2021 Easter Carnival – MASTERS Cycling

 Easter Carnival 2021

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Easter Carnival 2021 cover page FINAL

South Pacific Championships CRITERIUMS 2021 FINAL

Eureka Womens Open 2021 handicap FINAL

Ron Rivette Open 2021 handicap FINAL


Now is the time to reflect on what was a most successful event for Eureka Cycling.
From concept, through planning, to the delivery, the inaugural Easter Carnival brought out the best in our people.  Hence, we shall celebrate and thank those who made the weekend what it was…

We thank SHANE COOK Homes for increasing their sponsorship of our club and helping us realise our ambition of staging two Opens on Easter Monday.  What is most exciting, is that we are currently planning another Open event later in the year.  Stay tuned for more details!

In kind sponsors for Easter Monday included:
Cyclescape who loaned us their gazebos for the weekend.  Thank you Matt and the team!
Lucas Baker’s Delight who donated the bread for Easter Monday.  The team at Lucas have always been there to support us and many more small clubs!
Sinclair Meats who gave us a generous discount on the BBQ supplies for Easter Monday.

Partners in delivering the event included:
Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club – our sister club provided most of the equipment that we used to stage the South Pacific Cycling Criterium Championships at Victoria Park on easter Sunday.  We have a strong relationship with Ballarat Sebas and help each other out whenever we can!  Thank you Tim Canny and the team at BSCC!
Ballarat East Rotary Club – supplied corner marshals for Easter Monday, without which we could not have staged the event.
Thank you Jim, Kevin, Barry, Richard, John, Caroline, Gavin, David, Robert and Sherene.
Ballarat Chinese Dragon Boat Club – performed Traffic Control for the Start/Finish straight.  Thank you Richard and Charles!
Bean Me Up mobile espresso – were on hand each day to help us manage our COVIDsafe Plan by supplying hot drinks.
Thank you Nigel, Jules and Hayden!

We staged the Easter Carnival with safety at the forefront of our planning.
To that end we thank those who helped us stage the event:
Peter Gunston and Peter McIntosh manned our First Aid tent on both days.  Having a trained nurse and paramedic on hand provided much comfort for the Eureka committee!
Wayne Burnett and Dennis Sonogan assisted with commissaire duties on Easter Monday and David Robinson performed on-course moto duties.  The extra support was much appreciated by the Eureka committee!

Now we get to thank the Eureka past and present member who helped deliver the carnival…
First and foremost, thank you James Knipe for photographing both days of the event.  Your dedication to capturing the moments is greatly appreciated James.  The entire club cannot thank James enough!
John Faulkner performed commissaire duties on easter Sunday, before performing Time Keeper duties on Easter Monday.  Thank you John for your assistance and for your guidance in the event preparation.
Bill Goldfinch performed Commissaire duties on both days – thankfully with a P.A. system attached to his vehicle.  If there was one thing we hadn’t thought of… it was that!  Great job again Bill!
Lois Goldfinch performed race Registration duties on both days.  If COVID-19 had any positive effect on the event, it was that we held a barbecue outside on Easter Monday, which allowed Lois to enjoy the occasion with significantly less work to perform!  Thank you so much Lois!
Lyn Rock prepared over 30 “care packs” for our Easter volunteers.  The snacks and sandwiches were gratefully accepted by those who spent many hours performing duties!  Lyn also assisted with Race Registration on Saturday and corner sweeping and many, many more jobs – thank you Lyn!
Elaine Parker organised the bread, meat and prepared the raffle prizes for Easter Monday.  It was fantastic that Elaine had the very first number drawn!  Thank you for all those organising duties Elaine!
Barbara Faulkner assisted with Race Registration duties on Easter Monday – because two races create much more work.  Thank you Barb and also for loaning John to us on both days!
Brad Eppingstall performed course setup on Easter Monday, then Lead car duties for the Ron Rivette Classic – thank you Brad for such a long day!
Brendan Schiemer performed Lead Car duties on Easter Monday – after being lured by the prospect of having a “flashy light” on his car.  He knows what we mean!
Rob Kinna cooked a mean barbecue on Easter Monday – thank you Rob!
Dave Peters performed a very important task for us – collecting and delivering the portable Loo.  Great work Dave!
Rob Phillips won the Ron Rivette Classic back in 2018.  Whilst Rob isn’t racing at present, he was still able to assit with corner marshal duties on Easter Monday.  Thank you Rob!
In this segment we also wish to thank Terry Collie who made sure all our papers were in order for the Easter Carnival.  From date changes, to follow ups with councils and Victoria Police, Terry got the job done.  Thank you Terry for your ongoing duties for our club!!

