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August 9, 2015 – Forty Winks Team Time Trial Hcp – 53 km – Windmill circuit

August 9, 2015 – Forty Winks Team Time Trial Hcp – 53 km – Windmill circuit

Forty Winks Team Time Trial. Windmill circuit. 53 km.


It’s not often that we get to race as part of a team, usually our races are dog-eat-dog affairs (at least at the end of the race), so this week’s handicapped team time trial was a popular change of pace and the inclusion of a handicap meant all teams had a winning chance.

The C Team worked as a tight trio and while the other two teams boasted an extra rider, these three pushed out a gutsy ride to preserve the modest 5 min starting advantage until two thirds of the way into the race.  With Graeme Parker doing a lot of the heavy lifting and a very consistent Rob Young sharing the duties it became a test of how long would Terry Collie hold out.  Terry is just back from an extended break, he was a solid contributor, however his lack of race condition in the back end of the race became a factor.  Could they hang onto their undisclosed handicap advantage?
Once caught it was a case of chasing the stronger teams as hard as they could to limit time differences at the end.

The B Team spent the first 10 minutes discussing team tactics, much strategizing and theorizing came down to:
1) put Popeye on the back and get him to hang on
2) rotate short smooth track turns

Simple plans always work the best…
Danny Whelan only rides one big gear, the rest of the cluster is pristine and seldom used, and he rides a steady pace that never waivers whether into the wind, downwind, uphill or down.  Bob Morley continues to confound the experts by actually riding better with ever decreasing training, again today he never missed a turn and even put in extra to drag Popeye back to the other two on a few occasions.
The A Team cruised past on the last lap at the quarry, from there it was a case of trying to limit the distance the A team put into them, they seemed to disappear up Cricks Hill pretty quickly which didn’t bode well for the B Team.
By the end of the race Popeye was juiced, he had nothing left, just an empty husk of a man.

There was a noticeable variance of abilities in the A Team.  Guy Falla and Phil Cartledge both noted hard men particularly at grinding out a time trial, had to find a way to gel with Rob Phillips and Grant Dawson, two second scratch riders.
This was a puzzle that took a while to sort through especially as Guy disappeared up the road from the gun, so enthusiastic was he to get things moving.  Phil’s first turn on the front was to drag Smokey and Rob back up to the exuberant Falla.
The strategy they settled on from there was to share the work around but try to preserve Smokey and Rob by limiting their time on the front and into the wind.  This worked OK until the catch with both Smokey and Rob on the limit but managing to hang in there. Once they had reeled in the other two teams it was time to make time, and the urgency went up a notch up Crick’s Hill in the back straight.  This put Smokey into difficulty and by the top he was blowing smoke and the A team slowed to get him back on and recovered.

And the final analysis?
Well the start times might have been 5 minutes apart but the actually handicaps were set by averaging the marks of each of the riders in each bunch…so in effect there was more than 5 minutes handicap advantage between each of the groups.

When it came down to work out the handicap adjusted times it was very close, 40 seconds or less separated each of the teams.

Today’s winning team by just on 38 secs was the B Team, followed by the gutsy C Team in second and rounding out the trifecta was the A Team just 1 min 14 secs behind the winners.


1st – The B Team: Bob Morley, Danny Whelan, Kevin Lee, Peter Livitsanis

2nd – The C Team: Terry Collie, Graeme Parker, Rob Young

3rd – The A Team: Guy Falla, Phil Cartledge, Rob Phillips, Grant Dawson


Special thanks go out to Forty Winks – Ballarat store – for their continuing sponsorship of the Eureka Vets.

Steve and the team at Forty Winks (Ballarat) have a bedroom solution for everyone in the family.
Forty Winks carry a huge range of beds, mattresses, furniture and manchester from well known brands such as
Sealy Posturepedic, King Koil, Sleepmaker, Serta, Tempur, Sheridan, Hiccups, Kas, Linen House, Tontine and many, many more.

36 Peel Street, Ballarat
(03) 5333 1861


July 26, 2015 – GP Doug Garley – 43.5 km Hcp – Davenport circuit

July 26, 2015 – GP Doug Garley – 43.5 km Hcp – Davenport circuit

GP Doug Garley. Davenport circuit. 43.5 km (incl. 12 km of dirt!)

