Training Tips

Training Tips

When it comes to information and what is right or wrong…well sometimes you just need to find what suits you.
We have set up this training and bike tips section to help get you thinking.
Hopefully you will find some useful tips and improve your racing.

Keep an eye on this page and links as we intend to upload / update regularly.
If you have any highly rated tips, you tube videos or other site links, please let us know, we may use them!
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P.S. Loaded You Tube videos will be on site for an undefined period before being placed into a link at the bottom of page


Bike set-up

There are many variation on this subject but this system seems to be the most common


How to do your turn economically and keep your bunch in the race

Hope this helps a You tube vid plus a link to explanation HERE


Preparing for race day on Saturday

Not sure what to do the day before race day watch this it may help



Improve mental toughness

Feeling pretty fit but not improving it might be in your head check this out



Cadence youve heard about it but why?

See this to get the no frills reason why!



Information provided as reference material only EVCC takes no responsibility in out comes from using these links

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