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November 15, 2015 – EVCC Championships Race Day

November 15, 2015 – EVCC Championships Race Day

Eureka Veterans Cycling Club
Championships Race Day

proudly presented by

Ken Heres Bobcat and Backhoe Hire


A True Blue Hero Aussie Phil Cartledge put it all on the line 10 kilometres out, in a Cancellara-esque attack, whilst the main protagonists were all looking at each-other.  What started as a bold gamble revealed itself as inspired racing.
Running on pure adrenalin and thousands of training miles, Phabulous Phil rarely looked back and stormed home for a memorable and popular win.

So the day had finally arrived, time to see if the event would live up to all that pre-race hype,time for a champion to stand up.
A field of seven greeted each-other with the usual banter and trash talk on the start line, and set off at a leisurely pace.  A very cautious start, so cautious in fact that B grade came passed at one stage.  This pricked the intent of a few and the pace lifted.  However, the attacks were few and far between for the first few laps.

Peter ‘Fifi’ Livitsanis had a go, and was greeted with ridicule by Graeme Parker and Ken Heres (marshalling the Avenue Memorial corner), “You’ve got em!’ they chided. Phil nonchalantly reeled him in not long after while fishing food out of his back pocket.
Brendan Schiemer was probably the fittest guy in the bunch and probably needed the pace a bit quicker to take the edge off the sprinters and deter long range raids.  He had a little dig up Weatherboard Rd, all eyes turned to Fifi who like a trained lap dog, burnt yet more matches going out after him too.

The usual protagonists were very modest in their exertions, not really wanting to commit and risk a counter-attack.

Andrew ‘Sparky’ Rushton was back, an unknown quantity having had a less than perfect lead up to a race he has won before (2013).
Tony Mirabella looked particularly strong but sensed that his best chance lay in a sprint finish, however he has beaten similar fields with big solo breakaways before.
Matt ‘Riff Raff’ Bowman can always be relied upon for a massive time trial effort somewhere in the race, and today, while he struggled on the hills, he saved his best for last.

Three laps to go and Tony Mirabella explodes with successive attacks down the Avenue, shelling first Fifi and Riff Raff, then a belligerent Bob ‘Muncher’ Morley.  Suddenly the championship race had actually started!
Riff Raff put the diesel into top and ground his way back up, Muncher hitched a ride but couldn’t quite make it and he drifted back to keep Fifi company…watching the race sail away.

The “real” A Graders seem content now they had dispatched the B Grade pretenders and the pace slowed and the attacks stopped. However they had unwittingly poked a bear, after another lap it became apparent that while the A Graders were 1 kilometre up the road, they weren’t actually pulling away and Bob had had enough of their games.
With great wailing and gnashing of teeth, he accelerated up the Avenue with sphincter spitting vigour – shedding Fifi like an old coat – by the Weatherboard corner the lead car was still another 750 metres up the road, but Bob was on a crazy mission.  Over the next 10 kilometres, in a superhuman effort, Bob single handedly chased down these “usual” Scratch riders and by the last time into Weatherboard Rd he was back in the race.
Apart from Phil’s fabulous race winning attack, Muncher’s Ride probably deserves ride of the year and it is sure to become club folklore.

The final lap and Tony hammered into the Weatherboard road corner and kept the pace up for 300 metres.  He switched off and so did everybody except Phil, who immediately attacked and no one reacted.  Phil railed the chicane, his handlebars almost touching the ground, out of the corner he had opened up 800 metres and his intentions were obvious.
Matty Bowman got on the front after the chicane and took some time out, but Phil still had a significant lead.

The chasers got over the Hendersons road hill at a steady pace with none of the expected attacks.  Through the crossroads and still no organised chase, while Phil kept increasing his lead.  Half way to the piggery corner Tony attacks, this move is quickly covered.  Tony eased back and then Matt went around the bunch with Brendan being the only one to react.  Tony (sitting on Sparky Rushton’s wheel) was hoping for a reaction from the sprinter in the bunch…but it didn’t come.

The escapees pulled well clear and were striking out in pursuit of the newly branded Aussie.  Sparky attacked out of the piggery corner and left Muncher and Tony in his wake but was never going to catch the runaways.  The podium placegetters crossing the finish line with big gaps between them all.


