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March 25, 2018 – Criterium Championships Day, Victoria Park

March 25, 2018 – Criterium Championships Day, Victoria Park

OSCAR’S Hotel and Cafe Bar 

2018 EUREKA Cycling CRITERIUM Championships

March 25

Ballarat Criterium Circuit, Victoria Park

EVCC 2018 Criterium Championships - poster


Early morning showers didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of Eureka members as they flocked to Victoria Park for the 2018 Oscar’s Hotel and Cafe Bar Criterium Championships.  Windy conditions dried out the damp tarmac as the three Divisions raced towards Championship glory…
Here is the lighthearted race report –

DIVISION 3 (40 minutes, plus 2 laps):

Five riders enjoyed close racing until the call for two laps.  The race split when the diminutive Belinda Burgoyne put me in a surge.  Mal Rock and Rob Young slipped off the pace, but John Creek scrambled for Burgoyne’s wheel and Phil McLennan followed.
Bell lap and Burgoyne led them through – Creek and McLennan taking what little sit was available.  No change in order down the back straight before sweeping into the head wind for the final time.  Creek hooked out and quickly put paid to his counterparts, McLennan second and the courageous Burgoyne taking the final podium place.  All riders completed the event.

DIVISION 2 (45 minutes, plus two laps):

Seven riders rolled up to the start line after Peter Livitsanis suffered a flat tyre during his warm up.  The wind had certainly picked up by this stage and the tailwind down the back straight was begging for fast riding.
Ralph Jones (James Gretton) stretched the race out each time they went through the hairpin bend.  Eventually he rode off the front in a premeditated plan.  His power output was so awesome and his style so perfect that he was in complete control of the race until he wanted it to regroup just four laps from the finish.

Bob Morley worked his way through the field asking if anyone knew who Tim Tyler was – everyone was wary of this unknown rider!  Two laps to go and Mark O’Callaghan went on the front, Gretton second wheel, James Knipe third wheel and Jeremy Humber close behind, with Brian Ure and Roger McMillan both keeping out of trouble and staying well positioned.

The sprint train was set up for Knipe today…
Bell lap…
O’Callaghan lifted the pace then peeled off with 700 metres remaining, Gretton took up the running and powered through the second last bend and into the head wind.
Final bend and Knipe sweeps through and explodes away.  Humber came out of the pack, but couldn’t close the gap.  Roger McMillan nabbing third after weaving his way through the pack.

CHAMPIONSHIP RACE (55 minutes, plus 2 laps):

Come one, come all.  Challenge yourself!
Reigning 2017 Club Criterium Champion – Craig Lee – was a picture of concentration before the race.  He decided well before the gun that he would play one hand today…
Unfortunately the race was robbed of one competitor before the riders even lined up, with Tony Mirabella suffering multiple punctures.
Jason Birch was eyeing off a higher podium position in the 2018 rendition of the race; Dean Wells was aiming at not being dropped; Paul Pickersgill was hoping to be the surprise packet and Peter Gunston was eyeing off a special birthday present for himself.  Lindsay Burgoyne, Stuart Brien, Dave Olgivie and Mick Veal (2017 Div 2 Champ) were excited just to race, after missing out the previous day (Open race at Newham cancelled).

The race started off slowly – with a gentleman’s agreement to get the feel for the damp road and gusty wind.  A few riders tried early breakaways, with Mick Veal going solo for three or four laps.  Other “attacks were short lived by various riders in an attempt to draw someone else out to play.

Jason Birch launched the first major attack of the day which actually stuck – or was “allowed” to stick.  The others quickly eased off and left Birch out front for five or six laps before eventually regrouping.
The remainder of the race played out in a similar vein.  Anyone excited enough to roll off the front, quickly found themselves isolated in the wind.  Then the pace would back off as soon as the field regrouped.

Burgoyne and Pickersgill were always prominent near the front.  Ominously, Lee just casually followed the field around…
Birch tried to stretch the field mid-race.  Ogilvie joined him, however the bunch rallied quickly and shut it down.

