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Graded criterium at EVCCs own private race circuit

Graded criterium at EVCCs own private race circuit

A Grade

The largest field for the day greeted the starter for A grade, with a few riders appearing in this grade for the first time this year. The pace was on early with Peter Kiel doing most of the heavy lifting out front. The pace and poor cornering form saw Livitsanis shelled early, the remaining riders settling in for the 35min plus 2 laps. New rider Stephen Brown put some sparkle into affairs with an attack that saw him off the front for several laps before being brought to heel. Richard Taylor was back on song and Bob Braszell never missed a beat, both looking solid for next weeks Champs. With a high pace and an evenly matched field it looked like a sprint finish, however with 2 laps to go Dean Wells launched an unlikely attack into the short windy section and opened up a gap. Through the bell he had prized this lead open to 30m and was powering away, Phil Cartledge stuck in no-mans land with a head cold trying to chase him down, the rest of the field waiting for a catch that was never going to come.  Into the second last corner Paul and Stephen made a charge at Dean, but too little too late, Dean didn’t get out of the chair and motored over the line for a brave win.




1st                  Dean Wells

2nd                  Paul Humphries

3rd                  Stephen Brown


B Grade

5 even participants fronted up for a dash for cash on Sunday morning. The race was fairly predictable with a few spurts from a few riders but there were none with enough fire power to stay away. They were being shown the way by the C Grade duo of Scott Denno and Matt Ritchie. They failed to take any time out of them and it was only two quick laps by Dave Peters that saw them reeled in. So it was only ’til the last lap that the action hotted up. Dave Peters cut through on the inside taking Bob Morley with him and shot around the first corner and going for it. He led into the windward back section and the pace was high. Thunder thighs, Rob Kinna, steamed past the two leaders into the second last corner and had the heavily tanned John Creek in tow. Kinna was strong enough to hold the lead into the last vital corner and held on for a strong wind. Dave Peters was right on him for second place and it was only an ankle injury that prevented him from being more competitive. Bob Morley managed third place just edging out a fast finishing John Creek.




1-Rob Kinna

2-Dave Peters

3-Bob Morley

4-John Creek



C Grade

Photo finish check out the report below

A race in two halves with this year’s most improved rider Matt Ritchie and the imposing Scott Denno battling out a two man match race for first and second, behind them Terry Collie had to work hard to fend off the queen of the Otway Grande Fondo, Mandy Rhook for third. Terry dedicated his small victory to his unorthodox warm up – sweeping the corners before the race. Matt and Scott were going at it with gusto, setting a high pace, neither cracking. It took B-grade most of the race to catch them. Locked together it came down to the final dash for the line. Matt had managed to chisel out a small lead out of the final corner, Scott gradually got the steam engine wound up and was flying at Matt. On the line it was impossible to split the pair and they were awarded a draw.



1st                  Matt Ritchie

1st                  Scott Denno

3rd                  Terry Collie


Great racing this weekend saw a remarkable tie for 1st in C grade

A shot of after the race plenty of happy customers

Blood Banks Another One

Blood Banks Another One

Gary Blood’s fabulous season continued on Sunday adding an aggressive win to his already long 2012 palmares.  In windy conditions Gary’s 18 min bunch was never caught, the race coming down to a match race between himself, Ron Larkin and Greg “Magpie” Curnow. Once upon a time this would not have ended well for Gary, however the tables have turned and Gary is now dishing out the pain.

At one point late in the race Greg and Gary were not so much trading turns but attacks, with Ron just trying to hang on to the recovering rider. The winning move came when Gary sat off the back appearing to be gone, Greg fell for this feint and put in an attack, however Gary was only playing possum and counted with an attack that he wound up from 10m back hitting top pace just as he reached Greg’s back wheel and roared past blowing Greg’s doors off. Ronnie had enough to jump on but not enough to hold Gary for long and he powered away for the win.

Chasing this mini-scratch race was the 9min group of Bob Morley, Kevin Lee, Mal Rock and Colin Hooper. Colin, Bob and Kevin all riding well and the group progressed well with smooth turns and steady pace. Averaging over 34km/hr for the race they were always going to be hard to catch. They caught up with and dispatched Terry Constable and Rob Parker, off 12 min, but surprisingly they failed to reel in Gary’s warparty. The pace caught up with Mal, which left Bob, Colin and Kevin to contest the finish for fourth. Colin put in a huge 2km lead out for Bob who took 4th, Colin hanging in there for 5th.

At the back of the race the Scratch trio of Peter Kiel, Phil Cochrane and Shane Cody had put in a gutsy first lap to capture the 2min bunch of Darren Terry, Dean Wells and Rob Phillips. Further up the road off 5 min, Peter Livitsanis and Richard Taylor had left Ken Heres in a mad attempt to chase down the Morley group four minutes up the road. They took a minute out of them on the first lap but before long normal programming resumed and they rode a steady tempo, realising their best chance of catching the race was behind them.

