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October 4, 2015 – Hocking Stuart Hcp – 56 km – Weatherboard

October 4, 2015 – Hocking Stuart Hcp – 56 km – Weatherboard

Hocking Stuart Handicap
Weatherboard Circuit 56 km

Veterans bicycle racing? – it’s a Young man’s sport



Rob Young has been knocking on the front door for a few weeks now.
Location, location, location…on the “Lake Straight” he just kicked it in, winning his maiden handicap with Eureka in a four up sprint.  We can expect to see more of him as he steps up his bid for the premium property podium locations.

A small but select bunch of nine riders lined up for the Hocking Stuart Handicap on a bright sunny day…well we only need three for a race, I suppose.
Raced on the Weatherboard Circuit in glorious sunshine amid flower drenched fields, the riders didn’t have time to take in their beautiful surrounds.?  Split into three groups it was two chasing three, chasing four with five minutes between each.

The “limit” bunch of Graeme Parker, Rob, Mal Rock and Greg Curnow performed very well despite some big miles and tired legs in the bunch.  They even pulled time out of the chasing bunch on the first couple of laps.

The three chasing were Brian Lee, Kevin Popeye Lee and Peter Fifi Livitsanis.  Fifi wasn’t up to it today and Kevin struggled after the second lap, but Brian was killing it, he was on song and even stuck with the scratchmen for a lap and a half – an obvious choice for ride of the day.

Scratch was a combo of Guy Falla and Brendan Scheimer, Guy was motivated and has some serious kms in his legs having competed the week before in the Masters in northern NSW.  Brendan rode well and the pair had caught the bunch in front with a lap and a half to go.  However the front of the race was a bridge too far, and despite averaging over 37 kph it ended up a sprint for fastest time, with Guy dominant.

By the fall of the hammer the Limit riders had managed to stay away and were still 1 minute 20 seconds ahead at the end.


1st – Rob Young
2nd – Greg Curnow
3rd – Mal Rock
4th – Graeme Parker
5th – Guy Falla

Fastest Time – Guy Falla (in 1:30:10, ave. 37.3 kph)

Ride of the Day – Brian Lee


Many thanks to Hocking Stuart - Ballarat for their ongoing support of the Eureka Veterans Cycling Club.


 Location, location, location…

729 Sturt Street, Ballarat

(that’s right, the part of Sturt Street where there is plenty of parking available!)

Leading the way in Victorian real estate since the mid 1980s,
the Hocking Stuart team can ably assist your every real estate need…
after all, this is the company that first introduced Sunday auctions…
simple, obvious, brilliant!

Drop in and see Tony, Tim and their Ballarat team next time you need any real estate service.


September 20, 2015 – Eureka Concrete Hcp – 60 km – Coghills Creek

September 20, 2015 – Eureka Concrete Hcp – 60 km – Coghills Creek

Eureka Concrete Handicap
Coghills Creek Circuit 60 km

Get set, get set, Mirabella first and fastest


With a race winning reputation as solid as concrete, Tony Mirabella, trowelled a hard working Guy Falla and Phil Cartledge with a solid sprint win, and steel reinforced his favouritism for back-to-back club aggregate wins.
A surprisingly small but talented field assembled in glorious spring conditions – fine and mild with a light northerly to test the legs up Cricks Hill.

First away was the hard-wearing and virtually indestructible Graeme Parker, who on his 70th birthday was unsure how the knee would hold out, so he gave himself a couple of minutes on a chasing group of four to warm it up.

Once Rob Parker, Rob Young, Barry Robinson and Mal Rock caught up with him some oil had found its way into that troublesome joint and the front markers proceeded as a group of five.  They held out well but just like working in a concrete factory the job just got harder and harder.

Some 6 minutes back was a sand:gravel:cement trio of Danny Whelan, Grant “Smokey” Dawson and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis.
These three mixed well together and held their 4 minute advantage on Scratch for the first 30km.
With such a small field the starter’s instructions to each group was to ‘play nice’ when they caught the group in front.  So when Scratch rolled through on the second big lap, they did so at a gentlemanly pace and all three of the 4 min bunch jumped on and worked turns.
This had the desired effect of bringing the front of the race back quickly and by the end of the second lap it was gruppo compacto.
However the courteous riding continued and most riders stuck their noses into the wind at some stage – Rob Young impressing many working turns with the Scratch riders.