Daring Darren Dominates


In a move that Doug would have been proud of, the man in yellow, Darren Terry, threw caution to the wind and attacked a lap and a half out, AND made it stick, riding away from the field for an emphatic win and ride of the day.

Most would not dare a solo raid in such ferocious weather but Darren, resplendent in his Del Tongo kit, proved his mettle, more Saronni than Cipollini, he is a worthy winner of the prestigious trophy race named to honour Eureka’s Hardman.

A small field of eleven of Eureka’s hardest pitted themselves against the challenging parcour and the harsh Learmonth winter, and an even smaller field of five finished.
The wicked westerly block headwind slog up the unsealed Davenport Rd ended the race for most, a puncture or two didn’t help either.  At least it wasn’t raining, yet.
Short race?  Yes!  Brutal?  You bet!
Honour and glory to all those that started and to the brave souls marshalling on the corners.

First away was the 14 minute bunch of Graeme Parker, Mal Rock, Rob Young and John Faulkner.  Graeme was under doctor’s orders to behave himself and keep the revs low.  Mal had scouted the course under more favourable conditions earlier in the week, and he and Rob rode well with Graeme to hold off the race to just over the half way mark.  John struggled in the wind and was cut loose, just another training ride for the long suffering gentle giant of Eureka.

Chasing this bunch, some 10 minutes back, was a strong group which included the eventual winner Darren Terry, last year’s winner Michael Veal, last year’s runner up Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis, and Duncan Bates.  With a 4 minute gap to Scratch it was always going to be close.  Darren spent most of the first half of the race straining on the traces, pulling the group forward at every opportunity.  At times his enthusiasm drove him 10 to 20 metres clear off the front until the others called him to heel.  Duncan found the going difficult and following one of Darren’s little surges became unhitched into the wind, soon distanced he retired from the race, leaving Michael and Fifi to try to hang on to the tiger’s tail.
With a lap and a half to go, and with the 14 minute bunch just ahead on the Avenue, and Scratch no-where to be seen, Darren’s enthusiasm could not be constrained any longer and with the blessings of his confederates he took off.
By the Hendersons Rd corner he had ridden straight through the bunch in front, by the next corner he had extended his lead to 0.5 km and going away, and the penultimate leg up Davenport Rd saw him ride out of sight.  Fifi and Michael picked up and shelled the 14 minute bunch on the downwind Hendersons Rd leg and then worked together to try to preserve 2nd and 3rd.
The Scratch trio of Phil Cartledge, Guy Falla and Andrew Rushton started well and were making steady progress until Andrew punctured a lap and a half in.  This put a serious dent in the pursuit but Guy and Phil were not content to just race for fastest time and continued the chase in earnest.  The bell saw Fifi and Michael come into view and by the Avenue they had made the catch.
Was it a gust of wind?  Was it Guy putting the race into the gutter?  Was it Phil’s overreaction?
What ever it was, it put Michael into the gravel and Fifi into the grass, both dropped as Guy and Phil sped off to chase the elusive Terry.

As the wind increased the race stretched out with about 3 minutes between the leader, his pursuers – Guy and Phil – back to the next pairing of Fifi and Michael.  Those five rounded the last corner into Davenport Rd, the 14 minute bunch, now a long way back, didn’t, and rolled home.

Today Davenport Rd was all about strength, Darren seemed impervious to the cold block headwind and in a display of power riding he surged to the top of the rise and the chequered flag, 1.5 minutes clear of anyone else.
Guy and Phil were left to battle for second and fastest time with Guy just edging out Phil on the line.
The race for fourth was an entertaining contrast of the small chainring spinning Fifi and the large chainring grinding Veal, Fifi with a little more in the tank stealing fourth.


1st – Darren Terry (4 min)

2nd – Guy Falla (Scratch)

3rd – Phil Cartledge (Scratch)

4th – Peter Livitsanis (4 min)

5th – Michael Veal (4 min)

Fastest Time – Guy Falla (Scratch)

Ride of the Day – Darren Terry (4 min)


Darren holds aloft the perpetual GP Doug Garley – kindly donated to the EVCC by the Veal family.

The cobble is an original from the Flanders region.


