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March 1, 2015 – 58 km Coghills Creek Hcp – Honolulu’s Heist

March 1, 2015 – 58 km Coghills Creek Hcp – Honolulu’s Heist


(sing to The Beach Boys “Little deuce coupe”)

I’m not braggin’ babe so don’t put me down,
But I’ve got the fastest set of wheels in town
When someone comes up to me he don’t even try
Cause if I had a set of wings man I know I could fly
She’s my little deuce coupe
You don’t know what I got…
Albie “Honolulu” Govan went on his own personal surfing safari, shredding his bunch, then the race.
With the chiselled visage of an Easter Island head masking the pain, Honolulu rode his Black Malibu on a wave of adrenalin all the way to the beach to record an impressive handicap victory.
A stiff southerly had whipped up a choppy swell and while the paddle out to Coghills Creek was wind assisted the journey back to shore down the treacherous face of Donovan’s Rd was a little more challenging.  But while the rest of the field struggle to pick up a wave, Honolulu was in the green room.
First to wax up was Stay Away Ray Hodgson and new rider (if we don’t count his barnstorming win in the 2013 Eureka Open!) Ron Stranks – welcome Ron – off 26 min, not a day for the front markers riding two up in that wind and while they toiled clear of the field for a while, they were soon lost out the back.
In their wake was Graeme Parker and his salty dogs, the bronzed icon Barry Robinson in scintillating form and the board busting Greg ‘Cadel’ Curnow off 18 min.  Both Barry and Greg were riding strongly and were keen to press on but had to wait for the right set to come through.
They didn’t have to wait long as it arrived with vengeance in the form of the 7 strong tidal wave of Albie’s 12 min mob.  Along with Albie ripping the legs off everyone, big bad Brad “Crit Monster” Eppingstall was pushing hard into the wind with everyone looking for the shelter of his wheel, Brian Lee was riding consistently and probably would have fared better in the race if not for a dropped chain.  Kevin “Popeye Lee” was a bit off his game but managed to ride along with the Brian until picked up by the next chasing bunch.  John Creek’s form is lifting and he was in the money until the last two kms.  Matt Ritchie was making his first appearance for the year and had to dig deep to stay in touch, he put what he had on the road early but hit a reef in the back half of the race.  Shane “Jedi” Cody returned from the carbonite, looking more Jabba the Hutt than Jedi Knight he, and the also not-so-diminutive Albie, were keeping the pressure up on the bunch, Jedi excelled on the flat, but struggled a little on the last climb.
It was a war of attrition as Albie and co caught and then shelled the riders ahead, however it also took a toll on the original 7 as they were also dropped, only the evergreen Barry Robinson and the Jedi Master could go with Albie on the final push for home.
Into Donovans Rd for the last time, having just shelled Creeky and Cadel, Honolulu and Barry then dispatched Jedi on the final rise.  Albie pushed clear of Barry to stretch out a winning margin, Barry taking second, a tiring Jedi hung on for third.
These three were well clear with fourth a minute or so back.
The back half of the race was close at the end without really ever being in the hunt.  It wasn’t until the last km that the middle markers and the back markers came together for a sprint for fourth and fifth.
The 7 min quintet of Bob Morley, Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis, Rob “Mr Smooth” Parker, Danny Whelan and the human dynamo Peter Kiel rode well – driven largely by Pete who claimed Ride of the Day.  Kiely’s first race back for a while but even still he was irrepressible.  Bob rode exceedingly well, he rode his nuts off to stay with the bunch that gradually whittled down to three, and, nutless, he was in the mix at the end for a shot at the minors.  Danny is improving with every ride and again today showed he is made of stern stuff pulling big turns out front, it was one of these that lead to his demise on the last lap where he perhaps overcooked his turn, redlined and blew up.
Rob was a bit of an enigma today, looking very comfortable and riding with panache he disappeared on Donovan’s road in the wind.  Driven on by the energiser bunny Kiely, the 7 minuters were making good headway and by mid race had started to pick up the casualties of an exploding front of the race and the flotsam and jetsam of riders that Albie was leaving behind him.
Some of these riders regrouped and worked in, Brian, Brad and Popeye latching on and sharing the work.  But despite picking up Cadel and Creeky, (who were both pedalling squares), on the final run down Donovans Rd they never saw the front of the race.  A red flag on Blowhard corner may not have cost the 7 min bunch a shot at the win but did result in them being caught with a km to go by the combined scratch and second scratch bunch.
Tony Mirabella, Phil Cartledge and Brendan Schiemer had taken off quickly and with purpose to catch the larger second scratch bunch, on a windy day a combined 7 had more hope than 3 alone off scratch.  This tactic proved fruitful as they pulled in the 3 min bunch of Michael Veal, Shane Butler, Darren Terry and Grant Dawson on the second lap.  Darren was suffering from man-flu but rode on doggedly, Grant was pleased to hang on and contribute to a talented bunch of riders after struggling in earlier races, The Doc Veal had been moved back but acquitted himself well being just off the back wheel of fifth and Shane has a steely face that shows no pain but today hurt a lot.
With the race nowhere on the horizon it was a race for 4th, 5th and fastest.  The headwind finish discouraged a long raid, but with 200m to go Phil tried to sneak off the front, Tony already had his motor running, he popped the clutch and opened a gap on the chasing Brendan, the pair scooting clear to claim 4th (and fastest) and 5th respectively.

