2019 Victorian ROAD Championships – 7/8 September

2019 Victorian ROAD Championships – 7/8 September

Cycling Victoria


Sat. 7th – Sun. 8th September

2019 Cycling Vic Road Champs - poster

Letter from The President…

We have made it through another massive event!  Compared to the 2018 event (which was epic due to the relentless north wind across the two days), this edition was nothing short of biblical!
On Saturday the west wind was so strong that the rain couldn’t reach the ground.  Riders could barely stay upright and one even went flying off the road!
All that changed on Sunday, the early damp roads dried out (thanks to a light westerly breeze) for the early events, before all hell unleashed late morning (which saw our second crash of the weekend), then settle in for the afternoon.

Congratulations to all the competitors.  Whether you took a medal home or not, you can honestly say that you fought the Ballarat weather…and the weather won!

The list of thanks is long…
Terry Collie organised all the permits across both days of the event.  This process started two months ago and wasn’t finalised until Thursday afternoon. Ballarat Cycling… nay… Victorian Cycling, thanks Terry!
Shaun Martin drove the entire circuit last Tuesday, delivering event notices to the local residents.  Shaun backed up on Sunday, putting out the signage around the entire course, then performing Lead Car duties for both the morning and afternoon events.  Outstanding – Thank you Shaun!
The Ballarat Chinese Dragon Boat Club once again played a major part.  They provided all the marshals for the Time Trial events on Saturday.
Charles Zhang performed Traffic Control duties on Sunday and Dick Parry was the all important sag wagon driver on BOTH days.  Thank you Dragons!

Ballarat Sebastopol CC President – Tim Canny – saw the weather report and decided not to ride the Time Trial on Saturday.  Instead, he stood holding riders at the start line for over two hours.  At times, it was hard enough to stand in the wind and rain, let alone hang onto someone sitting atop a disc wheeled bike!
Tim backed up with Tail Car duties for the Paracycling Road Race on Sunday morning, then raced in the afternoon.
Tim won a medal in the 85 kilometre Masters Men 2 event.  Congratulations on an outstanding all round effort Tim!

Sunday morning rolled around and a whole wave of volunteers arrived to help out:
Mal Rock took on Marshal Co-ordinator duties as well as a whole host of tasks we hadn’t prepared for… sheep wrangling being one of them!  Mal had also ferried signage to the event, then took ALL the Eureka gear (we provided almost everything, except good weather) back to the club rooms post event.
Thank you Mal for being our rock.
Rob Ellis helped Mal unload everything at our clubrooms after performing corner marshal duties in both the morning and afternoon.  Rob spent most of the afternoon absolutely drenched (as did most corner marshals).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank (*bitter sarcasm) the riders from the Elite Men/U23 and Masters Men 1, 2, 3 races who got mixed up together, then saw fit to abuse Rob because he was doing his job.  Who knew it could be so difficult for a corner marshal to identify which riders are meant to turn left and which are meant to turn right?
On behalf of everyone (except those few), thank you Rob for your generous assistance all day long!
Graeme Parker also performed Lead car duties in the morning and afternoon.  Thank you Graeme, having such experience on course enabled Cycling Victoria to run one event without Race Commissaires present.

Continuing with the morning, thank you to Dayne Pearce who marshaled, then went on to race in the afternoon as well!
Other corner marshals in the morning included Mark O’Callaghan, Brian Ure, Tavis Baker, Bruce Pipkorn, Dan Crook and James Knipe performed Traffic Control duties.  Thank you, one and all!
Extra special thanks to Dave Ogilvie’s dad – Mr. Ogilvie, as well as Dan’s dad – Ian Crook.  Friends of cycling are always appreciated, thank you gentlemen!

In the afternoon we recruited some more vehicle drivers.  Tony Mirabella had raced in the morning, then backed up with tail/sag car duties.  Peter Canny was “the coldest I have ever been”, whilst driving the neutral spares vehicle.  Thank you guys!
The afternoon also saw the efforts of the soon to be wet, well in the case of Stu Brien, he got wet at the end of his morning race, then got wet, wetter and just downright drenched in the afternoon.
Shane Hayes faired somewhat better at the most protected corner of the circuit, he was just wet.
Don Stewart got saturated and cursed himself for forgetting his golfing wet weather gear.
No such issues for Greg Nunn who was somewhere under the lime neon coat and pants (must have an outdoors job?!).
Gerard White performed marshal duties and rider support duties for son Liam (medallist in the Elite race) whilst getting wet.
Jenni White and Jeremy Humber performed corner marshal duties and traffic control duties respectively.  Lots of downtime meant they stayed relatively dry throughout the afternoon (in comparison).

