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June 29, 2014: The W.A.R.S Battle 1 – Coghills Creek Handicap

And so it came to pass, in the year of our Lord 2014, the Great War began, to be fought out over 4 races through the most miserable bits of a Ballarat winter. No trophies, just honour, glory and a small stack of cash to the ultimate victor.

A small field of 14 rallied to the call for Battle 1 – “The Mud, the Blood and the Gears”, to be fought on the Coghills Creek circuit. With the temperature never getting above 4C for the race, the fridge in the clubrooms was warmer. Rain, sleet and a vicious SW wind with teeth as sharp as a Uruguayan striker meant this was a day for only the hard men (and women, sorry Lees), a day when you pray for your toes to go numb so you can’t feel how cold they are, a day when you press on even when all hope is lost, a day when heroes are born.

And today was that day, today Jonathon Lacey and Smokey Dawson proved their worth. For good measure Lacey had ridden out for the race, just to acclimatise and “warm” up. Off 7 minutes and with Bob Braszell on board, they weren’t waiting for scratch, this was a day for ambitious tactics. Such was the fury of these Stormtroopers, they took time out of scratch on the first lap and had all but rounded up the 10 minute bunch, but they had lost Bob. Bob had retreated to the relative ease of the scratch bunch and in a determined ride he held them to the finish.

Just like old times, the 10 minute bunch consisted of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Bob Morley, Peter Livitsanis and Rod Hetherington. This band of brothers has fought many campaigns in the past and were working well and impressed with their progress, they had picked up a lone John Creek whose partner off 13 mins, Michael Veal, had stopped in at a farm in Coghills Creek for a cuppa and wait for his mechanic. Then the bomb hit. Up to the quarry on lap two the sirens went off, the Dawson and Lacey blitzkrieg had arrived. Livitsanis, acting under orders from a barking Sergeant Morley nearly broke his chain to grab a wheel. Dawson put a little spurt in and went 20 metres out in front, Morley barked at him too, but instead of coming back he just stayed out there, then Lacey backed the bunch off further, then hit the turbo to jump across to Dawson, again the bunch was scrambling for wheels, alarm bells and red lights going off everywhere.

But the wounds were many and the climb up Cricks Hill and drag to Coghills Creek took its toll, first Fifi, then Creekie, then Muncher, all casualties of the relentless onslaught, they regrouped and fought a rear-guard action home, taking another whack from scratch for good measure. Big Rod Knee held firm with Dawson and Lacey for a while but he didn’t last much longer either, he stayed clear of scratch and somewhere in no-mans land he found fourth place.

Two laps down and scratch had hardly made an impression on the two-man juggernaut, so inspired was this pairing they had only lost 2 minutes to scratch.

The scratch bunch was plenty powerful, numbers on a windy day count for a lot and starting with four chasing three you would expect they would have an advantage, well they did but not as much as you would expect. Phil Cartledge was grinding out a steady and solid tempo, Andrew Rushton put the fire in the bunch and the in-form Dan Hale provided plenty of horsepower. Dean Griffin started with them but went MIA out the back, released from duties he was the only non-finisher of the day. Two laps in and scratch were beginning to wonder where the front of the race might be. They rounded up the rolling wounded of Creekie, Fifi and Muncher who wiped the crap from their faces and in slobbering grunts and gestures indicated that the race was a long way up the road and moving fast.

For Dawson and Lacey it was just the last shorter lap and find the front of the race. Up ahead in the gloom, the limit duo of Lisa Ritchie and Mal Rock had kept the dogs of war at bay for most of the race, but somewhere out the back Dawson and Lacey slipped by in the rain. At this point Mal wasn’t sure where he was in the race, he started off limit and two riders had gone past – simple enough math, but Mal was befuddled in the tempest. Fairly convinced he must be in an OK position he abandoned any pretext of chivalry and left Lisa to struggle on as best she could, Mal seizing the opportunity for a podium finish, he stayed clear of a determined Rod to claim third.

So it was down to two, the two brave gladiators that had wreaked such havoc and devastation, had to now fight it out to the death. There is nowhere to hide in a two man finish and with faces twisted in agony each sought an advantage, finally Lacey finds half a bike length and the cross headwind bayonets Grant’s will and Lacey is free to fly for victory.

