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March 29, 2015 – Graded criteriums – Production Drive, Alfredton


Blue sky, light winds, a beautiful day for fast racing…
Only Brendan was complaining of the cold – no pleasing some people!

16 riders in three grades might not sound like much, but it was a day of action and drama.

A Grade
Miller Time (trial)…

Shane Miller was nearly always in command of this race, racing on the front and setting a high tempo from the get go he was keen for a testing race. A few brief flurries of activity off the front to get things going and test some legs, but the field stayed as one for the first 20 minutes.
Charlie Stebbing, nestled in mid field, looked comfortable and in good knick for next weeks championships, he clocked the 5th fastest lap of the crit course and a KOM for the back straight.
Lindsay Burgoyne was being tested at the back but soldiered on doggedly. With the race all together it was Tony Mirabella who emerged out of the bunch to take the intermediate sprint. This lifted the tempo another notch.
Brendan Schiemer’s adrenalin levels spiked and he took off, opening a gap, he persisted for a full nasty lap, the other four chased hard knowing that Brendan would just keep going if left out there. They caught him, but at a price, Shane looked deep into the eyes of his foes and saw only pain and suffering – he counter attacked and no one reacted.
With a good half hour to go Shane was in for a solo Ride of the Day Time Trial to hold off the field. A fantastic ride by Shane, setting new course records in the process.
The chase put Charlie out the back followed by Lindsay, Charlie hung up the spurs and retired, Lindsay kept going even after all hope was gone. This left just Tony and Brendan to chase Shane, they managed to stop the gap growing any larger but struggled to make any inroads into Shane’s lead. Tony Mirabella was out on the old blue bike this week, the ‘good” bike was at home all shiny and ready for next week, however the old blue bike knows its number two now and doesn’t like that, late in the race it decided to fail Tony when he needed it the most – a pedal malfunction put Tony on the sidelines, leaving Brendan, a distant second to Shane, to chase alone. Over the line it was Shane first, lots of daylight then Brendan and the ever persistent Lindsay taking third.

1st Shane Miller
2nd Brendan Schiemer
3rd Lindsay Burgoyne
Int Sprint Tony Mirabella

B Grade
Blood and guts…

It might have been the scent of increased prize money, or perhaps a heightened desire to race hard, but today was one of the most fiercely contested and dramatic B Grade crits in club history.
With no quarter asked or given it was a drag ‘em out, knock ‘em down dog fight on wheels.
Things got off to a quick start with Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis leading the field around the first few laps, brisk but not insane.
The handicapper had dropped Veronica Micich into B Grade somewhat reluctantly expecting that she may struggle. He needn’t have worried, Von not only settled in well, as her confidence grew, she became one of the main animators of the race. Time and time again Von was stepping off the front and opening gaps, but respect from the other racers came in the form of Bob Morley counter attacking once she had been reeled in – chivalry is indeed dead and the blue touch paper had been lit.
Steven “Kanga” Kennedy wasn’t taking anyone’s side and put the race into the gutter and attacked off the front. Dave “Pixie” Peters is an enigma, he can explode up the road and destroy a field and then half a lap later sits up, but Dave was in good knick today and chased down and eclipsed Fifi for the intermediate sprint.
Rob Parker was watching all this happening from his comfortable armchair at the back of the race, however he found the going a bit tough late in the race when the fireworks started.
Bob was up for it today, determined to get a win on the board, he even tried leaping off the front, Fifi waited until he was well up the road then jumped across, they were clear for a lap but the determined Von brought the field back together again.
Despite the constant barrage of attacks no one could break free and it was looking like a final sprint would be inevitable. So it came to pass, 5 riders going hard for the final corner.
The bar room brawler, Morley wound it up and went into the corner like a cannonball, a very fast tight line, his bike below the 45 degree angle, such an aggressive attack into the corner would surely have won him the race – if he could hold it. Pixie had reacted and was on Bob’s back wheel when physics took over, perhaps Bob was too tight into the corner, too fast, centre of gravity too low, a little touch of the pedal on the road saw the bike side out from under him and Bob hit the deck hard.
With Bob turning himself into peanut butter on the road, red lights and alarm bells were ringing for the rest of the field, no time to pull up, evasive action was required.
Pixie, Fifi and Kanga all headed right, into the grass at 40 kmh. Fifi took the tightest line, missing Bob by centimetres, corrected first to get back on course and slip over the line for a Bradbury-esque win, albeit a hollow one.
Pixie rolled over second with Kanga third but the sprint was really to get back to Bob who had lost a lot of bark off his right leg and torn his knuckles up which later required stitches.

