October 16, 2017 – OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe spring CRITERIUM series, round 2

OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe
Spring CRITERIUM Series 2017

Round 2 - October 16

Ballarat Criterium Circuit, Victoria Park

EVCC 2017 spring crits - poster

Twenty six riders converged on Victoria Park for round 2 of the OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe spring CRITERIUM series.
Eleven of those riders were backing up from racing the Camperdown to Warrnambool on Saturday.  Also backing up from a busy day was John Faulkner and Lois and Bill Goldfinch.

EUREKA Cycling welcomed some visitors to the races with Peter Gunston out on trial again and Mandy Hosking travelling up from Geelong to race.  Brian Long chauffeured Mandy up to Ballarat then volunteered to marshal a corner.  This didn’t impress Terry Collie who lightheartedly complained post race “I had to race because Longy did the corner”.

There were quite a few interested onlookers at todays’ criteriums including Veronica Micich and Shane Miller who are keen to join up with EUREKA Cycling for the 2018 season.  We also spotted Brad Eppingstall and Neil Braszell checking out the super smooth crit circuit. 

Photo courtesy Mandy Hosking (GSCC): riders warming up before the racing commences


Division 1

Ten riders presented for the Division 1 race and promised to be a hard race over 50 minutes plus two laps.
Attacks, chases and an average over 40 kph saw that everyone felt the hurt… Tim Canny, Tony Mirabella and Dean Wells were backing up from the Camperdown to Warrnambool the previous day.
Jeremy Vanderklift, Stuart Brien and Craig Lee were out racing for the first time in a while.
Rob Phillips is on the come back trail after suffering the dreaded man flu.
Tellingly, Brendan Schiemer had ditched the disc brake bike for a steed running old school rim brakes…

All eyes though were on Matt Bowman.  After he dished out much pain in the first round of the spring criterium series his opponents intended to keep him on a short leash.  Riff Raff duly launched the first attack of the day – this was quickly marked and all subsequent attacks by Bowman were followed so quickly that he often shut down the booster jets before they reached full power.
Canny on the other hand found it easy to ride off the front early in the race.  He spent time alone pondering sciencey things before being roped back in.

Mid race and away he went again for a few laps.  Schiemer, Brien and Matt Ayres did the bulk of the chasing to bring him back, Bowman took over and drove the pack, yet just before the catch was made Canny rallied again and opened a large lead.
Finally the bunch regrouped a few laps later.  Mirabella was looking to press his own attack, however the fast pace made venturing off the front a large gamble.

Bowman found himself stuck on the front at the bell and no-one was letting him get off.  He started to lift the pace from 700 metres out.
Wells pushing the 53×11 was the first to go at the turn.  Canny was stuck to his wheel and everyone else was scrambling for position.
Inside the last fifty metres and Canny surged through on the inside of Wells and raced away for the win with Lee and Schiemer coming down the centre of the road to claim the minors.

1st – Tim Canny
2nd – Craig Lee
3rd – Brendan Schiemer

Division 2

The largest field of the day was Division 2 with eleven rolling out from the start for 45 minutes plus two laps.
Rick Calvert, James Gretton, James Knipe, Mark O’Callaghan, Danny Whelan and Amanda Hosking (Geelong & Surf Coast) were all backing up from the Camperdown to Warrnambool and they made their presence felt in todays race which averaged just over 37 kph.

Steve Biram was spritely early and had the field stretched out as they came around to complete the first lap.  Attacks throughout the race where punctuated by “go slows” where the speed dipped below 30 kph, however much of the race was ridden at tempo.
Hosking rarely relinquished second wheel and Pete Livitsanis was present at the front of the field ensuring anyone who drifted off the front was left dangling for a lap or two.
Whelan kept the pace on, whilst Gretton and O’Callaghan hung about the tail biding away their time.
Calvert felt every pedal stroke after his efforts the day before and Knipe was in auto-cruise.
Kevin Lee impressed once again and Bob Morley was wondering if he would have better legs had gone to one less hippy jazz bar in recent weeks.

Bell lap and the pace ramped up after the tight left-hander.  With 500 metres to race the pace was pushing 50 kph and it only got quicker as the field swept into the home straight for the flag.
At just his second race with EUREKA, Peter Gunston unleashed his massive sprint with precision timing to claim the win from Knipe and O’Callaghan.

1st – Peter Gunston
2nd – James Knipe
3rd – Mark O’Callaghan

Division 3

Raced 40 minutes and two laps the Division 3 race saw Ken Heres out for his first race in two years.  Heres was joined by Phil McLennan, John Faulkner and two riders who were backing up from Camperdown to Warrnambool – Terry Collie and Graeme Parker.

Early action saw Faulkner dispatched out the back.  Collie was caught in no man’s land and the other three were away.
The pack regrouped, however Faulkner eventually retired, leaving just four to battle out the placings.

Heres took the win with a strong sprint from the fast finishing Parker.  McLennan rounded out the podium.

1st – Ken Heres
2nd – Graeme Parker
3rd – Phil McLennan


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