Eureka Open – RON RIVETTE CLASSIC – April 7, 2019

Eureka Open – RON RIVETTE CLASSIC – April 7, 2019

7th April 2019

Ron Rivette


2019 Ron Rivette 2x Divisions - poster


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EUREKA Cycling are proud to present the

Ron Rivette

NOTE: The field will be split into two divisions and run as two separate races

Facilities at our club rooms on the east foreshore of Lake Learmonth include:
– female change rooms with toilets and showers

– male change rooms with toilets and showers
– full kitchen
– plenty of free parking available

Check in / Registration: From 8:45 AM upstairs in the clubrooms

Coffee van: onsite from 8:30 AM (cash only, approx. $5)

Post race feast: FREE food and hot drinks upstairs in the clubrooms

Soft drinks: available to purchase upstairs in the clubrooms

RAFFLE tickets: $2 each or three tickets for $5

PRESENTATIONS: upstairs in the clubrooms

EUREKA members – please bring TWO plates of food
(ideally a savoury and a sweet)

CLICK on the links below to download your own copy of the Official Program and course map.

EVCC 2019 Ron Rivette Classic – event program

EVCC – Mount Ercildoune – Open course

EVCC - Mount Ercildoune - Open course

Ron Rivette 2019 - poster

March 11, 2019 – Eureka Criterium Championships

March 11, 2019 – Eureka Criterium Championships

Eureka Criterium Championships Day – 11 March 2019


Victoria Park criterium circuit, Ballarat


Everything for this day!

“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

– Billie Jean King

The Oscar’s Hotel & Cafe 2019 Criterium Series concluded with thirty riders contesting the four championship events on a cool and overcast day.
Early morning rain left the circuit damp, however the light north breeze aided the drying…

John Creek won the Super Vets Championship over a galant Mal Rock, with Robert Young in the bronze position.  This is the first time the Super Vets have raced for a criterium championship.
In a side note, Creek was the only medal winer from 2018 (Gold in Division 3) to win another medal this year.

Division 3 saw a tactical contest with a close sprint finish deciding the outcome.
New member Geoff Martin took the win just ahead of Peter Livitsanis, with Mark O’Callaghan in third place.

Action aplenty in Division 2 with break-aways during the race.  Everything was brought back as the powerful sprinters weren’t about to let their chance slip.
Ash Burke threw caution to the wind with 3 laps remaining and got away.  Holding strong to take the bell, Burke put in a final supreme effort to lead into the straight with the pack closing fast.
The sprinters started to wind up as Burke began to fade.  Shane Cody was in the perfect position when he launched – but his chain dropped and it was game over.
Up ahead and Burke was pedalling squares in the shadow of the post as Al Cureton and Cam Farrington both jumped from the pack.
Too late, the courageous Burke took the well deserved victory.

The Club Championship race promised much with the likes of Matt Bowman (2019 Victorian State Criterium Champion – Division A), Craig Lee (Eureka Club Criterium Champion 2017/18, Damien Keirl and Tim Canny all signing on for the fray.

The first lap was gentle and allowed everyone to get a good look at the wet tarmac.  Canny launched the first attack of the day on lap 2 and had everyone scrambling for wheels.  This set the scene for the day, with the favourites all competing in their own race whilst virtually ignoring the bit players.

As expected, Bowman provided many attacks.  Less expected was Lee being aggressive throughout the event.
Canny was left to do much of the chasing.  Whilst Keirl played a cool hand and marked all Canny’s moves.
Jason Hendry (backing up from the Bendigo Open) and Peter Gunston both kept themselves in handy positions.
Stu Brien, Jason Birch and Andrew Sullivan each spent time off the front.
Matt Ayres and Dean Wells did some long chases.  Bob Braszell (backing up from the Bendigo Open) forgot his age and entered in with the “young blokes”.
Tony Mirabella was back for his first race in weeks and was clearly still carrying his injury.

Attack, chase, counter-attack, sit, gasp, repeat…

For all the attacks, the bunch was mostly still together as the race drew towards a close.  Braszell and Mirabella had retired, however the remainder of the field was all intact until an incident sent Brien off the tarmac and onto the dirt.  He chased hard for a few laps and almost made contact when another surge put paid to his efforts.

Lee had forced his way off the front and was gradually opening a gap.  After a lap out front Hendry jumped across and the pair started working together.
It was the dying stages of the race – maybe the pack wouldn’t chase…
But they did.
Wells put in the first effort, which was quickly followed by Keirl then Canny.

