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Tim Oliver takes Victory

Former scratch rider, Tim Oliver, had no problems dispatching the competition in a bunch sprint in a 48 kilometre handicap event on Sunday.

Twenty eight riders were met with bright sunshine accompanied by strong biting winds.

Shirley Hetherington was first away to face the Weatherboard magpie on her lonesome. Five minutes later Terry Collie Greg Curnow and Gary Blood gave chase.

It took them 30 kilometres to reel Shirley in which was great riding on her behalf.

The in form Ron Larkin, Ian Wallis, Graeme Parker and Malcolm rock were chasing five minutes further back.

An even scratch field were looking for success with Tony Mirrabella, Phil Cartledge Peter Keil, Dean Griffin and Doug Garley hopeful of bridging the 3 minute gap to second scratch. Dean Griffin is still somewhat underdone and lost touch after contributing some strong turns in the Avenue.

They chased hard, but history repeated itself, as they failed to catch second scratch.

The six minute bunch was loaded with power but it proved that power with no cooperation is worthless. President Ken Heres set the early tempo and was hopeful of some even turns from his group. However Richard Taylor and Darren Terry found themselves well off the front and the bunch was fragmented early. There was a 5 minute gap to the eventual winning group and they found themselves in no man’s land.

The most even group was the bunch being led by the talented and laconic Tim Oliver. He was ably supported by the experienced Bob Morley. John creek and Kevin Lee did not miss a turn and they quickly took time out of the Larkin group and made the capture in the Avenue on the third lap.

The two groups came together and it improved their chances as Larkin, Parker and Rock made strong contributions.

The same wasn’t happening at the back of the field when Cody, Calvert, Shaun Terry and Rod Hetherington picked up the remnants of the Heres led 6 minute bunch. To say that big Rodney was frustrated would be an understatement. What was supposed to happen was crystal clear in his mind, but to get it to happen was a different matter.

Meanwhile Tim Oliver was leading the new group and probably increased their speed, if anything, and they enveloped the outmarkers and headed for home. Gary Blood was hammering on the front for the last four kilometres and seemed comfortable. Malcolm Rock was giving a running commentary, with his football analogies, proving he was riding within himself.

The lead bunch got to the last hill and Tim Oliver tested the field and he increased his speed and put the bunch up the road. Half way up the hill he looked back and all were still there so he backed it off.

Gary Blood, once again, went to the front with some fearless power riding. Bob Morley came off his wheel 150 out with Oliver tucked in on his wheel. With fifty to go Oliver popped out and did just enough to win by a wheel. Kevin Lee rode well the whole race for third. John creek and the consistent Larkin were fourth and fifth respectively.

The only question to answer was fastest time. I came down to the two legends in Mirrabella and Garley. They both stormed up the hill leaving Peter Keil and Phil Cartledge in their wake. Garley was too strong and Mirrabella sat up as he realised he was beaten by a better man on the day.


1-Tim Oliver 2- Bob Morley 3-Kevin Lee 4- John Creek 4-Ron Larkin

Fastest time Doug Garley

Line Honours For Larkin.

Club stalwart Ron Larkin used a combination of tenacity and experience to take a well earned victory on Sunday.

A smaller field was rewarded with perfect conditions and a great race ensued. Variables such as a magpie or two and a flock of sheep had an influence on the outcome.

Lone limit rider Maz Morley was making good progress had not been sighted when her chances were severely interrupted by a big mob of sheep on the road.

“Well you are in the country love” a farmer claimed.

Freshly crowned BSCC Open Elite winner Scott Townsend had the task ahead of him when the guest handicapper gave him a lone chase of 45 seconds to second scratch. Adam Smith Shaun Terry and Phil Cartledge took off like scolded cats making the chase as difficult as possible. They too lost time to the sheep and were surprised when they looked back and Townsend was not in sight. He was sighted on the corner talking to Doug Garley maybe describing how the race unfolded the day before.

The Larkin led bunch knew they had a chance off 18 minutes and there chances were further strengthened when big Peter Marquand was added to their group without penalty.

Marquand’s contribution was short lived when after feeling not that well he was out of the race due to a puncture. That left the improving Malcolm Rock, Larkin and the ubiquitous Greg Curnow.

On the last lap Curnow was shelled over the Weatherboard road and Rock and Larkin felt they could not afford to wait. They heard a noise as the Weatherboard magpie was attacking the lone Curnow. As it swooped –Curnow looked upward and met its eye and the magpie panicked and was not seen again! Maybe it will be confident enough to come back after the Grand Final!

There was some early money on the eight minute bunch that included the tenacious Ken Heres, the talented Dave Peters and Bob Morley. Peters struggled early but came good and although he was coughing and spluttering he put in some strong, long turns. This group was motoring and picked up Rob Parker and carted him back to his original bunch of Brett Caddy. Parker and Caddy helped when they could and they could see Curnow well in the distance but could not sight the leaders. They looked back to see the three minute group closing quickly. No wonder, with Rob Phillips back in the fold leading hard men Darren Terry and Richard Taylor and the sprightly Rick Calvert. Only one strong turn each from Brett Caddy and Ken Heres kept them away from the Phillips group by a mere ten seconds.

Meanwhile it was Larkin whose strength held off the improving Mal Rock to take a well deserved win. Greg Curnow rode his best race for some time to hold third from a fast finishing Dave Peters.

The fastest time contenders were storming at the line with Adam Smith and Shaun Terry going at it side by side from a long way out in a test of strength. As expected Adam Smith held Terry off to win by a wheel.