However, the Scratch riders had other ideas, especially with the number of passengers they were collecting. The combined bunch wasn’t working and they were losing time. On the big drag up the hill on the back straight Kiel dropped the hammer and immediately strung out everyone except the other Scratchies. Livitsanis tried hard to stay in touch but the gap was growing, he, Darren, Dean, and Rob regrouped to ride out the race. By Donovans Road, Scratch had 30 seconds but they were still rollicking along at top speed, gaining ground on the Morley bunch. The final sprint for fastest came at the end of one big drag race, Shane having the legs to take the sprint with Kiel close, again.



1st                        Gary Blood

2nd                        Ron Larkin

3rd                        Greg Curnow

4th                        Bob Morley

5th                         Colin Hooper

Fastest Time            Shane Cody

Brackenbury Criterium Report

Brackenbury Criterium Report

Saturday afternoon at Creswick, weather fine and eleven riders have

answered the call to the Brackenbury Criterium on an L shaped course

with two (pretty much) U turns, one left and one right turn. Throw in

some uphill and you have a technical challenging circuit. With riders

ranging from scratch to second limit how is this going to work. Well as

it turned out pretty well.

The first half of the 45 minute race was ridden gruppo intacto with Greg

Curnow doing a stirling job hanging in there with the bunch. About half

distance Richard Taylor punctured and was resigned to call it a day when

Ken yells out on the next lap that he has spare wheel back up at his car

so Richard is off running slightly uphill to fit the wheel. It’s about

now that phase two starts “turn up the wick” and bang goes the race.

Shane Miller sets it alight but Tony, Shane Cody and Phil are not

letting him have it all his own way. Dean Wells is holding them at a

small gap but in nomans land with everyone else strung out in twos and

threes and singles in some cases. Richard rejoined and decided to give

himself a hit out by doing so with Tony and company. And so it came to

pass that Shane miller soloed away with Tony getting a small on break

Shane Cody (who had ridden the mountainbike race earlier) and Phil with

Shane getting over Phil on the line for third. A very professional show

by all concerned.

Shane Miller departs to the womens Tour of the Goldfields to see

Veronica ride but leaves the prizemoney behind so it’s off to the cafe

for coffee/iced chocolate and a pleasant after race.

Thanks to Bill, Mandy and Ray for the ref and corner marshal work and

nice to meet Mandy’s mum who Mandy has trouble beating at the moment.

All The Way Ray

All The Way Ray

Ray Hodgson knocked it out of the park, leading the race from gun to flag, he solo-ed the fast and furious four lap Weatherboard handicap to roll over the line several hundred metres clear.

Spring finally arrived in Learmonth, magpies were swooping, the sun was out and so were the Parkers (Rob and Sue). A total of 17 riders took up the challenge, with numbers down a little due to some sore legs from the Camperdown- Warrnambool.

Ray was first away off 25 minutes and rode a very strong and consistent race. He was being hunted by the pairing of Ron Larkin and Graeme Parker off 15 min. With Graeme riding well the twosome took 5 min out of Ray on the first lap and gained time on the bunch behind. However a second lap puncture side-lined Graeme leaving Ron to continue the chase, but the steam had gone out of it, Ron persisted but was sure to get caught. To his credit when he was caught, Ron never gave it away and finished 5th .

Gary Captain Blood,  Never-Say-Die Greg Curnow and Fair-weather Rob Parker made steady headway in the 11 min bunch. Rob obviously hasn’t been hibernating over winter and put in PB results in his comeback race. But looking behind they could see a storm coming and they braced themselves for impact, hoping they would have enough to hang on.

Mid race the riders of the storm arrived with full force in the form of Kenny Heres in his first race appearance for a while, accompanied by the brothers Lee and a somewhat flat Rock (Mal) off 9min. They formed the bunch of the race, catching all in front of them bar one, ultimately running out of road to secure a win. General Ken was in command and was keen to keep his troops together and at one point easing up to allow Kevin Lee to get back on. Kevin then found his trademark second wind and went on to pick up 2nd. Brian Lee shared much of the heavy lifting with Ken and was rewarded with a creditable 3rd. For all his efforts Ken picked up 4th but it was great to see him back and riding well.

On a fine day and over a short course the back of the race was always going to struggle to feature in the finish. The 3.5min bunch of Bob Braszell, Dean Wells and Richard Taylor had their work in front of them. With Bob and Dean knocking out a solid tempo and Richard showing signs of a return to form they succeeded in holding Scratch off, not bad for three being chased by four.

The effort Scratch put into the chase was written all over Shane Cody’s ashen face. Tony Mirabella, Phil Cartledge, Peter Kiel and Shane had chased all day for all they were worth, for little reward. With 10 minutes still to chase on the last lap it became a race for fastest time. With Terrific Tony in the bunch, leaving the result to be decided by a final sprint was not what the other three were thinking and the last lap was red hot. And the result? Terrific Tony had plenty and polished off the sprint but Peter Kiel made him earn it, pushing him all the way.



1st                        Ray Hodgson (25 min)

2nd                        Kevin Lee (9 min)

3rd                        Brian Lee (9 min)

4th                        Ken Heres (9 min)

5th                        Ron Larkin (15 min)

Fastest Time            Tony Mirabella (Scratch)

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