May 19, 2019 – Burrumbeet points race – graded divisions, 51 Km

Points Racing – 19th May 2019

Graded Divisions

Burrumbeet – 51 Km

 EVCC - graded Points race - Burrumbeet

All Mad

‘He is mad as a hare, poor fellow,
And should be in chains,’ you say,
I haven’t a doubt of your statement, 
But who isn’t mad, I pray?
Why, the world is a great asylum,
And the people are all insane,
Gone daft with pleasure or folly,
Or crazed with passion and pain.’
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Sunday 19th, saw twenty five riders sign on for Graded Division points racing – in somewhat balmy conditions for May – on the new Burrumbeet circuit.
Riders contested sprints each lap, with 3 points earned for first place, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third.  The points total decided the outcome of each division.
The points race format was trialled in 2018 and proved popular.  The Burrumbeet circuit was trialled at he start of 2019 and proved popular.
How would this day pan out for the participants?

We thank the writers of each report for their descriptive contributions!

?? Division 4 (Through Terry Collie’s eyes)

This is the story part… Division four were assigned the blue numbers.  Blue, so that when they caught Division 1, those riders would know they did not have to chase.

This is where the story really begins…  The merry six, set off on seven laps of Glue Pot (aka Burrumbeet).  For the first lap, Graeme Parker, Jakkii Dawson, Robert Young, Melanie Tudball, Terry Collie and trial rider Tom O’Brien settled into rotations.  This was mainly to acclimatise the new riders to some of the intricate workings of riding in a bunch and the wind – for the first lap anyway…
Up the rise and the first sprint saw Jakkii hit out and take the points.  That sprint and the subsequent speed through the corner into the Avenue, changed the tone for the rest of the race.
Graeme, Jakkii and Tom soon found themselves off the front with Robert scrambling back and Mel and Terry chasing hard.

Midway through the second lap, Jakkii dropped off the lead duo.  Robert was still thereabouts, whilst Mel and Terry watched it all happen just up the road.
Graeme and Tom spent a couple of laps together, before Graeme rode away alone to pick up maximum points for the remaining sprints.
Jakkii as is her wont, did not give in.  She eventually caught and passed Tom who was paying for his earlier effort.
Robert had endured a somewhat lonesome day, yet on his own he was able to stay away from Mel and Terry, who by this stage had turned their day into a training session.
Eureka Life Member – Collie – coaching Melanie in just her second ever bike race, through the enjoyably tortuous event.

So it came to pass, that Graeme accumulated top points and Jakki managed to pick up enough in the latter half of the race to take second place.
One short tailwind, two cross wind legs and a block head wind certainly made for a tough day.

Division 4, (7 laps) 45 Km results:
1st – Graeme Parker, 18 pts
2nd – Jakkii Dawson, 12 pts
3rd – Tom O’Brien, 11 pts

?? Division 3 (courtesy Bob Morley)

Confusion reigned in Division 3 with Mark O’Callaghan winning all eight sprints and breaking the computer.

Just what is “eight times three?”  No less than three post race attempts at calculating the total were made…they were all wrong!

There were some clear outcomes from Division 3 on this day.
????Mark O’Callaghan is too good for Division 3
????James Burzacott is flying
????Robbie Kinna has another name for his “book of retribution” when he gets fit

The start was anything but standard, as the current leader of the Veteran Cycling Victoria Individual Aggregate – Roger McMillan – took off out of the gate at a great rate.  Bob Morley covered him quickly as did Dan Whelan who is too wiley to be dropped by such a move.  O’Callaghan and Burzacott also proved up to the task, as did new rider Trent Saunders.
Unfortunately it was all over for Kinna and Darryl Brown.  In a word of warning… some of us remember how strong Kinna was when he was on song – powerful and fast in a sprint.  Look out when he is fit and flying!

