March 2, 2019 – OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe Criterium Series Rd 2, Victoria Park

OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe Criteriums 2
2nd March 2019


Victoria Park criterium circuit, Ballarat

EVCC 2019 Criterium Series

Don’t dream of winning – train for it

Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance
Another heartache, another failed romance
On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?
I guess I’m learning , I must be warmer now
I’ll soon be turning , ’round the corner now

The Show Must Go On

- Queen

Eureka Cycling staged short criteriums during the lunch break at the (Cycling VICTORIA) 2019 Victorian State Criterium Championships.
Eleven dual licensed Eureka Cycling / Ballarat Sebastopol CC members raced in the state champs.  Two of those riders then backed up in the Eureka crits!

The heat wave and strong winds deterred many from racing with Eureka today, however fifteen hardy/crazy soles still signed on.
Four divisions raced for vouchers supplied by criterium series sponsor OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe, as well as vital club aggregate points.

Division 4
The race quickly evolved into a race in two as Mal Rock and Rob Kinna put on a show for the ages.
The younger rider proved strongest, however there was post race controversy as both riders fired in complaints to the referee – Bill Goldfinch.

Rock was adamant that Kinna’s brand new steed was not UCI legal.  Naturally that argument fell flat because AVCC racing is not conducted under the jurisdiction of the UCI. (AVCC is conducted under the rules and regulations of the ICF.)
Kinna complained that Rock talked too much during the race. Whilst this was immediately accepted as to be highly likely, the ICF rules do not prohibit riders for incessant talking.
Case closed.

Division 3
Three riders got away in a surprise early break in this epic contest.  Mark O’Callaghan, Peter Livitsanis and Phil McLennan rolled away from the start line and never looked back (except when being passed by faster bunches).  The strong headwind on the eastern straight caused some issues as the three battled their way towards the placings.
In the finale, the petite Livitsanis proved the most wiley as he shot clear of the larger boned riders to land the victory.

Division 2
The largest field of the day flew around the circuit.  Attack and counterattack was the order of the day.
Matt Angus was brave to pin a number on after using the Masters 4 State Championship race as a warm up.
Geoff Martin was often seen powering along at the front of the bunch.
Cam Farrington was questioning why he chose this day for his return to racing.

It was fun, but oh so hot.
Shaun Martin was being watchful and tried on occasion to split the pack.
Shane Cody was pleased that the stars had finally aligned to allow him to race.
Al Cureton was more than comfortable with everything thrown at him.

So there they were, six riders virtually unknown to each other.  Many new to the club.  Yet, hidden in the lot was a past Eureka Club Champion.
To the finish and Cody almost pulled off a great victory, yet was denied by Cureton, who on this day had the faster sprint.

Division 1
Pre-race the four riders discussed how they would put on a show for the spectators lining the finishing straight, then ease off and recover around the back, before once again putting on a display for the fans.  That lasted all of 50 metres as the race quickly settled into a four man time trial.
Tim Wright had power, Matt Ayres pulled long turns, Jason Hendry was brute strength and Dean Wells was backing up from the earlier Masters 4 Championship.

The pace was high, especially into the wind as Hendry, Wright and Ayres drove forward.  Wells was cunning enough to not be on the front into the headwind, however by the last few laps everyone was trying to do as little as possible.

Final lap and Hendry is stuck on the front.  Wells goes for the usual long range sprint and barely gets a gap before Hendry winds up and flies past.  Hendry finally lands his first ever win.  The race may have been short, yet the quartet still averaged 39.5 Kph with Hendry driving the pace for much of the time.

OSCAR’S Criterium 2 results
Division 4 (20 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Rob Kinna
2nd – Mal Rock
Division 3 (25 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Peter Livitsanis
2nd – Mark O’Callaghan
3rd – Phil McLennan
Division 2 (30 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Al Cureton
2nd – Shane Cody
3rd – Shaun Martin
Division 1 (35 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Jason Hendry
2nd – Matt Ayres
3rd – Dean Wells


EVCC 2019 Criterium Series

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