Line Honours For Larkin.

Club stalwart Ron Larkin used a combination of tenacity and experience to take a well earned victory on Sunday.

A smaller field was rewarded with perfect conditions and a great race ensued. Variables such as a magpie or two and a flock of sheep had an influence on the outcome.

Lone limit rider Maz Morley was making good progress had not been sighted when her chances were severely interrupted by a big mob of sheep on the road.

“Well you are in the country love” a farmer claimed.

Freshly crowned BSCC Open Elite winner Scott Townsend had the task ahead of him when the guest handicapper gave him a lone chase of 45 seconds to second scratch. Adam Smith Shaun Terry and Phil Cartledge took off like scolded cats making the chase as difficult as possible. They too lost time to the sheep and were surprised when they looked back and Townsend was not in sight. He was sighted on the corner talking to Doug Garley maybe describing how the race unfolded the day before.

The Larkin led bunch knew they had a chance off 18 minutes and there chances were further strengthened when big Peter Marquand was added to their group without penalty.

Marquand’s contribution was short lived when after feeling not that well he was out of the race due to a puncture. That left the improving Malcolm Rock, Larkin and the ubiquitous Greg Curnow.

On the last lap Curnow was shelled over the Weatherboard road and Rock and Larkin felt they could not afford to wait. They heard a noise as the Weatherboard magpie was attacking the lone Curnow. As it swooped –Curnow looked upward and met its eye and the magpie panicked and was not seen again! Maybe it will be confident enough to come back after the Grand Final!

There was some early money on the eight minute bunch that included the tenacious Ken Heres, the talented Dave Peters and Bob Morley. Peters struggled early but came good and although he was coughing and spluttering he put in some strong, long turns. This group was motoring and picked up Rob Parker and carted him back to his original bunch of Brett Caddy. Parker and Caddy helped when they could and they could see Curnow well in the distance but could not sight the leaders. They looked back to see the three minute group closing quickly. No wonder, with Rob Phillips back in the fold leading hard men Darren Terry and Richard Taylor and the sprightly Rick Calvert. Only one strong turn each from Brett Caddy and Ken Heres kept them away from the Phillips group by a mere ten seconds.

Meanwhile it was Larkin whose strength held off the improving Mal Rock to take a well deserved win. Greg Curnow rode his best race for some time to hold third from a fast finishing Dave Peters.

The fastest time contenders were storming at the line with Adam Smith and Shaun Terry going at it side by side from a long way out in a test of strength. As expected Adam Smith held Terry off to win by a wheel.


1-Ron Larkin 2-Malcolm Rock 3-Greg Curnow 4-Dave Peters 5- Bob Morley

Fastest time- Adam Smith

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