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COVIDSafe Plan

Eureka Cycling Club is committed to providing and maintaining a safe environment at all club events – for competitors, officials and visitors.  

The coronavirus pandemic which commenced in Australia in February/March 2020, required a swift response from Eureka Cycling Club.
The club ceased bicycle racing in March 2020 and did not resume club events until able to do so with:

  1. approval from the Victorian State Government and Department of Health and Human Resources
  2. event permits from City Of Ballarat and Victoria Police
  3. registration of the Eureka COVIDSafe Plan with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

The Eureka COVIDSafe Plan is regularly reviewed to ensure currency as per guidelines and directions from the Victorian State Government and Department of Health and Human Resources.

The Eureka COVIDSafe Plan consists of multiple documents which describe the actions Eureka Cycling Club will take in managing safe club events.

It is the responsibility of all attendees at a Eureka Cycling Club event to adhere to COVID-19 protocols as prescribed by the Victorian State Government and Department of Health and Human Resources.  Eureka Cycling Club’s responsibility is to ensure the club manages a public event as per the guidelines prescribed by the Victorian State Government and Department of Health and Human Resources, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • creating and maintaining a Covid Safe Plan which is current with Government and Health Authority guidelines at the time of the event
  • ensuring all attendees at a public event staged by the club are aware of the Covid Safe Plan
  • ensuring all club members and event attendees have access to the suite of Eureka COVIDSafe Plan documentation in electronic form

Eureka Pandemic Officer 1 – Dean Wells
Eureka Pandemic Officer 2 – Roger McMillan

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COVIDSafe Plan – document suite

*VicGov and DHHS make changes to the COVIDsafe requirements on a frequent basis,
please contact Dean Wells (Eureka Pandemic Officer) to obtain the most up to date
versions of the documents:

Eureka – COVIDSafe Plan – attendance record – BLANK master ver20210514

SWI Manage clubrooms and buildings 2 sqM rule ver20210215

SWI Manage clubrooms and buildings 4 sqM rule

SWI Clean clubrooms and buildings


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