We also thank Powered By Coffee for being present with the java on both days.  Coffee is always a favourite at cycling events!
Last but not least, thank you to the Vintage and Classic Car Club Ballarat.  The canteen menu was well received.  Soup and hot food wins hands down when the weather is inclement.

Phew!  Now it is time for a well earned rest.
Once again, thank you all for helping Ballarat Sebastopol CC and EUREKA Cycling deliver another safe and successful event.

Dean Wells EUREKA Cycling – President

Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club
Eureka Cycling

Venue, including race day registration:

Burrumbeet Hall

ALL events start/finish line just 300 meters from the hall

Located on Burrumbeet Rd, Burrumbeet
(Burrumbeet is 15 Km northwest of Ballarat)

Facilities (ground level) – 
grand hall
free vehicle parking

COFFEE van on both days! From early to late

Canteen on Sunday 8th will provided by Vintage & Classic Car Club Ballarat

Canteen menu #1  Canteen menu #2



Canteen menu #1  Canteen menu #2


Saturday 7th – Time Trial

ALL categories are competing on a 20 Km course

circuit map:  CV 2019 Time Trial 20 Km


Sunday 8th – Road Race 


Wave 1 circuit map:  CV 2019 Road Race 48 Km

0830H – Paracycling    (48 Km) 


Wave 2 circuit map:  CV 2019 Road Race 58 Km

0900H – Men Masters 6 – 10    (58 Km)

0905H – Women Masters 6 – 10    (58 Km)


Wave 3 circuit map:  CV 2019 Road Race 68 Km

0935H – Men Masters 4 – 5    (68 Km)

0940H – Women Masters 1 – 5    (68 Km)


Wave 4 circuit maps:   CV 2019 Road Race 125 Km   and   CV 2019 Road Race 85 Km

1230H – Men Elite + Under 23    (125 Km)

1235H – Men Masters 1, 2, 3    (85 Km)

1240H – Men Junior 19    (85 Km)

1245H – Women Elite + Under 23 + Junior 19    (85 Km)


CV 2019 Road Champs - slide

Cycling Victoria

STOP the CLOCK – Time Trial, 21 Km – Sun 1st September

STOP the CLOCK – Time Trial, 21 Km – Sun 1st September


21 Km Time Trial
at Learmonth

Sunday 1st September 2019

Stop The Clock v2 poster

Training event ONLY

$5 entry fee is donated to MND Victoria


Circuit map:
Stop The Clock circuit map


MND RIDE – 600 Km in 24 HOURS




Arriving at Europa Cafe before 8 AM on Sunday 1st September, Tavis Baker and Peter Kiel completed their epic 600 kilometre ride inside the target time of 24 hours.  The wonderful effort for their mate Rob Pitman, was made all that more epic due to the windy weather conditions the pair battled all day long.
Thank you to everyone who joined in with Tavis and Peter on their ride, or dropped past to cheer them on.
We also thank everyone who attended the fundraiser breakfast at St. Patricks College a few weeks earlier.  Everyone’s contributions help in the fight against MND!


Whilst Pete and Tavis gingerly dismounted and headed inside Europa Cafe, the participants in the STOP the CLOCK Time Trial were warming up at Learmonth for their short effort.  Seventeen riders signed on in cool and overcast conditions.  The wind died down and a light shower swept the course during the event.



Dayne Pearce started off affairs just a few minutes after 9 AM.  Dayne was the only rider who completed the course whilst the tarmac remained dry!
Shelley Bennett headed out on her brand new Trek – something the bike will need to get used to now that spring has arrived.
James Knipe is on the long road to recovery, yet fronted for the opportunity to contort himself into something resembling an aerodynamic shape.
Roger McMillan was focussed pre-ride.  He has the Veteran Time Trial Championships in his sights next weekend.
Jakkii Dawson was somewhere under four layers of clothing.  We could see her smile, but nothing else.
Don Steward had made the long trip from Bairnsdale to participate in the training ride – that is an effort in itself!  He will also be competing at Balliang next Sunday in the Veteran TT Championship.