Our committee is a great team.  They committed to presenting the Easter Carnival, knowing that meant sacrifices at home.
Thank you, to the wives, children and grandchildren, who allowed us the time to deliver this major cycling event!
Our President – Stuart Brien – dedicated many hours developing the online entry system which we used for the event, as well as finalising sponsorship, creating emergency contact booklets and many other tasks, including performing event setup and marshal duties on both days of the carnival… as well as race presentations.  Thank you Stuart, for your leadership!
Mal Rock was our Race Director on both days of the carnival.  Mal organised the marshals and performed course setup on both days.  On Sunday he performed marshal duties and on Monday he drove a Tail Car.  He also personally spoke to some 500 people, which was a fair effort considering only about 300 attended the events… Thank you Mal for yet another brilliant job!
Rick Calvert gave up his chance to compete and performed setup, marshal duties on Sunday, then drove a Tail Car on Easter Monday.  Rick also made sure we paid our bills and had prize money on hand.  Thank you Rick!
Shaun Martin organised the toilet, hay bales and gazebos… as well as the pickup and return of each.. as well as event setup on each day… as well as racing on each day.  Great job Shaun and congratulations on your Top 20 Open race result!
Peter Livitsanis assisted with handicapping duties, organised the printing of the race programmes for each day, performed event setup and marshal duties on Sunday and raced on Monday.  Thank you Peter for much work in a very tight timeline!
Roger McMillan performed event setup and marshal duties on Sunday, as well as racing on both days.  Thank you Roger and congratulations on winning the South Pacific Division 6 Criterium Championship!!
Graeme Parker assisted with handicapping duties, performed a commissaire role on both days, picked up meat, bread and raffle prizes… and many other tasks…  Thank you Graeme for providing much support with organising and delivering the Easter Carnival!

A special shout out to Mary-Ann Seebeck, who concentrated on applying for multiple grants for the club, whilst the rest of committee was absorbed by the Easter Carnival.  Mary’s work will hopefully deliver extra funds to the club to help us deliver items on our Strategic Plan!

To our members, we thank everyone who contributed to the raffle baskets.  Once again these were a great success for the club!
Thank you everyone who brought a plate out for Easter Monday.  Our spread is well renowned for its generosity and we all helped contribute to a fabulous amount of food!

Easter Sunday saw exciting racing across the entire card.  Highlights for Eureka included Roger’s win in Division 6, Kyle Hester’s win in Division 3 and Jim Crumpler’s win in Division 2.
Eureka Riders WON ten medals across the 7 race card.  Congratulations to all medallists!

On Easter Monday we staged the SHANE COOK Homes Eureka WOMENS Open.  Eureka riders included Helen McIntosh, Jennifer Collier, Sharon Boyd and Miranda Griffiths.  The small field and fair south east breeze left nowhere to hide out on course, with many rider finishing solo.  A tough event with great prize money!
In a marvellous result for Team EUREKA, Miranda won the race!  Sharon and Jennifer also finished in the Top 10.

In the SHANE COOK Homes Ron RIVETTE Classic, star Geelong Surf Coast rider – Martin Lonie won the day.  It is marvellous to have someone of Lonie’s pedigree race and win our Open!
Team EUREKA filled many of the Top 10 placings, including:
Jason Hendry in 2nd place
Kyle Hester in 3rd place
4th Darryn Reed
6th Shane Clarke
7th Michael Pierce (well he’s actually BSCC, but we’re claiming him!)
8th Shane Nankervis
9th Jason Shipcott
10th Tim Canny

There were many great stories from the weekend…

Preston’s Aaron Christiansen raced one out against Eureka riders in the South Pacific Division 1 Championship.  Struggling to respond to sharp attacks, Christiansen decided to roll the dice and took off with close to four laps remaining… they didn’t see him again.  A daring effort well rewarded against some of the best that Eureka could throw at him!

Eureka’s Kyle Hester winning a South Pacific Championship and finishing 3rd in the Ron Rivette.  Post race, Kyle said ‘I’m lucky they caught me after the hills’ … brilliant!

Eureka’s Miranda Griffiths marshalled half the day on Sunday after performing course setup up (sweeping) in the morning – then backed it up with First and Fastest in the Eureka WOMENS Open… awesome!