The catch was imminent with 2 laps to go.  The leaders saw their effort was futile and they half sat up as the ten remaining riders regrouped nearing the bell.

Bowman launches from the rear.

Canny and Keirl respond.  The field is lined out.

Bowman is caught and dropped.

They race down the trees straight and take the sweeping corner. The bunch is tight.
Back in the pack a momentary lapse of concentration sees Wells off into the grass.  The riders behind him scramble for the wheels of the leaders.
Sullivan eases in time to avoid a fall.

Home straight and Keirl launches with Canny.  They quickly open a gap.
Gunston and Hendry look to be fighting for bronze ahead of Ayres and Lee.  Birch flies past them.

Canny is a clear second and Birch is racing towards the bronze, but Keirl is streaking away to the Championship victory.

Championship results –
Division 3 (30 min, plus 2 laps):
1st – Geoff Martin
2nd – Peter Livitsanis
3rd – Mark O’Callaghan
Super Vets (35 min, plus 2 laps):
1st – John Creek
2nd – Mal Rock
3rd – Robert Young
Division 2 (40 min, plus 2 laps):
1st – Ash Burke
2nd – Cam Farrington
3rd – Al Cureton
Championship Race (45 min, plus 2 laps):
1st – Damien Keirl
2nd – Tim Canny
3rd – Jason Birch

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EVCC 2019 Criterium Series

March 2, 2019 – OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe Criterium Series Rd 2, Victoria Park

March 2, 2019 – OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe Criterium Series Rd 2, Victoria Park

OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe Criteriums 2
2nd March 2019


Victoria Park criterium circuit, Ballarat

EVCC 2019 Criterium Series

Don’t dream of winning – train for it

Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance
Another heartache, another failed romance
On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?
I guess I’m learning , I must be warmer now
I’ll soon be turning , ’round the corner now

The Show Must Go On

– Queen

Eureka Cycling staged short criteriums during the lunch break at the (Cycling VICTORIA) 2019 Victorian State Criterium Championships.
Eleven dual licensed Eureka Cycling / Ballarat Sebastopol CC members raced in the state champs.  Two of those riders then backed up in the Eureka crits!

The heat wave and strong winds deterred many from racing with Eureka today, however fifteen hardy/crazy soles still signed on.
Four divisions raced for vouchers supplied by criterium series sponsor OSCAR’S Hotel & Cafe, as well as vital club aggregate points.

Division 4
The race quickly evolved into a race in two as Mal Rock and Rob Kinna put on a show for the ages.
The younger rider proved strongest, however there was post race controversy as both riders fired in complaints to the referee – Bill Goldfinch.

Rock was adamant that Kinna’s brand new steed was not UCI legal.  Naturally that argument fell flat because AVCC racing is not conducted under the jurisdiction of the UCI. (AVCC is conducted under the rules and regulations of the ICF.)
Kinna complained that Rock talked too much during the race. Whilst this was immediately accepted as to be highly likely, the ICF rules do not prohibit riders for incessant talking.
Case closed.

Division 3
Three riders got away in a surprise early break in this epic contest.  Mark O’Callaghan, Peter Livitsanis and Phil McLennan rolled away from the start line and never looked back (except when being passed by faster bunches).  The strong headwind on the eastern straight caused some issues as the three battled their way towards the placings.
In the finale, the petite Livitsanis proved the most wiley as he shot clear of the larger boned riders to land the victory.

Division 2
The largest field of the day flew around the circuit.  Attack and counterattack was the order of the day.
Matt Angus was brave to pin a number on after using the Masters 4 State Championship race as a warm up.
Geoff Martin was often seen powering along at the front of the bunch.
Cam Farrington was questioning why he chose this day for his return to racing.

It was fun, but oh so hot.
Shaun Martin was being watchful and tried on occasion to split the pack.
Shane Cody was pleased that the stars had finally aligned to allow him to race.
Al Cureton was more than comfortable with everything thrown at him.

So there they were, six riders virtually unknown to each other.  Many new to the club.  Yet, hidden in the lot was a past Eureka Club Champion.
To the finish and Cody almost pulled off a great victory, yet was denied by Cureton, who on this day had the faster sprint.

Division 1
Pre-race the four riders discussed how they would put on a show for the spectators lining the finishing straight, then ease off and recover around the back, before once again putting on a display for the fans.  That lasted all of 50 metres as the race quickly settled into a four man time trial.
Tim Wright had power, Matt Ayres pulled long turns, Jason Hendry was brute strength and Dean Wells was backing up from the earlier Masters 4 Championship.