1st – Phil Cartledge
2nd – Matt Bowman
3rd – Brendan Schiemer
4th – Andrew Rushton
5th – Bob Morley

B Grade Championship
Danny Whelan stamped his authority on the race in the first lap, attacking John Creek and Kevin Popeye Lee.  Over the next 45 kilometres of solo riding, Danny opened up a gap that could be measured in kilometres.
Only three riders in this year’s B grade race, with Dean Wells along for moral support and a training ride.  However, this doesn’t diminish Danny’s triumph and the work he put into that win.  So aggressive was he early, that he rode through the A Grade field and despite A Grade accelerating past him again, for much of the race he was only a minute or so behind them, breaking his legs with a big gear and a heart to match.
Creekie and Popeye didn’t see much of him, perhaps just a speck in the distance and they settled down to a race in two for second.  In this endeavour the race was more evenly matched.  However in the final analysis, Creekie had the edge and pulled away from Popeye.


1st – Danny Whelan
2nd – John Creek
3rd – Kevin Lee

C Grade Championship
Terry Collie continues to build form late in the year with yet another podium finish, this time the top step, accounting for pre-race favourite Barry Robertson and this year’s big improver Rob Young.
Greg Curnow found the going tough and wilted mid-race leaving just the remaining three to sort out the placings.
Terry launched off the front early so as not to be caught by a Barry bombshell attack or a Rob Young express raid.  He opened a racing winning gap and held to the line.


1st – Terry Collie
2nd – Barry Robertson
3rd – Rob Young


Phil Cartledge races away to his first Club Championship victory.


Danny Whelan winning the B Grade Championship by minutes.


Club President – Terry Collie – winning the C Grade Championship.

Club receives defibrillator

Club receives defibrillator


The Eureka Veterans Cycling Club have received the wonderful gift of a defibrillator from the St John AmbulanceHeart Start Community Project.


The Heart Start Community Project is aimed at getting defibrillators out into the community.
The project is part of the St John Ambulance Victoria Defibs Save Lives initiative and during September 2015, over $80,000 worth of defib bundles have been distributed to central Victorian not-for-profit organisations and sporting clubs.

30 defibrillator bundles have been gifted to clubs and organisations from towns such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Maryborough, Kyneton and many more.  Along with the defibrillator, each bundle includes online training available for up to 10 members of each club.

St John Ambulance Victoria – we are very pleased to be able to provide defibrillators to the Victorian community with the financial support of the Hilton White Bequest.  It is important to us that we can promote the benefits of defibrillators to the wider community, to encourage greater take-up of these life-saving devices and to further our goal of saving lives through First Aid.

The Eureka Veterans Cycling Club predominantly races on circuits near the township of Learmonth.  The ambulance response time to an incident in this area is in excess of ten minutes.
In conjunction with CPR, the ideal time frame to use a defibrillator on a sudden cardiac arrest patient is within the first three minutes.


Terry Collie (President – Eureka VCC) said, ‘Although our members would be considered relatively fit and healthy they do fit into the higher risk age groups and while exercising regularly is a positive step in maintaining good health there are no guarantees.  A defibrillator represents peace of mind knowing that if required there is a unit close by for use in an emergency response.  We hope we do not have to use it, but it is reassuring to know that there is a defibrillator on standby available should the need arise.  The club considers the defibrillator a wonderful asset that is the equivalent of extra insurance.’

The Eureka Veterans Cycling Club thanks the Hilton White Bequest and St John Ambulance Victoria for this great program.

We will strive to get the message out to the community that Defibs Save Lives.

For more information go to…


Eureka Veterans CC members receiving the defib bundle from St John Ambulance Victoria representative Martin Wells.


Representatives from 21 different not-for-profit clubs and organisations received defib bundles on 16th September 2015, at the Morshead Park function room, Redan, Ballarat.


2015 Eureka Open – programme cover

2015 Eureka Open – programme cover

The cover for the 2015 Eureka Open programme is complete…just waiting on State Handicapper – Colin Hooper – to finalise the handicaps for the race.


EVCC 2015 Open program


We don’t have the handicaps yet…but we do have the programme cover.

Click on the link below to download the PDF version of the 2015 Eureka Open programme.  Then print off your own copy…

EVCC 2015 Open programme

Eureka Open – Sunday 30th August

Eureka Open – Sunday 30th August

Come to Ballarat for the weekend – lots of racing action for everyone!
The Eastern Vets are hosting Graded Scratch races at Learmonth on Saturday 29th August – all veterans are invited to race.

Entries for the Eureka Open are now closed.

EVCC Open 2015 final poster

EVCC 2015 Eureka Open course map

Click on the link below to download the PDF version of the Eureka Open course map.  Then print off your own copy…

EVCC 2015 Eureka Open course map



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