July 21, 2019 – W.A.R.S. 5 – Windmill graded points, 52.5 Km

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Winter Aggregate Race Series

Race 5

21st July 2019

Windmill – 52.5 Km graded Points Race

2019 W.A.R.S. Windmill points race

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”
– Arnold Palmer

The perfect winters day for a bike race – not too cold, dry roads and sunshine!  Overnight the wind had been strong and gusty, yet as the sun rose over Learmonth the wind died down and continued to ease throughout the period of racing.

Division 4

The smallest field saw Jakkii Dawson, Robert Young and Kevin Lee go head to head.
Robert is on the comeback trail with spring targets on his agenda, so he contested the first two sprints before retiring for the day.
Kevin had proven too fast in the first two sprints.  With Robert out of the running he was assured of the win, however Jakkii was not planning on giving up so easily.
She tried hard, yet Kevin collected the three points for the final sprint as well.

Race Results
1st – Kevin Lee, 9 pts
2nd – Jakkii Dawson, 6 pts

Division 3 – report courtesy Bob Morley

Six riders fronted for the Div 3 event.  The different format made for different tactics.
The pace was slow but strategic – no point attacking!

Brian Lee and Phil McLennan we’re appreciative of the tactics and remained in the group for the whole event.
Brian Ure doesn’t not turn up that often and seems to be able to win whenever he does, yet still maintain his mark.  There was a one off moment when Ure said that he was talking to Danny Whelan before the race and asked him how he was going.  Whelan replied that he was feeling really good and was hoping to do well.  Now there’s a first!

The first sprint was an orderly affair with riders lined up and waiting for the sprint.
McLennan muddied the waters with a burst down the outside with Lee following him.  This instigated a move by Pete Livitsanis who was forced to go from too far out.  The next two in line were Bob Morley and Ure.
Morley jumped Fifi in the last 50 metres to take the points for the first lap.  Pete Livi held on for second and Big Ure took out third (although it was noted that he was keeping his powder dry for the next two sprints).

The next lap followed the predictable pattern of saving the legs for the sprint.  This was set up with Whelan on the front, Fifi next, then Morley and Ure lurking.
Morley saw the Big Ure shadow jump from a long way out – he called it – it was on – like Donkey Kong.
Ure opened up a big break and Livitsanis was closing fast but to no avail.  Ure, Livi, Morley were the top three again.

Last lap.
Three riders all on 4 points so it was do or die for overall victory.
Turning into Donovan’s Road (home straight) and the strapped kneed physiotherapist – McLennan – went to the front and stayed there… well until 200 metres to go.
Morley jumped off his wheel and hit out rightly thinking this was his only chance to catch the others napping.
Yet again the big motor of Ure took the lead and held it comfortably to take his second sprint and overall victory.
Livi got over Morley for his third second for the day which was enough to give him the points for second overall.  Morley held third for an overall third in the race.
A good event with no one being dropped in the race.

Division 3:
1st – Brian Ure, 7 pts
2nd – Peter Livitsanis, 6 pts
3rd – Bob Morley, 5 pts

Division 2 – reminiscing with Darryn Reed

The group started off fairly civilized, with everyone pulling turns and rotating nicely along Learmonth-Sulky Road.  In fact with so many riders from the famous World Tour feeder squad – The Thinking Man’s Bunch – it truly did just seem like a Sunday ride.

Andrew Rushton was back for his first race since summer.  Shaun Martin, Bob Braszell, Darryn Reed and Rick Calvert all ready to play their part for a “team” win.
The outsiders included Scott Keating and Wayne Klauss.

The friendships all came to an end once the race turned onto Coghill’s Creek Rd with everyone trying to stay out of the headwind.  Calvert went to the front for a bit and pushed the pace up the hills.
Reed and Calvert tried a few attacks and maybe someone else had a crack as well… but the memories are already blurring…
All attacks were closed up reasonably quickly though!
Calvert again did all the work turning down Addington-Creswick Road – he was still there as they turned onto Donovan’s Road – in fact he led the bunch down towards the line!
Reed was the first to go for the sprint, followed by Keating.  Klauss was also in the mix, however at the line it was Keating-Reed-Klauss.

