Eureka Vets Fail Blood test

Hetherington Circuit Handicap

Can he be beaten? For the second week in a row Gary Blood stood on the highest step of the podium, taking gold in yet another dominant display, his bewildered competitors calling for his new bike to be x-rayed suspecting that Dennis Shaw might have slipped a motor in it. Well one thing is definite, he won’t win next week – he’s marshalling a corner.

This week Gary methodically dismantled the limit bunch of Terry Collie, Mandy Rhook, and Matt Ritchie and rode solo for the last lap rolling over the line more than a minute in front of the frantically chasing field.

The rest of the field was assembled as Noah would have intended, the smallest bunches possible – pairs. Chasing the limit foursome off 10 minutes was Terry Constable and Malcolm Rock who was returning from high altitude training in the south of France. While they failed to catch limit, they rode well to stay clear of the chasing pairs until well into the second lap.

Three minutes back, Peter Livitsanis stretched Bob Morley’s elastic in a fast start, the pair settled into a good chasing rhythm and picked up Mal and Terry downwind on Henderson’s road on lap two. Bob sorted out the combined four and got them working to chase limit. They swept up Terry Collie and Mandy, Terry gritted his teeth and jumped on, Mandy wished them well and watched them ride away.

Starting 3.5 minutes in front of Scratch, the pairing of Darren Terry and Richard Taylor got off to a Kamakaze fast start. Darren was determined to smash the race or die trying, Richard was a little more circumspect realising that Darren’s early pace would blow them both up. Richard sat off Darren and waited for the scratch pair of Phil Cartledge and Tony Mirabella. Predictably, Richard, Tony and Phil soon rounded up and then dropped Darren in a pile at the piggery. Richard worked well with Tony and Phil for a lap but didn’t have enough to go with them when Phil called for an extra effort in an attempt to grab the race.

Into the avenue for the last time the Bob Morley four spotted the front of the race disappearing over the rise and they doubled their effort. Rounding the corner out of Henderson’s Road, Terry Collie put in a heroic turn bringing the bunch closer and in sight. It was then that they realised that they were chasing one rider, Matt Ritchie, not two – where was Gary Blood? To compound their anguish, scratch had appeared in the mirror and were bearing down at a murderous pace.

Just before the clubrooms, Tony and Phil blew past, Peter grabbed Tony’s wheel and everyone else hung on for as long as they could. Despite the chasing bunch riding the last couple of kms over 40km/hr, Matt Ritchie had done enough to stay well clear and secured second. Tony jumped Phil and sprinted clear for third and fastest time, Phil taking fourth. Gary Blood? Well he was standing beside his bike at the finish line waiting for us. We look forward to welcoming Gary into the single digit bunches soon.



1st                    Gary Blood (14 minutes)

2nd                    Matt Ritchie (14 minutes)

3rd                    Tony Mirabella (Scratch)

4th                    Phil Cartledge (Scratch)

5th                    Peter Livitsanis (7 minutes)

Fastest Time     Tony Mirabella

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