Phillips Wins on Windmill

Rob Phillips pulverised a small but talented field on Sunday. Phillips is easing himself back into the racing scene after a break but he showed no signs of rustiness. One of the genuine hard men of the veteran fabric and can be mentioned in the same sentence as other hard men, Ken Heres and Guy Fella.

Phillips was off a generous seven minutes and he was ably assisted by last week’s winner Tim Oliver.

Once again the scratch bunch was a bunch of four chasing a bunch of three with a gap of four minutes.

Doug Garley Tony Mirrabella, Scott Townsend, and Phil Cartledge dropped straight into a rhythm and started the chase.

What they didn’t factor in was the riding of Darrell Stewart off second. The man is a machine. He was on the front for most of the race and was holding 40 kay an hour INTO the wind. He was helped out occasionally by Rod Hetherington and Richard Taylor who are no shrinking violets in the “having a go” stakes.

Even with that sort of power at their disposal they were luck to take time out of the steam train that was Phillips and Oliver.

Phillips and Oliver started with Bob Morley and Michael Veal but Morley was gone early in the piece not able to handle the massive Phillips downwind turns.

They caught Popeye Lee and Dave Peters and added Dave to their ranks and dispatched Lee to obscurity. The brave Dr Veal was next to go as they caught and crushed bunches in their wake.

The in form Ron Larkin was leading his bunch and making good time. Graeme Parker Ian Wallis and Jacinta Welsh rounded out a smooth moving group. Oliver Phillips and Peters smashed them on the tailwind straight with only Larkin managing to stay on momentarily.

Greg Curnow off 20 minutes and Shirley Hetherington off 25 were casualties as well. Shirley was amazed to be sitting on 60 kay an hour in the back straight and STILL got dropped. Once again, courtesy of Rob Phillips.

On the last rise they dropped Peters and the winning pair were left to fight it out. Predictably it was Phillips who rode away from Oliver to take a well earned victory. Peters had enough space on the rest of the field to hold third. Darrell Stewart and Richard Taylor fought it out for fourth and fifth with Taylor taking the honours.

Scratch, once again wee well back setting themselves for fastest time. Phil Cartledge attempted a break away to escape from the sprinters but Townsend brought them back up. Doug Garley and Tony Mirrabella went for it but it was Garley again who broke well clear for fastest time.


1-Rob Phillips 2-Tim Oliver 3-Dave Peters 4- Richard Taylor 5-Darrell Stewart.

Fastest time Doug Garley

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