1st Albie Govan
2nd Barry Robinson
3rd Shane Cody
4th Tony Mirabella
5th Brendan Schiemer
FT Tony Mirabella
RoD Peter Kiel

February 22, 2015 – 42 km Hcp race on a windy Weatherboard course – Oh Danny Boy

February 22, 2015 – 42 km Hcp race on a windy Weatherboard course – Oh Danny Boy

P1014263What was going to be graded scratch racing was hastily re-shod as a handicap due to the lack of A Grade material (they all preferred to stand on corners today).
A strong ride saw Danny Whelan stay clear of a tenacious field of pursuers to engrave his palmares with a maiden EVCC win.

First away was Rob Young off 14 minutes, it was going to be a lonely time trial into the wind at best, however the loneliness didn’t last long.  The 10 minute bunch of Greg Curnow, Mal Rock, Barry Robinson and Tony Herbert rounded him up early.  Greg doing a power of work into the wind.
The winning 8 min bunch also bridged the 2 minute gap quickly driven on by the terrifying Danny and the consistent stay all day Brian Lee.  Brad “Crit Monster” Eppingstall is lightly raced this season, his early race effort kept the bunch clear but he didn’t have the juice to go all the way today.
With the 14, 10 and 8 min riders combined the pace didn’t relax as the core of this not so well oiled machine Danny, Barry and Brian were keen to press on – success lay in staying clear and maxing out the efforts from everyone in the bunch.  This tactic worked but took a terrible toll and the 8 riders were distilled down to the hardcore group of three.
With a lap to go they still commanded a 2 min lead, with a large bunch chasing it was going to touch and go.
Finally they rounded the pig farm corner for the big push into the wind to the line.  Danny found another gear and ground his way clear, stretching out a race winning gap.  Brian and Barry took a quick look around to see if scratch were on them, scratch were back there and closing fast, both Barry and Brian dug deep to fend them off and were successful in claiming the podium places, Brian leaving Barry to take second.
In the final analysis 15 seconds is all that separated the winner and scratch.
Meanwhile, at the back of the race….. Morley’s 5 minute marauders were pretty lethargic, Albie “Honolulu” Govan and John Creek dashing their race hopes the day before with a smash fest training ride back from Clunes, both struggled when the backmarkers caught them.  Rob “Mr Smooth” Parker was in strife with mechanical trouble with a cleat however you could hardly tell he was pedalling one legged.  The cleat issue disappeared as soon as it he finished the race.  He and the sprightly Bob Morley had the legs in the bunch today.  Bob was on a flyer, comfortable in the bunch and comfortable to step it up as the pace increased with the arrival of the backmarkers, he kept his nose out of the wind and clung to third wheel late in the race until he could not hang on any more.
Chasing Bob’s mob was Grant “General Smokey” Dawson with Dave “Pixie” Peters and Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis in tow.  Smokey is a brute and had Dave in trouble on the first few hills, he drove the trio from the front all the way up the Avenue at a cracking pace for the first lap.  Pixie recovered and settled into the work, good race from Dave who preserved his energy for late in the race when he really needed it.
Scratch was a pairing of Phil “Farky”Cartledge and Andrew “Sparky” Rushton who were very keen to catch Smokey’s trio 2 minutes up the road before they caught the 5 min bunch, 2 chasing 3 is a lot more achievable than 2 chasing 7.  The dynamic duo set a blistering KOM pace along Weatherboard Rd and reeled in Smokey’s bunch just into the second lap.  The combined 5 then “played nice” to bring back Bob’s mob who by then were well in sight.  By the Henderson’s Rd corner they were caught and the peloton swelled to 9.
The front of the race by this time had started to splinter and gradually the casualties were picked up and disposed of Rob, Greg “Cadel” Curnow, Mal “RockSTAR” Rock and the Crit Monster.  However a few riders remained unaccounted for and the pace lifted again.
Farky and Sparky lead the chasers through the Weatherboard Rd chicane at terrifying speeds, this threw Mr Smooth, Creekie, Honolulu and Fifi off the back, Fifi had just enough to get back on but the other three were gone.
Last lap and the front markers were still out of sight, Farky and Sparky repeated the dose through the chicane this time Fifi couldn’t cling on, Smokey and Pixie jumped around him and rejoined.  Bob was sitting pretty in third wheel.  Over the Henderson’s Rd hill and across the Avenue they dropped Bob, Dave and Smokey towards the pig farm, in ride of the day the irrepressible Bob jumped around Dave and Smokey and got back on.
Farky and Sparky could now see the leaders and were pressing hard, they spurted again and Bob’s sphincter gave out and he was gone.
Close but not close enough, with the win gone Sparky hit Farky to take fastest time.  Smokey dragged Dave back to Bob and they beat each other up for sixth.

