November 27, 2016 – WAYNE HORNE EARTHMOVING Spring Criterium Series, Rd 3 – Production Drive, Alfredton

Wayne Horne Earthmoving

Spring Criterium Series
Round 3


Graded Scratch Races – 27 Nov 2016

Production Drive Circuit, Alfredton


The final criterium of the 2016 season was conducted on dry roads…
a perfect day for bike racing – cool, dry and cloud cover…
riders stepping up in grade to test themselves…
new riders “trying out” veterans racing…
a great day to be riding!

A Grade

(45 minutes):  BANG!  They’re racing!!
No messing about with the Scratch boys today as Dean Wells took them out at a ridiculous pace…then Brendan Schiemer rolled through and kept the momentum going…then Tony Mirabella jumped and had them all gasping as they brought him back…then Matt Bowman launched…for THREE laps.
Rob Phillips was an early casualty of the insane pace and Wells was yo-yoing before ten minutes were up.
Not much changed as surge after surge from Schiemer and Mirabella were countered by Bowman.
Wells finally off the back only to come through – when the “machines” finally eased the pace – and lead for a few laps.
Schiemer took out the mid race sprint.  A few laps later and the Bowman show had whittled the field down to three.  Still 15 minutes to go!

An easing of the pace in the last few laps saw Wells almost time trial back on by the bell lap…but the leaders ignited the afterburners with 500 metres remaining.
A messy sprint saw Schiemer ease (and stay upright!) and Bowman take the win from Mirabella.

1st – Matt Bowman
2nd – Tony Mirabella
3rd – Brendan Schiemer

B Grade

(40 minutes): James Knipe and Roger McMillan both stepped up to see if they could mix it with the “B Grade mafia”.
Messrs Livitsanis, Morley, O’Callaghan and Whelan were happy to have some new blood in the ranks…until Knipe went off the front.
O’Callaghan went off the front for a few laps as well, however for the most part the lads played nice.
Livitsanis took out the mid race sprint and he showed a touch of class in claiming the win from Knipe and an impressive McMillan.

1st – Peter Livitsanis
2nd – James Knipe
3rd – Roger McMillan

C Grade

(35 minutes):  A humble affair which saw the riders perfecting their Team Time Trial positioning more than attacking each other.
The mid race sprint was taken out by Jeremy Humber who was out having his “trial ride” with the club.
Graeme Parker was often seen marshalling the troops and making sure the pace didn’t slacken.
The bell lap saw Terry Collie increase the pace as the other riders jostled for wheels.
In the final analysis, James Gretton packed too much punch for his rivals and took the win.

1st – James Gretton
2nd – Jeremy Humber
3rd – Terry Collie



Wayne Horne Earthmoving Spring Criterium Series results (for interest sake):
12 points maximum available (3, 2, 1, for placings, plus 1 point for riding in each race)
10 pts – Tony Mirabella
8 pts – Peter Livitsanis
7 pts – Roger McMillan, Brendan Schiemer
6 pts – Terry Collie

Wayne Horne Earthmoving have been a long time supporter of our cycling club.
Located in Wendouree, Wayne and the team have all the equipment to perform all civil engineering
work from residential properties through to industrial estates.


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