Matt Ayres looked the business at the start line and out on course his bike sounded fast.
Shaun Martin was all smiles before the event, hamming it up for the photographer and generally trying not to freeze as he awaited his start time.
Greg Ley arrived in plenty of time to ride out to the start.  No warm up required – let’s get this party started!
Stu Brien made a late decision to enter.  He is concerned that he may start to enjoy Time Trials… then he’ll have to buy a TT bike…
Matt Bowman had donned an orange hi-vis vest to keep himself warm before the start.  Skin suits offer little thermal protection!  On course, Matt showed positive signs.
The last of the Eureka riders – Craig Lee – warmed up like a pro outside the club rooms.  Spinning away on his stationary trainer and head bopping to Vivaldi…



We hosted a number of visitors as well!
Gemma Abery is now a local, having made the move to country Victoria in search of better cycling roads.  What better place than Ballarat?  We will try to lure Gemma over to vets racing in good time!
Brian Smith rocked up in his Ford Mustang – popped the boot and pulled out his TT bike.  Cyclists are cool!

Max McCallion is in the Junior 17 ranks, yet rode like a more mature rider.  Keep an eye out for his name in the future.
Max’s dad – Grant – accompanied Barry Bailey out on course.  The pair rode a tandem bike as Barry prepares for the Paracycling events next weekend which Eureka and Ballarat Sebastopol are co-hosting at Burrumbeet.

image2 (1)

The star rider on the day was Aaron Christiansen (member of both Northern Cycling and Preston CC).  Fresh from winning the Individual Male Aggregate at the Tour de Metro (Northern Cycling V Eastern Cycling), Aaron was keen for a Time Trial hit out ahead of the Cycling Victoria Road Championships at Burrumbeet next weekend.

Thank you to everyone who made this training event possible:
Event permits – Terry Collie
Timing – John Faulkner
Start line / Tail Car / kitchen – Bill Goldfinch
Marshals – Greg Curnow, Marika Ley, Mal Rock and Brian Lee

Our volunteer’s efforts were much appreciated by the participants, many of whom are targeting TIME TRIAL State Championship glory next weekend:
Saturday 7th Sept. at Burrumbeet Cycling Victoria, Victorian TT Championships
Sunday 8th Sept. at Balliang VETERAN Cycling Victoria, State TT Championships

Thank you to everyone who made a donation – participants and friends of cycling – we raised $300 which will be handed over to ROB’s TEAM and their amazing fundraising effort for MND Victoria.

9AM, 8 deg. C (feels like 0.4 deg. C), north wind 33 Kph
Timing, 21 Km:
29:12.824, ave. 43.130 Kph – Aaron CHRISTIANSEN
29:57.946, ave. 42.048 Kph – Dayne PEARCE
31:04.830, ave. 40.540 Kph – Matt BOWMAN
31:07.564, ave. 40.481 Kph – Craig LEE
33:49.795, ave. 37.245 Kph – Stuart BRIEN
34:21.183, ave. 36.678 Kph – Max McCALLION
34:28.082, ave. 36.556 Kph – Matt AYRES
35:10.892, ave. 35.814 Kph – Greg LEY
35:25.009, ave. 35.576 Kph – Brian SMITH
37:01.023, ave. 34.038 Kph – Shaun MARTIN
38:38.042, ave. 32.614 Kph – Donald STEWARD
40:02.027, ave. 31.473 Kph – Roger McMILLAN
40:10.075, ave. 31.368 Kph – Jakkii DAWSON
40:52.406, ave. 30.827 Kph – Barry BAILEY/Grant McCALLION
40:53.001, ave. 30.819 Kph – Gemma ABERY
42:19.698, ave. 29.767 Kph – James KNIPE
45:32.598, ave. 27.666 Kph – Shelley BENNETT


Rob's Team - MND fundraisers 2019 poster  Stop The Clock v2 poster  Rob's Team fundraising poster 2


VETERAN Cycling Victoria – ROAD RACE State Championships – Sunday 17th November 2019

VETERAN Cycling Victoria – ROAD RACE State Championships – Sunday 17th November 2019

Sunday 17th November 2019

State Championships

Veteran Cycling Victoria

2019 VCV State Road Championships - poster v5

Host club:

EUREKA Cycling

Event distances:
Men A and B grades, 77 Km
Men C and D grades, 55 Km
Men E and F grades, 45 Km

Women A and B grades, 55 Km
Women C and D grades, 45 Km

ENTRY website:

Race start times:
Racing commences from 10 AM onwards.
Grades will be released at intervals.

9:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Event venue:
EUREKA Cycling and Lake Learmonth Yacht Club 
Lake Learmonth, east foreshore

Host club EUREKA Cycling invite all race participants to the club rooms
which are located on the east foreshore of Lake Learmonth.

Change rooms:
Male and female change areas, including toilets and showers are available.

Coffee van:
YES! will be present on site before the event!

Medal presentations:
Post race the official VCV presentations will take place inside the club rooms.

Food and drink:
FREE tea, coffee and food will be available inside the club rooms after the races.
Soft drinks will be available for purchase.

Raffle tickets will be available for purchase throughout the morning.
Draws will be conducted after the presentations.

Circuit maps

download your own copies

VCV 2019 Road Race Champs – 45 Km map

VCV 2019 Road Race Champs – 55 Km map

VCV 2019 Road Race Champs – 77 Km map

VCV State Road Race Championships 2019 - slide 1

August 18, 2019 – W.A.R.S. 7 – Burrumbeet handicap, 45 Km

August 18, 2019 – W.A.R.S. 7 – Burrumbeet handicap, 45 Km

EUROPA cafe and HOPSCOTCH cafe
Winter Aggregate Race Series

Race 7

18th August 2019

Burrumbeet – 45 Km handicap

WARS 2019 - Burrumbeet handicap!


Seven days earlier, the district resembled an Arendelle snowscape.  On this day the sun peeked through the clouds and fourteen riders enjoyed mild spring like conditions on the Burrumbeet circuit.
With low competitor numbers in attendance, Eureka President Wells was worried that riders would not enjoy the scheduled Graded Points racing.  A quick conference with VCV President Faulkner resulted in a “Double Presidential Decision” being made to change the event to handicap conditions.
This was not ideal for a race circuit just 6.5 kilometres in length and would likely see riders complete one lap (maybe even two) before others had started!

A lack of Handicappers available created a momentary dilemma.
No Livitsanis, no Lee, no Parker and no Morley – he had headed out to do corner marshal duties…
Presidents Wells and Faulkner agreed it couldn’t be too difficult to do a handicap, then spent all of 30 seconds planning the marks for the 52 kilometre race.  Race Referee Goldfinch approved (between juggling his time as Head of Kitchen) then headed out to the start where he consulted with riders.
A decision was made to reduce the number of laps from eight to seven.  This change reduced the race to 46 kilometres!

Jakkii Dawson and Darryl Brown rode off as the Limit riders at 24 minutes.
It was a long wait eight minute until the next group set off at 16 minutes.  Roger McMillan joined the Lee brothers – Brian and Kevin.
Shaun Martin and Andrew Wilson rode off at 12 minutes.  They anticipated a reasonably quick catch – they just didn’t know if they would be the catchers, or the catchees…

Brown and Dawson passed through the start/finish line before the next bunch set off.  The pair were separated by almost 500 metres.  In fact, they had blown apart in the first few hundred metres and unfortunately consigned themselves to individual time trials.

The six minute pair was Ash Burke and Wayne Klauss.  Was the six minute chase too far?  Was the four minute gap to the Second Scratch group too little?  Time would tell.

Second Scratch saw Tony Mirabella and Dean Wells start an early preparation for the final round of the W.A.R.S. when they will be united yet again for the Team Time Trial (pencil that in Livi!).  They enjoyed just a two minute buffer over the Scratch bunch.

If there was any doubt that there is another changing of the guard in motion at Eureka, the Scratch bunch confirmed it beyond doubt.
With not even two years under his belt and less than twenty Scratch appearances, Jason Hendry was the “old guard” in this group.
Dayne Pearce was the next most experienced.  Dayne is one of just eight “30 to 35 year olds” who has joined Vets racing in Victoria since the recent rule change.
Jason Shipcott rounded out the bunch, at just his third outing with the club.