1st Danny Wheelan
2nd Brian Lee
3rd Barry Robinson
4th Andrew Rushton
5th Phil Cartledge
FT: Andrew Rushton
RoD: Bob Morley

February 8, 2015 – Graded Scratch races – Windmill Circuit

February 8, 2015 – Graded Scratch races – Windmill Circuit

A strong wind blew across the Scottish Moors keeping the windmills facing south and ensured only the brave and the strong were rewarded today into a headwind finish (where exactly is the windmill on the windmill circuit?).

20 riders in 3 grades saddled up to test each other’s legs over the 52km circuit and it’s amazing the difference a week makes with only one of last week’s 9 podium placegetters “backing up” with another this week. The Parker tartan flew with pride as a member of the Clan featured on the podium in B, C and D grades.


A Grade
The Gladiator emerges More battle-scarred, bandaged and unshaven than Russell Crowe, Brendan “Maximus” Scheimer hacked his way through a congested final sprint to receive the Emperor’s big thumbs up in a truly epic gladiatorial contest, this win was also Brendan’s first A Grade scratch race success.  All that hard training is paying off, just think what he’ll be capable of when his broken body heals!
In a torrid affair, furious and sometimes furtive attacks meant there was little rhythm to settle into as all riders looked to take advantage of any weakness in their opponents.
Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman again hit out early setting the pace for the first half lap, a spurt up the first hill dislodged Darren Terry and Grant Dawson who never recovered.  The remaining 6 riders had to explore their own individual hurt lockers to stay in the dour contest.
Second lap and another flurry off the front downwind up Cricks hill by Andrew “Sparky” Rushton, sent Riff Raff looking for more matches, only to find he’d burnt a lot of them on the first lap – out the back he went.  Riff Raff is at his best in a hard chase and a solid effort saw him rejoin – not a bad effort to chase down a top flight A Grade field.
Despite attack and counter attack the group of 6 remained to the final sprint.  In another turn-up for the books it was Riff Raff leading out a long way from home rather than Phil Cartledge.  Despite his strength, this appalling strategy was suicide, the other 5 jockeying for Tony Mirabella’s wheel pre-empting the inevitable.
All except Brendan who decided to launch his own pre-emptive strike, the field took too long to react, probably hoping that someone else was going to close him down.
Eventually with the line fast approaching Tony decided to move, all too late and Brendan held for his maiden scratch win.  Tony came in second.  Phil has been honing his finishing craft and developed a little patience, today he settled in and waited for an opening, and surprise surprise, it appeared for him and he charged through for third.