The second lap was a steady pace along past the quarry as everyone got their heart rates back down.  At this point the entire bunch was in conservation mode and the games had begun.
The run along Coghill’s Creek Rd was similar to the first lap, with a couple of little efforts put in – but they were shut down pretty quickly.  Nobody was keen to be sitting on the front except for Calvert (who obviously enjoys it, a bit like Dan Whelan and therefore cannot be trusted).
Calvert again did the bulk of the work on the way back to Donovan’s Road and turned for the run towards the finish line.  This time however, Calvert steadily picked up the pace as the pack neared the line.
Klauss pulled out from Calvert’s wheel to momentarily assume the lead, yet Keating was lurking and chased him down with Reed also closing.
Sprint 2: Keating-Klauss-Reed

At some point during the frenetic sprint, Martin fell off the back of the bunch.  Calvert dropped back to try to help his fellow coffee drinker make it back to the group.
The final lap was a steady effort again until hitting quarry hill.  Braszell put in a solid effort up the rise with everyone jumping on his wheel.
The pace remained high until they turned back onto Coghill’s Creek Road.  By now the wind had swung around to the west, which set Reed and Calvert up to attack down the hill.
Rushton was soon joining in with rotations – having towed everyone else back to the aggressors.  The effort dissolved.

Business as usual as the bunch passed through Blowhard and down to Donovan’s Road again.  Calvert managed to find himself back on the front again for the run to the finish line.  As the metres ticked down, Calvert kept increasing the pace and left it all out on the road.
Nearing the finish line and anyone who had anything left in the tank attempted to join in for the final sprint.
Keating again proved too strong, ahead of Rushton and Reed.

To summarize, Scott Keating is a sprinting machine and was hands down the strongest sprinter in the bunch, also, Rick Calvert just loves to sit on the front.

Division 2:
1st – Scott Keating, 9 pts
2nd – Darryn Reed, 4 pts
3rd – Wayne Klauss, 3 pts

Division 1 – our man on the spot

Sporting eight riders, the Division 1 field looked like a Ballarat Sebastopol CC race…
Points racing master Jason Birch was back for more sprinting fun.
Tony Mirabella was up and about, whilst Dayne Pearce was ready to get spanked.
Shane Clarke was keen to show his training mate – Jason Shipcott – all about vets racing.
Dean Wells and Lindsay Burgoyne were experiencing delusions of grandeur by requesting an elevation up to Division 1.
The eighth member (the outsider) was none other than Sprint Monster – Jason Hendry.

First lap and Clarke was keen to warm up as he led the bunch towards the quarry.  Eventually he rolled off the front and everyone else got a turn to rotate through.  Wells showing a clean pair of heel as they ascended the quarry rise.
Into the head wind and Clarke was soon launching off the front.  This sparked little reaction until Hendry followed – then everyone else jumped.

The rise out of Blowhard saw Clarke go off the front again, Mirabella quickly marked the move, then decided to join in for some rotations.
Hendry, Shipcott and Wells shut the move down, whilst Birch, Burgoyne and Pearce played it smart.

Heading down towards Donovan’s Road and Wells took over the lead.  Into the gutter at barely even pace.  Everyone more than happy to play follow my leader.  A slight speed up before the turn and bang the next Clarke attack was made, before another regrouping for the short rise.

None of the locals wanted to commit to pace making as the race headed towards the first sprint.  Clarke was happy to set the pace though.
Pearce was edging forward, Hendry was sitting about third wheel, with Wells tucked in behind and Birch next in line.
With the tail wind it seemed everyone wanted to leave the sprint until late.
Pearce hit out first.  Most of the pack responded immediately.
Clarke went as well, took the lead and quickly opened a few bike lengths, yet Hendry was only just starting to wind up.  Once he had clear air he shot to the lead with Wells close behind.  Birch loomed out wide, but the three points went to the big fella in the dinosaur jersey – who stayed seated for the entire sprint!  Wells held Birch out (more on that later!) whilst a few others were thinking what the blazes just happened.

Back onto Learmonth-Sulky Road and riders are taking big gulps of air when Clarke rolls through to the front and ups the pace again.
Shipcott joins in with Clarke and Hendry.  Others are still trying to catch their breath.
Quarry hill and Wells goes off the front again – for no reason other than to dissuade Clarke from attacking – the group sits up and recovers.

Back into the headwind through Blowhard and only Clarke seems keen to be on the front.  Some aren’t rotating turns at all.  Gaps open when the leader swings off, yet the pace is not very fast.
Shipcott dives off the front and Burgoyne marks him.  Everyone else looks around to see whether Clarke or Hendry are going to follow.
Hendry goes to the front of the chase group, a few riders rotate through, but the tactics have started.  Let T-Rex do the chasing is the call.
The Sprint Monster soon works out what is going on.  He sets his own pace while the riders line out behind him.