In now what is a skirmish for fifth and fastest, the scratch bunch was just cresting the final hill on Donovans road. When Sparky Rushton took a flat 200m out it was Dan Hale who had the gears to take the sprint.

Ride of the Day? Well after finishing his pleasant cuppa and drying his kit in front of the open fire, Michael Veal’s mechanic, Bill, showed up with a replacement wheel. Michael promptly repaired his Merckx, climbed aboard, bid his hosts farewell and rolled out to re-join proceedings. It takes an iron will to start a race on a day like that, but it takes something extraordinary to start it twice. To further prove his mettle Michael then got dropped twice and still rode out the distance.

It’s not too late to enlist – “The Wars” is a four race series, but only your best three finishes count toward the aggregate. So come and enjoy how good hot soup makes you feel after racing in Siberia. Special thanks to Dean Wells for sponsoring this racing series for masochists.


1st           Jonathon Lacey

2nd          Grant Dawson

3rd           Mal Rock

4th           Rod Hetherington

5th           Dan Hale

FT           Dane Hale

RoD        Michael Veal


June 1, 2014 – Windmill circuit, graded Scratch

June 1, 2014 – Windmill circuit, graded Scratch

Eureka Veterans Race Report  -1st June 2014

Eureka Veterans Cycling Club

Graded Scratch Race – Windmill Circuit

1 June 2014

Welcome to the first day of winter. Overnight rain had left the roads wet and dampened the enthusiasm of potential starters, after much deliberation racing continued with two groups of 6 assembling for a start. Given a broad range of riders in each grade, the starters orders were for essentially a training ride for the first two laps and race the last lap. At the end of the day average race times weren’t that much different to regular racing with both grades insisting on an honest hit out.

A grade

A solid training ride for the A graders interrupted only briefly by a race on the last lap. Tony was the aggressor jumping clear of the bunch on the Quarry hill, it took ride of the day from Phil to drag the bunch back onto his wheel. A confidence building ride from Phil who is just back after injury. Dean Wells knew he had no hope in the final sprint and decided to attack and see how long he could hold on, Darren Terry was keen to see that break brought back and shoulder the burden on the front. Sitting patiently in the bunch waiting his turn was Dean Griffin who left his effort for the final sprint, with Tony clear and sailing toward a win the tussle for the minors saw Dean find that little bit extra to take second ahead of a gallant Phil in third.


1st           Tony Mirabella

2nd          Dean Griffin

3rd           Phil Cartledge


RoD        Phil Cartledge


B Grade

Matt Riff Raff Bowman’s purple patch continues. Fresh from ultimate glory at Rochester, out latest Open victor scored another win with a devastating final kick from what everyone else thought was a long way out. Matt used a passing ute to distract the bunch that were settling for a sprint to jump clear, and gain a good break on the race, he then really put the hammer down and rode clear. Matt Ritchie had his wheel, but only momentarily, as he was left in Riff Raff’s wake, Ritchie got up to sprint but his legs said ‘non’ and he sat down again. Peter Fifi Livitsanis, who had lifted the pace of the race from the Coghills creek corner the lap before and sat on the front for the final lap, didn’t have much left for the sprint, he managed to chase down Ritchie, then sat up and was pipped on the line by the cackling cad Cadel Curnow who had just got his diesel engine and massive gear up to speed.


1st           Matt Bowman

2nd          Greg Curnow

3rd           Peter Livitsanis

25 May, 2014 – Mt Misery circuit, handicap

25 May, 2014 – Mt Misery circuit, handicap


Eureka Veterans Cycling Club


Handicap – Mt Misery Circuit


25 May 2014


“We have the technology, we can rebuild him….”


Mal “Steve Austin” Rock culminated his comeback from cycling oblivion, following a series of dodgy knee issues, with a bionic sprint to just eclipse Barry “Mr Evergreen” Robinson and a tenacious Graeme Parker in an exciting finale to a challenging day on Mt Misery.


First away into the wind, low cloud, and fog was Ray Hodgson and his carer John Faulkner with a 25 min advantage on scratch. Both men have had some time away from the bike recently but little did the rest of the field know that once they disappeared into the mist that they wouldn’t be seen again until very late in the race and even then how tenacious these two can be. Ray in particular demonstrating that once he’s warmed up he can rattle along just fine, for his outstanding performance he was awarded Ride of the Day.