1st Brendan Scheimer
2nd Tony Mirabella
3rd Phil Cartledge


B Grade –
Despite his self proclaimed lack of road training Michael Veal was more than a match for a solid B Grade field of 8 and once his impressive diesel engine got on-top of a massive gear in the final low revving sprint he steamed away to victory and a spot in A Grade/second scratch.
The field took the first lap at a modest and steady pace keen to ensure everyone was properly warmed up before he fun began.
Unfortunately the beardy Bob Morley didn’t see much fun, puncturing at the end of the first lap.  So violent was the burst of Bob’s tyre that John Creek thought he had been shot and nearly brought the bunch down.  After ensuring that he wasn’t bleeding, he regained his composure to ride a competitive race but couldn’t find what he needed in the final sprint.
Mr Smooth, Rob Parker had endured great pain the day before, taking part in the Bigarelli Gran Fondo – a masochistic exploration of Ballarat’s noted peaks, but rode a smart and strong race.  Never seen at the front, never setting the pace, he sat cool as a cucumber, saving it all for the last 75m when he finally opened up full gas and charged down second.
The hyperactive Albie ‘Honolulu’ Govan was the chief animator of the race, while most would question his choices of when, where and why to attack, attack he did, whenever the purple fog descended over his eyes.  Michael Veal seemed to know how to push his buttons, disturbing any race plan Albie may have had.  Fuelled by his annoyance, Albie flew after Michael in the final examination to take third.
Ride of the day went to Danny Wheelan for his solid performance in good company, demonstrating that this one time scratch rider is making a fast come-back and will be very competitive in the weeks to come.
Owen Tudball also recorded a very strong ride however a lack of patience cost him.  His decision to open the sprint from nearly 1km out into the wind was eyebrow raising, and while fully committed there are very few riders that can hold from that far out, and he was swamped 100m from the line by nearly everyone else. C’est la vie

1st Michael Veal
2nd Rob Parker
3rd Albie Govan
RoD Danny Whelan


C Grade
The diminutive and unassuming gentleman of Eureka, Barry Robinson brought his A game to Learmonth today to eclipse a full field in a hotly contested C grade race. On a day that saw the big and strong dominate other results, it was pure race guile that saw lightweight Zen master Barry in the right place at the right time to scoot away from the field in a sprint finish.
As a contrast to Barry, everyone knows when the effervescent Greg ‘Cadel’ Curnow arrives at the clubrooms, but today he made his presence felt on the road as well. Perhaps not the greatest tactician Greg always gives it his all and if he’s got anything left at the end you have to watch out because he’ll spend that too.  Today he did have enough left in the tank at the end and while he didn’t have quite enough to close down Barry, he did account for everyone else to secure second.
Close behind in third was Graeme “the General” Parker, another of EVCC’s legends that have been racing since Moses was a boy (he probably knew Moses – he knows nearly everybody else in the cycling world).  He’s seen it all, raced it all and depending on how his body is holding up can match it with most.  On his day his final sprint is explosive and damaging, today not so much, but sufficient for a well deserved third.  Probably turning his pedals over only half as much as anyone else, the chain stretching, bottom bracket destroying Mal Rock was in the final mix having ridden a solid race, he needed a few more rpm and a gear or two less in the sprint.

1st Barry Robinson
2nd Greg Curnow
3rd Graeme Parker


D Grade (combine with C Grade) –
While D Grade existed as a race of two, it sort of didn’t.  Ray Hodgson and Sue Parker had a mini race within the C Grade race.
Ultimately it was the racer who could hang onto C Grade the longest and complete the race that won. But that is taking too much away from them, particularly Sue who raced solidly with the other C Graders, earning their respect for her strength and tenaciousness. If she was in their race she would have also attracted their concern! Welcome to C Grade Sue.