1-Ron Larkin 2-Malcolm Rock 3-Greg Curnow 4-Dave Peters 5- Bob Morley

Fastest time- Adam Smith

Peter Howard Takes First and Fastest in Eureka Open.


It was a race that certainly had everything. Sleet, rain, high winds and even sunshine. 105 riders entered and about 70 hardy riders finished the event. The numbers were affected initially by a no show of 17 riders whom were concerned about the weather, and another similar amount were part of the attrition due to punctures and fierce riding of the bunches.

The race was a handicapping masterpiece by state handicapper, Col Hooper, who was thrilled as the bunches came together virtually in the last kilometre.

The scratch bunch was minimised early when Glen Scouller punctured early and local lad Scott Townsend found the going tough and was gone before Quarry Hill.

Being a light rider is normally an advantage, but Andrew Pascoe’s low body weight, coupled with deep dish wheelset, saw him literally blown off the road and out of contention. This should have made the task virtually untenable but they caught local hardman Doug Garley who chipped in and didn’t miss a turn.

So with the eventual winner assisted by murderous turns by Andrew “Bam Bam” Weightman, and help from Gary Parsons, Roy Clark and Justin Mollinson set about reeling in the field.

Further out the 10.30 bunch was pumping along with Warrick Bott, Kane Airey, Darren Terry, Dean Hayward and Craig Halliday sharing the load. They rode through the two bunches in front and added Bob Morley, Gail Oliver and Ian Ravenscroft to their midst. This bunch narrowed further to 5 or so and they sighted the leading bunch and were giving chase.

The leading bunch turned into the wind after the hairpin turn. Terry O’Brien was on the front into the strong head wind, doing most of the heavy lifting with Bernie Greally chipping in as well. Anne Gourley, Amanda Hosking, and Jacinta Welch were still there and were eying off the placings. Better co-operation would have seen this bunch get up. Just as the Kane Airey, Warrick Bott led bunch were looking good to make the capture, they were enveloped by the scratch bunch and anyone else that survived the onslaught. The field came together with a bunch of 20 or more riders. Gail Oliver jumped in an attempt to shake things up and the riders came to life.

Peter Howard took a well deserved first and fastest with Neville Laffy and Garry parsons filling the minor placings. Jeff McLean was fifth, Barry Jane rode well to take sixth place. Kane Airy sprinted well for 7th place with local legends Doug Garley and Peter Kiel 8th and 9th. Rounding out 10th place was time trialling specialist Andrew Weightman.

The wining bunch only averaged 37.5 which is indicative of the difficult conditions.

A great race that was supported by excellent facilities and food after the race. The marshals were out in force and did an excellent job.

See you all at the Geelong Open in a few weeks time and we will do it all again.


Winner and Fastest-           Peter Howard

2 -Neville Laffey

3-Gary Parsons

4-Roy Clark

5-Jeff McLean

6-Barry jane

7-Kane Airey

8-Doug Garley

9-Peter Kiel

10-Andrew Weightman

Rod Hetherington Wins Mirabella Trophy race.


Rod Hetherington had a great weekend of racing winning on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

Once again, it was a well handicapped event, that was held in perfect conditions. Second scratch, for the fourth week in a row, stayed away from scratch and rode through the field. If having Bob Braszell, in recent weeks, wasn’t enough in the legend stakes, add a dash of Adam Smith and the bunch was going to be all go. Smith has not raced for ages and in true bike rider style was saying he has hardly done a thing for years. He proceeded to dominate his bunch and the race in general.

Steve Atkinson and Ray Hodgson were first away with a 34 minute advantage over scratch. Followed by Graeme parker and Shirley Hetherington.

The next bunch included the perplexing incoherent bunch riding of Greg Curnow and Gary Blood. They had a new rider added to their bunch, Nick Verhagen, to help out. Verhagen is a new rider and he struggled to understand the method the other boys were employing. They were doomed from the outset.

It was all happening toward the back of the field with the six minute bunch of Bob Morley, Brian Lee and strong man Darren Terry were making inroads to the eleven minute bunch. The eleven minute bunch was being lead by the never say die Gail Oliver backed up by big John Creek, Popeye Lee and Alan Barnett.

Morley, Lee and Terry had collected the bunch in front and then engulfed the bunch in front that included the hard working Larkin and the cagey pair of Wallis and Ferguson.

Thing were looking promising for this bunch with half working and half sitting on.

Then the comfort level took a major turn to major discomfort as Adam Smith stormed through on the inside doing 15 kay an hour faster than the bunch. He was 50 metres in front before every one woke up and by that time Smiths co-riders came through to offer a tow. With five kay to go, it was on ‘til the finish. The pace lifted in the home stretch, with Darrell Stewart hammering on the front a long way out. Riders were strung out behind waiting to see who was going to make the decisive move.

Shaun Terry exploded down the outside with Adam Smith on his wheel. On Smith’s wheel was renowned sprinter Rod Hetherington. Shaun Terry blew up and Smith went for it, but Hetherington continued his winning ways for a strong well judged win. Smith hung on for second. Third was Bob Braszell. I have run out of superlatives for Bob over the years. Fourth was Bob Morley and John Creek continued his good form with a fifth placing.

Scratch, once again had ridden bravely with Tony Mirrabella and Scott Townsend dispensing their bunch and went man o’ man in the sprint. Townsend hung on by a short margin as Mirrabella nearly took out Billy Goldfinch who was holding the chequered flag.

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