At some stage during this passage, Veal pulled aside with a “flat” tyre, much to the disappointment of son Toby who looked up to Jude and was heard to say ‘You never stop riding Mummy’.  Veal performed a ridiculously fast “repair” and rejoined the race after his rest…only to pull out a lap or so latter with another “mechanical”.

With less than 5 minutes remaining Ogilvie tried again down the right side in the home straight, Wells also attacked on the left side.  This split the field and the pair quickly formed up to press the advantage, however it was short lived as a Brien, Birch and Burgoyne shut it down.

Pickersgill found himself on the front with two laps remaining and Burgoyne was staying close to the front.  The order remained unchanged as they came through for the bell.  Pickersgill pressed the button and charged towards the hairpin bend, Burgoyne went into the dirt and was out of the running, Wells now in second and waiting for the imminent attacks…

Ogilvie launched down the right and Birch went with him.  Pickersgill was soon overtaken and Wells was giving chase.  Ogilvie’s attack had lined the field out as they swept through the second last bend and into the head wind.  Birch tried to hang onto the wheel and Wells led the rest.
Ogilvie eased with 400 metres to go and the group rejoined with hearts pounding and riders gulping for air.

Final bend and Lee emerges for the first time and plays his one card – SNAP!
His attack is so swift some riders don’t even try to rally.
Brien follows and Gunston and Wells also came out of the pack.  Lee streaked away to claim his second Club Criterium Champion title in just four months.

Championship results -
Division 3:
1st – John Creek
2nd – Phil McLennan
3rd – Belinda Burgoyne
Division 2:
1st – James Knipe
2nd – Jeremy Humber
3rd – Roger McMillan
Championship Race:
1st – Craig Lee
2nd – Peter Gunston
3rd – Stuart Brien

The winner of each race received a voucher from the criterium series sponsor, before heading down to the CBD and enjoyed coffee at Oscar’s Hotel and Cafe Bar. Championship medals will be awarded during April at the club rooms at Lake Learmonth.

…Michael Veal was last seen carrying one wheel and dragging the rest of his bike as he muttered something about wet narrow roads and the dangerous wind…

Photo (L-R): “The Winners”
John Creek, James Knipe, Craig Lee

2018 crit champs

March 12, 2018 – Labour Day Criterium racing, Victoria Park

March 12, 2018 – Labour Day Criterium racing, Victoria Park

 Labour Day races – 12th March 2018

OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe Bar criterium series – round 2

Victoria Park – criterium circuit

EVCC Criterium - Monday - poster

Something new – racing on a public holiday!

‘If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as to work.’
- William Shakespeare

Taking advantage of the long weekend, Eureka Cycling staged round 2 of the Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe Bar criterium series at Victoria Park on Monday 12th March.
The strong south south east breeze made for very cool temperatures, especially after the warm weekend.  Sunscreen was replaced by arm warmers and barely a drink was touched as four divisions raced on the super smooth tarmac, each rider donning one of the brand new coloured race dossards.
Once again great numbers were present, particularly in Division 4 and Division 3.

The wind and unseasonal cold would prove the limiting factor for many riders today and attrition was the name of the game…

Division 4:

Terry Collie was backing up from an impressive 13th place at the Bendigo Open the previous day.  Unfortunately Terry was soon off the back and ended up in a long, lone time trial to the finish.  John Faulkner, Malcolm Rock, Graeme Parker and Shane Cody all suffered similar fates as the wind whittled the field of ten down.
John Creek proved too strong in the race to the chequered flag, winning ahead of Phil McLennan and Robert Young, with Barry Robinson and Brian Lee close behind.

Division 3:

James Knipe and Mark O’Callaghan were also backing up from high finishes in the Bendigo Open on Sunday.  A tale of two riders as the triathlete succumbed to the cold and the Knipe Rider zoomed away to win the race.  In between there was much action…

Roger McMillan and Kevin Lee both found the wind tough and couldn’t hold onto the bunch.  Ash Burke fought off his criterium demons and finished up a credible third.  Justin Foster finished the race off, as did Peter Livitsanis who is making a habit of going onto the dirt.  Craig Lightfoot rode handy to finish second and was unpurturbed at having played a significant role in Fifi’s off-road experience.

