about maximising that gap, or at least limiting their losses.  All was looking good on the way out, yet as they raced down the steep side of the Granite Road climb they could almost sense something was about to happen.
Psssssssst!?!  Pete Livitsanis flatted and was out of the race.
What would happen now with only two Amigos remaining?

The 2:00 minute group was like a reunion of quasi-Scratch riders.
All their names are familiar, because they have all featured in write ups this year for their exploits…placing and winning A Grade Scratch races, Handicaps, Criteriums, Trophy Races and Opens.  Yes this formidable bunch are the Famous Five – Rick Calvert, Grant Dawson, Greg Ley, Matthew Ayres and Darren Terry.
Rick was in for a tough time as this was his first ride on this circuit, yet his companions are the core of the Bacchus Marsh crew!  Rick was also backing up from a race with Ballarat Sebastopol the previous day.
Grant was struggling early as he continues his long way back to race fitness post breaking a collarbone.  The bunch sat up twice to let him rejoin.
Matt Ayres was also struggling mid race, however rumour has it that he is preparing a launch on the Championship Race next weekend.
Darren Terry was a powerhouse…as usual…in just his second race of the 2016 season…
Greg Ley and Rick Calvert are the form riders of the bunch and together they ensured a tempo that kept as many matches dry as possible until it was time to go, go, go..!

Scratch saw Tony Mirabella also backing up from a Ballarat Sebastopol CC race on the previous day.  Matt Bowman was out for a rare race that didn’t involve a time trial bike.  Dean Wells rounded out the group.
Matt was dropping off the back in the early hills, Tony was rolling off the front and Dean was somewhere in between trying to decide whether to go forwards or backwards.
Over the Granite Road climb and Tony had opened a big gap on his cohorts – he was in two minds about sitting up or forging forward.  Matt however used his power booster to first catch Dean on the downhill, then tow him back to Tony.
Just after the turnaround and Scratch was back together.  Tony then did a massive turn back into the wind and uphill.  Matt was lost, however Dean and Tony started to pick up the dropped riders from the 2 minute bunch.

With 15 kilometres remaining, the racers came across wet roads after a short shower (that thankfully went through whilst everyone was on a different section of the course).
Roger was still a clear leader and time trialling his way towards the finish.  James was a clear second.  So great was the margin they held over the chasers, they were never really sighted…
Rick, Greg and Darren were trying their hardest to close down the gap to the leaders, however how do you measure your effort when you can’t even see the lure?
They had picked up Bob Morley who kindly reminded Darren that a win today would see him consigned to Scratch FOREVER. (you can only beat the handicapper once!)
The remains of Scratch – Tony and Dean – were swapping turns as they inch ever closer.  Grant is somehow clinging on after being caught.  Matt Ayres gives one effort and that was all she wrote.  They catch Mark O’Callaghan and he too was able to rally for one effort before lights out.

5 kilometres remaining and Roger was still clear.  Stay upright and the win is his.  James is a clear second and has a massive lead over the chasers.
Rick and Greg loomed as possible dangers to James (if only they could see him).
The Scratch chase had finally compounded.  Over a minute behind with 10 km remaining, Dean and Tony whittled that down to about 40 seconds into a headwind, but they falter.  Late efforts by Grant to try and help them bridge the gap were in vain.

Finish line and with the road to himself…Roger McMillan WINS!
A worthy victor after soloing for such a distance in the conditions.

James Gretton crosses in second.  A tremendous effort after also riding solo for half the race.

The race for third was on.  Darren eased out of the way to leave Rick, Greg and Bob to go head to head.  Rick takes the placing.

The race for Fastest Time was no contest as Dean led out Tony who then sprinted off to the line.

1st – Roger McMillan (23 min)
2nd – James Gretton (23 min)
3rd – Rick Calvert (2 min)
4th – Greg Ley (2 min)
5th – Bob Morley (8 min)
Fastest Time – Tony Mirabella (Scratch) in 1hr 29m 40s

Picture: Darwin the corner marshal decides that nothing is more fun than a stick…


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