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February 26, 2017 – Ron Rivette Classic, 57 km VVCC Open Handicap

February 26, 2017 – Ron Rivette Classic, 57 km VVCC Open Handicap

Eureka OPEN race – 26 February 2017


Mt. Misery – 57 km


Edmonds WINS!  Laffy FASTEST!


Brilliant sunshine greeted 105 riders as they arrived at the EUREKA Cycling club rooms on the foreshore of Lake Learmonth.  Barely a breath of breeze early in the morning, however a fierce northerly wind had blown up by race start time at 10:00 AM.

IMG_6604 (1)

IMG_6591 (1)

The Limit group (34:00 min) was blown apart by the wind in the first 20 kilometres.


Sue Parker (Eureka) had ridden away from her 27:00 min group and was fast closing on the strung out Limit riders.
(Post race Brian Long commented ‘I was dropped by those girls in the same place again!’)


The 19:30 min group had already caught the 22:00 min group as the now “super sized bunch” raced along the long straight Beaufort-Waubra Rd.


The following (17:30 min, 15:30 min and 13:30 min) groups had all lost riders (who now dotted the road in ones and twos) and it was only as the 11:30 min group came through that order seemed restored in the chaotic wind.


The 8:30 min group was a tight knit bunch as they surged up the short rises near the Waubra Rd intersection.


Second Scratch was all business as they charged up the hills with Eureka’s Matt Bowman controlling the pace. Shouts of ‘hang on’ and ‘hold up’ could be heard as riders near the rear of the bunch looked after their cohorts.  Wanting to preserve every second of their 5:30 min handicap, these riders knew the all important downwind section would be telling in their ultimate fortunes on the day.


Scratch had lost Mat Grealy (Central Vets) before The Avenue.  Already at a disadvantage – and with a crook Darren Roberts (Northern) in their midst – theirs would be a day of management as they chased on the tough Mt. Misery course.


Up ahead, Sue Parker had ridden through to the lead and opened a gap on the remnants of the Limit group (Northern riders Stacey Hatton and Jo Read).  An ever increasing bunch was swallowing the ground up behind Hatton and Read.  With 13 kilometres remaining, Parker was just a few hundred metres ahead.
She would go on to hold that lead all the way down to the pig farm before being engulfed in a colourful sea of lycra.


Rounding the left turn into the home straight, the large lead bunch was smacked in the face by the strong north wind roaring down the road.  Into the final kilometre and 23 riders were still vying for the win.


Mark O’Callaghan (Eureka Cycling) surged to the lead with 100 metres to go, big Jason Haire (Eureka Cycling) jumped off O’Callaghan’s wheel and let it rip – BUT misfortune as his gears started skipping…
Closing to the line and Grant Edmonds (Geelong & Surf Coast) finds a clear line and surges to he lead with mere metres remaining.
Just a wheel in it as Edmonds takes another Open victory.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  16998833_1454511254558954_5585627403387453419_n

45 seconds back, the next super sized bunch on the road contains the remaining five Scratch riders.
Matt Bowman leads into the headwind trying to set up a fast finish for the Scratch lads who are all jostling for position near the head of the bunch.
Neville Laffy (Goulburn Valley) gets the jump on his rivals.  Darren Roberts (Northern) challenges, but Laffy holds on in the Scratch drag race to the finish line.


1st Place: Grant Edmonds (Geelong & Surf Coast), 13:30 min
2nd: Jason Haire (Eureka Cycling), 19:30 min
3rd: Mark O’Callaghan (Eureka Cycling), 17:30 min
4th: Roger McMillan (Eureka Cycling), 19:30 min
5th: John Short (Northern), 15:30 min
6th: John Hasouras (Northern), 13:30 min
7th: Bob Morley (Eureka Cycling), 17:30 min
8th: Nick Nomikos (Northern), 22:00 min
9th: *Amanda Hosking (Geelong & Surf Coast), 15:30 min
10th: Peter Parnaby (Grampians), 17:30 min
Fastest Time: Neville Laffy (Goulburn Valley), Scratch in 1h 21m 53s ave. 42.1 kph


Eureka OPEN information – Sunday 26 February – 10am

2017 Eureka Cycling OPEN race


proudly presented by


2017 Ron Rivette Classic poster 2

This is a VVCC open handicap race.

ENTRIES for this event are now CLOSED

Entries to VVCC events are conducted online via the VVCC website.

Race Date: Sunday 26th February
Registration: before 9:30 am (upstairs)
Race Start: 10 am (limit group)

Facilities at Eureka club rooms:
ladies and mens change rooms – toilets and showers

A coffee van will be onsite up until the start of the race – bring money to purchase drinks from this vendor

Soft drinks and bottled water are available for purchase upstairs in the club rooms

Post race food and presentations:
The famous Eureka feast will be held upstairs in the club rooms.
Presentations will also take place upstairs after the race.
Plenty of food and hot drinks for everyone – riders, officials and spectators!  All FREE of course!