Division 2:

Jeremy Humber was the sacrificial lamb today – cast in with the likes of Paul Pickersgill, Peter Gunston, Jeremy Vanderklift and Stuart Brien.
The pace was fast and the small field averaged over 37.5 kph for the race.  In the wind it meant there were few chances for anyone to ride off the front.

Humber had a training ride of sorts then settled in to watch the others battle it out.  Vanderklift must be wondering where these strong fellas come from…he meets a new brigade every time he races.
Honourable mention to Pickersgill for somehow being able to wedge his dodgy foot into a cycling shoe and actually race.  Gunston is getting back into form and the short course races suit his style.  Once again he played with the field and his tactics were almost perfect.
All the pre race talk was about how Brien would demoralise the Ensemble…and he did just that.

With less than two laps remaining, Brien surged off the front and the others all looked at each other to see who would commit to the chase.  The moment of hesitation was all Brien needed to create a race winning gap which he held to the line, winning by the length of the straight.
Gunston taking second with a throw on the line.

Division 1:

Small field, big egos.  Craig Lee was out in one of his return races.  It is fair to say that he was not completely on song today as he fine tunes for his Club Criterium Champion title defence in two weeks time.  Tony Mirabella is almost back to full fitness and Dean Wells rounded out the field of three.

The first few laps were fast and the trio averaged over 41 kph as they tore around the track in an early frenzy.  Eventually a settling before one of the few attacks of the day, when Lee took off (midrace) into the headwind up the straight.  It took almost two laps for Mirabella and Wells to reel him in, by which time Tony had formulated a plan…
”When we catch him, you attack, I’ll sit on Craig”

And so it was, no sooner had the trio regrouped than Wells took off (wondering how he could maintain this for at least 25 minutes).  The gap was never huge, but Mirabella and Lee soon engaged in cat and mouse to see who could cross to the lead.  Mirabella eventually won the hand and finally caught Wells with just a few laps remaining (although some confusion lead to an extra few minutes being tacked onto the race).

Swapping turns the pair eventually came to the bell lap and the inevitable played out with Wells opening the sprint and Mirabella taking the win.

Division 4 (30 min + 2 laps):
1st – John Creek
2nd – Phil McLennan
3rd – Robert Young

Division 3 (30 min + 2 laps):
1st – James Knipe
2nd – Craig Lightfoot
3rd – Ash Burke

Division 2 (35 min + 2 laps):
1st – Stuart Brien
2nd – Peter Gunston
3rd – Paul Pickersgill

Division 1 (44 min + 2 laps):
1st – Tony Mirabella
2nd – Dean Wells
3rd – Craig Lee

March 4, 2018 – Weatherboard, 60 km handicap

March 4, 2018 – Weatherboard, 60 km handicap

Weatherboard – 4th March 2018


Weatherboard circuit – 60 km

Weatherboard map 60 Km

Weatherboard 60 Km


Another large field in near perfect racing conditions for the Weatherboard handicap race.  The southerly breeze kept the temperature just right, which meant every group felt the pressure from the start.

Limit were off 30 minutes and had completed their first lap before Scratch even got out of the gate.  Graeme Parker led the way with John Faulkner (winner at Super Vets during the week) and returning riders Mal Rock and Greg Curnow for company.  Unfortunately that was about as far as they got before being rounded up by the 24 minute group of Terry Collie, Brian Lee and John Creek.
The group of seven lasted but mere minutes until Collie and Lee surged away, leaving the rest to pull out one by one.  Handed a generous mark, Collie and Lee exploited every minute of it…

The 10 minute group welcomed Les Bilney back into the fold for the first time in a couple of years.  New rising star Jason Hendry was once again under the tutelage of the experienced Bob Morley.  The rest – Jeremy Humber, James Gretton, Pete Livitsanis, Paul Crack and Roger McMillan – were a mix of trying not to blow the bunch apart, or trying to hang on.