Not every story is one of triumph though.  The reigning Eureka Club Champion – Craig Lee – was determined to compete for the club and had entered both the criteriums and the Ron Rivette.  Unfortunately an adverse reaction to his coronavirus vaccine rendered Lee too ill to compete on Sunday… yet he still showed up and performed marshal duties!
Easter Monday saw Lee in Scratch and mixing it with Lonie, Canny, Nankervis and Co. for the first third of the Ron Rivette race, before being blown away.  The Champ soldiered on and finished in what is a respectable time for many.  True dedication Craig, thank you!

Dean Wells
Easter Carnival – Event Director

Eureka Easter Carnival 2021 - poster 2 - Made with PosterMyWall (1)

DAY 1 – Sunday 4th April

South Pacific Cycling Championships


Victoria Park, Ballarat

Eureka Easter Carnival 2021 - Day 1 v3

GRADED criteriums for Masters.
Women and Men competing against each other.
Age, form, ability and sex all taken into account to ensure every competitor has a fair chance.
8x Championship Divisions will be contested.
ALL riders are competing for the same medals in each race.

Entries for South Pacific CRITERIUM Championships

Links to maps:

South Pacific Championships – Victoria Park – location map

South Pacific Championships – Victoria Park – race circuit map

DAY 2 – Monday 5th April


Ercildoune long course, Learmonth

Eureka Easter Carnival 2021 - Day 2 - Made with PosterMyWall (2)

Links to map:

Eureka Open – Ercildoune long course 55 Km – map

Shane Cook Homes - logo largeShane Cook Homes - logo largeShane Cook Homes - logo large

Eureka Womens Open 2021 - Made with PosterMyWall

Eureka Womens Open

55 Km Open Handicap for WOMEN race start 10 AM
$1500 prize money
1st –
$500 + sash
2nd –
$300 + medal
3rd –
$200 + medal
4th – $150
5th – $100
6th – $50
7th – $50
Fastest Time
$150 + sash

Entries for Eureka Womens Open

Ron Rivette Classic 2021 - Made with PosterMyWall

Ron Rivette Classic

55 Km Open Handicap for MEN race start 10:45am
$1500 prize money
1st – $500 + sash
2nd –
$300 + medal
3rd –
$200 + medal
4th – $150
5th – $100
6th – $50
7th – $50
Fastest Time
$150 + sash

Entries for Ron Rivette Classic

 Shane Cook Homes - logo large


Eureka Easter Carnival 2021 - poster 2 - Made with PosterMyWall (1)

Eureka Easter Carnival 2021 - Day 1 v3Eureka Easter Carnival 2021 - Day 2 - Made with PosterMyWall (2)

Eureka Womens Open 2021 - Made with PosterMyWallRon Rivette Classic 2021 - Made with PosterMyWall

  1. Where can I find the results for the crits today?
    Regards Tanya

    • South Pacific Cycling Championships
      Criteriums at Victoria Park, 4th April

      Division 7 Championship, 20 min + 2 laps
      1st – Tony Bramucci, Northern
      2nd – Luis Laguna, Northern
      3rd – Helen McIntosh, EUREKA

      Division 6 Championship, 25 min + 2 laps
      1st – Roger McMillan, EUREKA
      2nd – Amy Benham, Northern
      3rd – Garry Wheeler, EUREKA

      Division 5 Championship, 25 min + 2 laps
      1st – David Spence, Geelong Surf Coast
      2nd – Rae Lesniowska, Coburg
      3rd – Craig Davis, Northern

      Division 4 Championship, 30 min + 2 laps
      1st – Michael Elliot, Randwick, NSW
      2nd – Adrian McCartney, Geelong Surf Coast
      3rd – Robert Gartside, Central Victoria

      Division 3 Championship, 30 min + 2 laps
      1st – Kyle Hester, EUREKA
      2nd – Xavier Coppock, Geelong Surf Coast
      3rd – Patrick Garner, EUREKA

      Division 2 Championship, 40 min + 2 laps
      1st – Jim Crumpler, EUREKA
      2nd – Dean Wells, EUREKA
      3rd – Tony Mirabella, EUREKA

      Division 1 Championship, 40 min + 2 laps
      1st – Aaron Christiansen, Preston
      2nd – Tim Canny, EUREKA
      3rd – Shane Clarke, EUREKA

  2. Just wandering if the overall places and transponder data/times for the Ron Rivette handicap are going to be published.

    • Hi Dale, the links to the Mylaps Sporthive pages for each Open are now on the respective Facebook posts and the Day 2 website post.

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