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2020 VCV Time Trial and Criterium State Championships – cancelled

2020 VCV Time Trial and Criterium State Championships – cancelled

In response to COVID-19,
all VCV events have been cancelled for 2020.

VCV State Championships

VCV State Championships

Time Trial

In response to COVID-19,
this event has been cancelled.

35 Kilometres
5 year age groups

enter Time Trial here:

In response to COVID-19,
this event has been cancelled.

download TT circuit map here:

VCV State TT Champs 2020


In response to COVID-19,
this event has been cancelled.

timed events
graded divisions

9:00am Div C and D women – 30 min plus 2 laps
9:01am Div D men – 35 min plus 2 laps
9:40am Div F men – 30 min plus 2 laps
9:41am Div B women – 35 min plus 2 laps
10:20am Div E men – 30 min plus 2 laps
10:21am Div A women – 35 min plus 2 laps
11:10am Div C men – 35 min plus 2 laps
12 noon Div B men – 40 min plus 2 laps
1:00pm Div A men – 45 min plus 2 laps

enter criterium here:

In response to COVID-19,
this event has been cancelled.

download TT circuit map here:

Victoria Park criterium circuit

VCV TT champs 2020 - poster VCV criterium champs 2020 - poster

Ballarat region – Home Of Cycling

Ballarat region – Home Of Cycling

Ballarat region – Home Of Cycling

The Ballarat region has long been considered the Home Of Cycling… for good reason…

The local area is ripe for exploring by bicycle, with an abundance family friendly trails and paths.
Venture onto the road for the excitement of organised club racing.  Or stay on the dirt for BMX, mountain bike and cyclocross racing.

The three sport cycling clubs in the region have united together to present a promotional calendar.
The calendar features the major cycling events that are being staged in the Ballarat region during 2020.

On top of what is listed, EUREKA Cycling offers ten months of competitive road racing.

Ballarat Sebastopol CC has even more options with its five divisions offering a plethora of cycling options across the full year.
BMX, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Road Racing, Track Racing

VOGA Cycle Club (Villages of the Old Goldfields Association) is based in Creswick and offers a variety of touring events.
VOGA is also involved with Cyclocross and Mountain Bike racing.
The club is heavily involved in the Creswick Trails Project that will deliver 100 kilometres of dedicated cycling trails by 2022.

Cycling… it’s fun, it’s for everyone and it’s here in the Home Of Cycling…

 Ballarat region PROMO 2020 calendar

LA COURSE aux velo FEMMES – Race 1 The Conni Classic

LA COURSE aux velo FEMMES – Race 1 The Conni Classic


Race 1 – Learmonth


Saturday 15th February 2020


2020 Women’s Race Series

Entries are CLOSED

EVCC 2020 La Course - Conni Classic race 1 start list alphabetical

DOWNLOAD and print your own copy of the start list

EVCC 2020 La Course – Conni Classic race 1 start list alphabetical

2020 La Course - poster

2020 La Course map2020 La Course map

Circuit map = click on the link below

La Course 2020 – Windmill circuit map

2019 Victorian ROAD Championships – 7/8 September

2019 Victorian ROAD Championships – 7/8 September

Cycling Victoria


Sat. 7th – Sun. 8th September

2019 Cycling Vic Road Champs - poster

Letter from The President…

We have made it through another massive event!  Compared to the 2018 event (which was epic due to the relentless north wind across the two days), this edition was nothing short of biblical!
On Saturday the west wind was so strong that the rain couldn’t reach the ground.  Riders could barely stay upright and one even went flying off the road!
All that changed on Sunday, the early damp roads dried out (thanks to a light westerly breeze) for the early events, before all hell unleashed late morning (which saw our second crash of the weekend), then settle in for the afternoon.

Congratulations to all the competitors.  Whether you took a medal home or not, you can honestly say that you fought the Ballarat weather…and the weather won!

The list of thanks is long…
Terry Collie organised all the permits across both days of the event.  This process started two months ago and wasn’t finalised until Thursday afternoon. Ballarat Cycling… nay… Victorian Cycling, thanks Terry!
Shaun Martin drove the entire circuit last Tuesday, delivering event notices to the local residents.  Shaun backed up on Sunday, putting out the signage around the entire course, then performing Lead Car duties for both the morning and afternoon events.  Outstanding – Thank you Shaun!
The Ballarat Chinese Dragon Boat Club once again played a major part.  They provided all the marshals for the Time Trial events on Saturday.
Charles Zhang performed Traffic Control duties on Sunday and Dick Parry was the all important sag wagon driver on BOTH days.  Thank you Dragons!

Ballarat Sebastopol CC President – Tim Canny – saw the weather report and decided not to ride the Time Trial on Saturday.  Instead, he stood holding riders at the start line for over two hours.  At times, it was hard enough to stand in the wind and rain, let alone hang onto someone sitting atop a disc wheeled bike!
Tim backed up with Tail Car duties for the Paracycling Road Race on Sunday morning, then raced in the afternoon.
Tim won a medal in the 85 kilometre Masters Men 2 event.  Congratulations on an outstanding all round effort Tim!