Second Scratch raced like demons – Rob Phillips, Mick Veal, Stu Brian, Lindsay Burgoyne, Peter Kiel, Grant Dawson, Ash Burke and trial rider Matt Sheehan – setting off at a cracking pace with a 3 minute start on Scratch.  Burke had soon broken away off the back, leaving the rest to go it alone.
They were equally desperate to catch the middle group off 10 minutes and stay clear of Scratch.

In the absence of Club Champion Tim Canny, all eyes turned towards Sam Smith in the expectation that he wouldn’t smash them senseless.
Smart riders one and all, the group had duly learned their lesson from a few weeks earlier and ensured they measured their efforts.  Smooth turns and hard work from Tony Mirabella, Brendan Schiemer, Jason Birch and Rob Ellis didn’t make the race any easier, but reinforced the teamwork aspect of handicap racing.
Ultimately the Scratch group were probably lacking just one more rider as they chased the larger bunches ahead.

With 13 kilometres remaining the Second Scratch reeled in the 10 minute group over the Weatherboard climb.  The combined forces were still well clear of Scratch, however the Lee/Collie duo were so far ahead they could only be seen on the longer straights.

Onto the last lap and Second Scratch riders led the charge up Avenue Road for the final time.  Swinging towards Weatherboard and the narrow road made finding the right spot difficult.  Cresting the hill riders jockeyed for position as the speed ramped up.
Gretton threw caution to the wind and wound up an attack into the chicane.  Livitsanis and Morley were on his wheel and well positioned through the turns.
All power towards Hendersons Road saw all kinds of tactics – no hope of the win, but scraps to race for!

Up ahead and Collie and Lee climbed the Henderson Road hill with minutes to spare.  Collie a bit fitter at present, dashed away for the win over Lee.

The excitement was building behind as the bunch rounded the tight last turn and lined out for the assault on the climb.  Phillips, Burgoyne and Kiel let go at the bottom of the hill, surprisingly Hendry went with them!  Halfway up the final pinch and it was carnage – Phillips blew, Veal sat up, Brien was pedalling squares, Morley was pedalling bigger squares.
Over the top and the final effort saw Bilney, Burgoyne, Kiel, Hendry and Humber all survive and empty their tanks in the final dash.
Burgoyne claiming third ahead of Hendry, Kiel and Brien who rallied late.

A minute later and Scratch raced over the hill with Sam Smith flying away to Fastest Time and Mirabella easily out-sprinting the rest.

1st – Terry Collie (24 min)
2nd – Brian Lee (24 min)
3rd – Lindsay Burgoyne (3 min)
4th – Jason Hendry (10 min)
5th – Peter Kiel (3 min)
Fastest Time – Sam Smith (Scratch) in 1h 36m 50s, ave. 37.2 kph

February 25, 2018 – Ron Rivette Classic – Eureka Open – 56 km VVCC Open handicap, Weatherboard-Mt Misery

February 25, 2018 – Ron Rivette Classic – Eureka Open – 56 km VVCC Open handicap, Weatherboard-Mt Misery

Shane Cook Homes

Ron Rivette Classic

EVCC 2018 Ron Rivette Classic poster

Victorian Veteran Cycling Council

56 km Eureka Open

February 25th, 2018


EVCC 2018 Ron Rivette Classic program with start list Eureka Open - Old courseEUREKA Cycling - 2018 Open start list

Strong winds greeted the 107 riders who converged on Lake Learmonth for the first VVCC Open race of 2018.
The wind and thick cloud cover kept the “feels like” temperature hovering around a cool 6 degrees – perfect for the local riders!

Out on the road the wind devastated many groups with riders dropped from each bunch and strewn around the course.
Sixteen riders pulled out of the event and possibly 50 riders wished they had done so before venturing so far.
The dominant force today was the south easterly wind which hovered in the mid 40s and gusted up to 60 kilometres and hour.
The crosswinds were hectic and the headwinds were demoralising…

Limit set off at 38 minutes and quickly disintegrated.  The 30 minute group blew apart inside the first 20 kilometres.