July 19, 2015 – W.A.R.S. race 3 – 54 km – Windmill / Mt. Beckworth Hcp

July 19, 2015 – W.A.R.S. race 3 – 54 km – Windmill / Mt. Beckworth Hcp

2015 Winter Aggregate Race Series sponsored by Europa Café

Europa Cafe logo s

W.A.R.S. race 3, Windmill / Mt. Beckworth Handicap

Creekie’s Frosty Crusade

Time, time, time, see what’s become of me,
While I looked around for my possibilities,
I was so hard to please,
But look around Leaves are brown,
And the sky is a hazy shade of Winter…

More Bangles than Paul Simon, an up-beat John Creek sprinted clear of a small bunch for his maiden handicap win.

With the patience and perseverance that would test a Tibetan monk, Creekie’s first handicap win comes in his 5th year of racing with Eureka.  This latest win extends a winter renaissance for Creekie who has now taken a commanding lead in the W.A.R.S. race series.

No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips its turn.  Can the sun burn cold?  On a crystal clear morning the temperature dived to -4 deg C as a small field of 13 arrived at the club, breaking through the 5 mm thick ice in the puddles outside the clubrooms.

Eskimos have 50 words for snow, Eureka riders have 100 words for cold, most of them swear words.

First away off 20 min was a reluctant John Faulkner and Mal Rock.  Both men are keen to continue to find form and fitness for later in the season, and struck a gentleman’s agreement which dictated the average pace and progress, but essentially this was a training ride, and both struggled into the back end of the race, Mal persisting the longest and rewarded with Ride of the Day.

The successful 9 min second limit band, knitted well together.  Bob Morley spent the race contemplating the best order of riders to maximise performance (his and the bunch).  Riding strongly, Bob is in good racing form at the moment and did not miss a turn today.  Danny Whelan is returning from an extended bout of the flu and his fresh legs and gritty determination made a valuable contribution.  Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis is in reasonable knick at the moment too and dedicated his race to the success of the bunch.  Grant “Smokey” Dawson has had a cold and quiet winter, usually welded on to the second scratch bunch, he was given a move out today, riding honestly but within himself he formed the backbone of this rhythm and blues band of brothers.
The eventual winner, Creekie, struggled early, taking his time to warm up and having to work hard not to get dropped, he found his legs late in the race and positioned himself well in the bunch.
Creekie’s bunch caught the two front markers on the false flat out of Coghills Creek, the end came on swift wings as the compact 9 min band careered through and sped into Glendaruel.

Behind the 9min bunch were six riders, three in Scratch and three in second scratch.  Tony Mirabella, Brendan Schiemer and Andrew Rushton had to work hard to erase the 2 minutes to Dean Wells, Peter Kiel and Darren Terry by mid race.  Andrew remarking at the catch “you’s waited for us!”
With the Scratch reinforcements it seemed quite probable that the”catch” would be made…if only they could see the 9 minute bunch.  However, Sheems is struggling with an injury at the moment so he was only firing on 7 cylinders – not 8, Darren was struggling, and the combined bunch was not as fluent as they could be.
At the turn around the 9 min bunch still clung to a 3 minute lead as they fell like stones off the hill, past the ascending chasers.  Surely a bridgeable gap for a committed chase, but after the turnaround the combined chase bunch lost all fluidity.  Roll throughs were not consistent and there didn’t appear to be an even spread of the workload.

The return journey from Glendaruel is largely downhill and with enough speed the few rises can be carried without dropping too much pace, something the 9 min bunch exploited as they fled from their pursuers with Danny, Fifi and Smokey rolling extended pace turns.  Rounding the Coghills Ck corner, they were still clear but the chasers were closing fast.  Again Smokey and Danny kicked in the big dog down to Donovan’s Rd.  Up over the Dovovan’s pinch and the bunch was still collaborating well to stay clear.
The corner marshal’s cars came past along Donovans Rd, meaning Scratch had rounded the last corner and were pressing for home.
Smokey commits to a long drag to the top of the rise, then Fifi takes the reigns and gradually lifts the pace to ramming speed.  With 150 m to go he is spent and calls out to Smokey and Bob to cane it to the line.  Smokey launches and Bob burns most of his matchbook grabbing his wheel, Creekie is cool as a cucumber in third wheel.  Smokey seizes, and Bob starts to fade, but Creekie’s Inspector Gadget legs hit 140 rpm as he comes over the top to eclipse both and cross first, Bob the bridesmaid second again.  Fifi and Smokey race in reverse for third – who can fade the slowest, Fifi crossing for third cheering for Creekie’s win.