Download and print off your own copy of the race circuit via the link below.

EVCC 2017 Eureka Open course map

EVCC Eureka Open course map

Course notes:

The race distance is approximately 58 kilometres around the (extended) Mt. Misery circuit.  Features of the course include long sections of wide roads and shorter sections of narrow roads.

Most of the climbing is completed inside the first 20 kilometres of the race.  The long downhill section (after the climb on Beaufort-Waubra Road) is not a place where the race can be won, however it is certainly a section that will costs some bunches the chance of victory.  Speeds on this section of the course will exceed 55 kph.

Snaking bumpy roads along the western side of the course will cause havoc with the groups trying to maintain rhythm, however the turn off Black Bottom Road back towards the east will be where the race is shaped.  The first two kilometres of Ercildoune Road is very narrow and crosswinds will rip bunches apart as the race starts to come back together.

The race turns onto Hendersons Road with seven kilometres remaining to race.  A short rise on the narrow section will be the catalyst for attacks within the leading bunch.  Across the Avenue Road and the chasers will be able to see all the riders ahead as they plunge down towards the final corner.  There is still plenty of time to make the catch!

After the final turn at the pig farm, there are still almost three kilometres until the finish line, with the first two kilometres slightly uphill.  Northerly winds on the course will assist bunches riding fast – yet also make the finish straight that more demanding.

The group with the best cohesion will have the best chance of taking the victory on this circuit.
Too much effort, too early will see groups break up before the climbing has finished and breakaways often fail on this circuit.


proudly presented by


2017 Ron Rivette Classic poster 2

2015 – Open races

Ray Hodgson and Terry Collie led the way for Eureka during the 2015 season of Open races.
Ray finished second in the VVCC Individual Aggregate and Terry finished equal seventh.

Overall, Eureka finished third in the club aggregate competition.



2015 Open races:


February 22nd – Goulburn Valley VCC – Open Graded Scratch races

E grade
2nd – Terry Collie


March 8th – Central Victorian VCC – Bendigo Open

best placed EVCC rider Bob Braszell – 20th


March 22nd – Warrnambool VCC – Open

5th – Danny Whelan  (13.00 min)


April 6th – VVCC – Cec Cripps Open

5th – Ray Hodgson  (40.00 min)


April 25th – Northern Cycling – Benghazi Open

best placed EVCC rider Owen Tudball – 33rd


May 17th – Colac VCC – Open

4th – Ray Hodgson  (40.00 min)

8th – Graeme Parker  (25.00 min)


May 30th – Central Victorian VCC  Oppy Open

best placed EVCC rider Terry Collie – 13th


June 27th – Eastern VCC – Open

best placed EVCC rider Ray Hodgson – 32nd


August 30th – Eureka VCC – Open

4th – Barry Robinson  (20.30 min)

6th – Terry Collie  (20.30 min)

10th – Robert Young  (23.20 min)


September 13th – Hume VCC – George Goodwin Memorial – event cancelled


October 17th – VVCC – Bill Long Camperdown to Warrnambool

8th – Matt Bowman  (7.00 min)


November 1st – Geelong VCC – Open

3rd – Ray Hodgson  (31.00 min)



August 31, 2015 – Eureka Open – 57 km – Mt. Misery

August 31, 2015 – Eureka Open – 57 km – Mt. Misery

The 2015 Eureka Open has been run and won.  Geelong & Surf Coast CC have finally got their winner (after providing the runner-up in the Eureka Open three years in a row).
The country cycling clubs ruled the roost with only one prize (out of 13 prizes on offer) going to a city club.


(Photo – Finish line sprint finish)

Bravo to everyone who was able to make the starting line.  Out of the 93 riders entered, only seven failed to start on a day when conditions were gloomy.  It was a cold day, but the rain and drizzle stayed away for the duration of the race.
The course started and finished just south of the Club rooms and followed twisting-turning course that eventually went in every direction on the compass, to circumnavigate Mt.Misery anti-clockwise – for a race distance of just under 58 km.

Conditions for the 10AM start remained very cool with a light wind from the south.
The Limit riders had a forty minute start on Scratch – with eight groups in between.

2nd Limit quickly imploded as Megan Parnaby (Grampians) maintained a fearsome pace and dropped all bar one of her companions.  Only Ray Hodgson (Eureka) was able to stay with Meg, yet by the tiny hamlet of Addington Ray made a tactical decision to let Meg fly free.