This joy could not continue especially with Guy Falla getting edgy and floating to the front, however the reason the race blew apart was Tony’s asphalt.  He attacked hard up Quarry hill, digging out a dump truck length before Guy dropped three gears and smashed past him.  Phil Cartledge saw the danger of this move immediately and detached himself from his bottom to get across before the pair turned into the headwind.
The rest of the field was in various states of duress, Danny and Fifi had tried to stay with the three Scratchmen – while this was a bridge too far – the effort separated them from the rest by 30 metres.
Behind them was a lone Smokey, caught out by the attack he was now the wrong side of a fresh slab without a fresno, and about to turn into the headwind alone.
For Graeme, Rob and Barry, they hit a concrete wall and their race turned into a training ride with Rob Parker and Mal retiring.

By the top of Cricks hill for the last time the three Scratchies had pulled out a 500 metre lead on the chasing pair of Danny and Fifi with Smokey further back still working to close a 100 metre gap.  

Rounding Donovan’s corner and heading for home, Guy wound up the pace.  Tony’s legs were feeling good and he tried a couple of attacks.  Phil and Guy having to find something extra to close him down.
Phil was assuming that Tony had burnt a few too many matches and decided to back himself for a sprint.  Consequently, his “usual” spot – leading out the sprint – fell to Guy.
Phil should have remembered the Italian reputation for the use of cement…and that Tony is the guy who put “con” in concrete.

Downhill and downwind you have to be attentive as any gap is hard to close.  Tony jumped first hoping to surprise.  Phil was up to the task and locked onto his wheel, both skipping past Guy.  Tony surged again and Phil found that the flag came too early for him.  Tony winning a well-timed sprint as glossy as polished concrete.

To round out the minors, Danny and Fifi had worked hard enough to keep Smokey out of the contest and settled for a run to the line for 4th and 5th.  None of this “sitting on and waiting to jump the other in the sprint” rubbish, both riders lined up side by side to race to the line. With 75 metres to go, Fifi hears Danny click down, Fifi jumps first and skips clear and holds to the line for 4th.

1st – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)
2nd – Phil Cartledge (Scratch)
3rd – Guy Falla (Scratch)
4th – Peter Livitsanis (4 min)
5th – Danny Whelan (4 min)

Fastest Time – Tony Mirabella (Scratch)

Eureka Veterans CC would like to thank Eureka Concrete for sponsoring this week’s race and for their many years of supporting our club.


August 31, 2015 – Eureka Open – 57 km – Mt. Misery

August 31, 2015 – Eureka Open – 57 km – Mt. Misery

The 2015 Eureka Open has been run and won.  Geelong & Surf Coast CC have finally got their winner (after providing the runner-up in the Eureka Open three years in a row).
The country cycling clubs ruled the roost with only one prize (out of 13 prizes on offer) going to a city club.


(Photo – Finish line sprint finish)

Bravo to everyone who was able to make the starting line.  Out of the 93 riders entered, only seven failed to start on a day when conditions were gloomy.  It was a cold day, but the rain and drizzle stayed away for the duration of the race.
The course started and finished just south of the Club rooms and followed twisting-turning course that eventually went in every direction on the compass, to circumnavigate Mt.Misery anti-clockwise – for a race distance of just under 58 km.

Conditions for the 10AM start remained very cool with a light wind from the south.
The Limit riders had a forty minute start on Scratch – with eight groups in between.

2nd Limit quickly imploded as Megan Parnaby (Grampians) maintained a fearsome pace and dropped all bar one of her companions.  Only Ray Hodgson (Eureka) was able to stay with Meg, yet by the tiny hamlet of Addington Ray made a tactical decision to let Meg fly free.

The 20:30 group (4th bunch on the road) made good early progress and had made up the three minute gap to the group in front by the half way point of the race.  They then caught the remnants of 2nd Limit along Ercildoune Rd and appeared to have the race at their mercy as the groups chasing them behind were not making big enough inroads into their lead.

2nd Scratch enjoyed a 6 minute buffer over Scratch, however they failed to work smoothly early in the race.  The stronger riders took control of the bunch after the climb out of Addington.  20 kms into the race they had finally started to work smooth turns, but were now picking up riders who had been jettisoned by their own bunch.

Scratch set off at a blistering pace and had shed two of the nine starters by The Avenue of Honour.  One by one they fell off the back and by the climb out of Addington, Scratch had been reduced to just three riders…Trent Stevenson (Goulburn Vally), Ash Hall (Central) and Timshel Knoll-Miller (Warrnambool).
By eliminating the “main dangers” from the Scratch bunch, they had set themselves a monumental task in trying to win the race with so little (albeit impressive) firepower at their disposal.

As the race wore on and bunch by bunch imploded, one rider remained alone out in front – Megan Parnaby still making every post a winner – holding a few hundred metres advantage.  The chase bunch had Meg clearly in their sights as they raced down Hendersons Rd towards the final turn, but they didn’t want to close the gap too quickly.
Meg was eventually swept up at the small rise before the pig farm.