The pace was high, especially into the wind as Hendry, Wright and Ayres drove forward.  Wells was cunning enough to not be on the front into the headwind, however by the last few laps everyone was trying to do as little as possible.

Final lap and Hendry is stuck on the front.  Wells goes for the usual long range sprint and barely gets a gap before Hendry winds up and flies past.  Hendry finally lands his first ever win.  The race may have been short, yet the quartet still averaged 39.5 Kph with Hendry driving the pace for much of the time.

OSCAR’S Criterium 2 results
Division 4 (20 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Rob Kinna
2nd – Mal Rock
Division 3 (25 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Peter Livitsanis
2nd – Mark O’Callaghan
3rd – Phil McLennan
Division 2 (30 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Al Cureton
2nd – Shane Cody
3rd – Shaun Martin
Division 1 (35 minutes + 2 laps):
1st – Jason Hendry
2nd – Matt Ayres
3rd – Dean Wells


EVCC 2019 Criterium Series

February 24, 2019 – Weatherboard – Graded, 50 Km

February 24, 2019 – Weatherboard – Graded, 50 Km

Windblown on Weatherboard – 24 February 2019

Graded Divisions

Weatherboard – 50 Km


Ride The Wild Wind

‘Who am I to blow against the wind?’
– Paul Simon

Twenty six riders competed across four divisions on a sunny Weatherboard circuit.  The strong northerly wind made the 50 kilometre races extremely tough for all competitors and proved a factor in each race – either nullifying it, or creating tactical opportunities.

Division 4
As expected with a small field, Division 4 played out in familiar fashion with Jakkii Dawson taking her leave and riding away from Rob Young, Mal Rock and Graeme Parker.  Rock would eventually succumb to the relentless wind, however Parker and Young once again united in chasing after Dawson.
Another tough hit out for all concerned.

Division 3
Peter Livitsanis took off like a rocket – as per usual – leaving the others scrambling to line up behind him.  He swung off and the dynamic Danny Whelan took over.
The pace was on right from the start and it seemed everyone had forgotten it was not a handicap race.  The bunch worked short turns, however that proved to be the demise of Darryl Brown.
Quick up the hill on the first lap but when they reached the Avenue and turned left – things got ugly.  The head wind was high and it gained intensity each lap.

The menu along the Avenue was Danny on the front for a long entree – in the gutter – then he would swing off after a kilometre or so.  Whoever was on his wheel would stay in the sit and follow Danny across the road.  Then Danny would stop pedalling and someone would have to take up the front.
Bob Morley occasionally took the front and would go up the road but was struggling – due to aerodynamics) for any pace.
Just when anyone thought it was impossible to go any slower, Livitsanis would roll through and debunk the idea.  After almost doing track stands, Steve Linane would take over and put the race back into the gutter.
This pattern continued until the fourth lap when Noel Said he could not handle the pace any more and dropped off the back.

Livitsanis was also lost just before the end of the Avenue.  Whelan hammered it out of the corner making it impossible for the dropped riders to make up ground.  Now it was back to three riders – Linane, Morley, Whelan – for the last lap and a half.

Aided by gravity and the strong tail wind, the three wizzed through the chicane on the last lap and were surprised to watch the placegetters from the Division 2 race storm past.

Rounding the last corner Morley went on the front.  Linane and Whelan took the sit in the crosswind before the final ascent of the Henderson’s Road climb.
Up the rise they went, blowing apart as they crested with Linane opening up an unassailable gap over Morley, who had a large gap on Whelan.
Linane wining comfortably, with Whelan fighting back to nab Morley near the flag.

Division 2
A line up for the ages in what became an epic race.  The first lap and a half turned out to be a sedate affair bordering on neutral.  It served as an extra warm up opportunity before the pace lifted.  Ash Burke, Matt Ayres and Jim Crumpler doing a lot of work, yet proceedings were still polite with riders providing each other with cover.
Through the chicane and the tailwind enabled a high pace.  Back to the Avenue and heavy breathing indicated the effort required to stay in the bunch was high.

