Commodore’s Cup a blood bath


Captain Blood

Master and Commander Gary Blood sailed to his third victory for the season, leaving all others in his wake, to stash the prestigious Commodore’s Cup into his rapidly expanding treasure chest – and the engraver is working on the club aggregate trophy for him now too.

Starting off 19 min Gary and shipmate Scott “BFG” Denno, aboard his new giant, made short work of the 3 minute gap to Graeme Parker and Mandy Rhook. Together they worked away solidly until the last rise on the Avenue when Gary inadvertently took the bunch down into the gutter. With screams of “up the road Gary” ringing in his ears, he went “up the road”, that is he took off from the front and the bunch didn’t see him again.

His pursuit of Greg Curnow, off 30 minutes, was relentless. To his credit Greg was demonstrating that last week was no fluke and wasn’t daunted by Gary bearing down on him, white sails in the sun. In the end Gary’s firepower was too much for Greg,  and he cast him adrift to ride away for the win. Greg finishing an honourable second. With his last dying effort Graeme gave Scott a push up the Avenue hill, “I’m done for son” he said “you’ll have to go it alone”. Scott finished in third with the chasing bunch about 300m behind him.

Stuck on a desert island was the 11 minute bunch of Bob Morley, Brian Lee, Malcolm Rock and John Creek. 9 minutes in front of second scratch and 8 minutes behind Scott and Gary – the impossible choice of wait and be smashed or bury themselves in the chase. Despite Brian riding well, Creekie is taking his time to find some form and Mal and Bob were crook, so the big chase proved difficult. However, the bunch kept a fast average speed and nearly stayed clear of scratch, only being caught in the last 400m.

The 2 minute second scratch bunch of Dave Peters, Andrew Rushton, Darren Terry and Peter Livitsanis rode a fast first lap to try to stay clear of scratch, at the end of which Dave mysteriously disappeared. Andrew, on his new Zipps, and Darren continued to storm away, with Peter doing his turns but breathing a bit harder than the past few weeks. The pace lifted again when the two scratch riders, Tony Mirabella and Phil Cartledge came alongside, both in damagingly good form. They dropped Pete in the poo on the piggery corner and set sail for the race lead. With 400 to go they spotted Bob’s bunch lining up for a sprint for 4th. There was great wailing and gnashing of teeth as Tony punched the hyperspace button and tore a black hole right through them to win the sprint and take fastest. Handicapper man pinching fourth and Darren cleaning the deck to take 5th.


1st                                    Gary Blood ( 19 minutes)

2nd                                    Greg Curnow ( 30 minutes)

3rd                                    Scott Denno (19 minutes)

4th                                    Tony Mirabella (Scratch)

5th                                    Phil Cartledge (Scratch)

Fastest Time                  Tony Mirabella (Scratch)

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