Ballarat region – Home Of Cycling

Ballarat region – Home Of Cycling

The Ballarat region has long been considered the Home Of Cycling… for good reason…

The local area is ripe for exploring by bicycle, with an abundance family friendly trails and paths.
Venture onto the road for the excitement of organised club racing.  Or stay on the dirt for BMX, mountain bike and cyclocross racing.

The three sport cycling clubs in the region have united together to present a promotional calendar.
The calendar features the major cycling events that are being staged in the Ballarat region during 2020.

On top of what is listed, EUREKA Cycling offers ten months of competitive road racing.

Ballarat Sebastopol CC has even more options with its five divisions offering a plethora of cycling options across the full year.
BMX, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Road Racing, Track Racing

VOGA Cycle Club (Villages of the Old Goldfields Association) is based in Creswick and offers a variety of touring events.
VOGA is also involved with Cyclocross and Mountain Bike racing.
The club is heavily involved in the Creswick Trails Project that will deliver 100 kilometres of dedicated cycling trails by 2022.

Cycling… it’s fun, it’s for everyone and it’s here in the Home Of Cycling…

 Ballarat region PROMO 2020 calendar

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