The 24 minute group faired no better and split into ones and twos.

The 18 minute group lost a few riders on the climb out of Addington with the rest being picked up by the following bunches.

As with the front groups, the wind played havoc with the 16:30 minute group.  They also had a rider who had inadvertently started with them.
That rider was subsequently disqualified from the race, however not before inflicting almost as much havoc on the group as the wind.

The 15 minute group was disassembled in the first third of the race and never really recovered.

The 13 minute group was all conquering today and took home the race quinella.  This power bunch was filled with quite a few large riders who revelled in the tough windy conditions and swept all before them, literally.  They started strong and many of the big units kept the bunch powering along.  Their number dwindled, but they held off the chasing pack.

On paper the 11 minute group looked to have a good chance of rolling up the bunches ahead.  They started like rockets, however not enough riders were sharing the workload and they only chipped away at the time difference.

The 9 minute group struggled from the start and completely imploded with 50 kilometres remaining.  The remnants of the group joined in with the next bunch.

The 6:30 minute group gelled and worked together well.  They collected the odd vanquished rider and kept their work rate high.

Second Scratch started at 4 minutes and smashed each other.  A race within a race, some waited for Scratch – well what was left of Scratch – and others raced ahead.

Scratch blew apart early and three riders chased hard.  They easily recorded the fastest times on the day.
Uniting with dropped Second Scratch riders worked in their favour and they eventually collected even more Second Scratch riders.
In the sprint for Fastest Time, Darren Roberts (Northern Cycling) packed too many guns for Michael Borowski (Northern) and Tim Bennet (Geelong & Surf Coast)…however they finished three minutes down on the winner and the race had always been out of reach…

The lap of Weatherboard gave each group an opportunity to experience a strong headwind early and it certainly set the script for how the day would play out.  Those outmarker bunches were smashed and never recovered.

The 13 minute group was on the verge of self destructing with a very keen rider from the 15 minute group (missed his start) leading the way.  Rob Phillips (Eureka Cycling) soon put everything back in order and set the tone for the rest of their day – work smart and work hard.
With powerful riders such as Chris Fenech (GSCC), Grant Dawson (Eureka), Ricky Lovell (Central Victorian Vets), Andrew Rushton (Eureka) and Michael Veal (Eureka) in the bunch, the group always promised to be a threat.

The 11 minute bunch were not working anywhere near as well and found only four or five riders rotating turns.  They also started shelling riders and even though the 13 minute bunch was within reach, the chase was looking grim.
Not as grim as the 9 minute group who had few contributors before the Eureka pair of Lindsay Burgoyne and Dean Wells dropped their bunch on the run to Addington.  Too far ahead to ease up, the pair found themselves in no man’s land and quickly passing dropped riders from the groups ahead.

The race ahead saw the 13 minute group had set their sights on the 15:00 group and sweep them aside without much ado.  Hungry for more, they licked their lips as closed in on the 16:30 group and caught them at the 30 kilometre mark.
With at least seven riders contributing solidly, the 13 minute group powered on strong enough to hold the chasing 11 minute group whose rotations were not improving.  Too much work being done by too few.  They almost bridged the gap to the 13 minute group as they turned onto Black Bottom Road.  Finally the group started rotating better, unfortunately the pace dropped too much.
The 13 minute group was so close…but it was a bridge too far.  They started collecting riders dropped from other groups, some stuck on, some were dispatched quickly.

Turning off Black Bottom Road and it was time for the 13 minute group to push even harder if that was possible.  The call for middle of the road went out and the peloton squeezed left and made room for just seven bikes. From that point on riders were shelled every few kilometres.
The survivors of the 18 minute group were just ahead and within a few kilometres they too had been rolled up.
They still had passengers from the 15 and 16:30 minute groups in their mix – this doesn’t include Stephen Biram (Eureka) who had missed his start with the 15 minute group, but had contributed solidly throughout.
Paul Ogilivie (GSCC) was also a big contributor to this large bunch mainly consisting of Eureka riders.   They had the race lead at this point and the 11 minute group were still close, but unable to close those few hundred metres.