Ten minutes back was the day’s winning bunch, Mal Rock was doing as he was told and only being growled at occasionally, Barry Robinson further added to the theory in veterans cycling that performance is inversely related to training, Graeme “General Patton” Parker is as unstoppable as a Panzer in Poland, which just left poor Tony Herbert who had to let go of this juggernaut half way around. An excellent ride by the surviving threesome to stay clear and take it to the line for a sprint finish, which went to a photo to separate them.


The 12 min bunch of Terry Constable, Terry Collie and Greg Curnow lost its way in the fog and was dismantled fairly early, although surviving the climb they were not making any inroads on the bunch in front Terry Collie abandoned ship on Black Bottom Rd, Terry Constable and Greg road well, being rolled up in the run for home.


Bob ‘the Toreador” Morley had his work cut out for him in the 7 min bunch, trying to tame two raging bulls. Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman was all over the shop, jump to the left, step to the right, but it was his pelvic thrust that was driving his bunch insane, leapfrogging the bunch to do extra turns just after being off the back up the hills. When Matt wasn’t banging-on on the front, Scott “Reduction Man” Denno took up the work, snorting fire and providing plenty of power on the front. Kevin “Popeye” Lee was resplendent in his new jersey (life imitating art? – next we’ll see Albie in a blue skinsuit and a white beanie?), however today while his bunch nursed him up the climbs, he didn’t quite have it and was soon out the back looking for a can opener. With Bob’s gaze firmly on hubs, the two young bulls raged along Ercildoune Rd, averaging over 35km/hr they weren’t going to be caught, but would they last? Reduction Man was the first to bail out of the hurt locker just before the last corner, which left just Bob and Riff Raff to chase for the minor placings, Bob had worn his quarry down sufficiently to execute the coup de gras on the line and take fourth spot.


On the chopping block today was the second scratch volunteers of Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis, Richard “Robocop” Taylor and Darren “Dazza” Terry. If Darren was worried about strength and form he needn’t have bothered, while being very well behaved to keep the trio together he was doing a lot of the work on the front (and sometimes off the front). With 4 min on a Scratch bunch of 4 it was only a matter of time before the catch, but thanks to Dazza’s lack of ability to feel pain what so ever the catch didn’t arrive until the last 2 kms. Robocop never enjoys Darren slowly ripping his legs off, and on Black Bottom road he retreated to the relative safety of the scratch bunch for a rest. This left Dazza, with Fifi tucked in his pocket, to press on. At the Weatherboard Rd Dazza took off up the hill, scratch came through and Fifi jumped on to the back wheel of Dan Hale and Lindsay Burgoyne who were chasing Tony Mirabella home. A strong ride from Dazza saw him stay clear of scratch for the whole race.


Tony “Thoroughbred” Mirabella was working his scratch bunch so hard no one really wanted his wheel, Dean Griffin ended up with it, and trying to hang onto it proved is final demise late on Ercildoune Rd. Dan Hale and Lindsay Burgoyne made up a quartet that probably had the fire power to catch the race, however all they really saw was the carnage left behind by the groups up the road that must have been drilling it. In the race for fastest time, Tony set off just before the Weatherboard Rd corner and opened a gap up the rise, when he passed Fifi he wasn’t even breathing hard, but chasing him Dan and Lindsay certainly were. While from behind, it looked like Tony was really just jogging along, Dan and Lindsay were on the rivet and couldn’t pull him back. Tony taking fastest time in a canter.




1st           Mal Rock


2nd          Barry Robinson


3rd           Graeme Parker


4th           Bob Morley


5th           Matt Bowman


FT           Tony Mirabella


RoD        Ray Hodgson

Eureka Veterans Race Report 25 May 2014

2014 – Ron Rivette Memorial, Hcp – Balliang (Bacchus Marsh)

1st – David Woreland (Eastern)
2nd – Dean Wells (Eureka)
3rd – Graeme Parker (Eureka)
4th – Owen Tudball (Eureka)
5th and fastest time – Nick Kennedy (Colac)
Ride of the Day – Graeme Parker (Eureka)

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