The 20:30 group (4th bunch on the road) made good early progress and had made up the three minute gap to the group in front by the half way point of the race.  They then caught the remnants of 2nd Limit along Ercildoune Rd and appeared to have the race at their mercy as the groups chasing them behind were not making big enough inroads into their lead.

2nd Scratch enjoyed a 6 minute buffer over Scratch, however they failed to work smoothly early in the race.  The stronger riders took control of the bunch after the climb out of Addington.  20 kms into the race they had finally started to work smooth turns, but were now picking up riders who had been jettisoned by their own bunch.

Scratch set off at a blistering pace and had shed two of the nine starters by The Avenue of Honour.  One by one they fell off the back and by the climb out of Addington, Scratch had been reduced to just three riders…Trent Stevenson (Goulburn Vally), Ash Hall (Central) and Timshel Knoll-Miller (Warrnambool).
By eliminating the “main dangers” from the Scratch bunch, they had set themselves a monumental task in trying to win the race with so little (albeit impressive) firepower at their disposal.

As the race wore on and bunch by bunch imploded, one rider remained alone out in front – Megan Parnaby still making every post a winner – holding a few hundred metres advantage.  The chase bunch had Meg clearly in their sights as they raced down Hendersons Rd towards the final turn, but they didn’t want to close the gap too quickly.
Meg was eventually swept up at the small rise before the pig farm.

Turning into Windermere-Sulky Rd for the 2.8 km run to the finish the lead group had been whittled down to just 12 riders – however there were only ten prizes on offer.  In the sprint for the line Jamie Robinson (Geelong & Surf Coast) edged in front from Gerard Hickey (Colac) and Jane Clifton (Colac).
Fastest Time narrowly went to Trent Stevenson (Goulburn Valley) in a sprint finish with Timshel Knoll-Miller.  Trent crossed the line in 20th place and had only failed by two minutes to catch the entire field.
For host club Eureka, Barry Robinson (a relative of the winner, Jamie Robinson) was the best placed rider finishing a close 4th, with Terry Collie 6th and Robert Young 10th.

There were many stories from the day…

Noel Said travelled to Ballarat to compete in his first Open race…unfortunately the Eureka Open was being staged at Learmonth (not Ballarat) – some 20 kms out of Ballarat.
Noel got to the club rooms in time to register and get changed.  Noel made it to the start line in time, but had not pinned his race number on…so he made a mad dash back to the club rooms, then back to the start.
Noel eventually finished in 62nd position. We hope he continues to race in Opens in the future!

Greg Curnow competed in the Eastern Vets CC Graded Scratch races (at Learmonth) on Saturday, he had a very tough day at the office by all reports – getting dropped and left to ride the race by himself.
Even Greg wouldn’t have thought that things could get tougher at the Eureka Open…
Greg lasted (with his 23:30 min bunch) all of 50 metres before flatting.  Most riders would have welcomed the opportunity to say ‘oh well, I tried’, then retreated to a hot shower.  Not Greg though.  He set about repairing his flat tyre then restarted the bike race alone.
The 12:00 min bunch picked him up before the first turn and Greg tried to hang on.  Group after group dropped Greg and by the halfway point (turn into Black Bottom Rd) he was already a clear last with only the tail car for company.
Three riders abandoned the race on this day, not our Greg though!  He completed the race (83rd and last) 24 m 41 s behind the winner after virtually riding the race without a bunch.

Congratulations to Jamie, who is also the first Geelong & Surf Coast rider to win the Eureka Open.

1st – Jamie Robinson, Geelong & Surf Coast CC, (23.30 min) in 1h 44m 4s.  Average speed 33.42 kph
2nd – Gerard Hickey, Colac VCC, 23.30 min.
3rd – Jane Clifton, Colac VCC, 20.30 min.
4th – Barry Robinson, Eureka VCC, 20.30 min.
5th – Amanda Hosking, Geelong SCC, 20.30 min.
6th – Terry Collie, Eureka VCC, 20.30 min.
7th – Tina Stenos, Geelong SCC, 20.30 min.
8th – Jo O’Shaughnessy, Grampians VCC, 20.30 min.
9th – Tony Lloyd, Grampians VCC, 20.30 min.
10th – Robert Young, Eureka VCC, 23.30 min.

Fastest Time – Trent Stevenson, Goulburn VCC, (Scratch) in 1h 22m 34s.  Average speed 42.13 kph

Visiting Veteran Ride of the Day – Noel Said, Northern CC

Eureka Veteran Ride of the Day – Greg Curnow, Eureka VCC


(Photo – remnants of Scratch at 20 km)


(Photo – 2nd Scratch/6:00 min, at 30 km mark)

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