June 30, 2019 – Charlie Braszell Hcp – Mt Misery with Hill Top, 49 Km

Charlie’s race – 30th June 2019

Charlie Braszell Hcp

Mt Misery with Hill Top finish – 48.5 Km

EVCC 2019 Charlie Braszell - poster



Twenty two riders signed on for the original Eureka classic race, the Charlie Braszell Handicap.  2019 was the second year that Charlie’s race was contested on the Mount Misery circuit, with the finish atop the Harrison’s Road climb.
It was cold and windy, yet the blue skies and sunshine made it seem warmer that it actually was.

Jakkii Dawson headed off alone as the sole Limit rider. 25 minutes didn’t seem enough time for Jak to be able to stay clear of the pack…however on this day her legend grew!

Second Limit rode off a mere 15 minutes.  Newly installed Veteran Cycling Victoria handicapper – Peter Livitsanis – did not take his place in the field and so just four riders set off in pursuit of Jakkii.  Roger McMillan, Darryl Brown, Bob Morley and reigning champion Danny Whelan rode off as one.  They soon struck trouble with the incessant headwind in the first five kilometres.  The split was unavoidable – the consequences dire for their chances…


Just two riders set off at 12 minutes.  Steve Linane does not avoid the watchful eye of the State Handicapper anymore.  New member Andrew Wilson was probably wondering why he drew the short straw.  It would be a tough task chasing the bunch ahead and a game of patience if they intended to wait for the group behind.  Ultimately the wind had its say – the pair left to lament what could have been if they had more numbers.

The back of the field was stacked with talent, youngsters and much brawn.  The six minute group gave themselves a big chance in staying clear of the chasers.  Jim Crumpler, Scott Keating and Ash Burke provided the muscle, whilst Bob Braszell and Peter Kiel were the climbers.  Could Crumpler contain his excitement on the long downhill section and not blow the bunch apart?  Only time would tell…

Second Scratch rode off 3 minutes and fielded two former Club Champions – Tony Mirabella and Greg Ley.  Along for the ride was Stu Brien, Rick Calvert and Dean Wells.  The fact these guys were all riding off 3 minutes gives some inkling to the calibre of the Scratch group on this day.  Track turns was the order of the day, but keep a bit in reserve for when Scratch catch us…

Club Champion Craig Lee led out a most formidable Scratch group which included the likes of Tim Canny, Rob Ellis, Jason Hendry and new member Dayne Pearce.  Pearce was lucky to qualify for this event – or unlucky depending on when you asked him – riding just his third event with Eureka, he was keen to make an impact.  That opportunity came quicker than he had hoped for, when Ellis was out the back early…

It was like Team Time Trial day for most bunches on this day.
Jakkii was way out front doing a solo effort.  So far out in front that nobody saw her until the 45 kilometre mark!
Morley and Whelan were smashing through the turns.  They had lost Brown in the first few kilometres, then McMillan afterwards.  The pair weren’t making any inroads on Jakkii, infact, she was pulling away from them!


Linane and Wilson had been swallowed up by the Crumpler group.  Seven riders made for a good sized bunch, however some were only barely hanging on.  The gap to the chasers was dropping with each pedal stroke…


Second Scratch were on a flyer.  Mirabella was powering through each time.  Brien was fluid and strong.  Ley, Calvert and Wells were helping out where possible.  Thus far no one had missed a turn.  The groups ahead were growing larger.  Look over the shoulder and there was no sight of Scratch!


The back markers were not making an impression on the “chopping block”.  The convoy of cars hid the bunches ahead from view, yet it seemed the cars were driving away from them.  Surely they would see riders soon…maybe not…


Jakkii maintained a large lead as she swung back east onto Ercildoune Road.  The tail wind was now a cross wind and the 19 kilometre climb to the finish line had begun…
Morley and Whelan still held a handy break on the rest of the field as they too swung east.  Maybe this could be their day…

Second Scratch are bearing down on the Crumpler/Linane group (McMillan is also in the bunch!).  The last two kilometres of Black Bottom Road are fast.  Brien is driving the pace at every opportunity.
Onto Ercildoune Road and Wells and Calvert are almost dropped.  They fight back on as the Crumpler group is caught.
Two kilometre long narrow road!  Strong cross wind from the left!  Thirteen riders!  Just seven make it through to the far side.
Kiel and Keating have latched onto Second Scratch.
Morley and Whelan are the next targets…

Scratch have also turned east.  They soon come across dropped riders. T hings are looking up, the field appears to have imploded.  Maybe, maybe not…

Jakkii has almost reached the turn onto the Weatherboard climb when Second Scratch catch Morley and Whelan.
Scratch finally catch a glimpse of Second Scratch.  It’s fleeting, yet it gives hope.

Second Scratch are on the Weatherboard climb.  Somewhere ahead is the race leader.  Ley, then Brien do the pace making duties up the climb.
A fast acceleration near the top doesn’t catch anyone out.

Scratch are flying up Weatherboard.  Hendry loses contact.  Just three remain.  The odds are against them, yet you never know…

Into the headwind on Edmonston Road and Second Scratch finally catch the gallant Jakkii.  Soon after, Brien takes the lead and stays there for the final kilometre to the base of Harrison’s Road.
Onto the climb and the pack quickly splits with Mirabella, Ley, Kiel and Calvert getting a small gap on the rest.

There are four steps on the mile long Harrison’s Road climb.  There are four talented climbers making the ascent together…
Calvert has won on this hill twice before.
Mirabella has won on every circuit Eureka races on.
Ley has proven strong on this hill at Championship level.
Kiel is as light a climber as they come.

Scratch have turned onto Harrison’s Road.  They see the leaders stretched out ahead.  There is a some hope of reeling them in.
Canny takes off in pursuit.  Lee and Pearce can’t hold the wheel.  Hendry is on the climb as well.

At the head of the race it seems that two riders have it between themselves – each step sees Mirabella and Ley open a few metres on Calvert and Kiel.
Wells appears to be clear in fifth place.  Keating and Brien just behind.  Canny is closing fast.

The final step looms.  Mirabella has one last card to play.
He attacks from behind and quickly opens a gap on Ley.
Kiel has a break on Calvert.  Canny has picked riders off one by one.  He is gaining on Kiel and Calvert.
Mirabella races away to a twenty metre win.  Ley is second.  Kiel hangs on for third ahead of Calvert.  Canny almost catching them at the death and taking another Fastest Time.



At the post race presentation both Geoff and Neil Braszell were on hand to present the prizes for Charlie’s race.
The first prize awarded was the Most Aggressive Rider, which went to Jakkii Dawson for her outstanding effort in staying away – solo – for forty five kilometres.

Eureka Cycling thank the Braszell family for their ongoing support of the club, in particular, presenting this race for us each year.


Race Results:
1st – Tony Mirabella (3 mins)
2nd – Greg Ley (3 mins)
3rd – Peter Kiel (6 mins)
4th – Rick Calvert (3 mins)
5th – Tim Canny (Scratch)
6th – Dean Wells (3 mins)
7th – Stu Brien (3 mins)
8th – Craig Lee (Scratch)
9th – Scott Keating (6 mins)
10th – Dayne Pearce (Scratch)
Others: Jason Hendry, Dan Whelan, Jakkii Dawson, Bob Morley, Bob Braszell, Jim Crumpler, Ash Burke, Andrew Wilson, Steve Linane, Roger McMillan, Darryl Brown, Rob Ellis
Fastest Time – Tim Canny (Scratch) in 1h 16m 45s, ave. 37.1 Kph
Most Aggressive Rider – Jakkii Dawson (Limit)


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