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Graded Criterium Eureka Vets Cycling

Graded Criterium Eureka Vets Cycling

B1 & B2 – The Birthday Boys are jolly good fellows
Celebrating a shared birthday, the most unlikely twins since Danny Devito and Arnie, Tony Mirabella and Darren Terry sprinted strongly to claim first and second respectively in a fast and eventful A grade crit.
A Grade welcomed an apprehensive Robbie Kinna to the start line, his promotion some sick reward for winning too often in B Grade. Stephen Brown made a nuisance of himself by launching the first attack from the gun, like some mad puppy it took a few laps to bring him back to heel. Darryl Stewart worked well with Dean Wells to bring the early breaks back, with Andrew Rushton finding his way back to racing after a spell.
Mid race saw what might have been the winning break go clear, the svelt Phil Cartledge , Tony Mirabella had teamed up with Darren Terry and  wonderkid Richard Taylor to establish a good break. However they did not count on the tenacity of Stephen Brown and the new improved Dave Peters, fresh from mid week crit floggings, who somehow rode down the break in the later stages of the race. With two to go the pace eased, guns were loaded and shoes were tightened. Into the last lap Phil lifted the pace stringing out the field into one line. Dave had recovered and was sitting third wheel like a coiled spring. Tony hit the last corner hard and led out of the corner, with his two girls on the finish line he was never going to be headed. Dave got a great line into the corner and hit the gas with Darren right on his wheel, Darren having enough brute strength to come over the top late to take second, Dave third in what was probably ride of the day.

1st     Tony Mirabella
2nd    Darren Terry
3rd    Dave Peters
Int Sprint    Tony Mirabella

Creek Flows Swiftly
John Creek continued his domination of the B Grade Criterium scene with another strong performance.
With 6 riders as possible contenders it was settled by strategies.
There were the usual spurts off the front but the field was brought back together each time. The interest in the race jumped when the bell for the intermediate sprint was heard.
Mal Rock went to the front and messaged his intentions. He let fly down the tailwind back straight with the hulking Scott  Denno off after him.
The others showed little interest and just watched the spectacle unfold. The two escapees turned into the headwind straight and it looked like Mal Rock had it in the bag.
But Denno has shown in the past that he cannot be discounted in the home straight. He lunged at the tiring Rock to snatch the sprint by the smallest of margins.
Bo Morley thought that it would be a good time to attack to test their powers of recovery.
They were spent from their efforts and fell back and out of the race.
That trimmed the race down to 4 leaving the Lethal Lee brothers , Bob Morley and the eventual winner John Creek.
Morley and Creek though t they would test the Lee brothers with 4 laps to go and made a big break and thought they had the race to themselves.
But the never say die attitude of Brian and Kevin saw them get back on with some tough and tenacious riding.
So with the four back together it was down to the last lap. Brian Lee lit it up from the start and it was on.
The big Creek man stormed to the front and wound it up on the tailwind back straight putting the blowtorch to the other competitors.
Morley went with him and the Lee boys were struggling from their earlier efforts.
Creek held on for a great victory with Morley not far behind for second. Kevin Lee took third place and  led Brian over the line.
A great race with high speeds, plenty of tactics.

1st- John Creek
2nd-Bob Morley
3rd- Kevin Lee
4th-Brian Lee
Int Sprint   Scott Denno

Blood Worth Bottling
C Grade was the Gary Blood show.  In summary Gary Blood goes to the front at the start, Gary stays in front, Gary wins intermediate sprint, Gary still in front,  Gary out powers the rest to win.
From the moment Bill said go Gary had the big gear going and was off up the road.  Terry was riding tempo on the front with the field in tow but after a few laps I knew it was not to be on an upset stomach and Gary continued to edge away.  The rest stayed together for some time but Greg Curnow had the grimace working to perfection and the resulting changes of pace saw Tony Herbert and Ray Hodgson slide off the back.  Both continued to push it out and rode the race right out to the finish.  This left Greg, Graeme Parker and new kid on the block Barry Robinson to form the chasing bunch.  Barry looks good on the bike and has obviously done this before.  Gary was however gone up the road.  Rumour has it he is going to lighten his bike by dispensing with unnecessaries like the small chainring and the front changer both of which are surplus to needs.  At the end of the day a good brave ride with the catch me if you can approach.   The sprint for second and third belonged to Graeme from Greg and Barry Robinson keeping his powder dry and playing the gentleman on his first outing.  Welcome Barry.—