Turning into Windermere-Sulky Rd for the 2.8 km run to the finish the lead group had been whittled down to just 12 riders – however there were only ten prizes on offer.  In the sprint for the line Jamie Robinson (Geelong & Surf Coast) edged in front from Gerard Hickey (Colac) and Jane Clifton (Colac).
Fastest Time narrowly went to Trent Stevenson (Goulburn Valley) in a sprint finish with Timshel Knoll-Miller.  Trent crossed the line in 20th place and had only failed by two minutes to catch the entire field.
For host club Eureka, Barry Robinson (a relative of the winner, Jamie Robinson) was the best placed rider finishing a close 4th, with Terry Collie 6th and Robert Young 10th.

There were many stories from the day…

Noel Said travelled to Ballarat to compete in his first Open race…unfortunately the Eureka Open was being staged at Learmonth (not Ballarat) – some 20 kms out of Ballarat.
Noel got to the club rooms in time to register and get changed.  Noel made it to the start line in time, but had not pinned his race number on…so he made a mad dash back to the club rooms, then back to the start.
Noel eventually finished in 62nd position. We hope he continues to race in Opens in the future!

Greg Curnow competed in the Eastern Vets CC Graded Scratch races (at Learmonth) on Saturday, he had a very tough day at the office by all reports – getting dropped and left to ride the race by himself.
Even Greg wouldn’t have thought that things could get tougher at the Eureka Open…
Greg lasted (with his 23:30 min bunch) all of 50 metres before flatting.  Most riders would have welcomed the opportunity to say ‘oh well, I tried’, then retreated to a hot shower.  Not Greg though.  He set about repairing his flat tyre then restarted the bike race alone.
The 12:00 min bunch picked him up before the first turn and Greg tried to hang on.  Group after group dropped Greg and by the halfway point (turn into Black Bottom Rd) he was already a clear last with only the tail car for company.
Three riders abandoned the race on this day, not our Greg though!  He completed the race (83rd and last) 24 m 41 s behind the winner after virtually riding the race without a bunch.

Congratulations to Jamie, who is also the first Geelong & Surf Coast rider to win the Eureka Open.

1st – Jamie Robinson, Geelong & Surf Coast CC, (23.30 min) in 1h 44m 4s.  Average speed 33.42 kph
2nd – Gerard Hickey, Colac VCC, 23.30 min.
3rd – Jane Clifton, Colac VCC, 20.30 min.
4th – Barry Robinson, Eureka VCC, 20.30 min.
5th – Amanda Hosking, Geelong SCC, 20.30 min.
6th – Terry Collie, Eureka VCC, 20.30 min.
7th – Tina Stenos, Geelong SCC, 20.30 min.
8th – Jo O’Shaughnessy, Grampians VCC, 20.30 min.
9th – Tony Lloyd, Grampians VCC, 20.30 min.
10th – Robert Young, Eureka VCC, 23.30 min.

Fastest Time – Trent Stevenson, Goulburn VCC, (Scratch) in 1h 22m 34s.  Average speed 42.13 kph

Visiting Veteran Ride of the Day – Noel Said, Northern CC

Eureka Veteran Ride of the Day – Greg Curnow, Eureka VCC


(Photo – remnants of Scratch at 20 km)


(Photo – 2nd Scratch/6:00 min, at 30 km mark)

August 23, 2015 – W.A.R.S. race 5 – 46 km – Weatherboard

August 23, 2015 – W.A.R.S. race 5 – 46 km – Weatherboard

2015 Winter Aggregate Race Series sponsored by Europa Café

The club kindly thanks Kathryn and Jason for coming on as new sponsors in 2015.

Europa Café is located right in the centre of Ballarat at
411 Sturt Street.
Just a block and 1/2 “up” from the Town Hall, Europa Café is perfectly situated close to the Central Square shopping precinct.
If you are visiting from out of town definitely put Europa on your to do list…
if you are a local Kathryn, Jason and the team look forward to seeing you again and again and again…

Open everyday from 7:00am for breakfast and lunch.

Europa Cafe logo s

The final race in the 2015 W.A.R.S. played out in confusing circumstances akin to a Fawlty Towers scene.