Meanwhile the back of the race are in Donovans Rd and over the rise.  The Phantom starts driving his now famous lead out train for the Fastest Time sprint.  Kielly joins in with the pacemaking and the speed rarely drops below 45 kph.   The Scratch boys start jockeying for position behind The Phantom and Kielly as they ramp the pace up in excess of 50 kph, then away Sparky goes.  Quickly opening a gap on Tony and Sheems.  Tony sits up first, but Sheems tries to the end.  Sparky wins the sprint for Fastest time.

1st – John Creek  (9 min)
2nd – Bob Morley  (9 min)
3rd – Peter Livitsanis  (9 min)
4th – Grant Dawson   (9 min)
5th – Danny Whelan (9 min)
Fastest time – Andrew Rushton  (1hr 26m 22s)
Ride of the Day – Mal Rock


Winter Aggregate Race Series

Europa Cafe logo s

The Eureka Vets CC are excited to welcome Europa Café on as a new sponsor in 2015.

Kathryn and Jason wanted to be involved with the club and we can think of no better place to relax,
either apres velo (after cycling) or just because it’s warm and friendly.

Europa Café is located right in the centre of Ballarat at
411 Sturt Street.
Just a block and 1/2 “up” from the Town Hall, Europa Café is perfectly situated close to the Central Square shopping precinct.

Europa is a spacious, inexpensive family style café, where the coffee is great and the buzz is lively.
The lunch/dinner menu is seasonal and ranges from Italian to venturesome and imaginative Middle Eastern and Asian dishes.
The wine list is extensive and admirable with many by the glass.
All day breakfast at Europa has become something of an institution.
If you are visiting from out of town you should have at least one breakfast during your stay…
if you are a local Kathryn, Jason and the team look forward to seeing you again and again and again…

Open everyday from 7:00am for breakfast and lunch.

July 5, 2015 – Charlie Braszell Hcp – 56 km – Weatherboard circuit

July 5, 2015 – Charlie Braszell Hcp – 56 km – Weatherboard circuit

Charlie Braszell Handicap. Weatherboard circuit. 56 km.

Tony gets his Mojo back


A cool head, expert positioning and a timely sprint saw Tony Mirabella edge out Phil Cartledge to win this year’s “Charlie”.

The perpetual trophy will rightly have Tony’s name on it as the 2015 winner, but the race only came together with 200m to go, thanks largely to a race-sacrificing drive from Andrew Rushton.

The mid-winter sunshine brought 18 sturdy lads out for this year’s edition of the Charlie Braszell, a race dedicated to the memory of Charlie and established to encourage club riders to get out and race in what is usually the dull grey cold that is a Ballarat winter.
The sun was out but a chilly NW wind was building and would make life difficult in the Avenue.
First off was Stay-away-all-day-breakaway Ray Hodgson and today he had a companion, Mal Rock, and 26 min on Scratch.  Two up around Weatherboard with a North Westerly is a challenge that not many would relish.  Mal is battling to find some fitness and form but rode well to stay clear for as long as he did.  The inspired little champ Ray rode like two men today, and when Graeme Parker rolled up on his side the new duo looked to be bound for blue ribbons and chocolate.
If the race was 200m shorter they would have won it.  Today Ray was a very worthy winner of the “Most Aggressive” ride of the day.

Chasing Ray and Mal was another odd pairing of Graeme Parker and Greg Curnow off 18 min.  Greg finds himself drifting out in the marks and struggling to find that form that usually makes him such a handful to reel in.
Graeme was in solid form and eventually had to cut Greg loose as he pressed on to catch the front of the race.  He found the long-suffering Ray late into the race and decided working with Ray was the smart move.  This pairing held off all comers until the shadow of the finish flag.

Over the last few races it’s been the bunch with Brian Lee in it that has either got up or proven difficult to catch, and this was again true today.  His companions in the 12 min trio, Ron Larkin and Albie “Honolulu” Govan, had to throw a noose around the exuberant Lee who was keen to press on.  Three riders with three strengths, Brian when the road goes up, Ron for the long flat drags and Albie for the downhill, downwind stuff.
Once they worked that out, the trio made good ground on the race lead and kept a good break on a building peleton behind them.