Back to the race and on the last corner of the first lap Mocca (O’Callaghan) was third wheel before attacking into the corner and then out of it.  Morley covered the initial move but could not maintain the pace.  Saunders and Buzz Lightyear went around him and crossed to the big triathlete.
That move left the old blokes (Whelan and Morley) chasing in an attempt to get back on…

O’Callaghan took the first sprint and the next and the next.  All the time, the trio extended their lead each lap.

As the laps passed, Buzz and Mocca were able to ride away from the inexperienced Saunders.  This left him in no man’s land and potential prey for the aged Whelan and Morley.

The old foges eventually picked Saunders up.  The new guy worked his turns and then showed he has a good sprint (Ed. – to a level) by taking the third place sprint from Morley.
That surge had Whelan was off the back “a touch” and Saunders sat up “a bit”.  Morley needed little encouragement to take advantage of the lull in preceedings and he attacked along the down wind section (kindly enough also down hill) opening up a sizeable break to reach no man’s land.
Morley happy with the move – thinking it was the only way he would get a third place because the young bloke was too quick…

Approaching the sprint line Morley thought he had the sprint easily, but looked back to see Saunders had ridden away from Whelan and was almost in touch.  Morley held on but did not take another sprint off the youngster.

Meanwhile, at the head of the division (well up the road) Mocca and Buzz had the race in their keeping and helped themselves to the quinella each lap.  Mocca always first, Buzz always second.

Finally the event concluded and the points were added (Ed. – incorrectly) with first place going to the powerhouse O’Callaghan who had claimed maximum points on each of the eight laps.  Second place went to the rapidly improving Jimmy Burzacott, with third place going to trial rider Trent Saunders.  Saunders had no idea what to do (Ed. he wasn’t Robinson Crusoe there) yet easily accounted for the old blokes.

Division 3, (8 laps) 51 Km results:
1st – Mark O’Callaghan, 24 pts
2nd – Jim Burzacott, 14 pts
3rd – Trent Saunders, 7 points

?? Division 2 (as worded by Craig Lightfoot)

What looked like a pleasant Sunday morning with the sun shining would soon turn pear shaped for seven muddling division 2 riders.  The strengthening “Nor’ wester”, an uphill slog, a lack of genuine A graders (Ed. – that will come back to haunt him) and the musings of a sick person who shall remain unnamed (though if I mentioned his first name is Dean and that he rides like a lunatic…you could probably figure out who had created this beast of a points race…and was noticeably absent!).

Here’s a person by person analysis of the morning:

Poor Ash Burke. By day, Ash masquerades as a teacher…apparently.  At the end of the first lap it was clear he was the strongest rider of the group.  He led out a long sprint (uphill with a cross wind) whilst holding off Jim Crumpler – who we all know can sprint a bit.
As it turns out, despite his university education, poor Ash did not understand the term “points”.  So, he didn’t bother contesting a few of the sprints…  If he had, we would have been toasting his greatness, rather than roasting his…  None the less, Ash still managed a clear third place.  I hope he’s not an English teacher.

When Jim Crumpler is in your grade and it involves a bunch of sprints, you know its going to hurt!  Your only hope is if Jim has been spending a lot of time being merry, rather than out on one of his mad adventures.  On this day it appeared the former was likely.  Jim contested the first sprint with a strong effort…then he just faded away.  He probably disappeared in some time vortex that he had written a program for…

Darryn Reed has become a bit of quiet assassin since moving to Ballarat from way out west.  The beard hides a nasty scowl.  Strong in every sprint and in every attempt to break away (except for that solo effort by Geoff).  Darryn finished a well deserved second, pipped by a point and the gamble of the group letting someone get up the road…

Geoff Martin looks like a time trialler and rides like one.  A big diesel engine that takes a while to wind up – but look out when it does!  Geoff led out the group most times as they raced uphill to the sprint.  On the fourth time around, he even caught Division 1 from fifty meters back!
Unfortunately for Geoff, after almost every effort to the start/finish line, those pesky “friends” in his group just rode off on him.  Determination saw Geoff catch the bunch before the end of Glue Pot Rd each time…  On the 7th lap the group made the mistake of giving him fifty meters.  That was enough for Geoff to claim the last two sprints by a long way.