Up ahead, Shipcott has urged Burgoyne to join in rotations.  The pair work well together into the headwind.  They have a 50 metre lead as they swing onto Addington Road.
Hendry is still leading the pack into the wind.  Wells attacks off his wheel and quickly opens a gap.  If he can cross to Shipcott and Burgoyne he could go to the points lead…
The pack let Hendry stay on the front.  He really has to do the work now.  The main danger (at this point) is up the road.

Shipcott and Burgoyne are pulling away from Wells, who is struggling into the cross headwind.  The pack behind is closing.
By Donovan’s Road, Hendry has brought the bunch back up to Wells.

Shipcott and Hendry are around 200 metres ahead – it looks like they will take the first two places – the pack will be sprinting for just one point this time around.  Hendry is still doing all the pacemaking.  Wells marks him.  Everyone else is more than content to sit back.

Shipcott and Burgoyne are closing fast on the finish line.  Shipcott packs too much power and takes maximum points.  The pack is also closing fast on the finish line.
Hendry is still on the front when Pearce launches a long range attack from over 300 metres out.  Clarke responds and is quickly closing on Pearce who has drifted from the middle of the road back towards the left side.
Hendry is threading between Clarke and Pearce.  Wells dives down the left and opens a small gap on the field – the single point beckons – yet the Sprint Monster surges late and snatches the last point by a wheel.

Clarke is straight onto the front and pushes it through the corner.  The wind is now a cross tail as he strikes out in pursuit of the leaders.
Shipcott and Burgoyne have the spinnaker out and are hurtling towards the quarry.  They have a superb rhythm and aren’t going to give up easily.

Clarke leads the chase – he is going so hard that no-one could rotate over the top even if they wanted to.
Hendry has Clarke’s wheel, then Mirabella, Birch, Wells and Pearce.  It’s all the passengers can do, just to hang onto Clarke’s miniscule wake…

The gap to the leaders is closing gradually.  Past the quarry the gap is down to 50 metres, yet Shipcott and Burgoyne find extra power in the slight downhill and maintain their gap.
The quarry rise looms… This time the bunch take it at pace.
Clarke is flying, Hendry is holding the wheel, the rest are struggling and gaps appear, but finally the catch is made as they turn onto Coghill’s Creek Road.
Barely any reprieve is given.  Some quick rotations as mini attacks are made.  Wells goes off the back – he won’t rejoin.

The pace eases through Blowhard – maybe the bunch will reform… Mirabella attacks, then Shipcott… the pace is back on.

Any of three riders can win the race.
Hendry has 4 points, Shipcott 3 points, Burgoyne 2 points and unbeknownst to Birch, he also has 2 points (race referee having awarded him second place on the first sprint).
Any of Clarke, Mirabella or Pearce can collect a prize if they get first or second in the sprint… and other cards fall their way.

The bunch is watching each other.  Attacks are immediately covered.  The attacks cease.  The pace is high enough to make it difficult for anyone to attack.

The riders start evaluating their chances.
Hendry is confident he can out sprint them all.
Shipcott is prepared to sprint, or go long range – he rues how he messed up the first sprint.
Burgoyne is hoping to find the right wheel and have enough kick on the young blokes.
Birch is unaware that he could win, he plans to leave his sprint till late.
Clarke realises his best chance lies in riding the others off his wheel.
Mirabella knows which wheel he wants, it’s the same as everyone else.
Pearce is prepared to back himself in a long range effort.

Into Donovan’s Road for the final time and the bunch is one as they climb the rise.
Clarke works to the front as the road straightens for the long run to the finish line.  He has the race in the gutter.

The wind has kept turning throughout the race.  It’s a due westerly and makes life hard for everyone trying to hang on as the pace continues to ramp up.
Clarke is voyeuristic as he presses harder and harder.  He checks over his shoulder again and again, he can see Hendry on his wheel, yet he can’t see much further back… so he pushes harder again…

The pace and crosswind is starting to open small gaps as the seven race towards the last rise.  Gap…close…hurt!

Over the crest and Clarke is still pushing really hard.  Hendry is holding on.  Everyone is gasping.

The gaps open quickly as the race moves inside the final 500 metres.  Clarke and Hendry are clear.
The line is coming up fast and the Sprint Monster accelerates past Clarke – who can’t respond after leading out – for the win.

The remnants of the bunch close to the line and Shipcott has enough in the tank to claim the single point.
Hendry takes the overall victory, from new member Shipcott and Clarke gets third on countback (placed in the final sprint).

The final analysis revealed that the Sprint Monster is just that. A monster of the worst type…
He’s big.
He’s fast.
He’s nice.
It’s really annoying!

Division 1: 
1st – Jason Hendry, 7 pts
2nd – Jason Shipcott, 4 pts 
3rd – Shane Clarke, 2 pts

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