Sunday morning rolled around and a whole wave of volunteers arrived to help out:
Mal Rock took on Marshal Co-ordinator duties as well as a whole host of tasks we hadn’t prepared for… sheep wrangling being one of them!  Mal had also ferried signage to the event, then took ALL the Eureka gear (we provided almost everything, except good weather) back to the club rooms post event.
Thank you Mal for being our rock.
Rob Ellis helped Mal unload everything at our clubrooms after performing corner marshal duties in both the morning and afternoon.  Rob spent most of the afternoon absolutely drenched (as did most corner marshals).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank (*bitter sarcasm) the riders from the Elite Men/U23 and Masters Men 1, 2, 3 races who got mixed up together, then saw fit to abuse Rob because he was doing his job.  Who knew it could be so difficult for a corner marshal to identify which riders are meant to turn left and which are meant to turn right?
On behalf of everyone (except those few), thank you Rob for your generous assistance all day long!
Graeme Parker also performed Lead car duties in the morning and afternoon.  Thank you Graeme, having such experience on course enabled Cycling Victoria to run one event without Race Commissaires present.

Continuing with the morning, thank you to Dayne Pearce who marshaled, then went on to race in the afternoon as well!
Other corner marshals in the morning included Mark O’Callaghan, Brian Ure, Tavis Baker, Bruce Pipkorn, Dan Crook and James Knipe performed Traffic Control duties.  Thank you, one and all!
Extra special thanks to Dave Ogilvie’s dad – Mr. Ogilvie, as well as Dan’s dad – Ian Crook.  Friends of cycling are always appreciated, thank you gentlemen!

In the afternoon we recruited some more vehicle drivers.  Tony Mirabella had raced in the morning, then backed up with tail/sag car duties.  Peter Canny was “the coldest I have ever been”, whilst driving the neutral spares vehicle.  Thank you guys!
The afternoon also saw the efforts of the soon to be wet, well in the case of Stu Brien, he got wet at the end of his morning race, then got wet, wetter and just downright drenched in the afternoon.
Shane Hayes faired somewhat better at the most protected corner of the circuit, he was just wet.
Don Stewart got saturated and cursed himself for forgetting his golfing wet weather gear.
No such issues for Greg Nunn who was somewhere under the lime neon coat and pants (must have an outdoors job?!).
Gerard White performed marshal duties and rider support duties for son Liam (medallist in the Elite race) whilst getting wet.
Jenni White and Jeremy Humber performed corner marshal duties and traffic control duties respectively.  Lots of downtime meant they stayed relatively dry throughout the afternoon (in comparison).

We also thank Powered By Coffee for being present with the java on both days.  Coffee is always a favourite at cycling events!
Last but not least, thank you to the Vintage and Classic Car Club Ballarat.  The canteen menu was well received.  Soup and hot food wins hands down when the weather is inclement.

Phew!  Now it is time for a well earned rest.
Once again, thank you all for helping Ballarat Sebastopol CC and EUREKA Cycling deliver another safe and successful event.

Dean Wells EUREKA Cycling – President

Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club
Eureka Cycling

Venue, including race day registration:

Burrumbeet Hall

ALL events start/finish line just 300 meters from the hall

Located on Burrumbeet Rd, Burrumbeet
(Burrumbeet is 15 Km northwest of Ballarat)

Facilities (ground level) – 
grand hall
free vehicle parking

COFFEE van on both days! From early to late

Canteen on Sunday 8th will provided by Vintage & Classic Car Club Ballarat

Canteen menu #1  Canteen menu #2



Canteen menu #1  Canteen menu #2


Saturday 7th - Time Trial

ALL categories are competing on a 20 Km course

circuit map:  CV 2019 Time Trial 20 Km


Sunday 8th – Road Race 


Wave 1 circuit map:  CV 2019 Road Race 48 Km

0830H – Paracycling    (48 Km) 


Wave 2 circuit map:  CV 2019 Road Race 58 Km

0900H – Men Masters 6 – 10    (58 Km)

0905H – Women Masters 6 – 10    (58 Km)


Wave 3 circuit map:  CV 2019 Road Race 68 Km

0935H – Men Masters 4 – 5    (68 Km)

0940H – Women Masters 1 – 5    (68 Km)


Wave 4 circuit maps:   CV 2019 Road Race 125 Km   and   CV 2019 Road Race 85 Km

1230H – Men Elite + Under 23    (125 Km)

1235H – Men Masters 1, 2, 3    (85 Km)

1240H – Men Junior 19    (85 Km)

1245H – Women Elite + Under 23 + Junior 19    (85 Km)


CV 2019 Road Champs - slide

Cycling Victoria

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