1st Peter Livitsanis
2nd Dave Peters
3rd Steven Kennedy
Int Sprint Dave Peters

C Grade
Mr Efficient/RockSTAR gets the job done…

Mal Rock again stamped his authority on C Grade crit racing with another superb example of sprinting when he needs to, taking both the intermediate sprint and the race win.
An evenly matched group of 5 was always going to be sorted out, not in a daring breakaway, but in a final charge for the line.
Regardless, the sagely Terry Collie, Saintly Sue Parker, General Graeme Parker and Rob Young (who will get a nickname soon enough) kept a close eye on RockSTAR and each-other, just in case someone got a rush of blood to the head or had eaten too many wheeties for breakfast.
To ensure that the level of enthusiasm for a break was kept in check the race was conducted at a fair clip.
Rob Young again impressing his fellow riders with a solid performance, a “former” limit rider he continues to make big improvements and was equal to this C grade field today, in fact featuring on the podium.
Kudos also to Sue, although lightly raced she, kept the boys honest and rode a smart race.
General Graeme got the race underway and made sure the kids were going to play nice then quietly retired to watch from the side lines.
With the usually explosive sprinter, Graeme, out of the picture, RockSTAR’s stocks soared. The only remaining question was whether the guile of Terry could outsmart RockySTAR’s sprinting prowess.
Today the answer was brawn over brains and Rocky scooted clear around the last corner and held fast finishing Terry and Rob.

1st Mal Rock
2nd Terry Collie
3rd Rob Young
Int Sprint Mal Rock

March 15, 2015 – Graded Scratch races – Windmill circuit/Mt. Beckworth Rd

March 15, 2015 – Graded Scratch races – Windmill circuit/Mt. Beckworth Rd

First things first – what to call the new circuit?  Suggestions are welcome, keep it clean and/or funny.

On a day with a howling SSE wind, success came today to those that know that you can’t change the direction of the wind but you can change your tactics.
Despite a wind that would remove paint, 21 riders lined up in 3 graded scratch races. The new 50+km course, featured 1 lap of the Windmill circuit, then an extended segment up Coghills Creek Road with a turn-around on top of a rise near Mt Beckworth.



A Grade
Hooray, today A Grade decided they would like to race in numbers! Seven quality starters, including a couple of riders in stellar form backing up from some very successful races the day and week before. In particular Matt Bowman and Phil Cartledge have been flying at recent championship races and taking podium places in their respective age groups – chapeaux! Today the magnificent 7 started smartly, Brendan Schiemer testing legs and animating the race early with a flurry of enthusiasm off the front, Lindsay Burgoyne and Phil working well to bring it all back together. Michael “Doc” Veal found himself in A grade, a bitter sweet recognition of his talent, he performed admirably, only displaced on an uphill headwind segment on the way home.
Dean “Phantom” Wells found the early going tough after taking too many turns on the front, and was soon dangling dangerously off the back with Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman. Was this a deliberated tactic? Dean trying to back Matt off the race? Matt was determined not to get shelled and jumped hard in pursuit, leaving Dean in his wake. At full tilt he finally hit the back of the field at mid race and with the adrenalin still burning in his veins he immediately executed the “Bowman manoeuvre”, a viscious attack off the front followed by a Cancellara-esque thigh burning time trial effort guaranteed to remove sphincters. An audacious move that the rest of the field has seen before but still can’t take seriously – how could he stay away by himself into 15km of block headwind?
Matt was up the road a couple of hundred metres before anyone decided to react. It was the Italian Stallion, Tony Mirabella, who saw the opportunity to split the race and in a series of surges eventually found Matt’s burning back wheel at the turnaround. They knuckled down and worked together into the wind on the return journey holding off the chasing 5.
Of course Tony had saved a little for the finish and at the moment is more than a match for Matt in a sprint – but for how long? The chasers had settled to battle it out for third and it was the other in form rider, Phil Cartledge who ground out the best headwind finish to take a well deserved third.