Team Time Trial – Windmill Circuit

Team Time Trial – Windmill Circuit

The race of truth, contre la montre, no handicaps, no hiding, leave nothing in the tank. Which team of four would reign supreme? So it came to pass that the kings of pain were the valiant Paul Humphrey, Rob Phillips, Bob Morley and Gary Blood who combined like a very odd but well oiled machine to snatch the win by just 10 seconds.
One of the biggest fields for a while assembled to participate in this week’s “novelty” race, a Team Time Trial. Handicapman had been up late matching up teams of four that left everyone guessing as to which team might come out on top. The situation was made that much more challenging by the introduction of a time bonus for getting an extra rider across the line at the end.  In fact it took a good twenty minutes and a calculator to figure out who won.
Team lists:
Team Green Eggs & Ham
Tony Mirabella, Peter Livitsanis, Ken Heres, Hodgson Ray
Team Sexybank
Phil Cartledge, Dave Peters, Brenton Keats, Ron Larkin
Team Sky-lark
Peter Kiel, Andrew Rushton, Mal Rock, Greg Curnow
Team Rob-a-Bank
Paul Humphreys, Rob Phillips, Bob Morley, Gary Blood
Team Monstar
Stephen Brown, Darren Terry, John Creek, Terry Collie
Team F the DJ – Big Matt
Dean Wells, Richard Taylor, Brian Lee, Matt Ritchie
In a race where the top rider in each team had to throttle back to keep his team together, success came down to the guts and determination of the other riders, in particular the 3rd and 4th riders in each team. It may have been a relatively soft day out for the team leaders but the rest of us mortals soon discovered a new meaning to the word “suffer”.   Those teams that managed to extract every watt out of their third rider and get them over the line without dying, secured a 30 second bonus.  The key to success was when you asked the 3rd or 4th rider how they were going, if they answered with any more than a grunt then you weren’t going hard enough.
With just 10 seconds separating Team Rob-a-Bank and Team Monstar for first and second it was the evergreen Bob Morley who proved the difference, managing to hang onto Paul and Rob over the last lap with an average speed >36km/hr, and improve his team’s performance by the 30 second bonus.
Second place went to Team Monstar, captained by the nuggerty Stephen Brown. With Darren Terry, John Creek and Terry Collie for company this well matched foursome rode a consistent race, with Darren doing much of the heavy lifting into the wind. Well, he was always in the wind as the diminutive Brown is a lousy sit. Down the final straight it appeared Darren had ditched his team altogether and was riding solo, but just 50m out from the line Darren pulls Stephen out of his back pocket to cross the line as a pair.

Also on the podium in third place was Team Sexybank. Down on his time trial bars and cranking a massive gear poker face Phil Cartledge had his team of Dave Peters, Brenton Keats and Ron Larkin flapping out behind him like the streamers on a kid’s new bike. One lap in and they had rounded up Team Green Eggs and Ham and although they couldn’t ride clear, a gritty performance from Keatsie resulted in them crossing the line as a trio and securing the 30 second bonus.

Team Sky-lark’s Greg Curnow scored a moral victory being the only 4th rider to complete all 3 laps of the course, he did finish some 5 minutes behind the Peter Kiel and the rapidly evaporating Andrew Rushton, but he did finish.

Team F the DJ – Big Matt looked like contenders on the whiteboard. A very evenly matched group of four also scored bonus seconds for finishing as a tight threesome. The team’s namesake Big Matt Ritchie was an outside chance of staying with the other three and made a solid contribution to the team’s good start.

For Team Green Eggs and Ham it was a case of the hare and the tortoise in their struggle with Team Sexybank for line honours (although Team Sexybank were already 3 min up, when this mini race started). With every hill came a call from Keatsie for Sexybank to ease it up a bit, and a surge from team GE&H. Then on the downhill it was Phil that tapped out the never-easing tempo that brought Sexybank up and past Team GE&H again.

1st    Team Rob-a-Bank: Paul Humphreys, Rob Phillips, Bob Morley, Gary Blood
2nd    Team Monstar: Stephen Brown, Darren Terry, John Creek, Terry Collie
3rd    Team Sexybank: Phil Cartledge, Dave Peters, Brenton Keats,  Ron Larkin

Graded Criterium 12/11/2012

Graded Criterium 12/11/2012

A Grade

Arriving just in time on the start line with his own mini pit crew / cheer squad, Shane Cody made it a day to remember with a scintillating performance and a devastating final kick.