The low kms training regime on his CX is working a charm for Bob “Sponge Bob” Morley, riding probably his best race all year.
Third last year in a race that means a lot to Bob, and with 7 min and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis and Michael “the Dr” Veal for company he never missed a beat and even looked comfortable when second scratch and then scratch arrived and lifter the pace 10% each time.
The Doc is returning to racing and was a bit underdone today, the white flag going up about half way when second scratch arrived on Weatherboard Rd.

Three minutes back, give or take a minute, was the second scratch quartet of Grant “Smokey” Dawson, Darren “Flattop” Terry, Dave “Pixie” Peters and Rob Phillips.
Grant got a late start for being a good sportsman helping out Phil, but turned it on to catch up with his mark.
A good day for these riders, all big and strong and made for this sort of weather, they pushed hard into the wind and maintained a solid tempo.  Two laps in they dropped Dave who retreated to the relative comfort of scratch, where he rode particularly well to stay with scratch and stay in the race.  They caught Morley’s mob about mid race and three became five as all but Veal made the back wheel.
Bob and Peter mucked in as best they could but the headwind in the Avenue was reserved for the stronger second scratch riders, Rob and Darren.  Despite what seemed a reasonable clip nothing could be seen up the road and going into the last lap it was obvious they were going to need more fire power to bring the race back.  Turning into the Avenue for the last time with the front of the race still 5 min up the road, the foot came off the gas as the combined bunch awaited the assistance of Scratch.

How Phil Cartledge actually got to the start line is a saga that is best left to his memoirs, a combination of vehicle breakdown and bike malfunction conspiring to wreck is weekend.  Together with Tony Mirabella, Brendan Schiemer and Andrew Rushton they had some work to do to bring back 4 mins on second scratch and 26 min to Ray.
They picked up a few strays on the way including Dave Peters and Michael Veal but it wasn’t until they had rounded into Weatherboard Rd for the last time that they caught the combined second scratch and 7 min bunch.
Now a large bunch of ten was chasing the 5 riders up the road. Predictably, Phil railed the chicane corner at 50km/hr and Tony charged up Henderson’s Rd hill for the last time.  These manoeuvres testing the fortitude of the bunch, but as they crossed the Avenue, bound for home, the race appeared one km ahead.
Darren, Phil and Andrew continued to press, even Tony had a dig to see who had legs, Brendan and Andrew jumping to the challenge to close him down.  At the piggery corner the front markers were still holding 500 m and when the Scratchies started eyeballing each other for the fastest time sprint, the race seemed lost.  Enter Darren Terry who pushed forward lifting the enthusiasm for the race win and when he started to falter, it was Andrew Rushton who stepped up, sacrificing his race to make the bridge into the wind.
With 150 m to go the chase bunch blew past Brian, Albie and Ron.
With 100 m to go the pace lifted again and Graeme and Ray were caught.
With 50 m to go Tony launched, Phil on his hip, the two go to the line with nothing in it, Tony just taking the win.

The minors went to whoever was left, Peter Livitsanis stole third, Bob Morley took a stunning fourth and a tiring Darren held on for fifth.

Special thanks to the Braszell family for sponsoring the race.


1st – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)

2nd – Phil Cartledge (Scratch)

3rd – Peter Livitsanis (7 min)

4th – Bob Morley (7 min)

5th – Darren Terry (4 min)

Fastest Time – *Andrew Rushton (Scratch)

Most Aggressive/Ride of the Day – Ray Hodgson (26 min)

*Andrew awarded FT for being the next Scratch rider over the line (Race condition: Only 1 prize per rider)


Main photo at top of page –
L-R rear: Geoff Braszell, Phil Cartledge (3rd), Andrew Rushton (Fastest Time)
L-R front: Neil Braszell, Tony Mirabella (1st), Peter Livitsanis (3rd), Ray Hodgson (Most Aggressive/Ride of the Day)


L-R: Neil Braszell, Tony Mirabella (1st), Geoff Braszell


L-R: Neil Braszell, Phil Cartledge (2nd), Geoff Braszell


L-R: Neil Braszell, Peter Livitsanis (3rd), Geoff Braszell


L-R: Neil Braszell, Andrew Rushton (Fastest Time), Geoff Braszell



A Braszell track bike, circa 1950’s



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