1st Tony Mirabella
2nd Matt Bowman
3rd Phil Cartledge



B Grade
Shane “Jedi” Cody handed out a racing lesson on the difference between just racing strong and racing smart. A good win in his second race back, we can expect to see more results soon. The Jedi master is on the comeback trail and while form can come and go, smart bike riders are always smart. Shane picked his wheels well today and kept himself tidy, countering when he had to and finally, jumping with conviction in the sprint. A well matched group of 8 riders tilted their bikes sideways off the start, up towards the quarry. Grant “Smokey” Dawson was under the weather today, saddling up with B Grade rather than A Grade. While he might have been feeling a little off colour, he made most of the going, especially into the wind, and he was also the main antagonist initiating most of the race defining selections.
Downhill, downwind Albie “Honolulu” Govan and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis took the opportunity to do their share on the front, pressing up Cricks Hill at an insane 50+kmh. Bob Morley and Rob Parker had settled into a rhythm and were racing well, letting others counter moves and selecting the right wheels to follow.
He doesn’t talk much but Danny Whelan has got a motor, and with his blue jacket flapping wildly in the wind he rode with true grit, dispatched a couple of times in the run home he found plenty to still be with the leaders on Donovan’s Rd the last time. He’s clearly got a big race in him somewhere down the road.
Great to see Steven Kennedy on the start line too, although up the hill to the turnaround the rest of the field wished he’d stayed at home, as he attacked and split the field, Smokey, Jedi and Fifi struggling to stay on his wheel, with Danny a little further back. Honolulu, Morley and Parker were doomed to a fruitless chase – 3 chasing 5 was never going to work, but chase they did. Smokey wasn’t happy taking 5 to the line and attacked into the wind, Jedi immediately jumped as well which unhitched Steven and Danny for a while, they dug deep to claw their way back on, so Smokey attacked again up the hill out of Coghills Ck. Some desperate riding saw all 5 riders turn into Donovan’s Rd together.
3km out, Jedi is on the move – knowing that he could take it all the way, Fifi chases to find his wheel, the two were clear for a short while but the gas ran out of the attack and Steven and Smokey rejoined. This quartet settled down for a final sprint finish – and they left it late – 50 metres out Grant can wait no longer and leads out, Jedi sitting on him and Fifi winding up on third wheel. 20 metres out Jedi pushes the hyperspace button and distances everyone else to ride away with a commanding victory. Fifi edges out the hardworking Smokey for second, with Steven finishing off a good ride in fourth.