A large field of 9 filled the road on the start line, and with wild calls of “Attack, Attack” Phil Cartledge and Daryl Stuart jumped out of the blocks and were at the first corner before most of the rest of the field had clicked in. The cooler heads of Tony Mirabella and Shane Cody set to work to bring the bunch back gradually. With the catch came the next attack from Stephen Brown, followed by Daryl who had another dig. Then it was Phil again with a huge surge that put him 100m off the front in some insane attempt to lap the bunch, could he make it? Not with a flat tyre he won’t. Phil was put out for a lap with a puncture and rejoined back with the bunch. New rider Brien Stuart was working hard on the front to round up breaks and keep the tempo high. Darren Terry and the rapidly recovering Dave Peters made honest competition and rode well to be there or there abouts in the final analysis. Tony Mirabella seemed to be riding within himself but was actually having an “off” day

With two laps to go the field was still together, but not for long, Shane, Tony and

Phil stretched the field into a long line, then on the final lap it was Shane that jumped first with a devastating attack. He had 20m before anyone reacted, rounding the final corner he hardly had to sprint, he certainly didn’t get out of the chair, and cruised in for an emphatic victory to the high pitched squeals of his two boys. Tony had finally found third gear and crossed for second ahead of the most aggressive Phil.



1st            Shane Cody

2nd            Tony Mirabella

3rd            Phil Cartledge

Int Sprint            Shane Cody



B Grade

Rob Kinna showed that the last win in B Grade was no fluke by backing up with another powerful win on Sunday. With great numbers, and plenty of inform riders, Kinna did not have it all his own way.

The race started with two additions from the last C Grade race. B Grade debutantes Matt Ritchie and Scott Denno were keen to try their luck in a higher grade. The pace was firm from the start with riders swapping off and all leaders were putting the group into the gutter in the back straight from the outset.

Craig ”Please put me in B Grade cos I have done nothing for two weeks” Lightfoot was looking strong and doing plenty of work on the front. In fact it was Lightfoot that jumped away at the bell for the intermediate sprint and held his advantage for the whole lap to take the midway prize.

John Creek was looking like a sprightly colt at Flemington covering any moves with ease. Popeye Lee was on the front early and looked imposing, his brother Brian was flyin’ and was very visible up the pointy end.

20 minutes into the race matt Ritchie went out the back and fought hard to get back on but just fell short. Scott Denno not only was competitive, but he went off the front and opened up a huge break. The field let him dangle for a while and then caught him and the pressure lifted and Denno was found wanting.

The pace lifted even more and it was on with a lap to go. Rob Kinna, who is built like Foghorn Leghorn, raced to the front and the challenge was on. The field was after him with Craig Lightfoot feeling the pinch and Kevin Lee moving up through the field.

Kinna lifted again and led the field into the tail wind finishing straight. Big John Creek continued his improvement to take second with Kevin Lee a worthy third place getter.



1st- Rob Kinna

2ndJohn Creek

3rd-Kevin Lee

Int Sprint            Craig Lightfoot



C Grade

The old master, Terry Collie quietly and deliberately crafted the perfect race to secure a solid win and in the process advance the racing acumen of his fellow riders.

A mixed bag of seasoned vets, old friends and new starters began at a reasonable pace and it looked as if they might be satisfied with a bit of a warm up, at least the first part of the race, but then Gary Blood must have finally got it into the big chainring and found his usual gear and decided to test it off the front.

Fortunately Gary needs a bit of space to wind up an attack, something the crit course doesn’t offer, so the rest of the field were able to round up Gary’s titanic attack.   Gary then spent the rest of the race either on the back or off the back (not that that means anything because you can rely on him to grind his way back) or pushing through and lifting the pace at the front.  Poor choice of line found him off onto the grass from time to time.  Greg Curnow was riding quite smoothly and practicing his cornering technique.  The others were popped off by the changes in pace so it came down to three.   Greg lifted it with two to go, Terry Collie jumped across, Gary ground across and then it was a case of waiting for the inevitable surge from Gary and sure enough along the back his diesel motor started to wind up.  The crafty Terry had it on a string waiting for the jump and get the wheel then come off and be sure to go into the penultimate corner first, go hard with the tailwind, carry good speed to the last corner and with a bit of a gap the race was won.  Gary completed the last 100m in the grass again with Greg taking advantage and coming through for second.



1st            Terry Collie

2nd            Greg Curnow

3rd            Gary Blood

Int Sprint            Greg Curnow

Club Championship EVCC Vets 2012

Club Championship EVCC Vets 2012

Eureka Veterans Cycling Club

Club Championship

4 November


La Grande Echappe – Tony Mirabella Club Champion

Riding in a league of his own, Eureka Vets best rider of the year Tony Mirabella claimed the title of Club Champion in emphatic stye. Tony rode clear of the A grade field with over 20km to go and averaging over 38km/hr in a solo time trial effort, he left a small chasing pack of riders to sort out the minor placings.


