November 4, 2018 – Weatherboard handicap, 70 Km

Seven Heaven – 4 November 2018

Weatherboard Hcp

Weatherboard circuit, 70 km

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St. Jude slays’em

Scene 1
Location: Creswick
A family sit around the dinner table eating breakfast.
Father: ‘Will you be cheering Daddy on today Toby?’
Son: ‘NO!’
Mother: ‘What if Mummy races?’
Son: ‘Yay! Mummy race, mummy race!’
Scene 2
Location: Weatherboard circuit 70 Km handicap race (that’s right, seven laps!)

Jude Jonasson hasn’t been out for a while but left the field in her wake in a display of strong and smart racing.
The first bunch away was a mixed trio of age and fitness.  Graeme Parker was the Road Captain and he was leading club President – John Faulkner, Rob Kinna who is making a comeback and new boy Bill Dwyer.
Dwyer was off the back of his bunch but was the only one of the trio to complete the 70 km course.  (He didn’t get lost today which helped)

The next bunch contained the two in form ladies – Jude Jonasson and Jakkii Dawson.  James Knipe rounded out the trio and is in the process of making a comeback.  Knipe was a DNF as the girls set a lively pace.  He was so spent in the change rooms after the race, he needed an Uber Eats delivery to give him the strength to get up the stairs.

The 25 minute bunch was off next.  A surprise member was Mark O’Callaghan who would normally ride off 15 minutes (as one would expect of a VVCC Aggregate Winner).  Accompanied by the unpredictable Roger McMillan and the reliable big gear pumping Phil McLennan.  They chased hard but couldn’t bridge to the girls.

They next bunch contained the handicapper, Pete Livitsanis, Bob Morley, Danny Whelan and Steve Linane.  They worked well together with Whelan keen to set the pace.  Linane worked well for a start, then started to miss the occasional turn and then he was gone.

Second scratch were on a hiding to nothing and felt the pseudonym “chopping block” playing on their mind.  The paranoia was justified because they took little time out of the bunch in front and were picked up by Scratch.

Scratch was led by the bearded Tony Mirabella along with the in form Stu Brien, Richard Taylor and Rob Phillips.  Phillips was perplexed at being off scratch but the handicapper obviously believes in his ability.  Phillips only off the back on the last lap.

With a 70 km race on a ten kilometre loop and big time advantages there was always going to be some interesting tactics….interesting it was, because the first two groups had completed a lap before the back two bunches had started!
Jude thought it would make perfect sense to jump on second scratch for a while to make things a little easier.  That worked so well that she did the same with Scratch.
Mind you, you have to be good enough to do it!  This set her up for certain victory.  Such is her good form and her ability to hold a wheel, she was accredited with the 4th best time for the day over the Hendersons Road climb.  Impressive!

So it was down to the placegetters.  Not surprisingly Mark O’Callaghan held off Roger McMillan for second place.  The impressive Jak Dawson continues her good form for fourth place.
Fifth place was the only spot left was up for grabs…Phil McLennan looked to it in the bag but the Handicappers bunch had him in their sights.  McLennan was pedalling squares up the final hill and Morley swept passed him to take fifth place.  Whelan and Livitsanis passed him as well for sixth and seventh.
The only issue left was for fastest time.  Mirabella hit out half way up the hill but the inform Stu Brien used his immense power to take fastest time.

A great race with a worthy winner just in time for all the Championship racing in November…

1st – Jude Jonasson (30 min)
2nd – Mark O’Callaghan (25 min)
3rd – Roger McMillan (25 min)
4th – Jakkii Dawson (30 min)
5th – Bob Morley (15 min)
Fastest time – Stuart Brien (Scratch) in 1h 55m 30s, ave. 37.1 Kph

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