Scott Townsend –Club Champion 2012

Weather looked threatening from the start of what turned out to be glorious conditions by the end of the race with 14 riders showing up to battle it out for the Eureka club championship, 70km consisting of 7 laps of the undulating weatherboard circuit.

From the start Scott Townsend took off from the front and the rest of the field were quite happy to let him sit out there for a while and let him warm his legs, the pace did however quicken and shut down the likes of Darrel Stewart each time he shot off the front in an effort to bridge the gap, as the rest of the riders knew how he took off the front in the Bendigo club championship, where there the riders did not give him respect and was up there in the results at the end.

Pace was not really hot and was always hovering around the 36 kmph mark, there were however remarks heard in the group about not letting Scott get too far ahead as “he can actually ride you know” so he was eventually brought back into the fold.

3 laps in, Ken Heres led a group of 4, got away coming up the Avenue.  Phil Cartledge tried to sneak quietly off the front & believed he was not being noticed & was hoping to join forces with the 4. But just as he thought he had got away with it, the group came storming back hot on the heels with an almighty charge from Scott Townsend which then nulled the race and brought it back to a sedentary pace.

Tony Mirabella then thought he would attempt a breakaway  and  was happy to set the pace on his own. Again the rest of the field were happy to let this happen but were equally not as happy to let any other attempts to bridge the gap and join forces, of which there were quite a few but none successful.

Last lap and a half, the have a go attitude of Peter Kiel saw him ride off the front of the group.  There was a big push with the rest of the group (surprisingly still together) to pull him back down the avenue the final time, but as the gap was just about bridged the group sat up & Pete kept plugging away and still had a good gap coming into the final kilometers.

Heading down Burumbeet Road before the left hand turn up Hendersons Road, Brad Fry took his chances and went  off the front,

Cartledge took the left hand corner in a big gear & was able to keep momentum in preparation for the final climb which soon put him past Fry then Keil, looking down at the speedo he was doing 53km/hr as he hit the bottom of the hill and was thinking he had better make a go of this

There was a strong charge from the rest of the field of which only the strong would survive, Scott Townsend put those sprinters legs to good use to power himself up the hill and take him to the line as undisputed club champion, Tony Mirabella was hot on his heels with a good scrap for third being taken out by Shane Cody, 4th place Rick Calvert and Cartledge managed to hang on for 5th.


First and 21012 Club Champion –Scott Townsend

Second-Tony Mirabella

Third- Shane Cody

Fourth-Rick Calvert

Fifth- Phil Cartledge

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