A reasonable assemblage of 10 riders contested the 70km race around the Weatherboard circuit. The first lap was conducted in a civilised manner, Dean Wells off the front early just to keep things honest. The second lap saw the start reale, Phil Cartledge and Peter Kiel keen to test legs early, surging up Weatherboard road and attacking the corners. This unsettled Ken Heres and Dean Wells who missed a surge and were relegated to a long, long chase. At the halfway mark the tempo was stepped up again and poor cornering put Peter Livitsanis saw him and Bob Braszell out the back, both riders persevered and rounded up Rob Phillips who had also suffered from a furious assault on the Henderson Rd hill by Tony. This left the in-form riders in a group of five, Phil Cartledge, Darren Terry, Peter Kiel, Richard Taylor and Tony. Darren rode a smart race, content to counter insane moves rather than initiate them, however he was yo-yoing and lost touch with just over two laps to go, just as Tony put everyone into the red. Richard Taylor was riding impressively, riding a higher cadence than usual and saving his legs (and his cranks), Phil was laying his bike into every corner like Casey Stoner and effervescent Kiel had more energy than a box full of energiser bunnies.  These three riders worked together to try to bring back Tony and, although Tony was tantalisingly close up the Avenue, they were tiring and gradually the gap to Tony increased. With about 5km to go Phil lost contact as Kiel and Taylor surged forward in a last ditch effort. Over Henderson’s hill Kiel gapped Taylor and rode on to claim 2nd. Richard not far behind in a very creditable third.



1st     Tony Mirabella

2nd    Peter Kiel

3rd    Richard Taylor




Ably Govan flexed his muscular legs to thwart any challenges to take out the B Grade club champs on Sunday.  In a race short on numbers, but in perfect conditions, still had plenty of intrigue.  Could the tanned and rested John Creek take it out? Or was perennial place getter Bob Morley a chance this year? Or maybe the newly promoted Terry Constable may have been the one to watch.

The race started on the start line with some light sledging from the confident Govan.

Then on the uphill first section the group stayed together and the first real challenge from the day came from Morley through the fast downhill chicane. He went through hard and accelerated out of the second corner with a significant break.

Hefty Smurf, Alby Govan, showed his power early by easily bridging the gap and the challenge was on for the others. Creeky dug in and got back on, towing Terry Constable with him. There were then a few occasional tests from most of the riders but nothing significant enough to cause a breakaway.

So it was down to the last lap and it became a waiting game. The tough slog up the Avenue was broken as the call of “A grade coming” was made. Well it wasn’t all of A Grade, it was the Mercurial Tony Mirabella had ridden away from the rest of his competitors and disappeared into the distance in an exhibition of power individual riding.

Terry Constable took the bunch up most of the Weatherboard Road segment and they came to the last pinch and Alby went click click, and stood and went for it. Morley and Creek responded and covered the move accompanied by a varying assortment of cramping. Constable did not have the juice to bridge but kept chasing in the hope that the three escapees would ease up.

They stormed through the chicane and big Creek was steaming along the wind assisted section. Govan attacked again and the other two struggled to get back on his wheel.

They then turned left and there was John Creek on the right hand side of the road, Govan on the left hand side and Morley on his wheel. Creek led them up and over  the hill but it was all over when Alby sprinted to take a comfortable victory. John Creek was a deserved second placegetter with Morley not far behind for third.



1st    Alby Govan

2nd   John Creek

3rd   Bob Morley



Ritchie Rattles C Grade

Going from strength to strength this season, Matt Ritchie put the cherry on top with a first class win in C Grade. While the result may have been somewhat predictable, he didn’t have it all his own way.


Terry Collie took control of the bunch early to keep the bunch together for at least a couple of laps so that Ray Hodgson could have the unusual experience of riding with a group for a change. So at a stately pace the group wound its way up the first hill and once over the top a quick count was done, Ray was fine, but captain Gary Blood had blown a gasket and was behind the race car!  The bunch stayed pretty tight, keeping solid pace with only Ron Larkin, resplendent on his new Dogma, testing the bunch on any incline he could find, the super Terry Collie sans paper undershirt, and Graeme Parker calling anyone back who tried to chase him (each time it was Greg Curnow).
The Gazman rejoined on the next lap after having a rest and Matt Ritchie started cranking it up a bit, everyone was looking pretty strong but down the back straight someone pointed out the clump of grass hanging out of Gazza’s shoe, Matt lost concentration and went into the corner way too hot, locking up his rear wheel twice, overshot the corner and ended up in the grass. With his own clump of grass hanging out of his toes he caught up before the hill where Ronnie attacked again, he was brought to heel up the Avenue. Half way up the final hill climb Matt attacked and made a run for it, desperate not to be run down two weeks in row. Terry Collie closed the gap with a fast finish for second and Ronnie was third.  Big round of applause for Ray, he stayed on the whole race and averaged over 30kph for the first time in a race.


1st                  Matt Ritchie

2nd                  Terry Collie

3rd                  Ron Larkin



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