All pretense of neutrality were discarded exiting the Avenue for the second time.  Craig Lightfoot assisted the aforementioned and Peter Canny and Rick Calvert also joined in the fray as a new urgency to reach the high point at Weatherboard was realised.
Back through the chicane and the race was on.  The field stretched out on the run to Hendersons Road.  Through that corner and the cross wind was like being struck by a cricket bat.
Up the rise and everyone is either looking for cover, or the front of the bunch to keep pushing the pace.
Jeremy Humber is looking to protect his legs after the previous day of track racing, Geoff Martin is lost from the bunch and Al Cureton is struggling to find rhythm.
Calvert was keen to keep everyone on the rivet as they turned back onto Avenue Road.  He rolled to the front and again the field was stretched out.
Canny and Lightfoot joined in the pacemaking and when it looked as though things would ease, Crumpler wound up the watts and had everyone working hard again.

The efforts along the Avenue helped set Lightfoot up and he hammers out of the corner and opens a gap…50 metres, 100 metres, the gap is almost 200 metres as he rockets through the chicane.
Turns are traded to keep him in sight – although the consensus is that he won’t be able to hold the gap along the Avenue with the ever increasing breeze.  Lightfoot is out front and eases when he sees the catch is inevitable.
Momentarily the races settles as the bunch reunites.  Burke takes off as they turn out of the Avenue again.  Looks of exasperation as everyone acknowledges “here we go again”.  Aided by the tail wind, Burke is one hundred metres up the road before the bunch finally collects itself and gives chase.  This effort sees Cureton off the back.

Burke is strong out in front.  The bunch do just enough to keep him close, yet he is left out to dry.
The catch is made on the last trip up the Avenue, into what is now a strong wind.  Some jockeying is done in the bunch as they approach the corner with everyone expecting a major effort.
Canny has them in the gutter when Lightfoot goes fifty metres before they reach the corner.  Crumpler quickly has his wheel.  They take the turn and enjoy a moment of gladness that the head wind is now gone.
Ayres catapults off Lightfoot’s effort, he takes a flyer off the front up the rise.  Lightfoot and Humber respond and a 25 metre gap opens to Canny and Burke, Calvert is just behind and Crumpler can’t respond for the moment.
Ayres, Lightfoot and the rejuvenated Humber set a high pace on the road to Weatherboard.  The chase behind is ragged.  Canny is virtually solo as Burke had already spent his energy.  Crumpler can’t catch Calvert and he can’t bridge to the Canny/Burke combo.

Through the chicane and the gap is gradually opening.  The chasers are trying hard, however the three in front are shouting encouragement to each other and are racing for keeps – using every ounce of assistance the tailwind can provide.
They turn onto Henderson’s Road.  They have a large enough gap if their bodies don’t fail them.
They keep working all the way to the top of the rise, still shouting encouragement to each other.  They crest and now the friendship is over.
Humber has popped.  Ayres launches first and gets past Lightfoot, opening a vital couple of metres, which he holds to the line.
Lightfoot and Humber at twenty metre gaps with Canny and Burke not far behind.

Division 1
Only seven starters in Division 1, which could have easily been just six if not for the time trialling ability of Rob Ellis in making it back from where the race was supposed to start and finish (Henderson’s Road) just in time.
The wind served to retard what promised to be an exciting race on paper with the like of Greg Ley, Andrew Rushton, Rob Ellis and Sam Smith all known for their penchant to attack.  New riders Matt Elkan and Darryn Reed are a little harder to gauge and one never knows what level Richard Taylor is at.  Elkan did a couple of surges.  These were shutdown by Smith, who later on tried his own attack – without success.
Rushton and Smith tried an attack up the Avenue which was quickly covered.

The wind proving to be the chasers ally on this day and making for what one rider described as a benign race – too hard to get away and too easy to cover attacks.  The last time up the Avenue saw the speed below 25 Kph with Ellis and Ley both commanding the pace and controlling the race.
Ellis is renowned for his last lap efforts and he didn’t disappoint.  Multiple surges up the Avenue and then the climb to Weatherboard saw Reed and Taylor unhinged.

Five remained down through the chicane and back to the home straight.  A solid effort up the Henderson’s Road climb saw Rushton sit up as the other raced away to a sprint finish.  Elkan proving superior from Smith.  Ellis and Ley next over the line.

Division 4:
1st – Jakkii Dawson
2nd – Robert Young
3rd – Graeme Parker
Division 3:
1st – Steve Linane
2nd – Danny Whelan
3rd – Bob Morley
Division 2:
1st – Matt Ayres
2nd – Craig Lightfoot
3rd – Jeremy Humber
Division 1:
1st – Matt Elkan
2nd – Sam Smith
3rd – Rob Ellis


110 riders competed across nine divisions at the VCV State Criterium Championships.  Northern Cycling hosted the Championships at the National Boulevard circuit in Campbellfield.
Riders had a strong tail wind on the down hill straight, which made ensured the sprints were long and fast.