Back to the head of the race and Brown’s lead had stagnated due to Jakkii’s never say die attitude.  Husband Brad reckoned she would be watching her power meter and ignoring everything else.

Second Scratch had been caught by Scratch less than 10 kilometres into the race.  Hendry, Shipcott and Pearce doing track turns continued on their merry way, oblivious to Mirabella and Wells.  As for the other groups, they were all practising for the Team Time Trial the following week as well.  Can’t see anyone ahead, can’t see anyone behind!

We should probably make a special mention to today’s wind.  From the north, the wind both hampered and helped as the short laps were ridden.  The downwind Avenue Road section was fast – for everyone.  The northward trip up Carpenter Road was tough with the headwind and uphill road.  Henderson’s Road and Glue Pot Road, well the cross wind had some effect, but probably nothing race defining.  Severe Weather warnings for wind were in place for districts to the north and west of Learmonth… yes it was windy!

Back to the race and excitement was building.  Jakkii appeared to be slowly bridging the gap back to Brown.  The other bunches were all closing on the leaders.  Maybe this would go down to the wire?
The combined Scratch/Second Scratch group lost Wells along Glue Pot Road as he became unstuck (apologies for the Dad joke!).  The Scratchies then put a lot of effort into dropping Mirabella, which was weird because they should have concentrated on actually winning the race…

Back up the road and Brown was still in front with two laps to go.
Jakkii was slowly closing.  The Lee brothers and McMillan were still working well.  Wilson and Martin actually had riders in view.  Burke and Klauss agreed that the latter should probably power on alone.

The crowds (children brought along by their parents) were cheering wildly for the combatants.  The enthusiasm was so infective that Wells decided he should watch from the sidelines and not miss this epic battle.

Bell lap, there goes Brown.
Here comes Jakkii.  That gap is less than 300 metres!  No one else in sight.
Hang on, here they come. It’s the Lee brothers (Brian + Kevin) and McMillan.
Martin and Wilson are right on their heels.
Here comes Klauss with Scratch just behind.  Tony is still there.

Hey, here comes Ash.

The tension is building.  Can Brown hang on?  Will Jakkii make the catch?
Scratch are too far back.  Surely they are only racing for Fastest Time!

The Lee brothers lose McMillan, but Wilson and Martin join in the chase.  They can see Scratch closing fast.  They can also see the head of the race.

The final turn into the home straight and Brown is still 100 metres ahead of Jakkii.

The red flag goes up!  A car and a truck are bearing down on the intersection.  The combined 12 and 16 minute groups slow up.
Green flag!  All steam ahead, then whoosh, there goes Scratch.

The last climb and Brown is still well clear of Jakkii.  He is pedalling squares and weaving all over the road as he crests the final rise.
Here comes Jakkii!
Here comes everyone else!

Brown wobbles towards the line.  Jakkii is closing fast.
The pack behind has blown apart, yet some riders are flying home, including Hendry!

One hundred metres to go…
Jakkii flies past Brown and takes the win.
Hendry flashes home and grabs second place just ahead of Brown, then Shipcott and Mirabella.

Wow, what a finish.
What a marvellous handicapping effort.
What a great decision to make the race seven laps!

That result certainly changes the outlook of the 2019 W.A.R.S. Peter Livitsanis’ large lead has been ripped away and all eyes will be focussed on the Team Time Trial next week as he goes head to head with Jason Hendry.
Brian Ure, Jakkii Dawson, Darryn Reed, Bob Morley and Danny Whelan can all still make the Winter Aggregate Race Series podium… but this race is down to just two riders!!!

Special mention to VCV President John Faulkner for coming to check that everything is still going OK at his club.  Also to Terry Collie and Michael Lynch who chose to spend Vietnam Veterans Day visiting Eureka Cycling.  Michael was a medic in Vietnam and Terry was in a mortar team.
It is fifty years since Michael and Terry were sent to war.

Race results:
1st – Jakkii Dawson (24 min)
2nd – Jason Hendry (Scratch)
3rd – Darryl Brown (24 min)
4th – Jason Shipcott (Scratch)
5th – Tony Mirabella (2 min)
Fastest Time – Jason Hendry (Scratch) in 1h 16m , ave. 36.7 Kph
2019 WARS version 2 poster

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