1st Shane Cody
2nd Peter Livitsanis
3rd Grant Dawson



C Grade
Barry Robinson should write a book on training techniques for the veteran cyclist. He’s found some voodoo magic this year that is clearly working miracles and sees him in standout form. He’s also got courage, on such a windy day to see the diminutive Bazza ride away from the field to win is impressive.
C Grade also welcomed back Ed “the Black” Rozychi, a lightly raced colt with a bright future, he was comfortable all race and with experience will no doubt develop his ability to read a race and how to win. Graeme Parker has been battling is own demons, a dodgey knee can take the edge off his race, today he had enough to ensure that Barry got clear in the finish then surrendered before he blew the knee up again. It was a day made for Greg “Cadel” Curnow, this brute of a racer relishes difficult conditions and loves to inflict pain – on others and himself, until neither can take anymore. He railed against the wind, cursing the gods for their lack of pity until, finally, the wind (and Barry’s final attack) broke him, and he fluttered like an empty husk to the back of the bunch.
A big step up for our new recruit Rob Young, a strong C Grade field was going to be a true test, but Rob embraced the challenge (and probably welcomed the opportunity to race in a bunch of more than 2), with a few coaching suggestions from Graeme he rode a solid race and wasn’t far off the podium either, a great ride which won him Ride of the Day.
Tony Herbert’s racing is improving with every outing, with grim determination and dosing his efforts he reserved a little something for the finish.
With Barry up the road, clear and victorious it came down to a race for the minors, the remaining 5 riders all still in the mix turning into Donovan’s Rd.
The strong block headwind favoured those that were incredibly strong or cunning. With a lack of the former (strength), the later quality (cunning) was the determining factor.
Ed timed his finish well to eclipse the bunch for second with the shrewd Tony taking third.

1st Barry Robinson
2nd Ed Rozychi
3rd Tony Herbert
ROD Rob Young

March 1, 2015 – 58 km Coghills Creek Hcp – Honolulu’s Heist

March 1, 2015 – 58 km Coghills Creek Hcp – Honolulu’s Heist


(sing to The Beach Boys “Little deuce coupe”)

