This Girl Can – RIDE A BIKE – Sunday 28th March

This Girl Can – RIDE A BIKE – Sunday 28th March

This Girl Can – RIDE A BIKE


Sunday 28th March

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EUREKA Cycling is excited to announce a FREE event for women.
JOIN in the fun of our ROAD CYCLING event. NOT a race!
FREE morning tea after the event.
FREE prize draws for This Girl Can participants!!!

Eureka Cycling were proud to host a road cycling event for This Girl Can WEEK in Ballarat, on Sunday 28th March.
The event was advertised as…
Suitable for women aged 18 and older with moderate fitness level.
Ride distance will be minimum 20 Km and maximum 45 Km depending on the individual.
Experienced road cyclists will be on hand to offer guidance, coaching and tips to improve your time on the bike.

Thirteen riders joined in the social ride which was staged concurrently with a Eureka club race.  Riders hailed from near and far to ride in perfect temperature and sunshine.
Local residents from Learmonth and Burrumbeet participated, having been inspired by watching Eureka riders race past their houses.  Ballarat cafe bunches were represented with riders from both The Hummingbirds and The Goddesses.
Other riders have just commenced their cycling journey and were seeking tips and coaching from the event.

Two groups were established to help cater for the vast array of experience that the riders presented.
Former Eureka members – Gail Oliver and Veronica Micich – kindly assisted Eureka to deliver the event by performing Road Captain roles and managing the groups.

Photo L-R: Veronica (with Max), Gail and Catherine


The event started from the Eureka club rooms on the east foreshore of Lake Learmonth with a warm up ride out to the start/finish line of the Eureka club race.
The two groups then set off for laps of a square shaped 6 kilometre circuit – which included a downhill leg along a section of the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.
Gail guided the advanced and intermediate riders around the circuit. They concentrated on bunch riding and using the wind and geography to their advantage.
Veronica coached the novice and beginner riders. They concentrated on cycling techniques including gear shifting, cornering and pacing.

After riding multiple laps of the circuit, the groups reformed for the ride back to the club rooms which mostly had a tail breeze all the way back.
At the club rooms a generous spread had been prepared and was enjoyed by all.  A random draw was held and a few lucky riders won prizes.
Laughter was had, details were shared, friends were made and the roots of a new cycling group was sown.

IMG_0615 IMG_E0624 IMG_E0641 

Eureka gratefully thanks Gail and Veronica for providing superb guidance for this event. Their cycling knowledge and dedication to spreading the joy of cycling was well received by all participants.

Stories from the day:

Shelley is a novice bike racer and was keen to pick up some new racing tips. Initially signed up for the This Girl Can event, Shelley ended up deciding to race in the Division 4 race. Finding herself riding solo, Shelley was eventually caught by Gail and her troup of faster riders. Taking Shelley under their wing, they coached her through the race. Gail even instructed Shelley how and when to sprint for the finish flag.
Invaluable race craft for Shelley, courtesy of Gail.

Nury lives in Adelaide and has only recently taken up road cycling. Nury saw the This Girl Can RIDE a BIKE @ EUREKA advertising online and decided to embark on a drive to Ballarat!
Yes, Nury and partner Steven, drove to Ballarat on Saturday, so that Nury could take part in our This Girl Can event!
In just her fourth ride using cleats, Nury was looking for as much information on how to ride a road bike. Veronica was on hand to coach Nury how and when to change gears, how to ride in the bunch and how to “unclip” when coming to a stop.
Essential cycling tips for Nury, courtesy of Veronica!

Photo: Nury


Prizes from WHY KNOT MASSAGE and The Body Shop at Home

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This is a great opportunity to meet new people and organise future cafe rides…

What do you need?
A bike
A helmet (AS/NZ 2063 compliant)
A tail light

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Eureka Cycling Club announcement – AusCycling

Eureka Cycling Club announcement – AusCycling

Eureka Cycling Club

Thursday 19th November, 2020

Announcement by the Club President

I am very pleased to announce that at the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 19th November 2020, the membership of the Eureka Cycling Club voted unanimously to join AusCycling at the completion of this calendar year.  It was clear that this decision was made in the best interests of veteran cyclists in the region and the broader Victorian cycling community.

We are proud to have been a part of Veteran Cycling Victoria, and more broadly the Australian Veteran Cycling Council and we would like to thank both of these associations for their guidance and oversight.  However, the members of Eureka Cycling Club have voted clearly in favour of streamlining the management of cycling in the state and across the country and we look forward to working with AusCycling.

The club will be making some important announcements shortly in relation how and when to renew memberships.

Stu Brien, On behalf of the ECC Committee

EUREKA Cycling


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RETURN to racing

RETURN to racing


Tuesday 10th November 2020

The Victorian State Government and DHHS have indicated that restrictions on exercise are set to end at midnight on November 22nd, 2020.

This potentially opens the door for a return to contact sport for adults.  The club is currently working towards attaining permits for the final two events listed on our 2020 race calendar.  Eureka Cycling had previously submitted permit applications for these events with City Of Ballarat and Victoria Police.

The return to competitive racing completely lies with the authorities!

Eureka Cycling will inform club members via email as soon as we have either obtained the permits, or been denied them.

The 2020 race calendar has been updated with the information about the final two events.  *both weeks will be graded racing
Due to the ongoing restrictions with facilities, these two events will be conducted from the road side.

Dean Wells
Eureka Cycling – Vice President

Racing at Eureka – suspended due to COVID-19

Racing at Eureka – suspended due to COVID-19

EUREKA Cycling Club

covid 19

Letter from the President regarding COVID-19

Wednesday 18th March 2020, 4:00 PM

Dear Eureka members and friends,

Veteran Cycling Victoria has recommended that all racing is suspended.

Eureka Veterans Cycling Club supports this recommendation and will suspend cycling races – effective immediately.

Eureka will seek to resume bicycle racing when approved to do so, by the relevant authorities.

Your committee is keeping an open line of communication with the VCV regarding the future of our 2020 racing season, however at this point in time, we do not have answers to the many questions that people will ask.

Please respect that we have all been impacted by COVID-19 and are currently adapting to changes in our lifestyles.

We will keep everyone abreast of any changes, or important information that the VCV and AVCC release to us.

Please be safe,

Dean Wells
EUREKA Cycling – President


!! Coronavirus update on racing !!

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and the situation regarding social distancing is ever changing.
The Executive Committee of VETERAN Cycling Victoria recommended that all clubs should suspend racing.

For further information on the coronavirus in Victoria please read

The Australian Govt Dept of Health information is available at

Please keep yourself & your families safe.


covid 19

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