1st Sue Parker
2nd Ray Hodgson

February 1, 2015 – Graded criteriums – Production Drive, Alfredton

February 1, 2015 – Graded criteriums – Production Drive, Alfredton

M Bowman Crits 01 02 2015

Eureka Veterans Cycling Club Race Report 1 February 2015 Production Drive, Graded Criterium

A leaden sky and uncharacteristically cool summer weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of the 19 riders who greeted the new racing season with a whoop and a holler. Early season races can often throw up a few surprises, and today was no exception as we learned who had been working hard in the off season and who was going to take a bit longer to ease into the season.

A Grade – Rampaging Riff Raff

The biggest cheer of the day went to Matt “Riff Raff” Bowman for his epic ride, the difference between the brave and the foolhardy? Winning! An aggressive, unmarked attack saw him well off the front burning heaps of matches early in the race, then once caught he was shelled out the back. Then, from somewhere deep in his enormous suitcase of courage, he found what he needed to claw his way back on. The final lap saw him put the field to the sword again, charging to victory (just). Riff Raff has always known how to hurt himself, now he knows how to hurt others. Eight riders rolled up to the starting line for the hour-long A grade crit.

It would have been 7 riders, however, Matt Bowman was finally able to wear the Handicapper down and get himself a start in A grade. Mini attacks were launched almost from the get go. With a lot of firepower in the bunch there was an endless procession of short bursts as one rider after another rider launched short attacks to try and whittle the field down. Phil Cartledge, Lindsay Burgoyne, Andrew Rushton, Brendan Schiemer and Club Champion Tony Mirabella were all prepared to attack whenever the pace settled. Every one of these attacks received an equal frantic response from the bunch as they chased the attacker down. Matt Bowman attacked about ten minutes into the race which did not see any response from the bunch. Within a few laps Matt had opened up a 300 metre gap. At times Matt was more than one straight ahead of the remaining A graders. He easily took out the first sprint. Brendan led the rest of the bunch through the sprint point. Matt was brought back into the bunch nearing the half hour mark, but the attacks did not stop there and the constant surging started to take a toll. Dean Wells was the first to pop. He had ridden in the front part of the bunch for most of the race without actually taking a turn leading, but the saved energy counted for nought as the surging continued. Brendan and Matt came unhinged at the same time as they were behind Dean as he imploded. Brendan was able to scramble back across to the bunch within one lap as the bunch seemingly slowed for the first time all race Dean tried to bridge the gap to the bunch which was gradually pulling away. Matt had finally clawed his way back onto Dean’s wheel but the group was 50 metres up the road and riding away. After a short breather on Dean’s wheel, Matt took off so quick that Dean couldn’t follow and he was left to ride out the race alone…again. The surging up front continued with Charlie Stebbing even getting involved on the odd occasion.

Knowing each other’s ability to ride away from the bunch meant that no one got more than twenty metres off the front. As we all know (because Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin constantly tell us), when a group attacks each other it takes a toll on the average speed of a group. This surge, then slow, race gave the chasing Matt a hope of linking up with the A grade bunch again. Gradually over a fifteen minute period he closed the distance. Each time he was nearly on, another surge would increase the gap, but slowly and surely he clawed his way back on to give himself a glimmer of hope. Closing in on the hour mark and the A grade bunch rounded up Dean…then the fun and games started as the bunch speed backed right off. Dean was even able to get back in front of the A grade bunch (albeit a lap behind), so slow did they ride between surges.

Then, with just a few minutes to go until the hour was up…just when all the remaining A grade riders were shaking the lactic acid out of their legs…just as they were getting themselves ready to attack when the 2 laps to go sign came out…just as they were mentally preparing themselves for the final race to the finish line…the bell was sounded. One lap to go! The stunned A graders hesitated long enough to let Matt attack. Quickly followed by Andrew, this was going to turn into a thousand metre sprint. Matt kept accelerating through each turn and the gaps quickly started opening behind, but Andrew was there and he sprinted out of the last corner to try and snatch the victory. Matt and Andrew drew along-side each other as they drag-raced each other to the finish line with Matt prevailing by the barest of margins.