I’m not braggin’ babe so don’t put me down,
But I’ve got the fastest set of wheels in town
When someone comes up to me he don’t even try
Cause if I had a set of wings man I know I could fly
She’s my little deuce coupe
You don’t know what I got…
Albie “Honolulu” Govan went on his own personal surfing safari, shredding his bunch, then the race.
With the chiselled visage of an Easter Island head masking the pain, Honolulu rode his Black Malibu on a wave of adrenalin all the way to the beach to record an impressive handicap victory.
A stiff southerly had whipped up a choppy swell and while the paddle out to Coghills Creek was wind assisted the journey back to shore down the treacherous face of Donovan’s Rd was a little more challenging.  But while the rest of the field struggle to pick up a wave, Honolulu was in the green room.
First to wax up was Stay Away Ray Hodgson and new rider (if we don’t count his barnstorming win in the 2013 Eureka Open!) Ron Stranks – welcome Ron – off 26 min, not a day for the front markers riding two up in that wind and while they toiled clear of the field for a while, they were soon lost out the back.
In their wake was Graeme Parker and his salty dogs, the bronzed icon Barry Robinson in scintillating form and the board busting Greg ‘Cadel’ Curnow off 18 min.  Both Barry and Greg were riding strongly and were keen to press on but had to wait for the right set to come through.
They didn’t have to wait long as it arrived with vengeance in the form of the 7 strong tidal wave of Albie’s 12 min mob.  Along with Albie ripping the legs off everyone, big bad Brad “Crit Monster” Eppingstall was pushing hard into the wind with everyone looking for the shelter of his wheel, Brian Lee was riding consistently and probably would have fared better in the race if not for a dropped chain.  Kevin “Popeye Lee” was a bit off his game but managed to ride along with the Brian until picked up by the next chasing bunch.  John Creek’s form is lifting and he was in the money until the last two kms.  Matt Ritchie was making his first appearance for the year and had to dig deep to stay in touch, he put what he had on the road early but hit a reef in the back half of the race.  Shane “Jedi” Cody returned from the carbonite, looking more Jabba the Hutt than Jedi Knight he, and the also not-so-diminutive Albie, were keeping the pressure up on the bunch, Jedi excelled on the flat, but struggled a little on the last climb.
It was a war of attrition as Albie and co caught and then shelled the riders ahead, however it also took a toll on the original 7 as they were also dropped, only the evergreen Barry Robinson and the Jedi Master could go with Albie on the final push for home.
Into Donovans Rd for the last time, having just shelled Creeky and Cadel, Honolulu and Barry then dispatched Jedi on the final rise.  Albie pushed clear of Barry to stretch out a winning margin, Barry taking second, a tiring Jedi hung on for third.
These three were well clear with fourth a minute or so back.
The back half of the race was close at the end without really ever being in the hunt.  It wasn’t until the last km that the middle markers and the back markers came together for a sprint for fourth and fifth.
The 7 min quintet of Bob Morley, Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis, Rob “Mr Smooth” Parker, Danny Whelan and the human dynamo Peter Kiel rode well – driven largely by Pete who claimed Ride of the Day.  Kiely’s first race back for a while but even still he was irrepressible.  Bob rode exceedingly well, he rode his nuts off to stay with the bunch that gradually whittled down to three, and, nutless, he was in the mix at the end for a shot at the minors.  Danny is improving with every ride and again today showed he is made of stern stuff pulling big turns out front, it was one of these that lead to his demise on the last lap where he perhaps overcooked his turn, redlined and blew up.
Rob was a bit of an enigma today, looking very comfortable and riding with panache he disappeared on Donovan’s road in the wind.  Driven on by the energiser bunny Kiely, the 7 minuters were making good headway and by mid race had started to pick up the casualties of an exploding front of the race and the flotsam and jetsam of riders that Albie was leaving behind him.
Some of these riders regrouped and worked in, Brian, Brad and Popeye latching on and sharing the work.  But despite picking up Cadel and Creeky, (who were both pedalling squares), on the final run down Donovans Rd they never saw the front of the race.  A red flag on Blowhard corner may not have cost the 7 min bunch a shot at the win but did result in them being caught with a km to go by the combined scratch and second scratch bunch.
Tony Mirabella, Phil Cartledge and Brendan Schiemer had taken off quickly and with purpose to catch the larger second scratch bunch, on a windy day a combined 7 had more hope than 3 alone off scratch.  This tactic proved fruitful as they pulled in the 3 min bunch of Michael Veal, Shane Butler, Darren Terry and Grant Dawson on the second lap.  Darren was suffering from man-flu but rode on doggedly, Grant was pleased to hang on and contribute to a talented bunch of riders after struggling in earlier races, The Doc Veal had been moved back but acquitted himself well being just off the back wheel of fifth and Shane has a steely face that shows no pain but today hurt a lot.
With the race nowhere on the horizon it was a race for 4th, 5th and fastest.  The headwind finish discouraged a long raid, but with 200m to go Phil tried to sneak off the front, Tony already had his motor running, he popped the clutch and opened a gap on the chasing Brendan, the pair scooting clear to claim 4th (and fastest) and 5th respectively.

1st Albie Govan
2nd Barry Robinson
3rd Shane Cody
4th Tony Mirabella
5th Brendan Schiemer
FT Tony Mirabella
RoD Peter Kiel

February 22, 2015 – 42 km Hcp race on a windy Weatherboard course – Oh Danny Boy

February 22, 2015 – 42 km Hcp race on a windy Weatherboard course – Oh Danny Boy

P1014263What was going to be graded scratch racing was hastily re-shod as a handicap due to the lack of A Grade material (they all preferred to stand on corners today).
A strong ride saw Danny Whelan stay clear of a tenacious field of pursuers to engrave his palmares with a maiden EVCC win.