Location – hotel lobby

Sybil walks in from office: ‘You won’t forget to tell them where it finishes?’
Basil looking for something in the shelves under the front desk: ‘No Dear’
Sybil inspecting the sign in book: ‘And explain the distance and number of laps correctly’
Basil rolling eyes: ‘Yes Dear’
Sybil walking back into the office, calls out: ‘And how many laps do they do?’
Basil bumping head on desk: ‘What?’
Sybil walking back in from the office: ‘I said, how many laps do they do?’
Basil slowly standing up and looking around: ‘Four?’
Sybil frowning: ‘Well yes, four laps. But make sure they know that riding up to the circuit doesn’t count as a lap! Riding to the finish isn’t a lap either.’
Basil completely ignoring Sybil and answering just to placate her: ‘Yes dear’
Sybil looking cross and snapping: ‘Basil! It is very important!’
Basil startled and standing upright: ‘I mean yes Dear, I will make sure they know that the lap up to the laps isn’t a lap and the lap after the laps isn’t a lap either’
Sybil shakes head and walks back into the office.
Basil talking to the empty lobby: ‘No Dear, thank you Dear, after another medal for stating the bleeding obvious are we? You old dragon’
Basil continues talking to the empty lobby: ‘Well of course they won’t count riding up to the laps as a lap, it’s not a lap, it’s riding from the starting place out to the place to do the laps before riding to the finish place which isn’t a lap either, I mean really, why don’t we just have it tattooed on everyone’s…’
Sybil walks back into the office: ‘What was that?’
Basil startled: ‘Oh I was just saying don’t worry they’re in safe hands Dear.’
Sybil glares, shakes head and walks back into the office: ‘You really have no idea’

And so it came to pass that the advertised 56 kilometre handicap race was reduced to 46 kilometres after the entire field rode one less lap of the Weatherboard circuit than was required.
Being the last race in the 2015 Winter Aggregate Race Series also meant that there was effectively two races being run…the race for overall victory in the series and the race for line honours on the day.

John Creek was leading the Winter Aggregate Race Series by a few points from ‘Stay Away’ Ray Hodgson and Peter ‘Fifi’ Livitsanis.  The winner of the W.A.R.S. would come from this trio.

At the front of the race, (limit riders) Ray Hodgson and John Faulkner were managing their efforts so that when the inevitable “catch” came, they would be able to hang on and maybe contest the final sprint.

Second Limit containing Greg Curnow, Graeme Parker and Rob Young were riding even turns and steadily chewing away at the advantage the Limit riders held.

The “race within the race” was largely contested by the large middle bunch. Fifi entered the day determined to make every effort count. Sensing vulnerability in Creekie (whom had been carrying a cold all week), Fifi set a high pace from the start and kept driving his bunch which also included Creekie.
Creekie retired from the race early on after struggling with his cold and the demanding pace.

Back at the front of the race a lively debate was had regarding just how many laps of the Weatherboard circuit were required.  Receiving the bell swayed the majority of riders and they crossed Avenue Rd and headed down Hendersons Rd for “home”.

All the following groups followed suit – and so a complete lap was missed.

By this stage the lead group had dwindled to just four riders – Greg, Robert and Graeme pushing the pace, with Ray hanging on and recovering as much as possible for the final sprint.
In no mans land, John Faulkner was also racing towards the finishing line.

The 7 strong chase group had the leaders in their sights as they roared down Hendersons Rd…but the gap seemed too far…
The leaders rounded the corner at the Pig Farm and kept working together to ensure the win was theirs.

Nearing the finish and the lead bunch were looking around at each other – when Ray jumps out of the bunch and easily wins the sprint by 6 lengths from the 2nd limit riders.
John rolled through a minute later – still in no-man’s land.
The large chase bunch (which included Kevin Lee, Dan Whelan, Brian Lee, Bob Morley, Phil Cartledge and Grant Dawson) saw a lively sprint finish for 6th place contested by Pete Livitsanis and Dan Whelan…with Fifi just taking the honours.
A well beaten Scratch group rolled through soon after.

1st – Ray Hodgson
2nd – Robert Young
3rd – Graeme Parker
4th – Greg Curnow
5th – John Faulkner

A post race meeting by the referee group decided that no points would be allocated from this event for the 2015 Winter Aggregate Race Series.
It was established:
1. that all the competitors rode 10 kilometres less than the advertised race distance
2. the handicaps for the race were based upon a 56 km race – not a 46 km race
3. the shortened race put many riders at a disadvantage and impacted upon their chance to win

It was decided that the fairest option to finalise the 2015 W.A.R.S. was to use the points table that existed at the completion of race 4 in the series.

2015 Winter Aggregate Race Series – final standings
1st – John Creek
2nd – Ray Hodgson
3rd – Peter Livitsanis

In a final hommage to Basil Fawlty…
‘Listen, don’t mention the W.A.R.S. I mentioned them once, but I think I got away with it all right’

Europa Cafe logo s

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