Rod Hetherington Wins Mirabella Trophy race.


Rod Hetherington had a great weekend of racing winning on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

Once again, it was a well handicapped event, that was held in perfect conditions. Second scratch, for the fourth week in a row, stayed away from scratch and rode through the field. If having Bob Braszell, in recent weeks, wasn’t enough in the legend stakes, add a dash of Adam Smith and the bunch was going to be all go. Smith has not raced for ages and in true bike rider style was saying he has hardly done a thing for years. He proceeded to dominate his bunch and the race in general.

Steve Atkinson and Ray Hodgson were first away with a 34 minute advantage over scratch. Followed by Graeme parker and Shirley Hetherington.

The next bunch included the perplexing incoherent bunch riding of Greg Curnow and Gary Blood. They had a new rider added to their bunch, Nick Verhagen, to help out. Verhagen is a new rider and he struggled to understand the method the other boys were employing. They were doomed from the outset.

It was all happening toward the back of the field with the six minute bunch of Bob Morley, Brian Lee and strong man Darren Terry were making inroads to the eleven minute bunch. The eleven minute bunch was being lead by the never say die Gail Oliver backed up by big John Creek, Popeye Lee and Alan Barnett.

Morley, Lee and Terry had collected the bunch in front and then engulfed the bunch in front that included the hard working Larkin and the cagey pair of Wallis and Ferguson.

Thing were looking promising for this bunch with half working and half sitting on.

Then the comfort level took a major turn to major discomfort as Adam Smith stormed through on the inside doing 15 kay an hour faster than the bunch. He was 50 metres in front before every one woke up and by that time Smiths co-riders came through to offer a tow. With five kay to go, it was on ‘til the finish. The pace lifted in the home stretch, with Darrell Stewart hammering on the front a long way out. Riders were strung out behind waiting to see who was going to make the decisive move.

Shaun Terry exploded down the outside with Adam Smith on his wheel. On Smith’s wheel was renowned sprinter Rod Hetherington. Shaun Terry blew up and Smith went for it, but Hetherington continued his winning ways for a strong well judged win. Smith hung on for second. Third was Bob Braszell. I have run out of superlatives for Bob over the years. Fourth was Bob Morley and John Creek continued his good form with a fifth placing.

Scratch, once again had ridden bravely with Tony Mirrabella and Scott Townsend dispensing their bunch and went man o’ man in the sprint. Townsend hung on by a short margin as Mirrabella nearly took out Billy Goldfinch who was holding the chequered flag.

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