July 15, 2018 – EUROPA cafe W.A.R.S. round 6 – graded divisions, Mount Ercildoune

Winter Aggregate Race Series
15th July 2018

W.A.R.S. – race 6
Graded Divisions

Mount Ercildoune – 45 km

EVCC 2018 WARS July poster

Don’t Give Up

“Play the game for more than you can afford to lose.
Only then will you learn the game.”
- Winston Churchill

Sunshine bathed Learmonth as 22 riders tried to warm up in the windy and very cold conditions.  On the menu was graded division racing around the 45 kilometre Mount Ercildoune circuit (formerly known as “Mount Misery reverse”).
Four healthy sized divisions rode off under the watchful eye of stand in Referee – Terry Collie.  Once again Bill and Lois Goldfinch have ventured off in search of warmer climes.  Good luck to them, maybe they might even come across our Club President – John Faulkner – who has headed north for the winter.

Division 4

Back to the racing and Michael Lynch and Graeme Parker were both given head starts in their Division 4 race.
Roger McMillan, Kevin Lee headed off some minute later with…well we think it was Jacqui Dawson hiding multiple layers of clothing.  At least someone was smart!

Michael made it halfway before the wind took its toll.  Graeme powered on, in a game of “catch me if you can”.

The chasing trio shared the workload and battled the wind together.  They eventually caught Parker along the Langi Kal Kal Road, just a few kilometres short of Addington.

Much joy for the racers as they turned uphill at Addington with the very strong tailwind.

Turning onto the home straight they continued working as a team against the wind.  As they neared the line it wasn’t so much a sprint for the finish as a normal rotation of riders.  Nonetheless, McMillan took the honours in a great team effort.

1st – Roger McMillan
2nd – Kevin Lee 3rd –
Jacqui Dawson

Division 3

You will never find a more wretched hive of lycra and villainy as the Division 3 race.
Players, connivers, manipulators and charlatans, one and all.  The backbone of our club and very much in the vein of Ocean’s 11…let’s call them Jone’s 5 because Ralph (aka James Gretton) was at the start line to direct the lads.

Off they went on their little closed boys club for another adventure on their velocipedes.  James Knipe assumed the bus driver role and drove the bunch onwards where others might have faltered.  Actually the others wanted to keep Jim in sight because, well he chose his own adventure on this circuit last time out.
Dan Whelan, Bob Morley, Mark O’Callaghan, Steve Linane and Pete Livitsanis (who somehow can ride the wind brilliantly for someone of his stature) made up the gang.

Morley and Livitsanis made an early break – with Knipe – after the chicane and it looked like it might stick.  But these shysters are smart enough not to blow themselves apart in such winds – so they eased up and let the bunch regroup.  Ride together and decide it all in a sprint!

We could write paragraphs about the shadow boxing, the attacks and the foils during this scrap…however the reality of the day was that Knipe spent 80% of the time on the front.
Whelan did what he does best – push bloomin’ hard and open gaps to soften the others up.
Fifi was strong again after his recent back struggles – it’s an age thing!
O’Callaghan kept reminding them “I’m gone” – whilst following wheels with ease.
Muncher was calling the on-road shots and thinking “My team works better than Marcel Kittel’s”.

Linane was lost early to the group though and set about time trialling to the finish alone, happily cheering on other Divisions as they came through.

Into the home straight and Knipe kept up his efforts on the front.  Whelan was poised to hit out early.  Livitsanis was counting down the metres to his launch spot.  O’Callaghan was congratulating himself on selling such a convincing ruse.
But, Morley surprised them all and went early.
Daylight for second!

1st – Robert Morley
2nd – Peter Livitsanis
3rd – Mark O’Callaghan

Division 2

Division 2 fielded the smallest bunch of the day.
Former Club Champion – Andrew Rushton led the group off with Peter Canny, Greg Nunn and Jeremy Humber in tow.  Joining them for his first time out in quite a while was Peter Gunston.
Five sprinters, each with a plan…
Nunn – soft pedal and smash ‘em at the end.
Humber – hang on and launch early in the sprint.
Canny – ride them off my wheel before they can sprint.
Gunston – hang on and bury myself at the end.
Rushton – ride hard and drop the sprinters.

Plans don’t always come to fruition and the stronger than anticipated wind dulled everyone’s enthusiasm…maybe we’ll just get through the headwind before igniting the race…

The race stayed together.

Now and then one of the riders would put in a vicious turn…only to be disappointed that the others were still there on his wheel.

Through Addington and Rushton ignited the race.  His massive effort up the climb – was matched by the others and the outcome was Rushton succumbing to his own plan.

Home straight and the remaining riders eyed each other off.  Canny went early and packed too much punch as one by one the others faltered in the race to the flag.

1st – Peter Canny
2nd – Greg Nunn
3rd – Jeremy Humber

Division 1

Another Sunday, another Division 1 smashfest.
The only question is when will the Club Champion – Tim Canny – swing the hammer.  Dave Olgivie and Matt Bowman both returned to the ranks today after extended leaves of absence.  Jason Birch and Tony Mirabella lined up again.
Also, the much awaited return of Dean Wells to the Division 1 ranks was celebrated.  It would prove to be a very short celebration!

Early in the race and the combination of tailwind and everyone trying to warm up saw the race go out fast.  On the downward run to the chicane Wells couldn’t match the pace and he was off the back.  Mirabella (completely out of sorts) was also off the pace.
In Ercildoune Road they tried to bridge the gap, however it was already game over.  Mirabella retired early and Wells consigned to a 40 km time trial, such is life…

Ahead and the remaining four were swapping turns.  In true Team Time Trial mode, they battled the wind together and shared the workload.
Still, it would only be a matter of time before Canny tired of the company.
That time came after the early climb in Beaufort-Waubra Road.  Over the first obstacle and Canny simply rode away from the others.

Oh, they fought to hold his wheel…but the inevitable loss of contact left three watching the Champ ride off alone.
Bowman eventually fell off the pace of the chase, leaving Olgivie and Birch alone in their forlorn pursuit of Canny.

Through Addington and the the Division 1 riders launched up the climb.  Canny pulled further ahead as he soloed towards another win.
Home straight and the interest lay in who could claim second place as Canny sped away to win by minutes.
The chasing pair settled down for the sprint with Birch claiming the red ribbon.

1st – Tim Canny
2nd – Jason Birch
3rd – David Olgivie


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