First away was Rob Young off 14 minutes, it was going to be a lonely time trial into the wind at best, however the loneliness didn’t last long.  The 10 minute bunch of Greg Curnow, Mal Rock, Barry Robinson and Tony Herbert rounded him up early.  Greg doing a power of work into the wind.
The winning 8 min bunch also bridged the 2 minute gap quickly driven on by the terrifying Danny and the consistent stay all day Brian Lee.  Brad “Crit Monster” Eppingstall is lightly raced this season, his early race effort kept the bunch clear but he didn’t have the juice to go all the way today.
With the 14, 10 and 8 min riders combined the pace didn’t relax as the core of this not so well oiled machine Danny, Barry and Brian were keen to press on – success lay in staying clear and maxing out the efforts from everyone in the bunch.  This tactic worked but took a terrible toll and the 8 riders were distilled down to the hardcore group of three.
With a lap to go they still commanded a 2 min lead, with a large bunch chasing it was going to touch and go.
Finally they rounded the pig farm corner for the big push into the wind to the line.  Danny found another gear and ground his way clear, stretching out a race winning gap.  Brian and Barry took a quick look around to see if scratch were on them, scratch were back there and closing fast, both Barry and Brian dug deep to fend them off and were successful in claiming the podium places, Brian leaving Barry to take second.
In the final analysis 15 seconds is all that separated the winner and scratch.
Meanwhile, at the back of the race….. Morley’s 5 minute marauders were pretty lethargic, Albie “Honolulu” Govan and John Creek dashing their race hopes the day before with a smash fest training ride back from Clunes, both struggled when the backmarkers caught them.  Rob “Mr Smooth” Parker was in strife with mechanical trouble with a cleat however you could hardly tell he was pedalling one legged.  The cleat issue disappeared as soon as it he finished the race.  He and the sprightly Bob Morley had the legs in the bunch today.  Bob was on a flyer, comfortable in the bunch and comfortable to step it up as the pace increased with the arrival of the backmarkers, he kept his nose out of the wind and clung to third wheel late in the race until he could not hang on any more.
Chasing Bob’s mob was Grant “General Smokey” Dawson with Dave “Pixie” Peters and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis in tow.  Smokey is a brute and had Dave in trouble on the first few hills, he drove the trio from the front all the way up the Avenue at a cracking pace for the first lap.  Pixie recovered and settled into the work, good race from Dave who preserved his energy for late in the race when he really needed it.
Scratch was a pairing of Phil “Farky”Cartledge and Andrew “Sparky” Rushton who were very keen to catch Smokey’s trio 2 minutes up the road before they caught the 5 min bunch, 2 chasing 3 is a lot more achievable than 2 chasing 7.  The dynamic duo set a blistering KOM pace along Weatherboard Rd and reeled in Smokey’s bunch just into the second lap.  The combined 5 then “played nice” to bring back Bob’s mob who by then were well in sight.  By the Henderson’s Rd corner they were caught and the peloton swelled to 9.
The front of the race by this time had started to splinter and gradually the casualties were picked up and disposed of Rob, Greg “Cadel” Curnow, Mal “RockSTAR” Rock and the Crit Monster.  However a few riders remained unaccounted for and the pace lifted again.
Farky and Sparky lead the chasers through the Weatherboard Rd chicane at terrifying speeds, this threw Mr Smooth, Creekie, Honolulu and Fifi off the back, Fifi had just enough to get back on but the other three were gone.
Last lap and the front markers were still out of sight, Farky and Sparky repeated the dose through the chicane this time Fifi couldn’t cling on, Smokey and Pixie jumped around him and rejoined.  Bob was sitting pretty in third wheel.  Over the Henderson’s Rd hill and across the Avenue they dropped Bob, Dave and Smokey towards the pig farm, in ride of the day the irrepressible Bob jumped around Dave and Smokey and got back on.
Farky and Sparky could now see the leaders and were pressing hard, they spurted again and Bob’s sphincter gave out and he was gone.
Close but not close enough, with the win gone Sparky hit Farky to take fastest time.  Smokey dragged Dave back to Bob and they beat each other up for sixth.

1st Danny Wheelan
2nd Brian Lee
3rd Barry Robinson
4th Andrew Rushton
5th Phil Cartledge
FT: Andrew Rushton
RoD: Bob Morley

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