The 11 minute group was now collecting riders who had been shelled from the raging 13 minute bunch, however the bunch ahead was maintaining a gap.
The 9 minute duo of Burgoyne and Wells weren’t making any ground on the 11 minute group and unbeknownst to them, the 6:30 minute group was closing fast having collected a few other 9 minute riders.

With less than ten kilometres remaining it seemed unlikely that the winner would come further back than the 11 minute group, but they just weren’t getting any closer.  Stuart Brien (Eureka) threw caution to the wind and launched off the front of the group in a last chance effort.  His group rallied and chased…

The race lead turned left and up the final climb towards Weatherboard.  With the strong tailwind they didn’t lose any time to the chasers.
Phillips led the pack and they pushed hard.  Veal surged and the Geelong & Surf Coast riders Laurence Lynch and Daryl Suter from the 15:00 minute group marked him.  Eureka rider James Gretton (16:30) bullocked his way to the top with another 13 minute rider – Chris Fenech (GSCC).
Ogilvie (GSCC) was ever watchful, could he be the Ace in the pack?
The string was stretching, so close, yet so far…and the call was just 20 seconds to the lone chaser.

They crested the hill with two kilometres remaining and they kept driving and driving.  Brien had made some inroads on the climb, but his group had somehow scrambled back to his wheel.  A short breather and then Brien went again and this time he broke free of the bunch.
The odds were against him with one man against ten…but maybe there were some leftover scraps to be had from the lead pack…

Ahead and the unlikely fellowship of 13, 15, 16:30 and 18 minute riders was about to become unfriendly.
Into the gutter they went, words were exchanged, it got messy.
The sole 18 minute rider in the bunch – Jason Hendry (Eureka) – launched early at the dip.  Daring, adventurous and ultimately doomed to fail, Hendry set up the perfect lead out for the other riders.
Veal had Hendry’s wheel, with Phillips just behind and Biram preparing to pounce.  The race got messier – riders jockeyed for position.
One rider zoomed away (subsequently disqualified).
The others started their sprints and the spectators didn’t know where to look.
Veal hit the front and Phillips shot over the top in the final metres.  A home win!

Finish Line

Race Results:
1st – Robert Phillips, Eureka (13:00 min)
2nd – Michael Veal, Eureka (13:00 min)
3rd – Stephen Biram, Eureka (15:00 min)
4th – Laurence Lynch, Geelong SC (15:00 min)
5th – Daryl Suter, Geelong SC (15:00 min)
6th – Jason Hendry, Eureka (18:00 min)
7th – Paul Ogilvie, Geelong SC (16:30 min)
8th – James Gretton, Eureka (16:30 min)
9th – Chris Fenech, Geelong SC (13:00 min)
10th – Stuart Brien, Eureka (11:00 min)
First unplaced lady – Jo Read, Northern (38:00 min)
Fastest time – Daryl Roberts, Northern (Scratch) in 1h 23m 37s, average 40.2 kph

L-R: Steve Biram (3rd), Rob Phillips (1st), Mick Veal (3rd) and Darren Roberts (Fastest Time)


EUREKA Cycling thank the VVCC referees and time keeper for officiating.
Also, we kindly thank the many volunteers who made this day happen:
corner marshals
kitchen staff
registration staff
general helpers

We must also recognise the generous contributions of food and raffle prizes
which our members donated to the club.
We also acknowledge the fantastic commitment to our club
by the sponsor of the Ron Rivette ClassicShane Cook Homes.
Congratulations to all the riders who tackled the 2018 Eureka Open.
Everyone should be proud of their efforts in such trying conditions.


EVCC 2018 mylaps Eureka Open 1 EVCC 2018 mylaps Eureka Open 2 EVCC 2018 mylaps Eureka Open 3

EUREKA Cycling - 2018 Open start list

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