1st     Matt Bowman

2nd     Andrew Rushton

3rd          Tony Mirabella

Int Sprint      Matt Bowman  


B Grade – Feisty Fifi

Peter “Fifi” Livitsanis benefitted from a classic John Creek lead out to eclipse the B Grade field in an evenly contested race. B Grade welcomed Danny Whelan for his first race with the club, Danny acquitting himself well only to be unhitched late in the race by one of Dave Peter’s terrorising attacks through the downhill, downwind corner. Bob “Poppa Smurf” Morley (must be Albi’s grandad?) rode a cautious race, hiding back on third wheel and only coming to the front by mistake. Yet summer has not just been about pudding and beer, Bob was ready to race having had a few outings over the break with Ballarat Sebas and Geelong Supervets. Dave “Pixie” Peters displayed the benefits of a training camp in the Adelaide hills and was animating the race at every opportunity, just not for very long, his attacks always pulling up short on the headwind straight. After seeing the sprint card for C Grade, Fifi guessed that the next lap would be the B Grade intermediate sprint. He attacked up the back straight and with a good 20m gap his gamble paid off being greeted by the B Grade board and the sprint bell, he went again to chisel open another 30m and held his advantage for the next lap to take the sprint.

The rest of the field were reluctant to close him down quickly and he enjoyed his own company for the next few laps, at times holding a 100m gap. Although encouraged from the sidelines to ‘take a lap,’ he wisely retreated to the field to take his chances in either a late attack or a small bunch sprint. The final lap bell seemed to surprise the 4 remaining riders who rolled through gawking at each other. Creekie found himself on the front and the rest ensured he stayed there. He had no choice but to wind it up on the back straight, rounding into the wind before the final corner saw him dig deep to try to hold some advantage into the final dash for the line. Fifi was tucked in his back pocket and Dave and Bob were sitting back with itchy gear fingers. Creekie unleashed what he had left, knowing full well he was going to get rolled, Fifi got over him about 10m out and held for the win, but somehow Creekie held off a fast finishing Pixie for second.


1st          Peter Livitsanis

2nd         John Creek

3rd          Dave Peters

Int Sprint            Peter Livitsanis


C Grade – Manic Mandy

C grade welcomed Mandy Rudwick (Rhook) back after a racing hiatus, and she let everyone know she had returned with a truly impressive win off the front. Six starters lined up, chomping at the bit with first-race excitement. Even though he was under strict instructions from the handicapper to ‘play nice’ Mal Rock was out of the gates and a few hundred metres up the road before the rest had even clicked in. Terry Collie, Greg Curnow, Mandy, Lisa Ritchie and new rider/member Rob Young then organized themselves, and while doing so Mal sheepishly returned to the fold. The group worked well together, although it was evident everyone was keen to see just how much the off-season training had kicked in, with the legs and hearts stretched through more than a few surges and attacks. The intermediate sprint was called and Greg took off at a cracking pace. Mal marked the move and followed through to take the honours. Rob was a welcome addition to the bunch, doing plenty of turns into the wind. He also showed some handy bike-handling skills when Lisa swerved to miss the hole on the finish line only to bump him squarely into the gutter. Everyone remained upright, but the fast-paced rhythm enjoyed to that point was broken. Lisa was spooked and dropped off. Mandy’s focus, however, hadn’t shifted and she led the blokes around as they reorganized.

Next lap and the bell was rung. A little earlier than expected and it took everyone by surprise. Mandy’s off-season miles really kicked in and she took off, again taking the lead. She had one plan, make a break and keep it into the head wind before pushing through to the finish. She executed this perfectly and stormed to the line to take a gutsy win. Welcome back Mandy Meanwhile, after some impressive attacks, Greg was off the back on the final lap. Terry, being the true gentlemen he is, was busy making sure everyone was going to make it home safely. Mal and Rob appeared certain they had 2nd and 3rd tied up. However, Lisa had decided she too wanted a podium start to the year, and put in a final chase to just pip Rob on the line for 3rd.


1st          Mandy Rudwick (Rhook)

2nd         Mal Rock

3rd           Lisa Ritchie

Int Sprint             Mal Rock

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