Wayne Klaus was new to the folk down here in Ballarat – looks like he can ride!  Can’t help but think he was just being shy today, or was it like Brisbane playing the Bulldogs on a windswept Mars stadium?  Travelling down from Stawell to see the temperature plummet and a wind chill of 2 degrees will put the frighteners into anyone!  He was “there abouts” all morning, shutting down a lot of attacks – which no doubt blunted his sprints.  Welcome Wayne – hope to see you again soon!

Claims before the start from Scott Keating that he had hardly raced in the two last years, were rightfully met with the usual scepticism and guffaws.  As it turns out…for once though we have found a bike racer that tells the truth!

Craig Lightfoot hasn’t won anything for years.  He’s gone to the extreme of buying the flashest bike at the club by a mile.  (Ed. – by flashest he means more expensive per pound…and there are a lot of pounds…)  If only Craig could figure out how to ride it!
Consistency and maths were the trick to Craig finally breaking his duck – which, whilst impressive in its length, was tiny in comparison to Carlton’s.  (Ed. – yes a football sledge)
Ash’s lack of comprehension of the Queen’s English certainly helped Craig’s cause as well.  In the final laps, our hero was more than happy to let Geoff go up the road.  Craig knew he was safe and it proved true, if only by 1 point.

In closing, well done to all who rode. It was an interesting and painful format.  One of those ones that “hurts like heck at the time” yet seemed like a good idea in the aftermath…

Division 2, (8 laps) 51 Km results:
1st – Craig Lightfoot, 16 pts
2nd – Darryn Reed, 15 pts
3rd – Ash Burke, 11 pts

?? Division 1 (from the silver man – Jason Birch)

We had four riders enter the highest level today.  Their mission – take on the points race format.
We had Ricky ‘the Mountain’ Calvert, Peter ‘capable of anything on his day’ Kiel, Dayne ‘TT’ Pearce and Jason ‘Silver’ Birch line up.
We should mention that Pearce is one of the new brigade, who as of this week can compete with the veterans.  And yet, like many before him, Pearce’s first foray into vets racing would result in defeat…welcome aboard Dayne!

Now four seemed light on numbers for a 51 Km race so Div 1 joined Div 2 and out we headed.  The substantial north easterly created a strong head wind and subsequent tail wind.  It also gave us a heavy cross wind – on the southern section of the road – that had everyone looking for cover on each lap.

The deal with this race format was simple.  Points are on offer each time the riders pass through the start/finish line.  Eight laps later and the rider with the most points wins.  Simple!

The first three laps had Divisions 1 and 2 together.  Birch took full points on the first two laps and Pearce claimed them on Lap 3.
The next lap saw Calvert launch a long range effort to make the line.  Birch attacked out of the pack to follow with Pearce not far behind.  Birch reached Calvert on the crest of the hill, with Pearce poised to make it a two up sprint.  Birch waited and attacked in the last fifty metres to take the three points.
This effort put distance into Division 2.  The groups separated, not to come back together.

The remaining laps were almost carbon copies with Calvert leading out on Henderson’s Rd – putting pressure on up the hill to try and displace the chasers – with Birch hanging on each time, then winning the sprint.  Calvert finally getting his just desserts on the last lap, by digging deep and holding the pressure up the rise and to the line.

In the final analysis, Birch won the race comfortably.  Kiel had been hoping for shorter efforts into the line.  He had collected points often, yet the larger riders had won this day.
As read, Calvert had tried hard all day.  The youngling Pearce, was heard to say that he had been holding off cramps due to racing the Collier (with BSCC) the previous day…
Yeah, nah, in this vets world of hip and knee replacements, we wish we only had cramps to hold us back…

Division 1, (8 laps) 51 Km results:
1st – Jason Birch, 20 pts
2nd – Rick Calvert, 11 pts
3rd – Dayne Pearce, 10 pts

EVCC - graded Points race - Burrumbeet

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