Team EUREKA had nine competitors on the day – many riding the circuit for the first time – as well as John Faulkner (VCV President) performing timekeeping duties.

The feature event of the day was the Men’s Division A race.  Eureka’s Craig Lee, Jason Birch, Brett Martin and Matt Bowman were part of the massive field of twenty nine riders which was dominated by Northern riders.
Attacks and breakaways were the order of the day, with Martin often on the front sharing the load to tow the field back on.  Lee was watchful throughout the event, however the fast downhill straight with the ever increasing tail wind would likely suit Birch.  Bowman struggled to stay in contact with the field for the entire race and was frequently seen yo-yoing off the back.

On the final lap the field compacted coming towards the final turn as riders started looking left and right for someone to launch towards the chequered flag – when whoosh, Bowman took off around the outside and opened an unassailable lead.  It was over in the blink of an eye as the rest of the field sprinted for the minor placings.

Eureka had two live chances in the Men’s Division B with Jason Hendry and Peter Gunston leading the charge.  A pre-race bet saw Dean Wells earn $10 after not being on the front at any stage of the event. Northern had nine riders in the race which frequently shut down in to the headwind on the back straight.  Hendry found himself on the front occasionally, as did the other visitors – Kane Airey (Geelong) and Tim Phillips (Central).

Gunston stayed close to the front the entire race and the only two real attacks were quickly shutdown by Wells and Paul Firth (Eastern).
The field compacted on the final corner Hendry struck out early with Gunston on his wheel and Airey using the Eureka riders to launch his winning sprint.

Eureka had just two riders in Men’s Division D after Bob Braszell was a scratching.  Roger McMillan and James Knipe rode brilliant tactics throughout the event which threatened to blow apart in the wind.
McMillan went up the road in a breakaway, which nullified that effort.  The Geelong & Surf Coast riders presented a united bunch and had their lead-out train poised and ready in the closing stages.  Knipe used his track experience to slot into he train and turning onto the home straight unleashed a devastating sprint.

After the races, Vince Sinni (Northern Cycling President) and John Faulkner (VCV President) joined with Nick Nomikos from Top Tech Panels to promote the 40th staging of the Benghazi Handicap on ANZAC Day (25th April).
Congratulations to Northern Cycling and the VCV for staging a highly successful event.

Men – Division A (29 riders):
1st – Matthew Bowman (Eureka)
2nd – Aaron Christiansen (Northern)
3rd – Mark Seddon (Northern)
Other Eureka riders:
7th – Craig Lee
9th – Jason Birch
15th – Brett Martin
Sprint – Brad Geyer (Central Victorian)
Men – Division B (15 riders):
1st – Kane Airey (Geelong & Surf Coast)
2nd – Peter Mazzarella (Northern)
3rd – Jason Hendry (Eureka)
Other Eureka riders:
4th – Peter Gunston
6th – Dean Wells
Sprint – Kane Airey (Geelong & Surf Coast)
Men – Division C (22 riders):
1st – Steve O’Neill (Geelong & Surf Coast)
2nd – Terry Hollibone (Northern)
3rd – Colin Morris (Northern)
Sprint – Terry Hollibone
Men – Division D (15 riders):
1st – James Knipe (Eureka)
2nd – Craig Van Dort (Geelong & Surf Coast)
3rd – Chris Fenech (Geelong & Surf Coast)
Other Eureka riders:
4th – Roger McMillan
Sprint – Craig Van Dort (GSCC)
Men – Division E (19 riders):
1st – Umberto Scolaro (Geelong & Surf Coast)
2nd – Tony Gherxi (Northern)
3rd – Henryk Herbec (Northern)
Sprint – Tony Gherxi (Northern)
Men – Division F:
1st – Laurie Bohn (Eastern)
2nd – Ian Buckingham (Northern)
3rd – Bob Miller (Northern)
Sprint – Laurie Bohn (Eastern)
Women – Division A:
1st – Trudy Stevenson (Central Victorian)
2nd – Rae Lesniowska (Northern)
3rd – Marg Noonan (Northern)
Sprint – Rae Lesniowska (Northern)
Women – Division B:
1st – Kellie Murphy (Northern)
Women – Division C:
1st – Susan Williams (Eastern)
2nd – Allison Watt (Northern)
3rd – Meredith Kelly (Northern)
Sprint – Allison Watt (Northern)

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